taal - the Dutch word for language, speech; tale + tál (Irish) - flow, flowing; yield of milk + FDV: The flowing tale that knows no brooking runs on to say,

brook - to put up with, bear with, endure, tolerate

mutualiter (l) - interchangeably, reciprocally

foretold - predicted; before mentioned (obs.) + 'it is foretold of him how' (notebook 1924).

timekiller - one who or that which 'kills' time: said of a person, an amusement, etc.

veloces ambos (l) - both swift + vel ambos (l) - or both if you wish + vélos (fr) - bicycles.

Arbeit nicht + Knecht (ger) - servant + Arabian Nights ('The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night') + Rubaiyat (of Omar Khayyam).

wheels within wheels - a complexity of influences (Ezekiel 1:16)

stuck - a thrust or lunge; Fencing. A thrust with a pointed weapon + Stuck (ger) - piece.

spoke - one of the set of staves, bars, or rods radiating from the hub or nave of a wheel and supporting the felloes or rim

stene - a vessel for liquids (or, in later use, for bread, meat, fish, etc.), usually made of clay, with two handles or ears + stena (Serbian) - stone.

run away with - to depart surreptitiously with, to carry off (something); to consume or exhaust + Wage (ger) - scales + age of the use of reason - for Roman Catholics, age at which a child is capable of committing sin.

run amok - to run viciously, mad, frenzied for blood

lasterhalft (ger) - spoiled, rotten, sinful + Laster (ger) - vice + helft (Dutch) - a half.

Jugend (ger) - youth + Tugend (ger) - virtue.

subliminal - below the threshold of sensation or consciousness (said of states supposed to exist but not strong enough to be recognized); that which is subliminal, the subliminal self.

nobis (l) - to or by us + obit (l) - he [she, it] passes over, dies.

smorfia (it) - grimace, wry face + smorfire (Amaro) - to eat.

poltriero (Amaro) - bed

tondo - an easel painting of circular form; also a carving in relief within a circular space (It., a round, circle, compass; also a round trencher, plate, or little dish) + tondo (Amaro) - the world (literally 'round').

bola dal ruffo (Amaro) - hell (literally 'city of red').

Bartolo - old man in love with young Rosina in Rossini's Barber of Seville. See Letters, II, 202 + baito (Amaro) - house. 

mor = more (obs.)

eat (l) - let him go, he should go

larto (Amaro) - bread + lardo (l) - with lard.

altruis (l) - to or by others + Dante: Paradiso XVII.58: 'Tu proverai si come sa di sal lo pane altrui' (it): 'Thou shalt by sharp experience be aware how salt the bread of strangers is'.

boo - a sound imitating the lowing of oxen; also used to express contempt, disapprobation, aversion + boohoo - a word imitative of the sound of noisy weeping or laughter; also an expression of contempt.

through - finished, at an end, 'done'; defeated, 'done for' + 'you're through, I'm true' (notebook 1924).

hoo - a natural exclamation, used to express various feelings, as a call to attract attention, etc.

teacan - a metal can used for brewing or carrying tea + Men, ti kanete semeron, ho emou mauro kyrio? (gr) - Well, how do you do today, my dark gentleman?

simmer - Of liquids: To make a subdued murmuring sound under the influence of continued heat; to be at a heat just below boiling-point

mavrone - anglicized form of Irish mo bhrón my grief, used as an exclamation of sorrow

Kerry - The name of a town and neighbouring range of hills in the county of Powys, on the Welsh borders

teapot - a pot with a lid, spout, and handle, in which tea is made or brought to table + Ti pote. Ti pote (gr) - (1) Why?; (2) 'Not too bad' + Tipote, kyrie, tipote (gr) - Why, Lord, why?.

God knows - Used with indirect question to imply that something is unknown to the speaker, and probably to every other human being + (God knows. Everything is ruined and meaningless).

FDV: He wept undeiterum. With such a tooth he seemed to love his wee tart when a buy. Highly momourning he see thee before him; Melanied from nape to kneecap though vied from thigh girders up. San Talto, sight most deletious! Lift the black blank ve veared as hell! Split the hvide, and aye seize heaven. He knows for he's seen it in black & white. Tantamount to a clearobscure. Prettymaide hues may have their cry apple, bacchante, custard, dove, eskimo, fawn, ginger, hemalite isinglass, jet, kipper, lucile, mimosa, nut, oysterette, prune, quasimodo, royal, sago, tango, umber, vanilla, wistaria, xray, yesplease, zaza, philomel, theerose. What are they all by? Shee.

in the interim - in the meantime, meanwhile + inde (l) - from that place, thence + iterum (l) - again, a second time + inde iterum (l) - after that again.

toot - an act of tooting; a note or short blast of a horn, trumpet, or other wind instrument

tart - Applied, gen. (orig. often endearingly) to a girl or woman + My Sweetheart When a Boy (song).

mourning - feeling or expression of sorrow; sorrowing, lamentation + The Lily of Killarney (song): Eily Mavourneen, I See Thee before Me + 'sea of murmuring depths' (notebook 1924).

melaino (gr) - to blacken + maligned + {Murmuring, in mourning, he sees her there before him. Dressed in black from her knee to collar, though [underneath] white [wide] from the garters up.}

kneecap - the convex bone in front of the knee-joint

vie - to enter into, or carry on, rivalry + white.

girder - a main beam in a framed floor + garters

Santalto, Holy (Italian "High Saint") - Mr Schenoni points out that this is Italian thieves cant for "God" Sant' Alto (Amaro) - God (literally 'Saint High').

cursing saint (Joyce's note)

delicious - highly pleasing or enjoyable to the bodily senses + deleterious.

