James Joyce
Book II

Chapter 2




















































    As we there are where are we are we there UNDE ET UBI.
from tomtittot to teetootomtotalitarian. Tea
tea too oo.
With his broad     Whom will comes over. Who to caps ever. SIC.
and hairy face, And howelse do we hook our hike to find that
to Ireland a pint of porter place? Am shot, says the big-
disgrace. guard.1
    Whence. Quick lunch by our left, wheel, IMAGINABLE
Menly about to where. Long Livius Lane, mid Mezzofanti ITINERARY
peebles. Mall, diagonising Lavatery Square, up Tycho THROUGH
Brache Crescent,2 shouldering Berkeley Alley, THE
Don't retch meat querfixing Gainsborough Carfax, under Guido PARTICULAR
fat salt lard d'Arezzo's Gadeway, by New Livius Lane till UNIVERSAL.
sinks down (and where we whiled while we whithered. Old
out). Vico Roundpoint. But fahr, be fear! And
natural, simple, slavish, filial. The marriage of
Montan wetting his moll we know, like any
enthewsyass cuckling a hoyden 3 in her rougey

        1 Rawmeash, quoshe with her girlic teangue. If old Herod with the Corm-
well's eczema was to go for me like he does Snuffler whatever about his blue
canaries I'd do nine months for his beaver beard.
       2 Mater Mary Mercerycordial of the Dripping Nipples, milk's a queer
        3 Real life behind the floodlights as shown by the best exponents of a royal



gipsylike chinkaminx pulshandjupeyjade and
her petsybluse indecked o' voylets.1 When
who was wist was ware. En elv, et fjaell. And
the whirr of the whins humming us howe.
His hume. Hencetaking tides we haply return,
trumpeted by prawns and ensigned with sea-
kale, to befinding ourself when old is said in
one and maker mates with made (O my!),
having conned the cones and meditated the
mured and pondered the pensils and ogled the
olymp and delighted in her dianaphous and
cacchinated behind his culosses, before a
Swiney Tod, ye mosoleum. Length Withought Breath, of him,
Daimon Barbar!   a chump of the evums, upshoot of picnic or
stupor out of sopor, Cave of Kids or Hyma-
nian Glattstoneburg, denary, danery, donnery,
Dig him in the domm, who, entiringly as he continues highly-
rubsh! fictional, tumulous under his chthonic exterior
Ungodly old Ard- but plain Mr Tumulty in muftilife,2 in his an-
rey, Cronwall tisipiences as in his recognisances, is, (Dominic
beeswaxing the Directus) a manyfeast munificent more mob
convulsion box. than man.
    Ainsoph,3 this upright one, with that CONSTITU-  
noughty besighed him zeroine. To see in his TION OF THE
horrorscup he is mehrkurios than saltz of CONSTITU-  
sulphur. Terror of the noonstruck by day, TIONABLE AS
cryptogam of each nightly bridable. But, to CONSTITU- 
speak broken heaventalk, is he? Who is he? TIONAL. 
Whose is he? Why is he? Howmuch is he?
Which is he? When is he? Where is he?4 How
is he? And what the decans is there about him

            1 When we play dress grownup at alla ludo poker you'll be happnessised 
    to feel how fetching I can look in clingarounds.
            2 Kellywick, Longfellow's Lodgings, House of Comments III, Cake Walk
    Amusing Avenue, Salt Hill, Co. Mahogany, Izalond, Terra Firma
            3 Groupname for grapejuice
            4 Bhing, said her burglar's head, soto poce


anyway, the decemt man? Easy, calm your
haste! Approach to lead our passage!
This bridge is upper. PROBA-
Thus come to castle. PROLEGO-
Knock.1 MENA TO
A password, thanks. IDEAREAL
Yes, pearse. HISTORY.
Well, all be dumbed!
O really? 2
Swing the banjo, Hoo cavedin earthwight
bantams, bounce- At furscht kracht of thunder. 3
the-baller's When shoo, his flutterby,
blown to fook. Was netted and named.4
Thsight near Erdnacrusha, requiestress, wake em!
left me eyes when And let luck's puresplutterall lucy at
I seen her put ease! 5
thounce otay To house as wise fool ages builded.
ithpot. Sow byg eat. 6
    Staplering to tether to, steppingstone to GNOSIS OF
Quartandwds. mount by, as the Boote's at Pickardstown. PRECREATE
And that skimmelk steed still in the ground- DETERMINA-
loftfan. As over all. Or be these wingsets leaned TION.
to the outwalls, beastskin trophies of booth AGNOSIS OF
of Baws the balsamboards? 7 Burials be bally- POSTCREATE
houraised! So let Bacchus e'en call! Inn inn! DETER-
Tickets for the Inn inn! Where. The babbers ply the pen. MINISM.
Tailwaggers The bibbers drang the den. The papplicom,
Terrierpuppy the pubblicam he's turning tin for ten. From

