dumm (ger) - dumb

krumm (ger) - crooked

ditchdiggers + diga (it) - dam.

akter (Norwegian) - after + actor.

assassinated + losos (Serbian) - salmon + {assassination [by Buckley]}

someone + salmon + Summanus - Latin god of nocturnal thunderbolts.

coxarum (l) - the hips', of the hips + cockalorum (Colloquial) - a self-important little man.

silver penny introduced into England by King Offa, 735

offering - something offered to a person for his acceptance, esp. as a tribute of honour or esteem; a present, a gift + offa (it) - biscuit.

blood orange - a variety of orange having the pulp streaked with red + bloa (Bog Latin) - apple.

candid - spendid, illustrious; white (obs.)

Zucker (ger) - sugar + Kandiszucker (ger) - lumps of crystallised sugar + candy suckers + (notebook 1931): 'sweets for the little rogues' → Trobridge: A Life of Emanuel Swedenborg 304: (of Swedenborg) 'His landlady in Amsterdam remarked to Cuno: "My children will miss him most; for he never goes out without bringing them home sweets; the little rogues also dote upon the old gentleman so much, that they prefer him to their own parents"'.

in present - in, into the place itself, on or to the very spot + in presence of.

little + lithe + Lilith - Adam's first wife, who was created at the same time and from the same earth as Adam (Jewish legend).

midinette (fr) - young dressmaker or milliner + maidens + FDV: Big dumm crumm he offering barley zuck zuckers in presents of maidinelles maidineats.

bloo = blo (obs.) - blackish-blue + blow


prurient - given to the indulgence of lewd ideas, characterized by lasciviousness of thought or mind + purest

polygamous - practising or addicted to polygamy + polly (Slang) - whore + (notebook 1931): 'pollygameous' → Crofts: Women under English Law 21: 'no marriage celebrated abroad will be valid according to English law if polygamy is sanctioned by the law of such place'.

pecuniary - relating to or involving money + peculiarity - something unusual, a distinguishing trait, an odd or unusual characteristic + (notebook 1931): 'pecuniarity' → Crofts: Women under English Law 24: (of damages claimed by the husband against a co-respondent in divorce cases) 'it is the duty of the jury to assess the amount of such damages on the basis of the value of the wife to her husband, both in a pecuniary sense and also as a companion, and the injury to the husband's honour and feelings'.

aliment - the fact of ailing; bodily or mental indisposition; disorder, sickness + ailmin (Bog Latin) - beautiful.

spectacularly - in a spectacular fashion; after the manner of a spectacle

gale days - days when a periodical payment of rent is made, days of periodical payment

souffrant (fr) - suffering, ailing, in pain.

plentitude (notebook 1931)  Schuré: Woman the Inspirer 23: (letter from Richard Wagner to Mathilde Wesendonck) 'The consciousness of having been loved by thee with that plenitude of tenderness, that innermost chastity withal, thrills me with sacred ecstasy!'

tort - in English Law, any wrongdoing for which and action for damages may be brought + Haustorte (ger) - cake of the house (served by restaurant) + (notebook 1931): 'house torts' Crofts: Women under English Law 22: 'a voluntary separation does not affect the legal status of the wife in any way, and does not release the husband from any liability which he would otherwise have to third parties on account of his wife's relations with such third parties (e.g. his liability for her torts)'.

colossal - immense, tremendous, exceptionally great + Colossus of Rhodes.

romantic - a romantic person; esp. an adherent of romanticism in literature; a romanticist + Rhadamanthus - judge in the underworld + rhodomantikos (l) - oracular by means of roses + rodomontade (fr) - a bragging, a ranting.

wert - arhaic of be + wert (ger) - worth.

bronze - impudence, unblushingness

scolarina (it) - little schoolgirl

so is he

great white caterpillar (Oscar Wilde was so described by Lady Colin Campbell)

walk in one's sleep - to walk about or perform other actions as a somnambulist

dick (Slang) - penis + big index finger.

Weg (German) = weg (Dutch) - way, road; away + worth.

femtifem (Norwegian) - fifty-five

funt (Slang) - pound (sterling) + cunt (Slang) - vulva.

timent (l) - they fear, they dread + nest (Slang) - vulva.

immenseness - unusual largeness in size or extent

sett = set

eyes + uei (Provençal) - eye + {her 'yes' sounding in his ears [Ulysses]}

ear-hole - the aperture of the ear; dial. used for the ear itself + auris (l) - the ear + auriho (Provençal) - ear.

