mutch - a night covering for the head; a cap or coif, worn by women and young children + (notebook 1931): 'I does not wish to know too much'.

divorce - to put away, remove, dispel + (disgraced in divorce court).

flora - In Latin mythology, the goddess of flowers + *Q*

girl scout - a girl guide + FDV: The Floras (S. Bride's Girl Scouts School): a bunch of pretty maidens who from a the guard of honour of the beautiful bl   

St Brigid's - Schools of the Holy Faith, for boys and girls, were in the care of the Sisters of the Holy Faith, at 116-117, The Coombe + Brighid (brid') (gael) - Strong; fem. personal name; goddess of poetry, also saint, patroness of Ireland.

acidulated tablet - a sweet made of sugar strongly flavoured with tartaric acid

pick on - to fix on, to single out for attention or adverse criticism

pet peeve - a special or recurring source of irritation, a minor annoyance that can instill great frustration in an individual

Valkyrie - In Scandinavian mythology, one or other of the twelve war-maidens supposed to hover over battlefields and to conduct the fallen warriors to Valhalla + kyri elesn (gr) - Lord have mercy.

*I* + FDV: Izod (Miss Herself): a beautiful blond (approached in loveliness only by her sister reflection in a mirror), who, having jilted Glug, is now fascinated by 

beauty spot - a spot or patch placed upon the face by ladies in the method of adornment formerly fashionable; a feature or place of special beauty + beauty spot (Slang) - vulva.

attendant - one who waits upon, accompanies, or follows another in order to render service

leaflet - a small-sized leaf of paper or a sheet folded into two or more leaves but not stitched, and containing printed matter

bewitching - enchanting, charming, captivating

blonde - a woman with blond hair

dimple - a small natural hollow in the cheek; to produce dimples while smiling


opal - fig. in reference to its various and changing colours

jilt - to cast off (a lover) capriciously

chuff - a rustic, boor, clown; Generally applied opprobriously, with a fitting epithet, to any person disliked + chief + *V* + chuff (Anglo-Irish) - full (e.g. after over-eating).

sean = scene + Sean (shan) (gael) - John + Sean O Mala (Irish) - John descendant of the Bag + Shaun

sanguine - blood-red

pictograph - a pictorial symbol or sign; a writing or record consisting of pictorial symbols (the most primitive form of records)

drop - In a theatre: The painted curtain let down between the acts of a play to shut off the stage from the view of the audience; also called act drop.

tophole - the highest point attainable

geminal - a pair, duplicated, twin + generally

pud - pudding + Joyce's note: 'pud shoe'.

togs - clothes

bags - trousers 

gat - a revolver or other gun

chute - to send down through a chute (sloping channel or passage for the conveyance of water, or of things floating in water, to a lower level) + chute (fr) - fall + shooting

adumbrate - to give a faint shadow or slight representation of, to outline + FDV: Chuff, the fairhaired who wrestles with the bad black boy about caps or something till the shadows make a pattern of somebody or other after which they are both scrubbed well-scrubbed by

off the set - from the stage

corrie - circular hollow on a mountain side (Gaelic: cauldron, kettle) + corre (Portuguese) - runs + correndo (Portuguese) - running + corriente (sp) - running; a stream + *A* + riverrun

Grischun (Rhaeto-Romanic) - Grisoun, area where is Rhaeto-Romanic spoken

scoula (Rhaeto-Romanic) - school

pied (fr) - foot + *VYC*
mandamus - A term 'originally applied generically to a number of ancient writs, letters missive, or mandates, issued by the sovereign, directing the performance of certain acts', but afterwards restricted to the judicial writ issued in the King's name from the Court of King's Bench (now, from the Crown side of the King's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice) and directed to an inferior court, a corporation, an officer, etc., commanding some specified thing to be done.

monie = money

perdona un momento (it) - excuse me a moment + perduanaunza (Rhaeto-Romanic) - saint's day.

entree - the entrance of performers in any large spectacle or show, the coming of an actor upon the stage + entre (fr) - entry, side-dish.

pulcino (it) - chicken + Pulcinella (it) - Punch, male Neapolitan mask.

