Macalister The Secret Languages of Ireland 237, translates a Bearlagair Na Saer sentence referring to the bonds of Masonry as 'Stone to stone, stone between two stones, and stone over stone'.

unlitten - not lighted + FDV: O Loud, hear the wee beseech of thees, of these thine unlitten ones! Give sleep in in due hours time, O Loud! That they may take go no not chill. That they may ming no merder. That they shall not gomeet mad howlattrees. [Lord, heap miseries upon us yet entwine our arts with laughters low.] Ha he hi ho hu. Mummum.

Anglican Morning Prayer: 'Give peace in our time, O Lord'

ming - to remember; to give an account, to relate + mingo (l) - to urinate + commit + ming (Chinese) - name

murder + merda (l) - dung, ordure, excrement + merde (fr) - shit + The children urinate and defecate before going to bed (Benstock, Bernard / Joyce-again's wake: an analysis of Finnegans wake).

Exodus 20:13-14: 'Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not commit adultery' (5th-6th Commandments, according to Roman Catholic tradition) + mad Hiawathas.

Lord have mercy upon us, yet incline our hearts to keep thy laws! + The modern Liturgy of the Hours usage focuses on three major hours and from two to four minor hours: Invitatory; the Office of Readings (formerly Matins), major hour; Morning prayer (Lauds), major hour; Daytime prayer, which can be one or all of Midmorning prayer (Terce), Midday prayer (Sext), Midafternoon prayer (None); Evening prayer (Vespers), major hour; Night Prayer (Compline).

entwine - to twine or twist together; to plait, interlace + Anglican Book of Common Prayer, Holy Communion, Response to Commandments: 'Incline our hearts to keep Thy Law'.

amen [416.02] + mum! - hush!, silence! + (mother).