ross - to divest of the ross, or rough, scaly surface; as, to ross bark (of a tree) + rise up + rosso (it) - red + rosso (Amaro) - gold + Rosse, William Parsons, 3d earl of (1800-67) - Irish astronomer, telescope maker, born Lord Oxmantown. He peeps at stars and girls' petticoats (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake).


exude - to sweat out or give off like sweat; to discharge through the pores + oxide

margary - variant of margery (a pearl) + (his eyes reddened like the oxide of mercury).

heavy - to weigh down, to burden, to oppress, grieve, distress

eyerim - a circular single eye-glass, adapted to be held to its place by the contraction of the orbital muscles + iron

rust - a red, orange, or tawny coating formed upon the surface of iron or steel by oxidation, esp. through the action of air or moisture + rust (Dutch) - rest.

an (Archaic) - if

bare (Danish) - only, just + Exodus 20:16: 'Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour'.

witless - lacking wisdom or sense, unreasonable, foolish, heedless + witness

slight - unimportant, trifling

word + {his red eyes bore false witness about how deep was his hidden wound [his love for her]}

cold water + saltwater.

blong (Beche-la-Mar) - of + {Glugg washes his bruise; he doesn't want the girls, who belong to Chuff, to see it}

whence - from what place? from what source, origin, or cause?

lost + Joyce's note: '*C* pain in lost limb (innocence)'.


mode - a way or manner in which something is done or takes place; a method of procedure in any activity, business, etc.; a prevailing fashion or conventional custom, practice or style; esp. one characteristic of a particular place or period; a particular scheme or system of sounds.

moran mo (moran mo) (gael) - much more

mannerish + Männer (ger) - men + männisch (ger) - masculine.

tarara - a word imitating, and hence denoting, the sound of a trumpet or bugle; high-flown, loud, extravagant, or pretentious talk + Teamhar (t'our) (gael) - Prospective-hill; ancient royal capital of Ireland (deserted after Saint Ruadhan cursed it); anglic. Tara.

boom - a loud, deep sound with much resonance or humming effect, as of a distant cannon, a large bell, etc. + boom (Dutch) - tree.

decay - to lose its characteristic quality, strength, or excellence; to be in a failing condition + Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay (song) + 'stand for any W after the Tarara boom decayed' (notebook 1924) [explosion motif].

immaculacy - freedom from stain or blemish

give to drink to shirt (notebook 1924)

scorta (l) - harlots, prostitutes + curta (l) - shortened + (short skirts) + (a prostitute was not allowed to wear the normal feminine stola, had to change her dress). 

tunic - a garment worn by women, consisting of a bodice and an upper skirt, belted or drawn in at (or fitted to) the waist, worn over and displaying a longer skirt. A prostitute's was no different from anyone else's + change one's tune (phrase) + 'change her tunic' (notebook 1924).

war - to make or carry on war; to fight

from first to last - from beginning to end, throughout

verbannt (ger) - exiled + forbanne (Norwegian) - curse.

betweenly (notebook 1924)

smuggler - someone who imports or exports without paying duties + struggle for life.

lifer - a sentence for life; one who leads a life of a specified character + 'a smuggler for life' (notebook 1924).

ve = we; wee + veil + be feared + revered.

heil (ger) - hail + veer and haul - to haul and slack alternately on a rope, as in warping, until the vessel or boat gets headway + Hell.

hvide (Danish) - whites + (white light split into colours of rainbow) + {Lift the black [Izod’s black dress] weird as hell! Split the white [Izod’s undergarments] and see heaven [or seven colours]}

eye + I see seven (colours) [.35-.36]

in black and white - in writing or in print

eartrumpet - an apparatus in the form of a straight or convoluted conoidal tube, used by  persons somewhat deaf, to enable them to hear more distinctly + trompe-l'oeil (fr) - optical illusion, a painting intended to give an illusion of reality (literally 'deceives the eye') + (telescope).

jenny - the female name; a female bird or donkey + jinnies [008.35-.36]

tantamount - that amounts to as much, that comes to the same thing; equivalent + Sandymount - district of Dublin.

clearobscure = chiaroscuro - the style of pictorial art in which only the light and shade, and not the various colours, are represented; fig. Used of poetic or literary treatment, criticism, mental complexion, etc., in various obvious senses, as mingled 'clearness and obscurity', 'cheerfulness and gloom', 'praise and blame,' etc.

tint - a colour, hue, usually slight or delicate

taunt - an insulting or provoking gibe or sarcasm; a mocking or scornful reproach or challenge + 'girl is pained by other's slighting' (notebook 1924).


bacchante - bacchus-worshipping, wine-loving; a priestess or female votary of Bacchus [wore fawn skins (orange)] + *Q* (twenty-seven or twenty-eight colours).

custard - a dish made with eggs beaten up and mixed with milk to a stiff consistency, sweetened, and baked + (yellow)

dove = dovecolour - a warm grey with a tone of pink or purple

Eskimo - a member of a widely spread people inhabiting the Arctic from Greenland to Eastern Siberia + (blue with cold).

feldgrau (ger) - the regulation colour of the uniform of a German infantryman

hematite - native sesquioxide of iron (Fe2O3), an abundant and widely distributed iron ore, occurring in various forms (crystalline, massive, or granular); in colour, red, reddish-brown, or blackish with a red streak.  

isinglass - a firm whitish semitransparent substance (being a comparatively pure form of gelatin) obtained from the air-bladders of some fresh-water fishes, esp. the sturgeon + FDV: hemalite isinglass

jet - the colour of jet; a deep glossy black

kipper - a name given to the male salmon (or sea trout) during the spawning season

mimosa - a yellow colour resembling that of the mimosa

nut - a fruit which consists of a hard or leathery (indehiscent) shell enclosing an edible kernel; the kernel itself

prune - the dark reddish purple colour of the juice of prunes