           1 Yussive smirte and ye mermon answerth from his beelyingplace below
the tightmark, Gotahelv!
          2 O Evol, kool in the salg and ees how Dozi pits what a drows er.
          3 A goodrid croven in a tynwalled tub.
          4 Apis amat aram. Luna legit librum. Pulla petit pascua.
          5 And after dinn to shoot the shades.
          6 Says blistered Mary Achinhead to beautifed Tummy Tullbutt.
          7Begge. To go the Begge. To go to Begge and to be sure to reminder         
Begge. Goodbeg, buggey Begge.


seldomers that most frequent him. That same      
erst crafty hakemouth which under the assumed
name of Ignotus Loquor, of foggy old,
harangued bellyhooting fishdrunks on their
favorite stamping ground, from a father theo-
balder brake.1 And Egyptus, the incenstrobed,
Mars speaking. as Cyrus heard of him? And Major A. Shaw
after he got the miner smellpex? And old
Whiteman self, the blighty blotchy, beyond
the bays, hope of ostrogothic and ottomanic
faith converters, despair of Pandemia's post-
wartem plastic surgeons? But is was all so
long ago. Hispano - Cathayan - Euxine, Castil -
lian - Emeratic - Hebridian, Espanol - Cymric -
Smith, no home. Helleniky? Rolf the Ganger, Rough the Gang-
ster, not a feature alike and the face the same.2
Pastimes are past times. Now let bygones
be bei Gunne's. Saaleddies er it in this warken
werden, mine boerne, and it vild need older-
wise 3 since primal made alter in garden of
Idem. The tasks above are as the flasks below,
saith the emerald canticle of Hermes and all's
Non quod sed loth and pleasestir, are we told, on excellent
quiat inkbottle authority, solarsystemised, seriol-
cosmically, in a more and more almightily
expanding universe under one, there is rhyme-
less reason to believe, original sun. Securely
judges orb terrestrial. 4 Haud certo ergo. But
Hearasay in O felicitous culpability, sweet bad cess to you
paradox lust. for an archetypt!                    

                    1 Huntler and Pumar's animal alphabites, the first in the world from
          aab to zoo.
                    2 We dont hear the booming cursowarries, we wont fear the fletches of
          fightning, we float the meditarenias and come bask to the isle we love in
          spice. Punt.
                    3 And this once golden bee a cimadoro.
                    4 And he was a gay Lutharius anyway, Sinobiled. You can tell by their
          extraordinary clothes.


    Honour commercio's energy yet aid the ARCHAIC  
linkless proud, the plurable with everybody ZELOTYPIA  
and ech with pal, this ernst of Allsap's ale AND THE  
halliday of roaring month with its two lunar ODIUM TEL-  
eclipses and its three saturnine settings! Horn EOLOGICUM.  
of Heatthen, highbrowed! Brook of Life, back-
frish! Amnios amnium, fluminiculum flami-
nulinorum! We seek the Blessed One, the
Harbourer - cum - Enheritance. Even Canaan
the Hateful. Ever a-going, ever a-coming.
Between a stare and a sough. Fossilisation, all
branches.1 Wherefore Petra sware unto Ulma:
Bags.   By the mortals' frost! And Ulma sware unto
Balls.   Petra: On my veiny life!
    In these places sojournemus, where Eblinn THE LOCALI-  
water, leased of carr and fen, leaving amont her SATION OF  
shoals and salmen browses, whom inshore LEGEND  
breezes woo with freshets, windeth to her LEADING TO  
broads. A phantom city, phaked of philim THE LEGALI-  
pholk, bowed and sould for a four of hundreds SATION OF  
of manhood in their three and threescore LATIFUND-  
Move up,   fylkers for a price partitional of twenty six and ISM.  
Mackinerny!   six. By this riverside, on our sunnybank,2 how
Make room for   buona the vista, by Santa Rosa! A field of May,
Muckinurney!   the very vale of Spring. Orchards here are
lodged; sainted lawrels evremberried. You
have a hoig view ashwald, a glen of marrons
and of thorns. Gleannaulinn, Ardeevin: purty
glint of plaising height. This Norman court at
boundary of the ville, yon creepered tower of
a church of Ereland, meet for true saints in
worshipful assemblage,3 with our king's house