Easter egg

in lieu - instead or in place of the thing mentioned, as a substitute + (stepmother).

woman of the house (Anglo-Irish) - mistress of a household, housewife + FDV: Ann, their poor little old mother-in-lieu who is the wife of

hump - a hump backed person; sexual intercourse + *E* + FDV: Hump, the cause of all the trouble at present engaged in entertaining in his customhouse

Gunn, Michael (1840-1901) - manager of the Gaiety Theatre, South King Street, Dublin; husband of Bessie Sudlow, father of  Selskar Gunn. 

saga - a story of heroic achievement or marvellous adventure. Also, a novel or series of novels recounting the history of a family through several generations, as The Forsyte Saga. Now freq. in weakened use, a long and complicated (account of a) series of more or less loosely connected events.

programme - an announcement of the events that will occur as part of a theatrical event

King Ericus, known as "Windy Cap" (Olaus Magnus) + (notebook 1931): 'King Ericus of Sweden ghosts whisper to his magical hat' Hall: Random Records of a Reporter 164: 'The supernatural beings who attended on King Erricus, of Sweden, enabled him, by means of magic words whispered to his "magical hat," to make the winds blow high or low, west or east, just as he pleased'. 

Schweden (ger) - Sweden

cap a pie - from head to foot: in reference to arming or accoutring + cad with a pipe.

topper - a top-hat, a tall hat

Coat of arms or armorial bearings (often just 'arms' for short), in European tradition, is a design belonging to a particular person (or group of people) and used by them in a wide variety of ways. They were once used by knights to identify them apart from enemy soldiers. Unlike seals and emblems, coats of arms have a formal description that is expressed as a blazon.

crest - an erect plume or tuft of feathers, horse-hair, or the like, fixed on the top of a helmet or head-dress; Her. A figure or device (originally borne by a knight on his helmet) placed on a wreath, coronet, or chapeau, and borne above the shield and helmet in a coat of arms; also used separately, as a cognizance, upon articles of personal property, as a seal, plate, note-paper, etc. 

supporters - In heraldry, figures usually placed on either side of the shield and depicted holding it up. These figures may be real or imaginary animals, human figures, and in rare cases plants or inanimate objects. Often these can have local significance, such as the fisherman and the tin miner granted to Cornwall County Council, or an historical link, such as the lion of England and unicorn of Scotland on the two variations of the Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom.

grievance - a circumstance or state of things which is felt to be oppressive

whirl - something as a body of water or air, in (rapid) circling motion + the world, the flesh and the devil - a diabolical equivalent of Father, Son and Holy Ghost (Hart, Clive / Structure and motif in Finnegans wake).

impeachment - the accusation and prosecution of a person for treason or other high crime or misdemeanour before a competent tribunal + Egyptians envisaged Atum in two possible modes: "floating in Nun", as a diffused, passive and dormant genetic potential, versus "hatching out of his egg".

thorough and thorough - from beginning to end of

reconverted - converted back to a previous state

propound - to put forth, propose, or offer for consideration, discussion, or acceptance

studding sail or studsail - sail used to increase the sail area of a square rigged vessel in light winds + (setting studsail).

jibsheet - one of the ropes by which the jib is trimmed, stretching from its clew to the bows of the ship + jib - triangular staysail on large ships.

royals - largest sails on a ship of any sort

semblance - outward or token appearance or form

membrance = remembrance

umbra (l) - shadow; ghost



reveil - to reveal, disclose

quondam - that formerly was or existed, at one time

supercargo - an officer on board a merchant ship whose business it is to superintend the cargo and the commercial transactions of the voyage

rockery - an artificial heap or pile of rough stones and soil used for the ornamental growing of ferns and other plants; natural rockwork


pilgrimism - pilgrim condition or practice

customhouse - a house or office at which custom is collected; esp. a government office situated at a place of import or export, as a seaport, at which customs are levied on goods imported or exported.

CAERLEON-ON-USK - Village, Monmouthshire (now Gwent), Wales, on Usk River, 3 miles North-East of Newport. Famous in legend as the chief home of King Arthur and seat of his court (twelve major knights [221.01]).

statutory - enacted, appointed, or created by statute; required for the sake of appearances, having only token significance