bin - within, inside of; Of time: Within, in the course of, during + FDV: [All angelland is crying that Izzy is unhappy. Fain Izzy, fie onhappje? laugh's her stella's visperme.] What But which is a maid to do woo?

Issy + why is + Swift's Vanessa.

fie - to say Fie! + she

unhappy + fijn hapje (Dutch) - appetising little morsel, a dainty bit.

stella - Zool. A star-shaped projection on the surface of a coralline; also, a star-shaped sponge-spicule + stella (l) - a star + Swift's Stella.

vespertine - of or pertaining to the evening + stella vesperina (l) - evening star.

FDV: While they jeerilied along about aled father Barley of how he got up of a morning arley and he met with a plattonem blondes named Hips and Haws and fell full on with a foxy fellows of Trinity some headder Skowood Shaws like oil daddy Veacon who could stow well his place of beacon but he couldn't hold kerosene's candlelight to alid owled fudder Burleigh who wuch up in a hurley wurly where he huddley could wuddle to wallow his weg tilbag of the bager's booth to beg of ill Diddiddy Achin the price of a prate of bakin for wold Forrester Farley who was found of the sound of the round of the round of the lound of the Bang!

rhimba (gr) - large pomengrate

rhombus - rhomb (a plane figure having four equal sides and the opposite angles equal)

trapezoid - a quadrilateral figure no two of whose sides are parallel

pleat - to plait (hair, a garland, etc.)

gran (it) - great, big

Gaia meter (gr) - Mother Earth + Geometria (gr) - "land measuring": geometry.

coney - rabbit + hop, skip and jump (leap).

lepper - a local variant of leaper + lepus (l) - hare + cuneiform letters

durian - the oval or globular fruit of Durio zibethinus, a tree of the Indian Archipelago; it has a hard prickly rind and luscious cream-coloured pulp, of a strong civet odour, but agreeable taste; also the tree itself + Dorian Gray - hero of Wilde's Picture of Donian Gray

Marian - a female name; in quot. applied to a light woman + Maid Marian - Robin Hood's sweetheart.

madcap - one who acts like a maniac; a reckless, wildly impulsive person. In recent use often applied playfully to young women of lively and impulsive temperament.

lou = low + lou (Provençal) - the.

Matieto, la - according to Mr Wilder, it is a narrative poem in Provençal, by Mistral, in which Dariou is a character. 

longa = long + longa house blong (Beche-la-Mar) - to the house of.

whilest - obs. form of whilst

nin (8) (Joyce's note) → nin (Burmese) - eight [.09] + {eight (or nine) o'clock}

poor man's clock + Burmese.

winny = wiener - of Vienna + weeny - very small, tiny. Also teeny-weeny + (a bit).

tinny - like or resembling tin or that of tin; characteristic of tin; esp. of sounds; Also applied dismissively to (a device which produces) sound of poor quality from which the lower frequencies are largely missing.  

Ruth 3:2: 'Boaz... winnoweth barley' [.21] + Old Bill Barley - a drunken old retired ship's purser in 'Great Expectations' by Charles Dickens (ch. 46: 'Here's old Bill Barley on the flat of his back... like a drifting old dead flounder'). 


platinum blonde - (of the hair) silvery-blonde in colour; (of a person) having silvery-blonde hair; a person, esp. a woman, with platinum-blonde hair + platt (ger) - plain, vulgar.

hips and haws - fruit of dog rose

fall in with - to come upon by chance, light upon, meet with, get into company with

header - one who heads or leads a party, etc.; a leader (rare.) + som hedder (Danish) - who is called.

fret - to distress oneself with constant thoughts of regret or discontent; to vex oneself, worry

Lupton, Mrs Tummy - Issy as tea (Lipton's) and as in Ibsen's Love's Comedy (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake)

indoor = indoors - within or into a house, etc.; under cover


shed - to take off (a garment)

swank - ostentatious or pretentious behaviour or talk; swagger

daddy - a diminutive and endearing form of dad, father + "Old Daddy Dacon/Bought a bit of bacon/Put it on a chimney pot/For fear it would be taken." (nursery rhyme

stow - to place in a receptacle to be stored or kept in reserve; to put in a certain place, position, or situation (obs.)

kerosene - a flammable hydrocarbon oil used as fuel in lamps and heaters

not to be able or fit to hold a candle to - not fit to hold even a subordinate position to, nothing to be compared to

stinkpot - a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible

lasso - a long noosed rope used to catch animals + laddo - lad, boy + lass - a girl; a lady-love, a sweetheart. 