         1 Startnaked and bonedstiff. We vivvy soddy. All be dood
         2 When you dreamt that you'd wealth in marble arch do you ever think of 
    pool beg slowe. 
         3 Porphyrious Olbion, redcoatliar, we were always wholly rose marines 
    on our side every time. 


of stone, belgroved of mulbrey, the still that          
was mill and Kloster that was Yeomansland,
the ghastcold tombshape of the quick fore-
gone on, the loftleaved elm Lefanunian above-
mansioned, each, every, all is for the retro-
spectioner. Skole! Agus skole igen! 1 Sweet-
some auburn, cometh up as a selfreizing flower,
that fragolance of the fraisey beds: the phoenix,
his pyre, is still flaming away with trueprat-
tight spirit: the wren his nest is niedelig as the
turrises of the sabines are televisible. Here are
the cottage and the bungalow for the cobbeler
and the brandnewburgher: 2 but Izolde, her
chaplet gardens, an litlee plads af liefest pose,
In snowdrop,  arride the winnerful wonders off, the winner-
trou-de-dentelle,  ful wonnerful wanders off, 3 with hedges of
flesh and helio-  ivy and hollywood and bower of mistletoe,
trope.  are, tho if it theem tho and yeth if you
pleathes, 4 for the blithehaired daughter of
Angoisse. All out of two barreny old perishers,
Tytonyhands and Vlossyhair, a kilolitre in
metromyriams. Presepeprosapia, the parent
bole. Wone tabard, wine tap and warm tavern 5
and, by ribbon development, from contact
bridge to lease lapse, only two millium two
humbered and eighty thausig nine humbered
Here's our dozen  and sixty radiolumin lines to the wustworts of
cousins from the  a Finntown's generous poet's office. Distorted
starves on tripes.  mirage, aloofliest of the plain, wherein the

                1 Now a muss wash the little face.
                 2 A viking vernacular expression still used in the Summerhill district for a
             jerryhatted man of forty who puts two fingers into his boiling soupplate and
             licks them in turn to find out if there is enough mushroom catsup in the
             mutton broth.
                 3 H'dk' fs' h'p'y.
                 4 Googlaa pluplu.
                 5 Tomley. The grown man. A butcher szewched him the bloughs and
             braches. I'm chory to see P. Shuter


  boxomeness of the bedelias 1 makes hobby-
hodge happy in his hole. 2 The store and
charter, Treetown Castle under Lynne. Riva-
pool? Hod a brieck on it! But its piers eerie,
its span spooky, its toll but a till, its parapets
all peripateting. D'Oblong's by his by. Which
we all pass. Tons. In our snoo. Znore. While
we hickerwards the thicker. Schein. Schore.
Which assoars us from the murk of the mythe-
lated in the barrabelowther, bedevere butlered
table round, past Morningtop's necessity and
Harington's invention, to the clarience of the
childlight in the studiorium upsturts. Here
we'll dwell on homiest powers, love at the
latch with novices nig and nag. The chorus:
the principals. For the rifocillation of their
inclination to the manifestation of irritation:
doldorboys and doll. After sound, light and
heat, memory, will and understanding.
Bet you fippence,     Here (the memories framed from walls are PREAUSTERIC
anythesious, minding) till wranglers for wringwrowdy MAN AND HIS
there's no pug- wready are, F wpe157.jpg (815 bytes), (at gaze, respecting, four- PURSUIT OF
gatory, are yous teenth baronet, meet, altrettanth bancorot, PAN-
game? chaff) and ere commence commencement cata- HYSTERIC
launic when Aetius check chokewill Attil's WOMAN.
gambit, (that buxon bruzeup, give it a burl!)
lead us seek, O june of eves the jenniest,
thou who fleeest flicklesome the fond fervid
frondeur to thickly thyself attach with thine
efteased ensuer, 4 ondrawer of our uncon-
scionable, flickerflapper fore our unter-

