amalgam - orig. A soft mass formed by chemical manipulation, esp. a soft or plastic condition of gold, silver, etc. produced by combination with mercury; fig. A complete combination of various elements. 

chloride - Chem. A simple compound of chlorine with a metal or an organic radical.

hydrophobe - one suffering from, or affected with, hydrophobia (aversion to water or other liquids, and difficulty in swallowing them; dread or horror of water. Also fig. madness).

sponge - a hard drinker, drunkard

happy go lucky - just as it may happen; as luck will have it; haphazard + gusty - Of weather, etc.: Marked by gusts or squalls of wind; fitfully windy or stormy.

Ides of April - 13th April

assumption - the action of taking to oneself; reception, adoption

in one's birthday suit - naked

appurtenance - a thing which naturally and fitly forms a subordinate part of, or belongs to, a whole system; a contributory adjunct, an accessory.

(notebook 1924): 'confusion of races'

misdemeanour - Law. One of a class of indictable offences which were formerly regarded as less heinous than those called felonies; evil behaviour, misconduct.

tried - proved or tested by experience or examination; Of metals: purified, refined.

tigerwood - showy black marked wood

staff - a long stick carried in the hand for support in walking

stay - something that serves as a prop, support

billow - to surge, swell, undulate, roll with wavy motion + FDV: crossing swinging (billowing) across

expanse - a widely extended space or area, a wide extent of anything

caoutchouc - 'waterproof' (cloak) + caoutchouc kepi (fr) - a forward-sloping military cap made of rubber + HCE is putting on his seven pieces of clothing, suitably waterproof for ahappygogusty April morning of potentially stormy conditions, that is, of showers and exposers.

kepi - a French military cap, slightly tapering, with a flat top which slopes towards the front, and a horizonal peak.

blue fox - a dark reddish grey, pelt of artic fox + Blaufuchs (ger) - blue fox.

fustian - Formerly, a kind of coarse cloth made of cotton and flax. Now, a thick, twilled, cotton cloth with a short pile or nap, usually dyed of an olive, leaden, or other dark colour.

ironside - a hardy veteran puritan soldier

jackboot - a heavy military boot

bhagavat - possesing good fortune, blessed one + Bhagavad Gita (Sanskrit) - a book of scripture of the Hindu religion.

rubberize - to coat or impregnate with rubber

inverness - name of an overcoat with a removable cape

Lucifer - the rebel archangel whose fall from heaven was supposed to be referred to in Isa. xiv. 12; Satan, the Devil + luciferens (l) - light-carrying.

aureoled - encircled with an aureole + oriuolo (Italian Obsolete) - a watch, a clock.

odds - chances, greater likelihood

beat about - to discuss topics already treated of; to tack against the wind + Dagobert (d.639) - Frankish king who seems to have worn his clothes back to front.

bamer (Anglo-Irish) - straw hat

overcoat - a large coat worn over the ordinary clothing, esp. in cold weather.

Schulter (ger) - shoulder

inside out - so that the inner side becomes the outer + Jacob (a smooth man) put on a goatskin and carried venison to his father + song Brian O'Linn: (made breeches with) 'the skinny side out and the woolly side in'.


sign the pledge - to decide or promise to drink no more alcohol

hardily - boldly, courageously

accost - to make up to and speak to; to address + FDV: The latter accosted him to ask if he could say what it was o'clock that the clock struck, had he any idea.

Conas ta tu indiu mo dhuine uasal fionn? (Irish Gaelic) - How are you today, my fair gentleman? (McH) + ouzel (Archaic) - blackbird; a person of dark complexion.

