spectroscope - an instrument specially designed for the production and examination of spectra

off colour - not up to the mark, defective, deficient, out of order; also, not in good health

ambushed + ambo (l) - both.

the very spit of - the exact image, likeness, or counterpart of (a person, etc.) 

cheek by jowl - side by side; in the closest intimacy

Saint Michael (angel)

besides - in addition, over and above, as well + besoun (Provençal) - need, requirement.

jowly - having large or prominent jowls + jolly + Old Joe.

babby = baby + Beelzebub (devil) + FDV: and how he was ambothed upon by the very spit of himself first on the cheakside by Michelargelo and then on the owld jowly side by Bill C. Babby,

provincial - Eccl. The ecclesiastical head of a province; in pl. auxiliary troops raised in a province; formerly applied to the native Irish + Provençal - dialect of Occitan spoken by a minority of people in southern France, mostly in Provence. In the English-speaking world, "Provençal" is often used to refer to all dialects of Occitan, but it actually refers specifically to the dialect spoken in Provence.

drollo (Provençal) - girl

expel - to drive away from one's country, to banish + egg spilled (i.e. broken).

Humpty Dumpty (i.e. broken)

narodni (Russian) - of people + národní dum (Russian) = národní dum (Czech) - parliament, national house.

domum (l) - home, house + FDV: and the localmotoe why they eggspilled him out of his homety domum

osco! (Provençal) - bravo!

Basco (Provençal) - Basque + Pasko (Basque) - Easter.

pesco (Provençal) - fish

bisco (Provençal) - soup; ill humour

creature comforts - the things that make one comfortable (good food and clothing)

omelette (aux) fines herbes - a savoury omelette flavoured with herbs + erbo (Provençal) - herb.

ark - a chest, box, coffer, close basket, or similar receptacle + arx (l) - citadel + arcus (l) - bow, rainbow; arch.

finis orbis (l) - the end of the earth + finis orbe (l) - a limit by means of a circle + finis - the Latin word for 'end', formerly, and still occasionally, placed at the end of a book, finish, end + orbis (l) - circle.


mustered - gathered together, assembled

never mind - don't let it trouble you, it does not matter

never + neither sink nor swim.


socialism + Caecilius (l) - "Blind": name of a Roman gens.

schorte = shirt; scorn + schor (ger) - sheared + shortest

black out - to suffer a 'black-out' (temporary complete loss of consciousness); suppression of information or news

catholic + catalogue + FDV: and the bes and schortest way of blacking out a caughtalook of all the sorrors of Sexton.

soror (l) - sister + horrors + Marie Corelli: The Sorrows of Satan (Ulysses.9.19). 

sexton - a church officer having the care of the fabric of a church and its contents, and the duties of ringing the bells and digging graves + sex.

accost - to approach for any purpose, to make up to and speak to

comme il faut - 'as it should be', proper(ly); according to etiquette; correct(ly) in deportment or behaviour + coume un fou (Provençal) - like a fool.

teto-dous (Provençal) - soft head + tête-à-tête (French) - private conversation so, teto duos would be private conversation with two women [Issy and mirror image].

wagoner - the driver of a vehicle + Wagner


mudheaded - stupid + Mathilde Wesendonck - Wagner's mistress, who inspired Tristan und Isolde.

wheeze - to breathe hard with a whistling sound from dryness or obstruction in the throat + donk - colloq. abbrev. of donkey

trist - a station assigned; appointed place, rendezvous + tristis (l) - sad, sorrowful + Tristan.

parisos (gr) - evenly balanced + paradeisos (gr) - enclosed park or pleasure garden + paradise + Paris.

tausend (ger) - thousand + tosend (ger) - raging, roaring.

cast one’s bread upon the waters - to take a chance esp. to do good without immediately expecting anything in return.

oiseau (fr) - bird

casa nuova (it) - new house + Giovanni Giacomo Casanova.