                    1 I believe in Dublin and the Sultan of Turkey.
                    2 I have heard this word used by Martin Halpin, an old gardener from the
               Glens of Antrim who used to do odd jobs for my godfather, the Rev. B.B.
               Brophy of Swords.
                    3 Ravens may rive so can dove deelish.
                    4 A question of pull.


drugged,1 lead us seek, lote us see, light us find,
let us missnot Maidadate, Mimosa Multimim-
etica, the maymeaminning of maimoomeining!
Elpis, thou fountain of the greeces, all shall speer
theeward,2 from kongen in his canteenhus to
knivers hind the knoll. Ausonius Audacior
and gael, gillie, gall.3 Singalingalying. Storiella
as she is syung. Whence followeup with end-
There was a speaking nots for yestures, plutonically pur-
sweet hopeful suant on briefest glimpse from gladrags, pretty
culled Cis. Proserpronette whose slit satchel spilleth peas.
    Belisha beacon, beckon bright! Usherette, URGES AND
unmesh us! That grene ray of earong it waves WIDERURGES
us to yonder as the red, blue and yellow flogs IN A PRIMI-
time on the domisole,4 with a blewy blow and TIVE SEPT.
a windigo. Where flash becomes word and
silents selfloud. To brace congeners, trebly
bounden and asservaged twainly. Adamman,5
Emhe, Issossianusheen and sometypes Yggely
ogs Weib. Uwayoei! 6 So mag this sybilette be
our shibboleth that we may syllable her well!
Vetus may be occluded behind the mou in
The Big Bear Veto but Nova will be nearing as their radient
bit the Sailor's among the Nereids. A one of charmers, ay,
Only. Trouble, Una Unica, charmers, who, under the branches
trouble, trouble. of the elms, in shoes as yet unshent by stoni-
Forening Unge ness, wend, went, will wend a way of honey
Kristlike Kvinne. myrrh and rambler roses mistmusk while still
the maybe mantles the meiblume or ever her

                    1 For Rose Point see Inishmacsaint.
                    2 Mannequins' Pose.
                    3 Their holy presumption and hers sinfly desprit.
                    4 Anama anamaba anamabapa.
                    5 Only for he's fathering law I could skewer that old one and slosh her out
                  many's the time but I thinks more of my pottles and ketts.
                   6 All abunk for Tarararat! Look slipper, soppyhat, we've a doss in the


if have faded from the fleur,1 their arms
enlocked, (ringrang, the chimes of sex appeal-
Telltale me all ing as conchitas with sentas stray,2 rung!), all
of annaryllies. thinking all of it, the It with an itch in it, the All
every inch of it, the pleasure each will preen her
for, the business each was bred to breed by.3
    Soon jemmijohns will cudgel about some EARLY
a rhythmatick or other over Browne and NOTIONS OF
Nolan's divisional tables whereas she, of ACQUIRED
Will you carry minions' novence charily being cupid, for RIGHTS AND
my can and mug's wumping, grooser's grubbiness, andt's THE INFLU-
fight the fairies? avarice and grossopper's grandegaffe, with her ENCE OF
tootpettypout of jemenfichue will sit and knit COLLECTIVE
on solfa sofa.4 Stew of the evening, booksyful TRADITION
stew. And a bodikin a boss in the Thimble UPON THE
Theatre. But all is her-inbourne. Intend. From INDIVIDUAL.
Allma Mathers, gramma's grammar she has it that if there is a
Auctioneer. third person, mascarine, phelinine or nuder,
being spoken abad it moods prosodes from a
person speaking to her second which is the
direct object that has been spoken to, with and
at. Take the dative with his oblative5 for, even
if obsolete, it is always of interest, so spake
gramma on the impetus of her imperative, only
mind your genderous towards his reflexives
Old Gavelkind such that I was to your grappa (Bott's trousend,
the Gamper and hore a man uff!) when him was me hedon6
he's as daff as and mine, what the lewdy saying, his analec-
you're erse. tual pygmyhop.7 There is comfortism in the

                1 One must sell it to some one, the sacred name of love.
                2 Making it up as we goes along.
                3 The law of the jungerl.
                4 Let me blush to think of all those halfwayhoist pullovers.
                5 I'd like his pink's cheek.
                6 Frech devil in red hairing! So that's why you ran away to sea, Mrs
           Lappy. Leap me, Locklaun, for you have sensed!
                7 A washable lovable floatable doll.


