Wilde, Oscar Fingal O'Flaherty Wills (1856-1900) - Irish poet, playwright, who had a great fall like Humpty Dumpty (the comparison is his wife's), was brought up in the Old Bailey and sent to prison. De Profundis is a principal source of FW, and so (as Mr Atherton shows) is Psychic Messages from Oscar Wilde, in which "Wilde" savages Ulysses. I suppose Dublin gossip was Joyce's main source for Oscar Wilde and, that notorious heterosexual, his father; but Joyce's main book source was Frank Harris. 
FW makes frequent reference to Wilde and his boys, some treacherous, some true, all beautiful - e.g., Alfred "Bosie" Douglas, Robert Ross, Fred Atkins, etc. The boys are usually identified with the Three Soldiers, especially Private Henry Carr, occasionally with the Seven transvestite Rainbow Girls. 

By times, Wilde assumes the role he made for himself in De Profundis - Christ (or Socrates or Falstaff) as victim of love and treachery, with the boys as Judases, mocking soldiers. As Great White Caterpillar, Oscar Wilde is also a soldier, one - like Christ - with his tormentors. 

Oscar Wilde was not a lover just of boys, but also husband, father, artist; FW identifies him with HCE as father-masterbuilder of the city of Dublin, loving all, refusing no one.


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