WW I song: "Mademoiselle from Armentieres" [(notebook 1930): 'girl from Armentières'] + ARMENTIERES - Town, North France. 

neblo (Provençal) - fog + novi (Provençal) - newlywed.

nivo (Provençal) - cloud + novio (Provençal) - newlywed.

ennovia (Provençal) - to dress like newlywed

occidens (l) - falling, perishing, going down; where the sun sets, the west + Occitanien (fr) - Provençal + templi (l) - of a temple + accidempoli (it) - dash, damn.

sanctuary - a holy place + centuries

produce - Geom. To extend (a line) in length; to continue; hence gen. to lengthen (anything) out.

demi - half + demi-pension (fr) - half-board.

goo - a viscid or sticky substance. Also fig., sickly sentiment, gush + go to sleep.

P.W. Joyce: Ancient Irish Civilisation: 'The Irish musicians had various styles... The 'Sleep-music' (Suantree) was intended to produce sleep'.

payment in music & personal company (notebook 1923) → Schuré: Woman the Inspirer 14: 'Her tactful and fervent pleading enabled Frau Wesendonck to persuade her husband, in his generosity, to purchase a small house, roomy and convenient, just on the border of the estate... Wagner and his wife took up their residence in it... It was understood that the artist should pay the rent in music and his personal company'.

ipse secum (l) - himself with himself + Gipsy.

fing an (ger) - began + fingo (it) - I pretend, I feign, I sham, I simulate.

foil - to frustrate, disappoint (hopes, etc.); to baffle, frustrate the efforts of (a person) + feel

fluter - one who plays on the flute + Phil the Fluter's Ball - Percy French song: Phil was hard up but gave a ball and was gay + Flut (ger) - flood.

G.S. - general service + go to sleep music + Schuré: Woman the Inspirer 11: (of Wagner) 'He jotted down in pencil his musical ideas on loose sheets of paper, and his friend received them while still hot from the swift creation of his thought... They sank into her mind and hid away in her heart... On one we find the initials G.S.M., signifying Gesegnet sei Mathilde (blessed be Mathilde); on another, S.L.F., meaning seiner lieben Freundin (to his dear friend)'.

M... herslF = M[onumentum] F[ecit] (l) - made [this] monument (ascriptive inscription on Roman tombs, etc.) (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

backwards + vor- und ruckwarts (ger) - forwards and backwards + Richard (Wagner).

sonorous - Of sounds: Having a loud, deep, or resonant character; Of language, diction, etc.: Having a full, rich sound; strong and harmonious + (notebook 1923): 'Art of sonorous silence sleep RW - music' → Schuré: Woman the Inspirer 35: (Richard Wagner to Mathilde Wesendonck) '"I now return to Tristan. Through it, I will speak to thee in the sublime art of sonorous silence"'.

bring up on the bottle - said of an infant reared by means of a feeding-bottle instead of at its mother's breast + Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 28: 'being brung up'

Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 25: 'Music is a good thing; and after all that soul-butter and hogwash I never see it freshen up things so, and sound so honest and bully'.

recourse - act of turning to for assistance + ricorso (Vico) + (notebook 1923): 'he had recourse to poetry' + Schuré: Woman the Inspirer 16: (of Wagner) 'he was profoundly conscious of his obligations as Otto Wesendonck's friend. Caught between so imperious a duty and his ever-increasing love, he had recourse to poetry as his sole means of deliverance'.

coronation - the action of crowning, the ceremony of investing a sovereign; crowning of a work, completion + coronach - a funeral song or lamentation in the Highlands of Scotland and in Ireland.

angels + John Milton: Paradise Lost I.620: 'Tears such as angels weep, burst forth' (Ulysses.9.33) + FDV: With tears such as engines weep.