Caledfwlch - Arthur's sword, in the Welsh legend. It's other name, 'Excalibur' apparently derives from Latin Caliburnus which combines the elements caled ("battle, hard"), and bwlch ("breach, gap, notch"). + kalidh (Bearlagair Na Saer) - goat.

classically - in a classical manner; in classical style or after classical models

naught - in no degree, not at all + not

lighting - kindling, ignition + shaft - a beam or ray (of light, etc.), a streak of lightning, etc. Chiefly poet. + Leidenschaft (ger) - passion.


smoke - used for, or promoting, the escape of smoke, as smokepipe + smuk pige (Danish) - beautiful girl.

Mrs Mereschame (Venus) (notebook 1931) → meerschaum pipe - a tobacco-pipe with a bowl made of meerschaum (a clay-like mineral, hydrous magnesium silicate; from German Meerschaum: sea-foam).

cupric - rel. to copper + Aphrodite (Venus), the Greek goddess of love, was born near Cyprus (so called from Greek kypros: copper) and was therefore often depicted with amber-copper hair [.14-.15]

tress - a plait or braid of the hair of the head, usually of a woman

foamwhite - white as foam + Aphrodite (Venus), the Greek goddess of love, was born from the white sea-foam (Greek Aphrodite: foam-born).

feminine - she that is, or they that are feminine; woman + Aphrodite/Venus - goddess of beauty and sexual love.

ampersand - a punctuation mark "&" used to represent conjunction (and) + amber - of the colour and clearness of amber, of a clear yellowish brown.

aas = ace (obs.) + Aas (ger) - carrion + house doctor

Plato (b. 427 B.C.) - Greek philosopher + talos (gr) - the sun + Talos (gr) - mythological guardian of Crete; made of bronze by Hephaestus; kept strangers off by throwing stones, or burned them, or heated himself redhot and clasped them in his arms; Killed by Medea + Talop (Volapük) - Australia.

anatomy lecture + Rembrandt: The Anatomy Lesson of Doctor Tulp (painting).

mish - colloq. abbrev. of missionary + mish (Serbian) - mouse + SLIEVE MISH - Mountain, County Antrim, where St Patrick tended swine as a boy slave of Milchu.  

Saint Mary - Virgin Mary + Muire (mwiri) (gael) - [Virgin] Mary + scented myrrh (aromatic resin burned as incense).

gients (Provençal) - men, a tribe + gens - family based on male descent.

Mistral, Frédéric (1830- 1914) - Provençal poet + Meister (ger) - master + mistral - a strong north wind that blows in France during the winter.

Viking + Tate Wilkingson - popular Dublin comedian and manager of Smock Alley theatre.


Norwegian + noord (Dutch) - north + Wogen (ger) - waves.

Kampf (ger) - battle + kampften (ger) - fought + captain

dolomite - sedimentary carbonate rock and a mineral. Mineral dolomite forms white, gray to pink, commonly curved crystals + (sun-tan).

fan - to blow gently and refreshingly upon, as if driven by a fan

ocean + ozone - a colorless gas (O3).

breeze - a gentle or light wind

Pfarrer (ger) - priest + bedstefar (Danish) - grandfather.

sycamore - a species of fig-tree, Ficus Sycomorus, common in Egypt, Syria, and other countries, and having leaves somewhat resembling those of the mulberry + svigermor (Danish) - mother-in-law.

ignominy - dishonour, disgrace, shame; infamy + agnomen - a 'to-name' or additional name subsequently acquired.

prima - first + primesign - to mark (a person) with the sign of the cross before baptism + signation - the action of signing with the cross, or of marking with a seal + prima signatio (l) - first signing.

Milchu or Milcho - owned Patrick when he was a slave in Ireland. When Patrick returned, a missionary, to Ireland, he sought Milchu to convert him. Milchu burned up himself and his house when he saw the saint coming + (notebook 1923): 'master Milcho Slieve Mish' Flood: Ireland, Its Saints and Scholars 10: (of Patrick) 'The boy Succoth, afterwards called Patricius, probably in allusion to his noble birth, was sold as a slave in Ireland, and employed by his mater Milcho to tend his cattle on the slopes of Slieve Mish in Antrim'. 

benighted - overtaken by the darkness of the night

queendom - the country ruled over by a queen


aidant - helping, assisting, helpful; a helper, assistant (rare.)

Loch Ness - the name of a loch in Scotland used attrib. of a water-monster alleged to exist in its waters + Loch nEachach (lokh nakhokh) (gael) - Eachach's ("horseman") Lake; largest lake in Ireland; anglic. Lough Neagh.

forsink - to be submerged + Versunkener (ger) - one who was sunk.


amalgamate - to unite together (classes, races, societies, ideas, etc.) so as to form a homogeneous or harmonious whole

rheumatism - a disease of which inflammation and pain of the joints are prominent features

Tommy Atkins - familiar form of Thomas Atkins, as a name for the typical private soldier in the British army + FDV: Other accuse about him all tommy rotkins.