knowledge that often hate on first hearing
comes of love by second sight. Have your
little sintalks in the dunk of subjunctions, dual
in duel and prude with pruriel, but even the
aoriest chaparound whatever plaudered perfect
anent prettydotes and haec genua omnia may
perhaps chance to be about to be in the case to
be becoming a pale peterwright in spite of all
your tense accusatives whilstly you're wall-
floored1 like your gerandiums for the better
half of a yearn or sob. It's a wild's kitten, my
dear, who can tell a wilkling from a warthog.
For you may be as practical as is predicable
but you must have the proper sort of accident
to meet that kind of a being with a difference.2
Flame at his fumbles but freeze on his fist.3
Every letter is a godsend, ardent Ares, brusque
Boreas and glib Ganymede like zealous Zeus,
the O'Meghisthest of all. To me or not to me.
Satis thy quest on. Werbungsap! Jeg suis, vos
Undante  wore a gentleman, thou arr, I am a quean. Is
umoroso.  a game over? The game goes on. Cookcook!
M. 50-50.  Search me. The beggar the maid the bigger
the mauler. And the greater the patrarc the               
griefer the pinch. And that's what your doctor
knows. O love it is the commonknounest thing
how it pashes the plutous and the paupe.4
Pop! And egg she active or spoon she passive,
all them fine clauses in Lindley's and Murrey's
never braught the participle of a present to a
desponent hortatrixy, vindicatively I say it,

                1 With her poodle feinting to be let off and feeling dead in herself. Is love
         worse living?
                 2 If she can't follow suit Renée goes to the pack.
                3 Improper frictions is maledictions and mens uration makes me mad.
                 4 Llong and Shortts Primer of Black and White Wenchcraft


from her postconditional future.1 Lumpsome
is who lumpsum pays. Quantity counts though
accents falter. Yoking apart and oblique ora-
I'll go for that tions parsed to one side, a brat, alanna, can

small polly if

choose from so many, be he a sollicitor's
you'll suck to appendix, a pipe clerk or free functionist
your lebbens- flyswatter, that perfect little cad, from the
quatsch. languors and weakness of limberlimbed lassi-
hood till the head, back and heartaches of
waxedup womanage and heaps on heaps of
other things too. Note the Respectable Irish
Distressed Ladies and the Merry Mustard
Frothblowers of Humphreystown Associa-
tions. Atac first, queckqueck quicks after.
Beware how in that hist subtaile of schlangder 2
lies liaison to tease oreilles! To vert embowed
set proper penchant. But learn from that ancient
tongue to be middle old modern to the minute.
A spitter that can be depended on. Though
Wonderlawn's lost us for ever. Alis, alas, she
broke the glass! Liddell lokker through the
leafery, ours is mistery of pain.3 You may spin
on youthlit's bike and multiplease your Mike
and Nike with your kickshoes on the algebrars
O'Mara Farrell. but, volve the virgil page and view, the O of
woman is long when burly those two muters
Verschwindibus. sequent her so from Nebob4 see you never
stray who'll nimm you nice and nehm the day.
    One hath just been areading, hath not one, CONCOMI-
ya, ya, in their memoiries of Hireling's puny TANCE OF
Ulstria, wars, end so, und all, ga, ga, of The O'Brien, COURAGE,

            1 The gaggles all out.
            2 He's just bug nuts on white mate he hasn't the teath nor the grits to choo
        and that's what's wrong with Lang Wang Wurm, old worbbling goesbelly.
            3 Dear and I trust in all frivolity I may be pardoned for trespassing but I
        think I may add hell.
            4 He is my all menkind of every desception.


