Yasha (Japanese) - a female demon + Children’s game: ('circle' game) Ring-a-ring o'roses: 'Ash-a! Ash-a! All fall down'.

sassage = sausage + sasage (Japanese) - something to eat.

mash - mashed potatoes; esp. in the phr. sausage(s) and mash + {Glugg ate sausage and mash. He could not go to their picnic party}

bash - a good time; a spree, a party + on the bash - on a drinking bout.

picnic + Mick/Nick (motif)

specialist + no honorary guest on our social list.

glugger (Anglo-Irish) - foolish boaster; empty noise; egg that does not hatch (from Irish: gliogar)

dazed - benumbed in the mental faculties + dead + Children’s game: ('circle' game) Old Roger: 'Old Roger is dead and is laid in his grave' (in which dead Old Roger rises to chase an old woman picking apples from a tree growing over his grave; the game involves three actors (Roger, Tree, Old Woman) and chorus of girls).

crave - craving

ah (l) = ai (gr) - alas + FDV: i.e. ayhe ay he, laid in his grave.

FDV: But low, boys, low he rises, shrivering. He be good. He relation belong this remarkable man. Intrance on back. Most open on the laydays. He possible to look joyfull joylike out of smily blue eyes. Not true his portmanteau filled potatowards. Big dumm crumm he offering barley zuck zuckers in presents of maidinelles maidineats. Other accuse about him all tommy rotkins. In his contrary this Mr. Heer assassor Neelsoen lasting laslast great change of retiring family buckle highly accurrect in his everythinks live here with howthhold of number seven in black velvet sidden mangy years yaars and got a baybay bucktooth coming on ever so nursely at 81. That why all parks up cited excited about his gunnfadder. That why he man with two purses agitating his theopot with walkabout wokkleabout shake rather uncoherend from one 18 to one 18 bis. Old grand tut tut toucher up of your poetographies and he turn round quick red allmaidishly if some make one noise. A fact. True bill. And his By a jury of matrons. And his thing went the whole way up Suffogate Street.

loo - Look! See! Behold! + What Shall We Do with the Drunken Sailor? (song): 'Low, boys, and up she rises' + (Glugg rising through trapdoor resurrection).

pitiful - exciting or fitted to excite pity + spitty - resembling spit; spitting or inclined to spit + spiteful.

woebegone - exhibiting great woe, sorrow or misery

woice = voice (obs.)

epitaph - an inscription upon a tomb. Hence, occasionally, a brief composition characterizing a deceased person, and expressed as if intended to be inscribed on his tombstone + ephathah! (Hebrew) - be opened! (Biblical) + Ptah - Egyptian god of speech (name means 'the opener').

susamis (Turkish) - thirsty + Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves: 'Open Sesame!'

examen - a formal examination (of the conscience or soul) + Chiniquy: The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional 204: 'the examination of conscience, which must precede confession, is a most difficult task'.

scruple - to hesitate or be reluctant (to do something), esp. on conscientious grounds, or out of regard for what is fit and proper

schemata - (plural of schema) are knowledge structures a person forms from past experiences allowing them to respond to similar events more efficiently in the future by guiding the processing of information + Chiniquy: The Priest, the Woman and the Confessional 205: 'You are bound, under pain of eternal damnation, to remember all your bad thoughts and confess them to the best of your memory'.

nu = now; new + no + Nu - Egyptian god, representing the primeval watery mass from which all evolved and upon which floats the bark of millions of years + Nu mere (Danish) - 'now more'.

siden - to a great distance or length, far + siden (Danish) - 'since' or part of a time construction, e.g. ti aar siden, ten years ago + (no more sitting).

stolen (Danish) - the seat + Lament of the Irish Emigrant (song): 'sitting on the stile'.

tumescence - a swelling up; tumidity resulting from the presence of blood or other fluid in the tissues + tumescens (l) - swelling up + inquinans (l) - befouling, staining + Thomas Aquinas.

domstol (Danish) - judgement seat

dag (Danish) - day.

synagogue - a building or place of meeting for Jewish worship and religious instruction + senga (Danish) - the bed + sgeng (Bog Latin) - bed.

Trinitatis (gr) - of the Trinity + At Trinity Church I Met My Doom (song): 'I was an M-U-G'.

kink - a mental twist; an odd or fantastic notion; a crotchet, whim. In recent use also = a state of madness; an instance of, the practice of, or suffering resulting from sexual abnormality. 

mud - to make (water, liquor) turbid by stirring up the mud or sediment at the bottom. Also fig. to cover with mud.

peccation - the action of sinning, sin + peccat (l) - he [she, it] offends, sins + peccato (it) - sin, fault.

pent - shut up within narrow limits; closely confined, imprisoned + pente (gr) - five.

pree - to make proof or trial of; to try what (a thing) is like, esp. by tasting + free.

