too thick + toothache.

telltale - one who tells tales; one who idly or maliciously discloses private or secret matters; Applied to a thing: That reveals or betrays something meant to be kept secret.

pitcher - a vulgar or colloq. pronunciation of picture

photo - colloquial abbreviation of photograph + future.

mouton - obs. form of mutton + muttonleg slieve - one very full and loose on the arm but close-fitting at the wrist. 

caper - a frolicsome leap, like that of a playful kid + to cut a caper or capers - to dance in a frolicsome way, to act fantastically + caper (l) - goat.

let on - to reveal, divulge, disclose, or betray a fact by word or look; to pretend

jest - colloq. and dial. var. just

japer - one who japes or jokes; esp. a professional jester + FDV: He's a pigtail tarr and if he hadn't got it toothick he'd a telltale tall of his pitcher on a wall with his photure in the papers for cutting moutonlegs and capers letting on he'd just be papers and his tail cooked up.

have one's tail up and varr. - to be in good spirits + to cock up - to swagger, strut + P.W. Joyce: English as We Speak It in Ireland 61: 'Did you ever see the devil With the wooden spade and shovel Digging praties for his supper And his tail cocked up'.

angelina - a genus of Leguminosæ, native chiefly to tropical America, comprising trees of moderate height, with showy purple flowers + angelina (l) - little angel

hsin (Chinese) - new

beau - the attendant or suitor of a lady, a lover, sweetheart + FDV: Angelinas, hide from light those hues that your ain beau may bring to night!

dower - the money or property which the wife brings to the husband + strip - a narrow piece, primarily of textile material, paper, or the like, of approximately uniform breadth + {Though on your doorstep and bent on one knee, he mustn’t lodge here} 

maun - must + FDV: Though down on to your dowerstrip he's bent to knee he maun't know ledgings here.

ledging - a ledge, or ledges collectively + ledge - a narrow horizontal surface, formed by the top of some vertical structure, or by the top of some projection in the vertical face of a wall or the like + Children's game: ('line' game) Three sailors ('Shall we have lodgings here?') + knowledge. 

mow - to make mouths or grimaces + move + 'A-hunting we will go, A-hunting we will go, We'll catch a fox and put him in a box, and then we'll let him go' (song) + FDV: For a haunting way will go and you need not make your mow.

frenge = fringe + French James Joyce: A Portrait IV: 'Les jupes... The names of articles of dress worn by women or of certain soft and delicate stuffs used in their making brought always to his mind a delicate and sinful perfume'.

socks + FDV: Find the frenge for frocks and translace it into shocks of such as touch with show and show.

such and such - such and such persons or things; also sing., this and this + touch (Slang) - copulate

so and so - An indefinite phrase (= 'such a thing, person, number,' etc.) used in place of a more lengthy statement, or as a substitute for an expression or name not exactly remembered or not requiring to be explicitly stated; Used euphem. as a term of abuse for a person (occas. a thing). Also, with weakened force, as a term of affection.

guess - to hit upon the answer to (a question), the solution of (a riddle, a parable)

for all one’s worth - with great effort, using all one’s energy + FDV: He is guessing at hers for all he is worse.

seagoing - going or travelling by sea

wily - crafty, cunning, sly, artful + wild goose chase (phrase).

geese - pl. of goose + wild guesses.

goosling - obs. form of gosling (a young goose) + FDV: Hark to his wily geeses goosling by, my and playfair, lady.

Playfair, Lyon - 1st Lord Playfair (1818-98), British chemist and administrator, used attrib. and absol. to designate a cipher in which successive pairs of letters are replaced by pairs chosen in a prescribed manner from a matrix of 25 letters, usu. arranged  in accordance with a key-word + London Bridge ('circle' game): 'my fair lady'.

note - to observe or mark carefully + (notebook 1930): 'those who will be exiled speak 'can' for 'dog' those who will rise in life speak now for no'.

con- (kon) (gael) - dog, canine (prefix)

ingle - fire; a fire burning upon the hearth; a house-fire + England  

faulter - obs. form of falter (to stumble in one's speech; to speak hesitatingly or incoherently; to stammer) + (notebook 1931): 'I faltered'.

I have to trouble you with (notebook 1931) Young: Trial of Frederick Bywaters and Edith Thompson 79: (Walter Frampton, counsel for Thompson, examining Thompson) 'The next letter I have to trouble you with is the one dated 1st April'.

codhead (Slang) - a fool + Godhead.

mitre - a sacerdotal head-dress + (notebook 1931): 'mitre = fish's head'.

heron - the name of a large natural group of long-necked long-legged wading birds; Hence, heron plume.

plumes on left to not impede swording (notebook 1931)

ministrant - serving attendance on someone + sinistra (l) - the left hand.

server - Eccl. An assistant at Mass who arranges the altar and makes the responses + servus servorum (l) - slave of the slaves, 'slave of the slaves of Christ' (title of the pope) + Ulysses.1.312: 'A servant too. A server of a servant'.