Monastir, The O'Connor, The Mac Loughlin and The COUNSEL
Leninstar and Mac Namara with summed their appondage, AND CON-
Connecticut. da, da, of Sire Jeallyous Seizer, that gamely STANCY.
Cliopatria, thy torskmester,1 with his duo of druidesses in ready ORDINATION
hosies history. money rompers 2 and the tryonforit of Oxthie- OF OMEN,
vious, Lapidous and Malthouse Anthemy. You ONUS AND
may fail to see the lie of that layout, Suetonia,3 OBIT. DIS-
but the reflections which recur to me are that TRIBUTION
so long as beauty life is body love 4 and so bright OF DANGER,
as Mutua of your mirror holds her candle to DUTY AND
your caudle, lone lefthand likeless, sombring DESTINY.
Autum of your Spring, reck you not one spirt POLAR PRIN-
of anyseed whether trigemelimen cuddle his CIPLES.
coddle or nope. She'll confess it by her figure
and she'll deny it to your face. If you're not
ruined by that one she won't do you any
whim. And then? What afters it? Gruff Gunne
may blow, Gam Gonna flow, the gossans eye
the jennings aye. From the butts of Heber and
The Eroico Heremon, nolens volens, brood our pansies,
Furioso makes brune in brume. There's a split in the infinitive
the valet like from to have to have been to will be. As they
smiling. warred in their big innings ease now we never
shall know. Eat early earthapples. Coax Cobra
to chatters. Hail, Heva, we hear! This is the
The hyperape the glider that gladdened the girl 5 that list to the
mink he groves the wind that lifted the leaves that folded the
mole you see nowfor fruit that hung on the tree that grew in the
crush sake, chawley! garden Gough gave. Wide hiss, we're wizen-

                           1 All his teeths back to the front, then the moon and then the moon with
                    a hole behind it.
                             2 Skip one, flop fore, jennies in the cabbage store.
                             3 None of your cumpohlstery English here!
                            4 Understudy my understandings, Sostituda, and meek thine compline-
                   ment, gymnufleshed.
                            5 Tho' I have one just like that to home, deadleaf brown with quicksilver
                   appliques, would whollymost applissiate a nice shiny sleekysilk out of that
                   slippering snake charmeuse.


ing. Hoots fromm, we're globing. Why hidest
thou hinder thy husband his name? Leda, Lada,
aflutter-afraida, so does your girdle grow!
Willed without witting, whorled without
aimed. Pappapassos, Mammamanet, warwhets-
wut and whowitswhy.1 But it's tails for
toughs and titties for totties and come
Pige pas. buckets come bats till deeleet.2
    Dark ages clasp the daisy roots, Stop, if you PANOPTICAL
are a sally of the allies, hot off Minnowaurs PURVIEW OF
and naval actiums, picked engagements and POLITICAL
banks of rowers. Please stop if you're a PROGRESS
B.C. minding missy, please do. But should AND THE
you prefer A.D. stepplease. And if you miss FUTURE PRE-
with a venture it serves you girly well glad. SENTATION
But, holy Janus, I was forgetting the Blitzen- OF THE PAST
kopfs! Here, Hengegst and Horsesauce, take
your heads 3 out of that taletub! And leave
your hinnyhennyhindyou! It's haunted. The
chamber. Of errings. Whoan, tug, trace,
Seidlitz powther stirrup! It is distinctly understouttered that,
for slogan sense you threehandshighs put your twofoot-
plumpers. large timepates in that dead wash of Lough
Murph and until such time pace one and the
same Messherrn the grinning statesmen, Brock
and Leon, have shunted the grumbling
coundedtouts, Starlin and Ser Artur Ghinis.
Foamous homely brew, bebattled by bottle,
Hoploits and gageure de guegerre.4 Bull igien bear and
atthems. then bearagain bulligan. Gringrin gringrin.
Staffs varsus herds and bucks vursus barks.

                      1 What's that ma'am? says I.
                         2 As you say yourself.
                         3 That's the lethemuse but it washes off.
                         4 Where he fought the shessock of his stimmstammer and we caught the
                  pepettes of our lovelives.


Curragh By old Grumbledum's walls. Bumps, bellows
machree, me and bawls.1 Opprimor's down, up up Opima!
bosthoon fiend. Rents and rates and tithes and taxes, wages,
Femilies hug saves and spends. Heil, heptarched span of
bank! peace!2 Live, league of lex, nex and the mores!
Fas est dass and foe err you. Impovernment
of the booble by the bauble for the bubble. So
All we suffered wrap up your worries in your woe (wumpum-
under them Cow- tum!) and shake down the shuffle for the
dung Forks and throw. For there's one mere ope 3 for down-
how we enjoyed fall ned. As Hanah Levy, shrewd shroplifter,
over our pick of and nievre anore skidoos with her spoileds.4
the basketfild. To add gay touches. For hugh and guy and
Old Kine's goy and jew. To dimpled and pimpled and
Meat Meal. simpled and wimpled. A peak in a poke and a
pig in a pew.5 She wins them by wons, a haul
Flieflie for the hectoendecate, for mangay mumbo jumbjubes
jillies and a tak mutts and jeffs muchas bracelonettes
bombambum gracies barcelonas.6 O what a loovely free-
for the speech 'twas (tep)7 to gar howalively hinter-
nappotondus. grunting! Tip. Like lilt of larks to burdened
crocodile,8 or skittering laubhing at that
wheeze of old windbag, Blusterboss, blow-
harding about all he didn't do. Hell o' your
troop! With is the winker for the muckwits
of willesly and nith is the nod for the umproar
napollyon and hitheris poorblond piebold
hoerse. Huirse. With its tricuspidal hauberk-

