CAROLINA, NORTH AND SOUTH - South US states. Song, "Dinah": "Dinah / Is there anyone finer / In the state of Carolina?! If there is and you know her / Show her to me..."   

dinah - a man's sweetheart or favourite woman

vaunt - to boast of (something), to commend or praise in a vainglorious manner

Isa Bowman - child-friend of Lewis Carroll and author of 'The Story of Lewis Carroll' + (notebook 1931): 'Isa Izod' + Children’s game: ('circle' game) 'Poor Mary sits a-weeping' + FDV: Poor Isad sits a glooming, so gleaming in the gloaming.

glooming - depressingly dark + Children's game: Poor Mary sits a-weeping.

gleaming - bright with a steady but subdued shining

gloaming - evening twilight; dusky light + Roaming in the Gloaming (song).

tinsel - a rich material of silk or wool interwoven with gold or silver thread + étincelles (fr) - sparks + tinsel - a thread with glittering metal foil attached; a showy decoration that is basically valueless.

touch - slightly, somewhat, 'a little bit'

tarnished - having lost purity or lustre, faded; also fig. sullied, dishonoured 

loveliness - the quality of being lovely, exquisite beauty + lovely noose + (somewhat tarnished tinsel round her neck).

Hellas (gr) - Greece + Alice (in Wonderland).

whyfor + wofur (ger) - what for.

gleam - a flash of light (especially reflected light)

glooming - that grows or appears dark

peripatetic - of or belonging to the school or system of philosophy founded by Aristotle, or the Aristotelian sect; itinerant.

beau - fair, beautiful + Isa Bowman.

sympathize - to be affected with pity for the suffering or sorrow of another, to feel compassion + symperaioo (gr) - to cross together + (notebook 1931): 'be good enough to tremble' Bowman: The Story of Lewis Carroll 31: (letter from Carroll to Isa Bowman) 'Oh, you naughty, naughty, bad wicked little girl! You forgot to put a stamp on your letter, and your poor old uncle had to pay TWOPENCE! His last Twopence! Think of that. I shall punish you severely for this when once I get you here. So tremble! Do you hear? Be good enough to tremble!'

therefor = therefore + Still I love him, Can't deny it (song): 'And if he goes nowhere, I'll go there as well'.                           

if it's to nowhere I'm going too (notebook 1931) Young: Trial of Frederick Bywaters and Edith Thompson 12: (letter from Edith Thompson to Bywaters, trial exhibit 50) 'if things are the same again then I am going with you - wherever it is - if its to sea - I am coming too and if it is to nowhere - I'm also coming darlint'.

(as a young man (in 1903) Joyce left Ireland for France)

Saint Clara founded Franciscan nuns (Ulysses.12.1685: 'daughters of Clara')

tansy - an erect herbaceous plant, Tanacetum vulgare, growing about two feet high, with  deeply cut and divided leaves, and terminal corymbs of yellow rayless button-like flowers.

myrtle - a plant of the genus Myrtus, a shrub growing abundantly in Southern Europe, having shiny evergreen leaves and white sweet-scented flowers, and now used chiefly in perfumery.

rue - a perennial evergreen shrub of the genus Ruta, having bitter, strong-scented leaves which were formerly much used for medicinal purposes.

journée (fr) - day + FDV: She is fading out like Journee's clothes so you can't see her now.

Jenny Jones (Children's game): 'You can't see her now'

dyer - one whose occupation is to dye cloth and other materials + FDV: Still we know how Day the Dyer works, in dims and deeps and dusks and darks.

dim - dimness, obscurity, dusk

deep - a deep place; a deep (i.e. secret, mysterious) region of thought, feeling, etc.

dark - darkness esp. that of night

eve = evening

fiance + FDV: And among the shades that Eve's now wearing she'll meet anew fiancy, tryst and trow.

tryst - an appointment or engagement to meet at a specified time and place, randezvous + Tristan.

trow - belief, faith, trust; faith as pledged, covenant

mammy - A child's word for mother

minuscoline (it) - very tiny (feminine plural)

Dee river + 'the'.

dip - to plunge one's hand (or a ladle or the like) into water, etc., or into a vessel, esp. for the purpose of taking something out

dame - a woman of refinement

damsel - a young unmarried lady; originally one of noble or gentle birth, but gradually extended as a respectful appellation to those of lower rank 

dolly - a girl or woman, esp. a young, attractive one; a pet name for a child's doll

dulcitambulo (l) - to walk about sweetly, to go for a sweet walk + dulcis (l) - sweet + dulce (l) - sweetly + ambulo (l) - to go about.

renew - renewal, new invention

truss - to bind or tie up, to adjust and draw close the garments of (a person) + to dress up - to attire elaborately + FDV: For though she's unmerried she'll after truss up and help that hussyband how to hop.

hip - to hop (on one foot) + to hop it - to be off, go away quickly.

trip it - to make a trip or short excursion + FDV: Hip it and romp it and chirrub and sing for Lord Chuffy's now sky sheraph and Glugg's got to swing.

chirp + cherub.

