otem = totem + item

ruber (l) - red

thinker - a person of skilled or powerful mind; Theatr. colloq. An actor who plays in 'thinking parts' + at one’s wits ends - very confused esp. about what to do + to have at finger’s end - to have something firmly fixed in the mind or ready to use.

will - desire to, wish to, have a mind to (do something)

gray duck - a sort of duck + duck gravy.

sat down with a rest (roast) of meat (most)

roust - voice, cry, shout + rest

Atem (ger) - breath + Atem, Tem - creator in 'The Book of the Dead'.

thereby hangs a tale - an interesting story is connected with this + towher - dowry + byhanger - a hanger on, a parasite; an appendage + Urteil (ger) - judgement, decision.

deplorable + Plurabelle + FDV: Ah ho! This poor Glugg! It was so said of him about of his old fontmouther. Truly deplurabel! A dire. O dire!

dire - mournful, dismal + dear

frightfulness - the state of being filled with fright; the quality of causing fright, hideousness + freightful - ? of the nature of a charm or incantation.


colline - a small hill + cailin ban (kolin ban) (gael) - white (i.e. pretty) girl + Boucicault: The Colleen Bawn (fair-haired girl).

janitor - a door-keeper, porter, ostiary

terrible + Tower of Babel + FDV: And all the freightfulness whom he inhebited after his colline born janitor. Sometime towerable!

heavy + hehr (ger) - majestic, sublime + hairy ('velvet' on deer's antlers prior to rutting).

antler - the branched horn of a stag or other deer + Antlitz (ger) - visage, face.

remove that bauble! - Cromwell, when dissolving the Rump Parliament; bauble = mace; Earwicker was once a member of the Rump (see, 127.33); Joyce comments in his turn on Cromwell by rendering the order as 'remove that Bible' (Hart, Clive / Structure and motif in Finnegans wake

bulch - to swell out, bulge

pockets + FDV: With that hehry antlets on him and the baublelight bulching out of his sockets whiling away:

while (away) - to cause (time) to pass without wearisomeness, to pass or get through (a vacant time), esp. by some idle or trivial occupation.

sprankle - to throw out sparks, to sparkle; to crackle + FDV: she sprankled his allover with her noces of interregnation: How do you do that lack a lock and pass the poker, please:

all over - over the whole body; everywhere

note of interogation - ''?'' + nocence - guilt + noceo (l) - to harm, to hurt + noces (fr) - marriage + gnosis (gr) - knowledge + interregnum (l) - time between king's death and election of another + Regen (ger) - rain.

tender + tend - to apply oneself to the care and service of (a person).



sweetheart + Thomas Moore: Sing, Sweet Harp (song): 'Sing, sweet Harp, oh sing to me' [air: unknown].

limbo lake - the 'pit' of hell

subconsciousness + nescientia (l) - state of not knowing + subnescientia (l) - below not-knowing.

whither = whether

mother + Morder (ger) - murderer.

blabber - one who blabs, one who reveals secrets, a tell-tale + bladder.

vogal - a cave, a hollow + Vogel (ger) = vogel (Dutch) - bird + vocal

tympan = tympanum (obs.) - Anat. The drum of the ear; the middle ear

skull + FDV: so that Glugg, the poor one, in that limbopool which was his subnesciousness he could scares of all knotknow whither his murder had bourst a blabber or if the vogalstones that hit his tynpan was that mearly his skool missed her. Ah, ho!

trompe - deceit, deception; trumpet + (notebook 1931): 'mistenlaire' Verrimst: Rondes et Chansons Populaires: The Mistentune (French song): 'Tell us, can you play the mistentrumpet?... The mistenflute... The mistenviol... The mistentune... Ah! ah! ah! what can you do then?' (the song's keywords are musical terms with a nonsense 'misten-' prefix).


Flut (ger) - flood

cicely - a popular name of several plants + (notebook 1931): 'as, ah, Cecilia' Verrimst: Rondes et Chansons Populaires: Cecilia (French song): 'My father had no child but me, (twice) Over the sea he sent me. Jump darling, Cecilia. Ah! Ah! Cecilia').

delightsomeness (Joyce's note) → Trobridge: A Life of Emanuel Swedenborg 213: (a state arising from conjugal love) 'delightsomeness'.