      1 Shake eternity and lick creation.
      2 I'm blest if I can see.
      3 Hoppity Huhneye, hoosh the hen. I like cluckers, you like nuts (wink).
      4 Sweet, medium and dry like altar wine.
      5 Who'll buy me penny babies?
      6 Well, Maggy, I got your castoff devils all right and fits lovely. And am
vaguely graceful. Maggy thanks.
      7 My six is no secret, sir, she said.
      8 Yes, there, Tad, thanks, give, from, tathair, look at that now.


helm coverchaf emblem on. For the man that
Murdoch.  broke the ranks on Monte Sinjon. The all-               
riddle of it? That that is allruddy with us,
ahead of schedule, which already is plan accom-
Pas d'action,  plished from and syne: Daft Dathy of the Five
peu de sauce.   Positions (the death ray stop him!) is still, as
reproaches Paulus, on the Madderhorn and,
entre chats and hobnobs,1 daring Dunderhead
to shiver his timbers and Hannibal mac Hamil-
tan the Hegerite2 (more livepower elbow him!)
ministerbuilding up, as repreaches Timothy,
in Saint Barmabrac's.3 Number Thirty two
West Eleventh streak looks on to that (may
all in the tocoming of the sempereternal speel
From the seven  spry with it!) datetree doloriferous which
tents of Joseph  more and over leafeth earlier than every
till the calends of  growth and, elfshot, headawag, with frayed
Mary Marian,   nerves wondering till they feeled sore like any
olivehunkered  woman that has been born at all events to the
and thorny too.  purdah and for the howmanyeth and how-
movingth time at what the demons in that
As Shakefork   jackhouse that jerry built for Massa and Missus
might pitch it.   and hijo de puta, the sparksown fermament of
the starryk fieldgosongingon where blows
a nemone at each blink of windstill4 they
were sliding along and sleeting aloof and
scouting around and shooting about. All-
whichwhile or whereaballoons for good
vaunty years Dagobert is in Clane's clean
hometown prepping up his prepueratory
and learning how to put a broad face bronzily
out through a broken breached meataerial

   1 Go up quick, stay so long, come down slow!
   2 If I gnows me gneesgnobs the both of him is gnatives of Genuas.
   3 A glass of peel and pip for Mr Potter of Texas, please.
   4 All the world loves a big gleaming jelly.


Puzzly, puzzly, from Bryan Awlining! Erin's hircohaired                
I smell a cat. culoteer.1
                    And as, these things being so or ere those FROM CENO-
things having done, way back home in Pacata GENETIC DI-
Auburnia,2 (untillably holy gammel Eire) one CHOTOMY
Two makes a world burrowing on another, (if you've got THROUGH
wing at the ma- me, neighbour, in any large lumps, geek?, and DIAGONISTIC
croscope got the strong of it) Standfest, our topiocal CONCILI-
telluspeep. sagon hero, or any otther macotther, signs is ANCE TO
on the bellyguds bastille back, bucket up with DYNASTIC
fullness, ant silvering to her jubilee,3 birch- CONTINU-
leaves her jointure, our lavy in waving, visage ITY.
full of flesh and fat as a hen's i' forehead,
From the Buffalo Airyanna and Blowyhart topsirturvy, that
Times of bysone royal pair in their palace of quicken boughs
days. hight The Goat and Compasses ('phone
number 17:69, if you want to know4) his sea-
arm strongsround her, her velivole eyne aship-
wracked, have discusst their things of the
past, crime and fable with shame, home and
profit,5 why lui lied to lei and hun tried to kill
ham, scribbledehobbles, in whose veins runs
a mixture of, are heat bent and hard upon.
Spell me the chimes. They are tales all tolled.6
Quick quake Today is well thine but where's may tomorrow
quokes the par- be. But, bless his cowly head and press his
rotbook of dates. crankly hat, what a world's woe is each's