himself (Anglo-Irish) - householder, manager

munchaol (Bog Latin) - bad

maden = maiden (obs.) - a man that has always abstained from sexual intercourse (obs.) + Maden (ger) - maggots.

thug - a cutthroat, ruffian, rough

brood - a race, a kind; a species of men, animals, or things, having common qualities; Now usually contemptuous; = 'swarm, crew, crowd' + brood (Dutch) - bread.

blackmail - any payment extorted by intimidation or pressure + meel (Dutch) - flour (Pronunciation 'mail').

dooly = doly - doleful, sorrowful, sad + doulos (gr) - slave + Dooley [010.14]

redicans (l) - reconsecrating + redicens (l) - repeating + decanus (l) - leader of ten; a dean + duly recant all heresies.

bi- (l) - two, twice + genesis (l) - coming into being, generation + bigenesis (l) - twice-birth.

hen (gr) - one + Genesis + Guinness + Albigensian Heresy - the name applied by the Christian church to the dualistic doctrine of a sect that flourished in the 12th and 13th centuries in southern France.

betchennacht (Bog Latin) - blessing + bletch - to black + Blattchen (ger) - leaflet, membrane + Macht (ger) - power.

goll - a hand + goll (gol) (gael) - blind person + goll (Bog Latin) - blind + gods


come off - to become detached; to detach oneself


selfsufficient - sufficient in or for oneself (itself) without aid or support from outside; able to supply one's needs oneself; In an unfavourable sense: Having excessive confidence in oneself, one's powers, etc.

commander-in-chief - In the Navy: The senior officer in any port or station appointed to hold command over all other vessels within the limits assigned to him + {ex-commander-in-chief in the sport of guessing colours} 

throw dust in the eyes of - to confuse, mislead, or dupe by making 'blind' to the actual facts of the case

lavabat (l) - he [she, it] was washing + lava bed.

make to - to tend or contribute to; to be favourable or conducive to; to go to support

polenta (it) - a yellow cornmeal dish + polenta (Amaro) - gold + plenty.

rosso (Amaro) - gold (literally 'red') + {made plenty of money from white girls [i.e. Joyce teaching English in Italy and ‘making gold from silver’]}

savour - to give a savour to; to season, flavour; to give tone or character to

swith (Old English) - strong

aftræk (Danish) - outlet + aftrek (Dutch) - deduction, rebate; sale; demand + aftrekken (Dutch) - to pull off, to masturbate + Die stem van Suid Afrika (song) - South Africa's National anthem, literally 'The voice of South Africa'.

Bianconi, Charles - in the 19th century he provided Ireland with a transportation system and was known to Dubliners as Brian Connolly + bianconi (it) - the white ones + bianco (Amaro) - silver + bianconi (Anglo-Irish) - stage coach (after Charles Bianconi, an Italian who became the greatest Anglo-Irish mailcoach owner of early 19th century, using long carriages drawn by four horses). 

terra cota - a hard unglazed pottery of a fine quality, of which decorative tiles and bricks, architectural decorations, statuary, vases, and the like are made + Terracuta (Amaro) - Italy.

lovability - lovableness + {throwing of assets and facing liabilities}

Repeal of the Union (of Great Britain and Ireland)

trinity - the festival of the Holy Trinity; Trinity Sunday

Columbanus (543-615) (l) - "Of Columba [Dove]": Irish missionary, founded 3 monasteries in France, also Bobbio in Italy, where he died + calembour (fr) - pun.

make a clean breast (phrase) - to make a full disclosure, to confess

sip - a single act of sipping; a small quantity of some liquid taken in this way + soep (Dutch) - soup.

spoen (Dublin Pronunciation) - spoon

sweethearted - of sweet disposition + whitehaired boy (Anglo-Irish) - a favourite.

potter - a maker of pots, or of earthenware vessels + pater, mater (l) - father, mother.

mudder - a horse which runs well on a wet or muddy racecourse + mudder (Dialect Pronunciation) - mother.

chip of the old block - one that resembles his father, or reproduces the family characteristics + Phil the Fluter's Ball (song).

twig - a slender shoot issuing from a branch or stem

hider - one who hides + hide - to remove the hide from; to flay (rare.).  

tan - to convert (skin or hide) into leather

calaboose - the name, in New Orleans and adjacent parts of the U.S., for a common prison + calaboosh (Beche-la-Mar) - jail.

Teufel (ger) - devil + mishe/tauf (motif).

mussy - untidy, rumpled, tousled

calico - a cotton cloth + calici (Amaro) - handcuffs (literally 'chalices').

blong (Beche-la-Mar) - of

he make what name? (Beche-la-Mar) - what does he make?

volcanic - relating to volcanoes + Wolken (German) = wolken (Dutch) - clouds + (he is related to *E*).

blong (Beche-la-Mar) - of

molimen - an effort by which the system endeavours to perform any natural function, esp. menstrual molimen, the straining to bring about the catamenia + (notebook 1931): 'this remarkable man' Trobridge: A Life of Emanuel Swedenborg 331: (quoting a Swedish father telling his son about Swedenborg) 'this remarkable man'.

anax andron (gr) - lord of men: epithet of Agamemnon in Homer's Iliad + (notebook 1930): 'Anak' Numbers 13:33: 'And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants' (later conquered by Joshua) + anak (Malay) - child + Alexander.

polyglot + parler (fr) - to speak.

