prawn - a small long-tailed decapod marine crustacean (Palæmon serratus). 

squirt - to eject or spirt out water in a jet or slight stream; to eject or propel in a stream from a small orifice, etc. 

cockle - the English name of bivalve molluscs of the genus Cardium, common on sandy coasts, and much used for food

adoleo (l) - to worship + Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song When He, Who Adores Thee [air: The Fox's Sleep].

infusus (l) - a pouring in, an injection + infuse - to fill, as with a certain quality.

backsight - in Surveying, a 'sight' or reading taken backwards, or towards the point of starting

greeneyed - having green eyes; the green-eyed monster (in and after Shakspere): jealousy + (notebook 1930): 'Green-eyed lobster' Fitzpatrick: Dublin, Historical and Topographical Account 249: (quoting from O'Keefe's Recollections about a performance of William Shakespeare: Othello) 'The part of 'Iago' was taken by an actor named Layfield. When he came to the lines: 'Oh, my Lord! beware of jealousy; It is a green-eyed monster,' he gave the latter as 'It is a green-eyed lobster.' 'He was at that moment struck with incurable madness''.

Vieux Marc - a liqueur [248.32] + King Mark of Cornwall.

Valentine - a person of the opposite sex chosen, drawn by lot, or otherwise determined, on St. Valentine's day, as a sweetheart, lover, or special friend for the ensuing year

wink - a closing of the eyes for sleep; a (short) spell of sleep (rare.); a glance or significant movement of the eye + English edition of The Gesta Romanorum was published by Wynkyn de Worde ca 1510. The Gesta Romanorum was a medieval collection of popular tales in Latin. Chaucer, Shakespeare, and others drew on its tales.

breathing - exhalation and inhalation of breath + Book of Breathings - a funeral ritual in 'The Book of the Dead'. 

fairness - the quality or condition of being fair; beauty

rubine - a ruby + Rubinen (ger) - rubies + (notebook 1923): 'description of Is's mouth'.

elfin - pertaining to elves; of elfish nature or origin; diminutive, dwarfish + Elfenbein (ger) - ivory.

Massicum (l) - a highly regarded wine from Massicus, a mountain in Campania + massiccio (it) - massive. 

jasper - an opaque cryptocrystalline variety of quartz, of various colours, usually red, yellow, or brown, due mostly to the admixture of iron oxide

canopy - a covering or hangings suspended over a throne, couch, bed, etc.

Tyrian - of or belonging to, native of, or made in Tyre, an ancient Phoenician city on the Mediterranean, the centre of an extensive commerce; spec. In reference or allusion to the purple or crimson dye anciently made at Tyre from certain molluscs.

awning - a roof-like covering of canvas or similar material, used as a shelter from sun, rain, etc.

lit. darunter (ger) - under it

rhubarb - long pinkish sour leafstalks usually eaten cooked and sweetened

unio (l) - a single large pearl + margarita (l) - a pearl + (notebook 1931): 'unions pearl' The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Supplemental Nights, vol. VII, 253: History of Prince Habib and What Befel Him with the Lady Durrat Al-Ghawwas: 'heaps and bales of rubies and unions and precious stones and strings of pearls'.

consonant - an alphabetic or phonetic element other than a vowel; an elementary sound of speech which in the formation of a syllable is combined with a vowel + consonantia (l) - agreement, harmony.

avowal - a statement asserting the existence or the truth of something

reder - obs. form of reader

abase - to lower in rank, office, condition, or character; to humble, humiliate

vibro- - irregular combining form of L. vibrare to vibrate + verberate - to strike so as to produce a sound (rare.); to vibrate or quiver.

tegmen - Anat. tegmen tympani, a plate of bone forming the roof of the tympanum of the ear, being a part of the temporal bone.

prosplodo (g + l) - to clap for; to approve, to applaud [instead of Latin explodo: to clap (an actor) off (the stage), to hiss off] (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

pomoeria (l) - open spaces left free from buildings inside and outside the walls of a town, limiting the city auspices; bounds, limits (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

English equivalents of meanings of Phoenician (or Hebrew) letters he: window (H), kheth: hedge (E), lamed: prong (L), yod: hand (I), ayin: eye (O), tav: sign (T), resh: head (R), ayin: eye (O), pe: mouth (PE) (similar to contents of table on Clodd: The Story of the Alphabet 123).

augur - a soothsayer, diviner, or prophet, generally; one that foretells the future + eye

The Absent-Minded Beggar (song): 'Pass the hat for your credit's sake and pay, pay, pay!'

Sem (French) - Shem

pat - that comes or lies exactly to the purpose; exactly suitable or to the purpose, apt


sunny - sun fish (small fresh-water fishes abundant in N. America)

gander - a dull or stupid person; a fool, simpleton; slang. 'A married man; in America one not living with his wife; a grass-widower'.

land - to catch or 'get hold of' (a person)

dore - to glaze with saffron, yolk of egg, etc.; dare (v.) + dores (Portuguese) - pains + O! Fred, Tell Them to Stop (song): 'This girl which I do now adore'.

Zug (ger) - train + Obacht vor dem Zug! (ger) - Look out for the train!