feck - to steal; In Hiberno-English, Fecking is a mild abusive equivalent in force to "bleeding" or "darned". It is not a parallel of the English word "fucking", despite their similarity, and is generally less offensive. "Feck" is the corresponding expletive. The noun "fecker" is slightly stronger but not vulgar. These terms were lately introduced to Britain by Father Ted. (Mrs. Doyle refers to "feck" as "the f-word" and "fuck" as "the bad f-word" in one episode.) In old Dubliner slang, "to feck' is also slang for "to steal", as in the phrase, "We went to the orchard and fecked some apples." It can also mean "to throw", especially if something is being thrown where it shouldn't, as in "We fecked his schoolbag into the river." 

twine - a lightweight cord

hurlyburly - a noisy and disorderly tumult and confusion, especially as of battle

wuddle = widdle - to move slowly and irregularly; fig. to work slowly and laboriously; to get through something in spite of difficulties or hindrances + wait

wallow - to be immersed or engrossed in (some occupation, activity, etc.); to move about heavily or clumsily

Weg (ger) - way

tilbage (Danish) - back

booth - a covered stall at a market  

Shakespeare + cheeks (of bottom).

panto = pantomime + panties + (spanking).

fie, for shame! - an exclamation expressing, in early use, disgust or indignant reproach. No longer current in dignified language; said to children to excite shame for some unbecoming action, and hence often used to express the humorous pretence of feeling 'shocked'.

boss + Ruth gave herself to Boaz, who was much older than she (Ruth) + Ruth 2:23: 'unto the end of barley harvest and of wheat harvest'. 

pease - the plant, pea + piece of bacon.

panch - a thick strong mat, made of interlaced spun yarn or strands of rope, employed in various places on a ship to prevent chafing

Jury's Hotel, Dublin + Punch and Judy.

show of - to make a deliberate or ostentatious display of one's abilities or accomplishments

stocking - a close-fitting garment covering the foot, the leg, and often the knee, usually made of knitted or woven wool, silk, or cotton; now spec. as a woman's usu. diaphanous leg-covering (esp. of silk or nylon) reaching to the thigh.

forrester = forester - an officer having charge of a forest

farley = ferly - something wonderful, a marvel, wonder

deispiratio (l) - a god-breathing, god-breath

diaspora (gr) - scattering, dispersion (Jews dispersed after Captivity) + desperation of desperation.

diesparatio (l) - a day-preparing, day-procuring + (rhythm of The Bells of Shandon) [139.16]

('the' at the end of a sentence) [020.18] [334.30] [343.36] [628.16]

luk dĝren (Danish) - shut the door + FDV: Lukkedoerendunandurraschindilooshoofermoyportertooryzooysphallnabortankapakkapukzakroidvergekurwazybunkerootagapuk.

dun an doras (dun un durus) (gael) - shut the door

chiudi l'uscio (it) - shut the door!

Feara-Muighe (faremwi) (gael) - Men of the Plain, Co. Cork; anglic. Fermoy + fermez la porte (fr) - shut the door.

Türe zu (ger) - shut the door!

sphalma (gr) - a stumble, false step; failure + sphalna portan (Modern Greek) - shut the door.

sport one's oak - to keep one's door shut

zakroi dver' (Russian) - shut the door

kapiyi kapat (Turkish) - shut the door + kapuk (Hungarian) - gates.

byfall - an incidental accessory or accretion + Beifall (ger) - applause + {curtain fall - applause}

applaud - applauding; applause

schauen (ger) - to look + schouwburg (Dutch) - theatre + Ellerton: The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended (song): 'The darkness falls at Thy behest' + FDV: The play thou stagedst, Game, is ended here endeth. The curtain drops by deep request. / Byfall. / Uploud / Byfall

applaud amain [.30] [258.19]

gonn - obs. form of gun + gone

gawd - vulgar or slang pronunciation of god; gaud

Gunn, Michael - manager of Gaiety Theatre, Dublin

Gastspiel (ger) - starring tour or performance + gospels.

huer (Irish Pronunciation) - whore + {The game of ‘what is the hue’ has ended}

orbiter - a spacecraft in orbit or intended to go into orbit, esp. one that does not subsequently land.

Lot's wife (Genesis 19)

Fionia - the Roman name of Funen, Denmark's third-largest island

to be fed up - to be surfeited or disgusted (with), bored or tired to breaking-point

fidge - the action or habit of fidgeting; a restless person

fudge - to avoid or try to avoid fulfilling, answering, or performing (duties, questions, or issues) + John Jameson and Sons - Irish whiskey.

ZEALAND (SEALAND, SJAELLAND) - Largest of the islands of Denmark; contains Copenhagen.

snores + Sturlason, Snorri (1178-1241) - Norse historian, compiler of the Eddas.