Jebusite - tribe of Canaanites, dispossessed of Jerusalem by David. In 17th c., a nickname for Roman Catholics, esp. Jesuits + (notebook 1930): 'Jebusite (hegoat)' Jabotinsky: Samson the Nazarite 19: '"Jebus?" said Ahtur. "Isn't that where the people worship a he-goat?" "Quite right," answered Machbonai. "They call their city Jerusalem"'.

centies (l) - 100 times + cent (fr) - hundred.

procent (Dutch) - percent

Erzerum - town, Armenia

spoke - to furnish or provide with spokes or bars + {one hundred percent Erse speaking}

drugman - a man who deals in drugs, an apothecary + drogmall (Bog Latin) - back + {his pub, with entrance at the back, was open all days}

storehouse - a building in which goods are stored

intrance - obs. form of entrance + (notebook 1931): 'ES in a trance' Trobridge: A Life of Emanuel Swedenborg 307: (of Swedenborg) 'when in a trance condition would sometimes lie in bed for several days without eating'.

layday - one of a certain number of days allowed according to a charter-party for the loading and unloading of cargo + (notebook 1931): 'fond of ladies' → Trobridge: A Life of Emanuel Swedenborg 303: 'Swedenborg was fond of the society of ladies' + (weekdays).

A.A. - Alcoholics Anonymous (orig. U.S., an association for the mutual support and rehabilitation of alcoholics, founded at Akron, Ohio, in 1935.); also, a member of this organization + A[nax] A[ndron] (gr) - lord of men + Augustine Aloysius (Joyce's middle names).

shantung - a soft undressed Chinese silk (formerly undyed, since 1907 dyed to any shade of colour) + {wearing Peking silk, and notwithstanding his former guiles, he had gained flesh (weight)...}

sooth to say (Archaic phrase) - to tell the truth + (notebook 1931): 'sooth to say,' → Hall: Random Records of a Reporter 164: 'there was a kind of guarantee of the respectability of the old-fashioned ghost which, sooth to say, is more than can be said of the "controls" of to-day'.

guile - insidious cunning, deceit, treachery + Farmer Giles.

Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 8: 'set back considerable'

say grace - to say a short prayer either asking a blessing before, or rendering thanks after, a meal + grace after meat (phrase) Grace before/after fish (motif) [.31]

lunch + avalanche.

profitable + prophet (Mohammed) + FDV: He possible to look joyfull joylike out of smily blue eyes.

smily = smiley - smiling; cheerful + (notebook 1931): 'joyful out of his eyes' Trobridge: A Life of Emanuel Swedenborg 299: (quoting Cuno about Swedenborg's attitude to his approaching death) 'he looked so innocent and so joyful out of his eyes, as I had never seen him look before'.

skyblue - a pure blue colour like that of the sky (Joyce had blue eyes) + Kibla - point towards which Muslim prayer must be said (i.e. Mecca) + (notebook 1931): 'smiling blue eyes' Trobridge: A Life of Emanuel Swedenborg 298: (of Swedenborg) 'Cuno says again: "When he gazed upon me with his smiling blue eyes, which he always did in conversing with me, it was as if truth itself was speaking from them"'.

pius Aeneas (l) - Aeneas the dutiful (formula from Virgil's Aeneid) + alios (l) - others + alias.

ast - obs. or dial. pa. tense of ask

Herrgott (ger) - Lord God + Gott (ger) - god + (notebook 1931): 'shave & haircut shape of hegoat Schoepfer Herrgott' + Schöpfer Herr Gott (ger) - Creator Lord God.

tile - a hat (slang)

tog - to clothe, to dress (occurs first and chiefly as togged: cf. booted, hatted, etc.)


chronicle - a frequent title of newspapers, e.g. The Daily Chronicle, Weekly Chronicle, etc. + Chronicles - name of two of the historical books of the Old Testament. 

portmanteau - a bag for carrying clothing and other necessaries when travelling + Humpty Dumpty is also a character in Alice Through the Looking Glass. He lectures on "portmanteau words" [Lewis Carroll: Through the Looking-Glass ch. VI: 'Humpty Dumpty': 'it's like a portmanteau - there are two meanings packed up into one word'].

Priam - last king of Troy, character of Homer's, Shakespeare's + crammed + {chronicles are not true that his [father’s] portmanteau [i.e. FW, suitcase, coffin] is full of potatoes [stones]}.

potato wards (Anglo-Irish) - wards won by bribery + portmanteau words + FDV: Not true his portmanteau filled potatowards.