Proust: A l'Ombre des Jeunes Filles en Fleurs (French: 'In the Shadow of Young Girls in Bloom'); second volume of À la Recherche du Temps Perdu, published in 1919.

but + bod (bud) (gael) - penis + flower-bud + {girls showed their drawers, all except one [Issy]}

florilegium (l) - collection of flowers, bouquet; anthology

consociate - associated together, united in fellowship or companionship [(notebook 1931): 'consociate' Trobridge: A Life of Emanuel Swedenborg 214: 'The two married partners most generally meet after death, recognise each other, consociate, and for a time live together'].

hinder - last + hindsight - understanding the nature of an event after it has happened + FDV: Ah, ho! The yenng frilles-in-pleyurs are now showen drawen, if bud one, or, if in florileague, drawens up at the rare sight of their commoner guardia.

common or garden - ordinary + comoner - one of the common people (not of noble rank).

boy friend + fiend - a demon, devil; a person of superhuman wickedness.

pluriel (fr) - plural

troubadour + FDV: Her boy fiend, or theirs, if they are so prurielled, cometh up as a trapadour sinking how he must fend for himself by gazework what their colours wear as they are all showen drawens up.

fand - to try, test (a person or thing), to seek, look for + fanden (Danish) - the devil + for fanden (Danish) - literally 'for the devil', equivalent to 'dammit'.

tire ton cache ton (notebook 1931) Verrimst: Rondes et Chansons Populaires 139: Le Joli Bas de Laine (song): 'L'autre jour, dedans la plaine, Tir' ton joli bas de laine, J' rencontrai trois capitaines, Tir' ton, cach' ton, tir' ton bas, Tir' ton joli bas de laine, Car on le verra' (The Pretty Woolen Stocking: 'The other day in the plain, Pull up your pretty woolen stockings, I met three captains, Pull up your, hide your, pull up your stockings, Pull up your pretty woolen stockings, For they'll be seen').

quanti (l) - how great + bella (l) - wars; pretty (fem. sing.) + quanta bella (l) - such great wars; how very nice.

pretty + (notebook 1931): 'o di quante belle figlie madamore'  Madama Dorè (Italian nursery rhyme): 'O quante belle figlie, Madama Dorè!... Che cosa ne vuol fare, Madama Dorè?' (Madama Dorè: 'Oh how many beautiful daughters, Madama Dorè!... What are you going to do with them, Madama Dorè?').

Morgana le Fay - sorceress in the King Arthur stories

charm - to persuade or induce to, to influence or engage by beuty, sweetness, etc.

Cinderella - a fictional young girl who is saved from her stepmother and stepsisters by her fairy godmother and a handsome prince + (notebook 1931): 'cincinerelli aveva una mula' Italian nursery rhyme: 'Cincirenella l'aveva una mula' ('Cincirenella had a she-mule') + I have already noted the fireplace's role as a conduit to Issy's room upstairs. Inevitably, Issy is envisioned as Cinderella or 'Mades of ashens'. (John Gordon: Finnegans Wake: a plot summary).

angle - to use artful or wily means to catch a person or thing



groom - bridegroom + gloom

Angst (ger) = angst (Dutch) - fear

line up - the assembling of a number of persons in a line + Joyce's note: 'lineup'.

rapier - a light, sharp-pointed sword designed only for thrusting; a small sword + happier

thother - Coalesced form of the other, frequent from 14th to 17th c. + toth (Irish) - vulva + Thoth - Egyptian god of letters, invented writing.

brandish - to flourish, wave about (a sword) by way of threat or display, or in preparation for action + bander (French Slang) - to have erection.

amain - with full force, vehemently, violently + (notebook 1931): '- - - maman' Verrimst: Rondes et Chansons Populaires 141: La Pêche des Moules (French song The Fishing of Mussels; the second line of every verse ends with 'maman') + maman (fr) - mamma, mummy.

release - to set or make free, to liberate, deliver, of (now somewhat rare) or from pain, bondage, obligation, etc. 

teanga (t'one) (gael) - tongue, language + song of his heart.

heart + FDV: He will angskt of them from their commoner guardian, who is really the rapier of the two espacially for he bandished it with his hand the hold time, a simply gratious: Hast thou feel liked carbunckley ones?

hast - 2nd pers. sing. pres. ind. of have + Hast du vielleicht (ger) - have you perhaps.

carbuncly - Of or resembling a carbuncle; bearing carbuncles + carbuncle - a name variously applied to precious stones of a red or fiery colour; the carbuncles of the ancients (of which Pliny describes twelve varieties) were probably sapphires, spinels or rubies, and garnets; a red spot or pimple on the nose or face caused by habits of intemperance + {‘Are you wearing red ones?’ asked Glugg.}

precocity - early maturity, premature development + praecox (l) - precocious