Dubh-Linn - Ir, "Black Pool" probably referring to the little harbour once formed at the point where the Poddle River joined the Liffey from the South. The Viking invaders adopted and gave currency to this name.

old days - past times

tremblingly - in a trembling manner; tremulously; with trembling

bradys (gr) - slow, dull + Joe Brady - leader of the Invincibles, who killed the viceroy in the Phoenix Park. 

evitate - to avoid, shun

execration - the utterance of curses (as an expression of hatred), an imprecation.

honi soit (fr) - shame on him (Motto of the Order of the Garter: 'Honi soit qui mal y pense' - Shame Be (to Him) Who Evil Thinks of This) + honni (Welsh) - assert, allege, pretend.

spurring - that impels, incites or urges + spur of the moment - prompted by the occation, occuring without prior planning.

nexal - characterized by the imposition of servitude as a penalty on a defaulting debtor + nex (l) - murder, slaughter. 

noxally - by way of noxal surrender (the compensatory surrender to the plaintiff of the slave, animal, etc. by which the injury was done) + noxal (Legalese) - relating to damage or injury done by a person or animal belonging to another (from noxa (l) - damage, harm) + nox (l) - night.

ping - a sharp metallic sound

K.O. - knock(ed) out

Saint Patrick's Day, 17 March (17) + Fenian Rising, 1867 (67) = 1767 (Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard, ch. 1: (begins) 'A.D. 1767').

plug - to put a bullet into, to shoot [(notebook 1922-23): 'to plug (shoot)'] + Irish Times 9 Dec 1922, 5/3: 'Four "Reprisal" Executions': 'The I.R.A. would argue that they had to "plug" a good many more deputies in order to prevent the national troops from firing on them'.

softnosed bullet - expanding bullet

sap - simpleton, fool

quick on the draw - to be quick in drawing a pistol

tipstaff - a badge of office, an officer who bears a tipstaff , bailiff + tiptop (Colloquial) - superlatively good.

cue - a hint of what is coming


shrapnel - a hollow projectile containing bullets and a small bursting charge, which, when fired by the time fuse, bursts the shell and scatters the bullets in a shower; small change, notes, or coins of low denominations.

Waterbury - the name of a town in Connecticut, U.S.A., used attrib. or absol. to designate a low-priced watch or clock of a type manufactured there + Joyce's note: 'Pop has Waterbury watch' > MS 47471b-iiv, LPS: his enamelled ^+shrapnel+^ hunter ^+Waterbury+^ | JJA 45:024 | Oct 1923 |

usucaption - the acquisition of ownership by long use or enjoyment

skirl - a high shrill tone of a bagpipe, a shrill cry, a shriek; to scream, to produce a shrill sounds.

Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin (1862): 'Eccles-street... 14... Goodman, John Fox, solicitor' + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin (1903): 'Court for Crown Cases, Reserved - Officer of the Court - John Fox Goodman, Esq'.

bellmaster - a player on a set of fixed bells played by hammers controlled by the keyboard.

Ton (ger) - tone

tonante (it) - thundering

thunderous - resembling thunder in its loudness, suggestive of thunder

toller - one who tolls a bell + toll - the act of tolling a bell, or the sound made by a bell when tolled + Toller, John - 7-foot giant, Brewer says. He melts into great tolling bells and tailors.

song 'Cuchulainn's Call' (Cuchulainn - the greatest hero in early Irish literature and the principal hero of the Ulster Cycle; along with Lug Lámfhota and Fionn mac Cumhaill, Cúchulainn is one of the three great heroes of early Ireland, all of whom may derive from a common source and may in fact be identical. ... The guests at Culann's lonely mansion are making merry, knowing they are protected from intruders by a huge, ferocious dog. But in the midst of the laughter they hear a terrible sound. A late-arriving Sétanta, aged only 7, has killed the dog by smashing it against a doorpost. The guests cheer, but Culann is dismayed at the loss of his prized hound. Sétanta responds that he will raise another whelp to replace the guard dog, and will serve as the hound in the interim. The crowd applaud his generosity and call him the Hound: Cú, of Culann: Chulainn, the name he retained thenceforward.)

kidder - hawker

by Jove - Colloquiall asseveration (pro Juppiter, pro Jovem) + Jehovah or Yahweh - God of Israel. The name has been derived from hawah, "to sink down or fall." 

sidereal - Of periods of time: Determined or measured by means of the stars + FDV: and told the cad it was punctually twelve to the minute adding however that the accusation against him had been made as was well known by a creature in human form who was several degrees lower than a snake.

tankard - a bell hung on a sheep's neck + Standard Time

buttal - a bound or boundary; to set boundaries to

pondus  - a weight; chiefly fig. power to influence or bias; moral force

copperstick (Slang) - policeman's truncheon; penis