titter - the act of tittering; a stifled laugh, a giggle + tęte-ŕ-tęte (fr) - private conversation.

hilarity - cheerfulness

wordchary (notebook 1930) + chary - careful, cautious, circumspect, wary.

ringsounding (notebook 1930) + ring - a ringing sound or noise.

tout ensemble - Mus. The united performance of all voices or all instruments in a piece of concerted music, or of a chorus and orchestra; also, the manner in which this is done + toutes ensembles (fr) - all together (feminine plural).

frig (Slang) - masturbate + FDV: Apun which theirs is a little tittertit of hilarity and he is atvoiced by their toots enssembled to go to troy and harif a freak at himself by all that's tory to the ulstramarines.

ultramarine - situated beyond the sea (now rare); ultramarine blue + phrase: tell it to the marines (The first marines in an English-speaking country were The Duke of York and Albany's Maritime Regiment of Foot, formed in 1664, in the reign of Charles II. The Duke of York's men were soldiers who had been enlisted and trained to serve on-board ships. The recruits were considered green and not on a par with hardened sailors, hence the implication that marines were naive enough to believe ridiculous tales, but that sailors weren't. Most of the early citations give a fuller version of the phrase - "You may tell that to the marines, but the sailors will not believe it").

hold one's nose - to compress the nostrils between the fingers in order to avoid perceiving a (bad) smell. Also fig.

ni (l) - not, that not; if not + ni (Irish) - not + ni (Chinese) - to urinate.

esteem - favourable opinion, regard, respect + Joyce's note: 'piss up your leg & play with with the steam' Children's chant: "piss up your leg and play with the steam."

warewolf = werwolf - a person who (according to medićval superstition) was transformed or was capable of transforming himself at times into a wolf.

taboo - prohibition or interdiction generally of the use or practice of anything, or of social intercourse + abú! (Irish) - to victory! (slogan).

Tophet - place of burning dead bodies, southeast of Jerusalem + toffee tuck.

ruck - a crowd especially of ordinary or undistinguished persons or things

raid - a rush, charge, a sudden short attack

slick - Of skin, hair, etc.: Smooth, glossy, sleek; deft, quick, skilful in action or execution. 

anker - a measure of wine and spirits; anchor + anchor - fig. refl. and intr. To fix oneself, take up a position + Anker (ger) = anker (Dutch) - anchor.

hunkers - hams + on one's hunkers - in a squatting position.

pressed + (belly ache) + Soldier, Soldier, won't you marry me (song): 'very very best' + FDV: So off for his topheetuck the rogue made raid, aslick aslegs could would run, and he ankered on his hunker with the belly belly prest.

muffin - a light, flat, circular, spongy cake, eaten toasted and buttered at breakfast or tea

to wit - introducing (or more rarely following) an explanation of the preceding word, phrase, or statement (or a modifying correction of it) + weat = wait; wet.

bread + Douglas: London Street Games 49: 'What's for tea, love, -- Farewell. Bread and butter, water-cress' ('circle' game: Lady on the mountain).

butter + FDV: Asking: Where's What's my muffinstufflnaches for thease times? To weat: Breath and bother and whatarcurs. Then breath less more bother and more whatarcurss.   

watercress - the hardy perennial, Nasturtium officinale, found in abundance near springs and in small running streams, and now widely cultivated for use as a salad. 

worms + Wurm (ger) - worm + Wurra-Wurra ('Great Worm') - an idol destroyed by Saint Patrick.

