Have you heard of a one Humptydumpty
How he fell with a roll and a rumble
hifat lay low like old Oliver Crumple
Behind Aback By the back of the magazine wall
of the the magazine wall

I'm afraid I'll go bail my dairyman darling
Like the

All your butter

I'll go bail like the bull of the Cow
All your butter is
in your horn

He was one time the our King of our the castle
Now he's kicked about like any old parsnip
And from Green street by order of
his His Worship
He'll be
shipped sent to the jail of Mountjoy
The the jail of Mountjoy.
Jail him and joy

He had schemes in his head for to bother us
Stage coaches &
wealth parks for the populace
Cow's Mare's milk for the sick, seven Sundays a week,
Openair love &
prisons religious reform
& prisons reform
hideous in form

But Arrah why then, says you, couldn't he manage it.
I'll go bail, my big dairyman darling
Like the
limping bumping bull of the Cassidy's
All your butter is in your
His butter is in his
Horns horns
Butter his horns

Sure leave it to Hosty, frosty fiddler, leave it to Hosty he's the man
ran run the rann, the wran of all ranns.

He was strolling around the
It was in this zoological garden
He was strolling around by the monument
Poor old
humpty humpedy Hippopotamus hippopotamus
he they opened the backdoor of the omnibus
He And they caught his death of fusiliers
His death of fusiliers
And he'll lose his ears

But wait
Tis a
great sore pity, so it is, for missus ____ & his three little children
wait till look out for his missus legitimate
When she gets a grip of old Earwicker
There'll Won't there be earwigs on the green?
Big earwigs on the green
Then we'll have a grand
celebration band & mass meeting
For to sod the bold son scandinavian
And we'll bury him down,
in Oxmanstown
Where he'll
(The first draft of the "Rann" ends here)