Kurd - one of a pastoral and agricultural people of Aryan stock, found in northern Iran and Iraq and eastern Turkey

Copt - a native Egyptian Christian belonging to the Jacobite sect of Monophysites + curse of God.

Berber - a name given by the Arabs to the aboriginal people west and south of Egypt + Barbarossa - German emperor who opposed Adrian IV.

Bedawee = Bedouin - an Arab of the desert

beget - to procreate, to generate: usually said of the father, but sometimes of both parents + beghed (Hebrew) - clothes.

nahar (Hebrew) - river + na'ar (Hebrew) - young man, boy.

kol beth yisrael (Hebrew) - all the house of Israel.

no good - a useless or valueless person or thing + gudth (Bearlagair Na Saer) -  whore.

sou (fr) - small coin + zoulz (Cornish) - shilling + zuz (Hebrew) - small ancient coin.

liveried - dressed in, furnished with, or wearing a livery (the distinctive uniform style of dress worn by a person's servants, etc.) + (notebook 1931): 'Whitely' → Young: Trial of Frederick Bywaters and Edith Thompson 1: 'Counsel for the Prisoner Frederick Bywaters - Mr. Cecil Whiteley, K.C.'

rags up (notebook 1931)

3 W. namely 3 whales of the sea of deceit (notebook 1931) The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Supplemental Nights, vol. II, 237: Appendix: 'a tale of three artful wives - or, to employ the story-teller's own graphic terms, "three whales of the sea of fraud and deceit... namely, three men-deceiving, lascivious women"'.

bloody bastard

shooter - one who shoots with a bow or with firearms; in early use, an archer; now chiefly applied to a sportsman who shoots game + (notebook 1931): 'a blood red shooter'.

dromedary - a light and fleet breed of the camel, specially reared and trained for riding; a stupid, bungling fellow (obs.) + dromedary (Slang) - burglar, thief + Hebrew letter gimel has the numerical value of three and means 'camel'.

Caledonia - Roman name of part of northern Britain, in modern times applied poetically or rhetorically to Scotland, or the Scottish Highlands + callum (l) - hard skin + calumnia (l) - trickery, artifice, evasion + calumny - an abusive attack on a person's character or good name.

noteworthy - worthy of attention, observation, or notice; remarkable + not worthy.

shake his hand

ur - an inarticulate sound, uttered instead of a word that the speaker is unable to remember or bring out; our (obs.) + ur (ger) - primitive, first + Uhr (ger) - clock + ur (Bog Latin) - bad.

greef - obs. form of grief

asker - a questioner, inquirer; one who asks favours, gifts, etc. + Oscar [Wilde].

reports + Astor and Ruppert - two wealthy American family dynasties.

put in - to present, or formally tender, as in a law court (a document, evidence, a claim, etc.)

Oscar (osker) (gael) - Combatant; name of Fionn's grandson, son of Oisin + osgi (Armenian) - gold.

liars + Lionel - the principal male role in Martha (a famous opera by Friedrich von Flotow; mentioned several times in Ulysses).

brokenhearted - having a broken heart; having the spirits crushed by grief or despair + fröken (Swedish) - young ladies.

affirm - to make a statement and stand to it; to maintain or assert strongly


simple - lacking in ordinary sense or intelligence; more or less foolish, silly, or stupid + semper (l) - always, ever + sempre (it) - always.

lotta - colloq. contraction of lot of + lotta (it) - fight, struggle; wrestling.

lick one's lips - an action indicating keen relish or delighted anticipation of some dainty morsel

lens - a piece of glass, or other transparent substance, with two curved surfaces, or one plane and one curved surface, serving to cause regular convergence or divergence of the rays of light passing through it. 

Jupiter + John Peter + petre = saltpetre.

sodalite - a vitreous, transparent or translucent silicate of aluminium and sodium containing sodium chloride, usually of a greenish blue colour + sodalitas (l) - fellowship, friendship + sodali (it) - companions + two satellites of Jupiter observed from Lick Observatory, California, 1904.

in their contrary - in opposition to them (obs.) + on the contrary (formerly by, for, in, of, to the contrary, in contrary) - on the other hand, in contradistinction.

in reality - really, actually, in fact

bichop - obs. form of bishop

Bubwith - Bishop of London, 1406-7

bear witness - (said properly of a person, a book, etc.) to give oral or written testimony or evidence; hence fig. to furnish or constitute evidence or proof; to testify, witness to (occas. of) + to bear (one) witness - to corroborate one's statement or be a witness of one's action.

fixation - the concentration of the gaze upon some object for a given time with the intention of holding the retinal image upon the area of direct vision; Psychol. In Freudian theory, the arresting of the development of a libidinal component at a pregenital stage, so that psychosexual emotions are 'fixed' at that point. Also loosely, an obsession, an idée fixe + ficatio (l) - a making + 'Justification' sent to courts of Europe by William of Orange.