Liffey river + W.H. Mallock: Is Life Worth Living?

nej (Danish) - no

Toledo - short for Toledo blade or sword: A sword or sword-blade made at Toledo, or of the kind made there + tholedoth (Hebrew) - histories.

trene - a song of lamentation

zokher (Hebrew) - (I/you/he) remember

arty - artillery; a jocular epithet for furniture, decoration, etc., of artistic pretensions; also applied to persons who wish to be regarded as artistic in taste, dress, etc.

reminiscence - the act, process, or fact, of remembering or recollecting

band-stand - a platform or other structure for the use of a band of musicians + grandstand - a stand at a racecourse or stadium consisting of tiers with rows of individual seats that are under a protective roof.

grand carriero (Provençal) - main road + gran carriera (it) - full speed + James Joyce: A Brilliant Career (play written by Joyce at age eighteen).

largesse - liberal or bountiful bestowal of gifts; lavish expenditure; freedom, liberty

leave off - to cease from, discontinue (an action), abandon (a habit) + off - the condition or fact of being of.

sator (l) - author; sower, planter, begetter (epithet of both Jupiter and Janus) + (notebook 1931): 'Sator...'.

susceptrix (notebook 1931) → susceptor, susceptrix (l) - one who undertakes something, such as adopting a child.

nutritious - serving as nourishment; capable of supplying nutriment + (notebook 1931): 'nutritius' → nutritius (l) - foster father, child's guardian + (cultivated).

histrionic - of or belonging to stage-players, or to play-acting; theatrical; dramatic + historic.

genitrix - a female parent, a mother [(notebook 1931): 'genitrix' → genitrix (l) - mother, ancestress] + (originating).

avus (l) - grandfather [(notebook 1931): 'avus']

avia (l) - grandmother [(notebook 1931): 'avia']

the sinful pair (notebook 1931)

descendant - descending or originating from an ancestor

velocipede - a travelling-machine having wheels turned by the pressure of the feet upon pedals; esp. an early form of the bicycle or tricycle + veluti (l) - just as + (notebook 1931): 'veloutypad' → velouté (fr) - velvety.

avuncular - of, belonging to, or resembling, an uncle + (notebook 1931): 'abavunculus' → abavunculus (l) - maternal great-great-uncle (Latin ab: by).

nurus (l) - daughter-in-law

noverca (l) - stepmother [(notebook 1931): 'noverca']

nepotist - a powerful person who shows favoritism to relatives or close friends + nepos (l) - grandson.

circum- - around, about, on all sides + pict - to paint; to depict, represent + circumpictus (l) - painted around.

sobrina (l) - female cousin + sobrinus (l) - male cousin + (notebook 1931): '...Sobrine...'.

census - an official enumeration of the population of a country or district, with various statistics relating to them + sober senses.

patrius (l) - parent + patris (l) - father's + patris (gr) - fatherland + (notebook 1931): '...patrissas' → patrissas (l) - you take after your father, you resemble your father + patriots.

glos - a pretence, false show, specious appearance; also, a disguise. Now rare + glos (l) - sister-in-law + glos (Cornish) - anguish, pang, pain.

germanus (l) - full brother + germana (l) - full sister + germane (l) - faithfully, truly + Germane (ger) - Teuton + (notebook 1931): '...germane glos'. 

socer (l) - father-in-law + socerine (Italian Obsolete) - little mothers-in-law + (notebook 1931): 'socer...'.

transparent - easily seen through, recognized, understood, or detected

vitricus (l) - stepfather [(notebook 1931): '...vitricus'] + (glass).

patruus (l) - paternal uncle + patriots.

Archimedes (287-212 B.C.) (gr) - "Chief-in-Counsel": mathematician, discoverer of several mechanical principles, including that of the lever.

levir (l) - husband's brother, a brother-in-law [(notebook 1931): 'levir...']

oikoumene (gr) - the inhabited world + eke-name - nickname + economic.

CASTLE TIROWEN - The castle of the O'Neills, kings of Tir Eoghain or Owen, which stood on Castle Hill above Dunganmon, County Tyrone, until destroyed without trace after the Battle of Benburb in 1646. "Castle Tirowen" is the air of Thomas Moore's song, "Remember Thee!"  

prosperous - having continued success or good fortune, flourishing + once-prosperous street [trade].

strong + stone broke.

baroque - grotesque or whimsical ornamentation + barque - a small ship + (sculpture).

oil paint - paint made by mixing a pigment with oil

pomme - a potato + pomme (fr) - apple + I'll paint you a pun [poem].

tell me the (title of Finnegans Wake)