eher (ger) - before + FDV: And eher you could pray merry to goodness or help to the rescue Gallus's hen has collared her pullets. Their bone of contention makes home in the flesh while beer, wine & spirits for consumption on the premises is hued & cried of all the colours.

hokey - In by hokey, by the hokey, a petty oath, or asseveration

sauve-qui-peut (French) - save himself who can!

gallus (l) - cock, rooster + Gallus (l) - a Gaul; also Roman poet, friend of Vergil.

collar - to seize or take hold of (a person) by the collar; more loosely: To capture.

pullet - a young (domestic) fowl, between the ages of chicken and mature fowl

Aurelius, Marcus Antoninus (121-180 A.D.) - Roman emperor and Stoic philosopher, author of Meditations + oreglia (Italian Obsolete) - ear (i.e. pull them home by their ears).

bone of contention - something that causes contention, discord, etc.

thorn in someone’s flesh - a person or thing that causes continusous trouble or anxiety to someone

prest - ready for action or use; at hand; alert, active; ppl. a. pressed + presto prestissimo (it) - very quickly.

praestissima (l) - closest to hand, readiest + prestissima (it) - very ready.

make off - to depart or leave a place suddenly, often with a disparaging implication

thinkling - a petty or inferior thinker + in a twinkling - in an instant.

neyther = neither (obs.)


clacking - the making of a sharp, hard noise + Who Killed Cock Robin (song): 'All the birds of the air fell a-sighing and a-sobbing'.

rum - a spirit distilled from various products of the sugar-cane + 'The Wren, the Wren, the King of All Birds' (song).

ram - the act or process of ramming

harn - brain; brains + Harn (ger) - urine + harms.

bier - beer (obs.) + Bier (ger) = bier (Dutch) - beer.

wijn (Dutch) - wine

spirits + Spirituosen (ger) - liquor.

'licenced for consumption on the premises' (pubs)

advocaat - a Dutch liqueur made with eggs, sugar and brandy + advokaat (Dutch) - barrister, lawyer; egg-and-brandy liqueur.


pleader - one who pleads in a law-court; an advocate; one who pleads, entreats, or intercedes

Mas - a vulgar or jocular shortening of master, usually followed by a proper name or official title + mas (l) - male, masculine + Ma's.

marrit (Provençal) - bad

pas - the right of going first, precedence; a step in dancing + pas (Serbian) - dog + Pa's.

poulette (fr) - young hen + poulit (Provençal) - merry.

ras - the title of a leading citizen + {Ma’s merry and Pa’s polite and the children were the ruddiest of them all}

flam (Provençal) - flame + festoun (Provençal) - a festoon.

galant (Provençal) = galanti (it) - gallant + flour (Provençal) - flower.

hue and cry - to raise the hue and cry, make an outcry; to pursue with hue and cry + FDV: Their bone of contention makes home in the flesh while beer, wine & spirits for consumption on the premises is hued & cried of all the colours.

'Home Olga' - title of an acidic acrostic poem by Samuel Beckett on Joyce (appears in Ellmann's James Joyce 701).

khalom (Hebrew) - dream

blare - to sound a trumpet, to trumpet; Of a gramophone, loudspeaker, etc.: to sound loudly and stridently + Joshua 6:6-20: seven priests with trumpets of rams' horns demolish walls of Jericho.

Edmund Burke - Irish writer 

fume - to emit fumes, smoke, or vapour; to give way to or exhibit anger or irritation

kindle - to set fire to, set on fire, ignite

bushy - a dweller in the bush; a bushman as distinguished from a townsman + bushes + Bushe, Charles Kendal - legal light of 19th-century Dublin and author of Cease Your Funning (title is a song from The Beggar's Opera) + "with a burning bush abob off its baubletop" (05.02)

Sheridan, Richard Brinsley - Irish writer

Goldsmith, Oliver - Irish writer

sym- (gr) - with- + William Butler Yeats, John Millington Synge + yeas and nays.

Wilde, Oscar + Shaw, Geoge Bernard

Swift, Jonathan

sternward - towards or in the direction of the stern + Sterne (ger) - stars + Laurence Sterne.

come to pass

goed = good (obs.) + 't is goed (Dutch) - it is all right.

best! (Dutch) - very well!, all right! + het beste (Dutch) - the best thing + het beste! (Dutch) - all the best.

tear - to shed tears, to weep + FDV: And they wear tearing, simply tearing. Samply tee hee eh ah are eye end gee yes. For too quickly are coming lessons and goody. [Greeked daughter arabis & their wonsumsbible class. Fines's French Compliments, who was the whatshisname, what happened to the 32nd of the eleventh, amnis Anguished axes Colts, with GPO in centre and DUTC on radient describe a cycling NCRRCS, what were the sound waves saying that ceased ere they told their song.]

azbuka (Serbian) - Cyrillic alphabet + tas (Cornish) - father + task books.

goody - good in a weak or sentimental way; addicted to or characterized by inept manifestations of good or pious sentiment + goody (Anglo-Irish) - a children's or invalid's supper dish of bread and sugar mashed in warm milk + FDV: For too quickly are coming lessons and goody. 

hominy - maize or Indian corn hulled and ground more or less coarsely and prepared for food by being boiled with water or milk + holy bread - the bread which was blessed after the Eucharist and distributed to those who had not communicated.