Chief Chuffy (notebook 1930)

seraph - an angel of the first order + high sheriff - the sheriff (in England and Wales, and in some Irish cities) as distinguished from a deputy or subordinate.

so and so - in a certain manner or way; As a mere intensive

two by two - in groups or sets of two

nod - the act of nodding the head + Children’s game: ('line' game) Here We Go Gathering Nuts in May + FDV: So and so, toe by toe, to and fro they go round, for they are the ingelles, scattering nods as girls who may, for they are an angel's garland.

cashmere - the fine soft wool obtained from the Cashmere goat and the wild goat of Tibet

Liberty's - department store, London ('Liberty' used attributively to designate their textiles) + FDV: Catchmire stockings, liberty libertyed garters, shoddyshoes quicked out with selver.

shoddy - having a delusive appearence of superior quality; shabby, cheap, inferior

silver - a silver thread + selve (it) - woods.

pinafore frock - a low necked sleeveless fashion garment worn by women and girls, usu. over a blouse or jumper + FDV: Pennyfeir caps on pinnyfore frocks and a ring on her somefing finger.

link - to move nimbly, pass quickly along + Children’s game: ('circle' game) Lubin: 'Here we come looby, looby, Here we come looby light, Here we come looby, looby, All on a Saturday night'.

noose - to arrange like a noose or loop; to cast or put a noose round + noose (Slang) - to marry; to hang.

nuptia (l) - wedding, nuptials + FDV: And they leap so looply, looply, as they link to light. And they look so loovely, loovelit, all in a nuptious night.

glint - to move quickly esp. obliquely; to peep, take a glance + Children’s game: ('circle' game) Lubin: 'Put your left foot in, Put your right foot out, Shake it a little, a little, a little, and turn youself about'.

glance - to move rapidly, esp. in an oblique or transverse direction; to cast a momentary look + with a sly glance in and a coy glance out + FDV: Whithasly glints in. Andecoy glants out.

ramp - to bound, rush, or range about in a wild or excited manner; romp

in rout - in succession, in order (obs.) + FDV: They ramp it a little, a lessle, a lissle. Then romp rightround in rout.

cadenzato (it) - rhythmical

coloratura - 'divisions, runs, trills, cadenzas, and other florid passages in vocal music'; a singer of coloratura, esp. a coloratura soprano + coloratura (it) - colouring.

rubretta (it) - red (feminine)

arancia (it) - orange (feminine) + FDV: R is Rubretta and A is Arancia, Y is for Yilla and N for Greenerin.

Boy Blue - nursery rhyme character

odalisque - a female slave of a Turkish harem + FDV: B is Boyblue with odalisque O while W waters the fleurettes of novembrance.  

fleurette - an ornament like a small flower + (notebook 1930): 'in fond novembrance' + William Shakespeare: Hamlet IV.5.174: 'rosemary, that's for remembrance' (purple flower, in bloom in November) + fleurettes (fr) - little flowers.

'circle' (Children's game): When I was a young girl ('This way went I') + FDV: Though they're all but merely a schoolgirl yet these way went they.

In the view of the avenue

Avignon (notebook 1931) Verrimst: Rondes et Chansons Populaires 50: song Sur le Pont d'Avignon: 'Sur le pont d'Avignon, Tout le monde y danse, danse; Sur le pont d'Avignon, Tout le monde y danse en rond. Les beaux messieurs font comm' ça, Et puis encor' comm' ça' (On the Bridge of Avignon: 'On the bridge of Avignon, Everybody dances, dances; On the bridge of Avignon, Everybody dances round. The pretty misters do like so, And then again like so'; also 'beaux messieurs' is replaced in some versions with 'bell's dames', vocations, etc.)

entrancing - that entrances, transporting

oodles - large or unlimited quantities, abundance

ainm (Irish) - name + (years) + Anna... Livia.

diluvium - an inundation or flood; a deposit of sand, gravel, etc. made by oceanic flooding + before the Luvium = antediluvium (l) - before the flood.

like so (notebook 1931)

endless + Miss Endles of Eons - Mlle D'Eon (1728-1810), who was also the Chevalier D'Eon, a French political adventurer, famous for the mystery of his sex. 

dies irae - 'day of wrath', the first words, and hence the name, of a Latin hymn on the Last Judgement ascribed to Thomas of Celano