Shim (Irish Pronunciation) - Shem + FDV: Then no breath no bother but worrworrums. And Shim shallave shome.

shome - some kind of adornment for horses + shome (Irish Pronunciation) - some + home

rigagnolina - Ital.: "little brook" + FDV: So As Finmicina Rigagnolina to Montagnone, what she means meaned he did could not know can.

montagnone (it) - big mountain (masculine)

golden syrup - syrup of a bright golden-yellow colour, drained off in the process of obtaining refined crystallized sugar [(notebook 1930): 'goltin sylvup' (an uncrayoned 'r' is situated above the letters 'vu')].

ploung jamm (notebook 1930) Children's game: Lady of the mountain ('There stands a lady on the mountain, Who she is I do not know; All she wants is gold and silver, All she wants is a nice young man.') + plum jam.

to drive mad, distracted, crazy - i.e. into the state of madness, etc.

gawk - to stare or gape stupidly + FDV: All she meaned was multimoney golten sylvup, all she meaned was a nyums nyum nyam some knight's ploung jamn. If he'd lonely talk instead of only gawk and if he wooed not woory so!

as thought Yatend hand stuck over stick in his spoke (notebook 1931)


Hee middles (Joyce's note) Douglas: London Street Games 3: 'Catch... Two boys stand at each side of the road and one in the middle, that's Hee. One of them tries to get the ball over middles head for the other to get it but if middle gets it the other goes Hee'.

doxy - Originally the term in Vagabonds' Cant for the unmarried mistress of a beggar or rogue: a beggar's trull or wench: hence, slang, a mistress, paramour, prostitute.

moonbeam - a ray of moonlight + brimstone - Formerly the common vernacular name for sulphur + FDV: — Have you monbreamstone / No. /

hell fire - the fire of hell + Feuer (ger) - fire + Stein (ger) - stone + Feuerstein (ger) - flint (literally 'fire-stone') + firestone - head-resistant red sandstone + (ruby) + FDV: — Or hellfeuersteyn? / No. /

Van Diemen's Land - early name for Tasmania + FDV: — Or Van Diemen's coral pearl? / No. / He has lost.

Douglas: London Street Games 49: 'Go to church, love' ('circle' game: Lady on the mountain) + ‘Off to jail Glugg!’ + FDV: Off to clutch, Glugg! Farwheel! Forewhal!

shake one's ears - (? as a dog when wet); also, ? to make the best of a bad bargain; also, to show contempt or displeasure + FDV: Shape your reres, Glugg! Forweal!

ring around - a circular or spiral orbit or course + FDV: Ring we round, Chuff! Fairwell!

inner - one who 'ins', takes in, or reclaims land + Browning: Pippa Passes: 'God's in His heaven, All's right with the world' + FDV: Chuffchuff's in a inner seven: all's rice with their whirl!

mater - mother (schoolboy's slang) + mate - to match; to marry, to join in marriage + FDV: Yet, ah tears, who can her mater be?

eye - to perceive with the eyes (obs.) + FDV: She'd promised he'd eye her.

try up - Joinery: To test the straightness of (a planed surface) or the correspondence of (adjoining surfaces) + O Dear, What Can the Matter Be? (song): 'He promised to buy me a bunch of blue ribbons To tie up my pretty brown hair... Johnny's so long at the fair'.

pretti (it) - pure, real, genuine (masculine plural) + FDV: To try up her pretti. But now he's it's so longer longed and so fared and so forth.

Jerry - a German

jaunting = jaunting car + for nothing - in vain, to no purpose.

alibi (l) - elsewhere, somewhere else + allebei (Dutch) - both + Goodbye!

flossy - resembling floss or floss-silk; fancy, showy + floss - silk in fine filaments; In Orkney and Shetland: a collective term for reeds, rushes, etc. + (notebook 1931): 'flossies in her hat' flos (l) - flower.

mossy - marshy, boggy; resembling moss

droop - to hang or sink down, as from weariness or exhaustion; to bend, or incline downward

draped - covered in folds of cloth + {The flower on her hatbrim drooped. The bow knots wilted.}

bowknot - a double-looped ornamental knot into which ribbons, etc., are tied; a necktie, ribbon, etc., tied up in such a knot

shallot, shalot - a small onion, Allium Ascalonicum, native in Syria and cultivated for use as a flavouring ingredient for salads, sauces, etc. 

wilt - Of plants or their parts: To become limp or flaccid, through heat or drought; to deprive of stiffness, energy, vigour, or spirit.

blot - a spot or stain, as of ink on paper