humpty dumpty - something that once damaged can never be repaired; egg shaped character who fell from a wall and broke into bits + Humpty Dumpty (nursery rhyme).

roll - a loud, reverberating peal; a continuous reverberation

curl up - to adopt a reclining position with the legs close to the body and the back rounded

Olaf - first Norse king of Dublin

crumple - an irregular fold, crease, or wrinkle; to become incurved or crushed together + crumpleback - crook-back + Oliver Cromwell.

butt - a terminal point; a hillock, mound; promontory

THE CASTLE - Dublin Castle, was first built on the site of an early Danish fortress by Henry de Londres; Until 1921, the Castle was the official residence of Lords Lieutenant, the highquarters of British administration, and the hated symbol of British rule + 'I'm the king of the castle, Get down you dirty rascal' (English rhyming game, in which a player jumps on top of sand castle and then the player who pulls him down becomes the new king).

parsnip - a biennial umbelliferous plant (Pastinaca sativa), a native of Europe and part of Asia, having pinnate leaves, yellow flowers, and a pale yellow root (PICTURE).

Green Street Courthouse, Dublin

MOUNTJOY - Prison, between NCR and Royal Canal, East of Phibsborough Road.

slow coach - one who acts, works or moves slowly; a slow, idle or indolent person + (slow train).

openair - outdoor

hideous - terrible, distressing, or revolting to the moral sense; abominable, detestable

How did they manage it, says you (notebook 1922-23) Leader 11 Nov 1922, 327/1: 'Our Ladies' Letter': 'You heard - or did you - Mary Rose of the bog was married. He's a general or something... How did they manage it, says you'.

I will go bail - I am certain

dairyman - a man who owns or manages a dairy; a man who works in a dairy

bumping - huge, great; 'thumping'

The butter is in the cow's horns (that is, she gives no milk) (notebook 1923) Roberts: The Proverbs of Wales 59: 'The butter is in the cow's horns (that is, when she gives no milk)'.

Pearce: Sims Reeves, Fifty Years of Music in England 93n: (of Hector Berlioz) 'On one occasion at rehearsal the harps with their cases were put together to enclose a small space wherein he could change his shirt, the operation being necessary in consequence of his intense exertions'.

The Wren, the Wren, The king of all birds (song)

balbuties - stammering, stuttering; lisping + balbo (it) - stuttering + -accio (it) - (pejorative).

-uccio (it) - (diminutive)

Thought to have been brought to America by the Chinese railroad laborers, chow-chow is a mustard-flavored mixed-vegetable-and-pickle relish. Originally, the term was used to describe a Chinese condiment of orange peel and ginger in a heavy syrup.

chicken pox - the common name for Varicella, a mild eruptive disease, bearing some resemblance to small-pox, and chiefly attacking children

chamber - chamber pot

soft soap - to soothe or persuade with flattery or blarney + soft-soaping (Colloquial) - flattering.