bumble bee - a large bee of the genus Bombus + bee - a gathering or meeting for some object; esp. spelling-bee, a party assembled to compete in the spelling of words.

jaggery - a coarse dark brown sugar made in India by evaporation from the sap of various kinds of palm

juju - an object of any kind superstitiously venerated by West African native peoples, and used as a charm, amulet, or means of protection; a fetish

grand-mère (fr) - grandmother + Charles-Pierre Girault: Grammaire des grammaires (digest of grammatical opinion) + FDV: Fines's French Compliments,

bother - to give trouble to; to pester, annoy, worry + fine words butter no parsnips - nothing is ever achieved by fine words alone (parsnips are traditionally garnished with butter before serving) + bothered (Anglo-Irish) - deaf.

ante post - Betting is of two kinds: 'post', when wagering does not begin until the numbers of the runners are hoisted on the board; and 'ante-post', when wagering opens weeks or months before the event.

vulgar era - the ordinary Christian era

limbo - a region supposed to exist on the border of Hell as the abode of the just who died before Christ's coming, and of unbaptized infants + William Shakespeare: Two Gentlemen of Verona IV.2.39: 'Who is Silvia? What is she'.

ceased - that has come to an end + 'What are the wild waves saying Sister the whole day long?' (song).

way - to go, journey, proceed + FDV: what were the sound waves saying that ceased ere they told their song.

amnis (l) - river + amnis, anguis, axis, collis (l) - list of masc. nouns ending -is from a Latin grammar book (respectively meaning river, snake, axis, hill).

anguish - to distress with severe pain or grief, excruciate

collis (l) - little hill + FDV: amnis Anguished axes Colts,

fishermen + nga (Burmese) - fish + nga-man (Burmese) - sea monster.

fetch - to go or come after and bring or take back

monkfish - the Angel-fish, Squatina angelus + mangofish - edible Indian fish.

paddybird - the Java sparrow, Padda oryzivora; a species of Sheathbill, Chionis minor

rancune (fr) - rancour + Rangoon - capital of Burma.

Sinbad the Sailor (pantomime) + sin (Burmese) - elephant.

doc - colloq. abbrev. of doctor

doil - obs. var. of dole (grief, mourning) + Dáil (Irish) - Legislative Assembly, lower chamber of post-independence Irish parliament (Pronunciation 'doil').

hydraulics - study of the mechanics of fluids

common salt = salt

denier - a French coin, the twelfth of the sou; the act of denying or refusing + dernier cri (fr) - latest fashion.

Provence - region of southeastern France on the Mediterranean adjacent to Italy

G.P.O. - General Post Office

centrum - the Latin word for centre + Zentrum (ger) - centre + FDV: with GPO in centre and DUTC on radient describe a cycling NCRRCS,

DUBLIN UNITED TRAMWAYS CO. - The tram-lines (originally horse-drawn) were instituted in Dublin in 1865, and by the turn of the century the D.U.T.C. operated to such distant suburbs as Dalkey, Howth, Lucan, and Tenemune. 

radient = radiant - Geom. 'A straight line proceeding from a given point or fixed pole about which it is conceived to revolve'.

score - twenty dollars; twenty pounds sterling (esp. in banknotes)

crore - ten millions, or one hundred lakhs (usually of rupees)

refraction - the change in direction of a propagating wave (light or sound) when passing from one medium to another + reflections.

valuation - estimated value; worth or price as determined by deliberate estimation

pice - a small East Indian copper coin equal in value to one-fourth of an anna + variations in price.

diggings - lodgings

N.C.R. - NORTH CIRCULAR ROAD. With the South Circular Road (S.C.R.), and the adjacent canals, it was originally intended to mark the limits of the city boundary.

nebulissa (l) - a little mist or cloud + Dubliners: 'A Little Cloud' + FDV: A little cloud hangs above. Singabed cries before sleep. Light at night has alps on his pectus. Thick head and thin butter? After you with me? [All angelland is crying that Izzy is unhappy. Fain Izzy, fie onhappje? laugh's her stella's visperme.] What But which is a maid to do woo?

uisce (Irish) - water + in sky.

Sinbad + senga (Danish) - the bed + (notebook 1923): 'Singabed cries before sleep' Roberts: The Proverbs of Wales 16: 'He who sings in bed will cry before he sleeps'.

sulk - to indulge in sullen ill-humour

alp - a bullfinch; elephant; night-mare, demon + Alpdruck (ger) - nightmare (in the form of suffocating pressure on the sleeper's chest).

Druckhaus (ger) - printer's shop + Dreckhaus (ger) - shithouse + FDV: Light at night has alps on his pectus.

thickhead - one who is dull of intellect; a blockhead + (notebook 1923): 'thick head + thin butter' Roberts: The Proverbs of Wales 25: 'A mother-in-law's slice of bread and butter - thick bread and thin butter' + FDV: Thick head and thin butter? After you with me?

caspi! (Provençal) - egad!

guerre (fr) - war + garlic.

sting = stink - to emit a strong offensive smell; to smell foully

Geillic - Irish 'earwig' + gall (Irish) - foreigner + Alfred Lord Tennyson: The Charge of the Light Brigade iii: 'Cannon to right of them, Cannon to left of them'.