Weg (ger) - way

tug - a determined effort to accomplish or attain something; a hard try; a struggle + tug of love - a conflict of affections + A handjob, hand job, tugjob or tug job is a slang term referring to the sexual stimulation of a penis using the hands and fingers.

with a ring ding dong bell (notebook 1931) Gomme & Sharp: Children's Singing Games, Set V, 3: ('line' game) The Jolly Nigger Boy: (lyrics) 'Here comes one jolly nigger boy, With a ring, ding, dong bell'.

raise clasped hand (notebook 1931) Gomme & Sharp: Children's Singing Games, Set V, 15: ('circle' game) Ring a Ring o' Roses: (instructions) 'In the third line they halt and raise their clasped hands up and down'.

retire - to withdraw, go away + (notebook 1931): 'advance 4 steps & regs retires B also' Gomme & Sharp: Children's Singing Games, Set V, 3: ('line' game) The Jolly Nigger Boy: (instructions) 'One player, A, stands alone; the rest face him in a line, B, hand in hand, about twelve feet away... A advancing four steps in the the first line and retiring in the second... B advancing and retiring in the same way'.

Saum (ger) - hem, margin

curtsey - to bend the knees in a gesture of respectful greeting + (notebook 1931): 'curtsey one - 2' (dash dittoes 'curtsey') Gomme & Sharp: Children's Singing Games, Set V, 15: ('circle' game) Ring a Ring o' Roses: (lyrics) 'Curtsey one and curtsey two'.

akimbo - with hands on hips and elbows extending outward + (notebook 1931): 'arms akimbo' Gomme & Sharp: Children's Singing Games, Set V, 9: ('line' game) Queen Mary: (instructions) 'At the third line they loose hands, face each other, place their arms akimbo, and then bow as low as they can'.

devotee - a person zealously devoted to a particular party, cause, pursuit, etc. [(notebook 1931): 'devotees of *V*'].

irrelevance - the lack of a relation of something to the matter at hand

All sing (notebook 1931) Gomme & Sharp: Children's Singing Games, Set V, 9: ('line' game) Queen Mary: (instructions) 'All but one, A, stand in line facing A about twelve feet off. All, including A then sing'.

I rise up one morning & look in the glass (notebook 1931) Gomme & Sharp: Children's Singing Games, Set V, 9: ('line' game) Queen Mary: 'I rose up one morning and looked in the glass... But nobody loves me but you'.

maypole - a high pole, painted with spiral stripes of different colours and decked with flowers, set up on a green or other open space, for the merrymakers to dance round on May-day.

nobody knows me but you (notebook 1931) → Gomme & Sharp: Children's Singing Games, Set V, 9: children's game ('line' game) Queen Mary: (lyrics) 'But nobody loves me but you'.

ugh - a representation of an inarticulate sound of the nature of a hollow cough; an interjection expressive of disgust

shem = seam - joint consisting of a line formed by joining two pieces + Shem

shun - to avoid and stay away from deliberately + Shaun

Tisha Tisha (notebook 1931) → Gomme & Sharp: Children's Singing Games, Set V, 15: children's game ('circle' game) Ring a Ring o' Roses: (lyrics) 'A-tisha! a-tisha!' + mishe/tauf (motif) + mish (Serbian) - mouse + tishe! (Serbian) - be silent!

toffee [010.01]

my name is sweet Daisy call me mutton chops (notebook 1931) Gomme & Sharp: Children's Singing Games, Set V, 11: ('line' game) Sweet Daisy: (lyrics) 'My name is sweet Daisy... Call me mutton chops!'

it was her by the way (notebook 1931)

loft - to store (goods or produce) in a loft (rare.) + left

larch - a well-known coniferous tree; Abies Larix or Larix europæa + lurch - the act of moving forward suddenly.

ogh - variant of och (an exclamation of surprise, regret, or sorrow; ah! oh!) + ógh (Irish) - virgin

his reverence - As the designation of a clergyman. Also jocularly of a lady, her reverence [(notebook 1931): 'her reverence'] + reverence (Slang) - excrement.

Allah - the name of the Deity among Muslims + {All the girls laugh}

helfen (ger) - to help

schaut (ger) - to look + (notebook 1931): 'schautet at him'.

sauce - sauciness, impertinence

make a speech - to deliver orally + sprich (ger) - to speak + prich (Archaic) - itch + (notebook 1931): 'look at him to make him talk' Young: Trial of Frederick Bywaters and Edith Thompson 173: (letter from Edith Thompson to Bywaters, trial exhibit 16) I'm just waiting for a gorgeous long letter from you when will it come, I suppose not for a long time yet, I do so want you to talk to me today, I keep on looking at you to make you talk, but no words & not even thoughts will come'.

noth - obs. Sc. variant of nought (bad, wicked; good for nothing, worthless) + it is not cricket (phrase) - it's not done, it's not acceptable, it is unfair.

coquette - a woman (more or less young), who uses arts to gain the admiration and affection of men, merely for the gratification of vanity or from a desire of conquest, and without any intention of responding to the feelings aroused + cricquet (fr. slang) - penis.

Sally Lunn - a type of sweet, light tea-cake + (notebook 1931): 'Sally Lunns' Young: Trial of Frederick Bywaters and Edith Thompson 174: (letter from Edith Thompson to Bywaters, trial exhibit 20) 'Avis was over to tea the other day, and was toasting some Sally Luns in front of the fire'.

ever such a lot (notebook 1931) Young: Trial of Frederick Bywaters and Edith Thompson 174: (letter from Edith Thompson to Bywaters, trial exhibit 16) 'you said in one of your letters "It was a lie and Peidi I hate them,"... That hurt ever such a lot when I read it darlint'.

bloomer - a plant that blooms (in some way); a floriated initial letter of the alphabet; Regularly in pl. Loose trousers reaching to the knee or knickerbockers worn by women for bicycling, gymnasium practice, etc.; a woman who wears bloomer costume + *Q* + (notebook 1931): 'the 29 bloomers'.

gegen (ger) - against

een - obs. and dial. pl. of eye + een (Dutch) - one.