rex - a king + rex regum (l) - king of kings + regnum (l) - kingdom.

balderdash - a senseless jumble of words; nonsense, spoken or written + dash - a sudden vigorous attack or onset. Also fig. + (notebook 1931): 'made a balderdash for freedom of speech'. 

lubbert = lubbard - lubber (an awkward stupid person; a clumsy seaman) + liberty

strike a match - to ignite a match by friction [(notebook 1931): 'Saw a match being struck' Young: Trial of Frederick Bywaters and Edith Thompson 19: (John Webber's evidence) 'I saw a match being struck'].

pun - a humorous play on words [(notebook 1931): 'play passes into earnest' Young: Trial of Frederick Bywaters and Edith Thompson xix: 'By keeping these letters Bywaters brought ruin to the writer. She kept none of his; she was too loyal for that. It is extremely probable that he entered into this grim and shocking game of correspondence about poisoning meaning it as little as she did; and it is probable that they both found an erotic stimulus in giving full play on paper to their jealousy. And when the letters ceased, and they met again, they had worked themselves up too far; what had been grim play had to become grim earnest'].

jaune (French) - yellow + fearg (Irish) - anger + January, February + Joan of Arc + FDV: /  —Haps thee ore candy? / —Now.

nao (Portuguese) - no + nao (Chinese) - vex, disturb, brawl + Ulysses.13.68: '-Nao... Nao... Nao'.

May, June + méchantes (French) - wicked, spiteful (feminine plural) + {Have you May jaune (yellow) underwear?}

hao (Chinese) - good + FDV: / —Haps thee mayjaunties? —Nowhow. / —Haps thee per causes nunsibelli? / —Nowhowhow.

percase - by chance, as it chanced + per causas nuntiatas belli (l) - through the declared causes of the war + nulle si belle (fr) - none so beautiful (feminine).

James Joyce: Letters I.154: letter 05/01/21 to Italo Svevo: 'a rubber band having the colour of a nun's belly' (i.e. yellowish) + November, December.

aski (Basque) - enough

gau - a territorial and administrative division of ancient Germany, including several villages or communities + go + gau (Welsh) - a lie, lying + gau on (Basque) - good night.

mi caco (it) - I shit myself (really, or figuratively for fear) + micco (Amaro) - victim (chosen for theft); simpleton, blockhead; newly-come prisoner.

get (Anglo-Irish/Hiberno-English) - bastard

ping - an abrupt ringing sound + P'ing-an (Chinese) - peaceful.

pong - the sound of a ringing blow; a bang

annoyance + anaya (Japanese) - in an instant.

sling one’s hook - to go away + Joyce's note: 'slink yr hook away' Douglas: London Street Games 34: (a chant) 'The black man said (or: My mother said) That you are A., If you do not want to play, You can sling your hook away'.

alegera (Basque) - happy + à la guerre comme à la guerre (fr) - in the war like in the war.

tsimista (Basque) - lightning

in camicia (it) - in one's shirt; of eggs, poached

hurricane - a name given primarily to the violent wind-storms of the West Indies + harrika (Basque) - a blow from a stone.

hot foot - prompt or rapid action or movement; a quick escape

zingo = zing - (int.) representing the sudden advent of a new situation or emotion + zingor (Basque) - mean, miserly.

zango (Basque) - leg

SEGUR - Paris telephone exchange. In the late 1920's, James Joyce's telephone no was Segur 95.20 + segur (Welsh) - idle + segur (Basque) - true, sure.

hoot - the smallest amount or particle; a whit or atom. Chiefly with negative and in phrases to give (care, matter) two hoots (a hoot).

uskut! (Arabic) - shut up! + urqud! (Arabic) - run! + jamal (Arabic) - camel + qum! (Arabic) - stand up! + yallah! (Arabic) - come on!

ciappa (Italian Dialect) - take + cioppa (Italian Obsolete) - teat, to teat.

skarp snakk (Danish) - sharp talk + snack + FDV: And he did a get; for he could chew upon a skarp snakk of pure undefallen engelsk as raskly and as baskly as your cow cudd spanich.

underfallen engelsk (Danish) - undershot English + undefiled English.

melas (gr) - black + melanos (gr) - black pigment + melon.

sukiyaki - a Japanese dish, consisting of very thin slices of beef fried with vegetables in sugar and soy sauce, and often served with rice + tsuki (Japanese) - moon + saki (Japanese) - tip, point, end.

soppu (Japanese) - soup + suppon (Japanese) - turtle.

Rask, Christian Rasmus (1787-1832) - Danish philologist, master of 25 languages + rask (Danish) - quick + rashly + rascally.

badly + Basque.

spinach + Spanish + il parle français comme une vache espagnole (fr) - he speaks French like a Spanish cow.

makoto (Japanese) - indeed!

gelo (l) - to freeze + gala (gr) - milk.