highheaded - carrying the head high; proud, arrogant + hay - grass cut or mown, and dried for use as fodder.

begob - a mild oath (by God)

antediluvial - applied by Buckland to geological formations older than the 'diluvial' (then attributed to the Noachian deluge).

messrs - pl. of mr.

to bill and coo - to interchange caresses (Said of doves; also of demonstrative lovers).

Noah's Ark - the ark in which Noah and his family, with many animals, were saved from the Flood.

noo - now + new

joult - to ride with constant jolts; Of a vehicle: to move along with succession of jolts + joult (Anglo-Irish) - journey.


hippopotamus - a pachydermatous quadruped, the African river-horse, Hippopotamus amphibius, a very large beast with a thick heavy hairless body, large muzzle and tusks, and short legs, inhabiting the African rivers, lakes, and estuaries.

bugger - a worthless person, guy, fellow, rogue, rascal

let down - to lower (a drawbridge, portcullis, steps of a carriage, etc.)

trap - a ladder or movable flight of steps leading to a loft or the like + (notebook 1923): 'trap of cab'   O. Henry: The Four Million 134: 'Mammon and the Archer': 'They whirled up Forty-second to Broadway... At Thirty-fourth Street young Richard quickly thrust up the trap and ordered the cabman to stop'.

omnibus - a four-wheeled public vehicle for carrying passengers, with the inside seats extending along the sides, and the entrance at the rear, and with or without seats on the roof.

to catch one's death of - to get, receive, incur (something injurious or unpleasant).

rent - the result of rending or tearing apart; esp. a large tear in a garment.

rear - the buttocks or backside

missus - wife

legitimate - authorized by law or right, lawful, proper

frow - a woman, a wife

wigs on the green - sharp altercation, coming to blows (wigs being liable to fall or be pulled off in a fray).

suffoco (l) - to suffocate + Sophocles - Athenian tragedian 496-406 B.C. 

The Encyclopędia Britannica vol. IV, 'Buddha', 737c: 'Buddha... was the son of Suddhodana, one of the chiefs of the tribe of the Sakiyas, one of the republican clans then still existent in India'

free trade - an open and unrestricted trade

mass meeting - a large assembly of the people to be addressed on some public occasion (usually political).

sod - to cover with sod + sod (Slang) - bugger.

OXMANTOWN - When the Anglo-Normans took over Dublin after 1170, the Danish inhabitants were relegated to the area North of the Liffey, caded villa Ostmannorum. The "town of the Ostmen," is corrupted to "Oxmantown".

king's man - a partisan of the king, a royalist + 'Not all the king's horses and all the king's men Could [can] set [put] Humpty Dumpty up again' - nursery rime or riddle of Humpty Dumpty + REFERENCE

resurrect - to raise (a person) from the dead or from the grave

corpus - the body of a man

Connacht - province in Ireland

raise cain - to make noise or trouble esp. by complaining or arguing