The Battle of Waterloo took place at nearby La Belle Alliance, 18 June 1815, where the British under Wellington and Prussians under Blucher decisively defeated Napoleon and ended his power. The Waterloo Museum, at Mont St Jean, was established by Sgt Major Cotton of the 7th Hussars, who served under Wellington. Cotton published a guide to the battlefield, A Voice from Waterloo. The museum was no longer in existence when James Joyce visited the battlefield in 1926, but may have been known to him through the description in Hugo's Les Miserables. When Victor Hugo visited the site of Waterloo in 1861, a local woman pointed out some of the sites to him: "That [crater] was made by a French cannon-ball. And that hole up there in the door, that was made by a bullet from a biscayen, a gun firing canister-shot. It didn't go right through."