postpubertal - occuring after puberty + puberal - of puberty.

pituitary gland - a small bilobed body attached to (and sometimes taken to include) the infundibulum at the base of the brain. 

Heidelberg man - an early pleistocene man + (notebook 1924): 'Heidelbergman' +  mannlich (ger) - manly, masculine.

luft = left

slope - to move or proceed in, an oblique direction; spec. To bring (a weapon) into, or hold (it) in, a sloping position + Paget: Babel 85: (of the connection between sound, tongue-gesture and meaning) ' as in hat (written phonetically Æ) would represent a sloping forward' [(notebook 1930): 'hat = sloping forward I luft my sloper forward to mr Ally on the hills'].

Sweatagore - Russian Svyatogor, a supernatural hero of Russian folklore, literally meaning "Holy Mount" + Sweatipore (Slang) - India. 

greedly = greedily - with manifestation of strong desire + greatly

ham - an inexpert performer; an incompetent boxer or fighter + man

touchy - risky, precarious; not to be touched without danger

um - 'em

guilder - gulden + guider - something which guides.

to take aback - to surprise or discomfit by a sudden and unlooked-for check + bock (fr) - glass of beer + FDV: not a little surprised, all the same, that that was all the time it was

all the same - in spite of what has been mentioned; even if circumstances had been otherwise; nevertheless, notwithstanding.

tysk (Danish) - German

mouldy - of the nature of mould; decayed, gloomy, depressing

void - gap, nothingness + Psalms 68:33: 'lo, he doth send out his voice, and that a mighty voice'.

corse - corpse + in a matter of course - belonging to the ordinary procedure, custom, or way of the world; customary; natural, to be expected.

hound - to hunt or trace with hounds or as if with hounds

monticule - hillock, a minute eminence

dandruff - dead scarf-skin separating in small scales and entangled in the hair; scurf.

to blaze the trail - to indicate (a spot or path)

trusty - trustful, trustworthy

snorler = snarler - a dog

voracious - Of animals (rarely of persons, or of the throat): Eating with greediness; devouring food in large quantities; gluttonous, ravenous + verbi gratia (l) - for instance. 

proverb The early bird catches the worm

tag - label, epithet + tak for ilden (Danish) - thanks for the light + FDV: and repeated the words that same evening at his fireside where he was smoking reflectively spat in in museful thought after having eaten some boiled peas and with vinegar a dish a plateful he much fancied.  

big time - outstanding, first class + big timer - a top ranker.

verbot (ger) - prohibition, ban + verboten (ger) - forbidden.

cold eve + kveld (Danish) - evening.

twittering - light tremulous chirping of a bird or birds

twatterlight  = twitterlight - twilight

phrase between the devil and the deep sea

suppertime - the time for evening meal

souvenir - a remembrance, a memory

charlatan - an assuming empty pretender to knowledge or skill, a pretentious impostor + Joyce's note: 'Charlatan Mall'.

mall - a sheltered walk serving as a promenade; in some towns adopted as a proper name.

jointly - together

darkening - nightfall, dusk

ROYAL CANAL - A financial disaster from the start, the Royal Canal was begun in 1789 to run North of the Liffey, roughly paralleling the course of the rival Grand Canal to the South.  

Fluh (ger) - precipice

whenas - while; although, whereas; for the reason that

talky-talk - trivial conversation, talk for talking's sake + pawky - tricky, sly, cunning.

pogue (Anglo-Irish) - kiss

acquiescent - acquiescing; disposed to acquiesce, quietly agree, or assent + aqua (l) - water.

im Blauen (ger) - in the blue + phrase castles in the air.

stud - to furnish with studs (pillar, nail, bolt)

spat - p. of spit (to utter, speak, to emit)

pervertedness - wickedness, distortion

musaic = mosaic

dispensation - Theol. A religious order or system, conceived as divinely instituted, or as a stage in a progressive revelation, expressly adapted to the needs of a particular nation or period of time, as the patriarchal, Mosaic (or Jewish) dispensation, the Christian dispensation.

hearthstone - the flat stone forming the hearth. Also put symbolically for the fireside or home.

saliva - spittle

ma se do thoil e (ma she du hul e) (gael) - if you please

ascendance - going back in time

expectorate - to eject, discharge (phlegm, etc.) from the chest or lungs by coughing, hawking, or spitting; to ease or relieve one's mind.

callous - hardened, unfeeling, insensible

belcher - a multicolored handkerchief worn about the neck

pucket - nest of caterpillar + pocket



sup - to take supper

dish meat - food cooked in a dish, as e.g. a pie +  sot - one who commonly or habitually drinks to excess.

pottage - soup, esp. a thick soup

dab - pat, tap + dub - to name, to nickname.

rawly - barely, scarcely (obs. rare.) + realy

Lucan - Dublin environ on the Liffey. Two earls of Lucan may have interested Joyce: (1) Patrick Sarsfield, a Wild Goose, who fought under James II, died in 1693, saying, "O that this were for Ireland!"; (2) Lord Lucan, who commanded cavalry at Balaclava and is associated by Joyce with the Light Brigade. 

senaf (Rhaeto-Romanic) - mustard

pibe (Rhaeto-Romanic) - pepper

excelling - superior

ball - to form into a ball, to squeeze into a compact mass

minnshogue (Anglo-Irish) = minnseog (minshog) (gael) - young she-goat after first kidding

winesour - a small acid variety of plum

proviant - food

bilker - one who practises cheating; esp. one who evades payment of a cabman's fare +    Billee, Little - Thackeray's hero who just missed being eaten by his shipmates.  

hoarsely - with hoarse voice + highly

relish - to enjoy, take pleasure or delight in, to have a liking for

chaff - to roll up (dough) into a rounded form in the moulding of a round loaf

snevel = snivel + sne (Danish) - snow.

fain - pleased, happy, inclined, desirous

fennel - a fragrant perennial umbellifer (Foeniculum vulgare) having yellow flowers, cultivated chiefly for its use in sauces eaten with salmon, etc.