            1 A pengeneepy for your warcheekeepy.
            2 My globe goes gaddy at geography giggle pending which time I was
      looking for my shoe all through Arabia.
            3 It must be some bugbear in the gender especially when old which they
      all soon get to look.
            4 After me looking up the plan in Humphrey's Justice of the Piece it said to
      see preseeding chaps.
            5 O boyjones and hairyoddities! Only noane told missus of her massas
      behaving she would laugh that flat that after that she had sanked down on her
      fat arks they would shaik all to sheeks.
            6 Traduced into jinglish janglage for the nusances of dolphins born.


other's weariness waiting to beadroll his own
properer mistakes, the backslapping glad-
Some is out for hander,1 free of his florid future and the other
twoheaded dul- singing likeness, dirging a past of bloody altars,
carnons but more gale with a blost to him, dove without gall.
pulfers turnips. And she, of the jilldaw's nest2 who tears up
Omnitudes in a lettereens she never apposed a pen upon.3 Yet
knutshedell. sung of love and the monster man. What's
Hiccupper to hem or her to Hagaba? Ough,
ough, brieve kindli!4
    Dogs' vespers are anending. Vespertilia- THE MON-
bitur. Goteshoppard quits his gabhard cloke GREL UNDER
to sate with Becchus. Zumbock! Achevre! THE DUNG-
Yet wind will be ere fadervor5 and the hour of MOUND.
For all us kids fruminy and bergoo bell if Nippon have pearls SIGNIFI-
under his aegis. or opals Eldorado, the daindy dish, the lecking CANCE OF
out! Gipoo, good oil! For (hushmagandy!) THE INFRA-
long 'tis till gets bright that all cocks waken LIMINAL IN-
and birds Diana6 with dawnsong hail. Aught TELLIGENCE.
darks flou a duskness. Bats that? There peepee- OFFRANDES.
Saving the public strilling. At Brannan's on the moor. At Tam
his health. Fanagan's weak yat his still's going strang.
And still here is noctules and can tell things
acommon on by that fluffy feeling. Larges
Superlative abso- loomy wheelhouse to bodgbox7 lumber up
lute of Porter- with hoodie hearsemen carrawain we keep
stown. is peace who follow his law, Sunday

            1 He gives me pulpititions with his Castlecowards never in the twowsers
    and ever in those twawsers and then babeteasing us out of our hoydenname.
            2 My goldfashioned bother near drave me roven mad and I dyeing to
    keep my linefree face like readymaid maryangs for jollycomes smashing
            3 What I would like is a jade louistone to go with the moon's increscent.
            4 Parley vows the Askinwhose? I do, Ida. And how to call the cattle black.
    Moopetsi meepotsi
            5 I was so snug off in my apholster's creedle but at long leash I'll stretch
    more capritious in his dapplepied bed.
            6 Pipette. I can almost feed their sweetness at my lisplips.
            7 A liss in hunterland.


King.1 His sevencoloured's soot (Ochone!                        
Ochonal!)2 and his imponence one heap lump-
Why so mucky block (Mogoul!). And rivers burst out like
spick bridges weeming racesround joydrinks for the fewnral-
span our Flumi- ly,3 where every feaster's a foster's other, fian-
nian road. nians all.4 The wellingbreast, he willing giant,
P.C. Helmut's in the mountain mourning his duggedy dew. To
the cottonwood, obedient of civicity in urbanious at felicity
listnin. what'll yet meek Mike5 our diputy mimber when
The throne is an he's head on poll and Peter's burgess and Miss
umbrella strande Mishy Mushy is tiptupt by Toft Taft. Boblesse
and a sceptre's a gobleege. For as Anna was at the beginning
stick. lives yet and will return after great deap sleap
Jady jewel, our rerising and a white night high with a cows of
daktar deer. Drommhiem as shower as there's a wet en-
Gautamed bud- clouded in Westwicklow or a little black rose a
ders deossiphys- truant in a thorntree. We drames our dreams
ing our Theas. tell Bappy returns. And Sein annews. We will
not say it shall not be, this passing of order and
order's coming, but in the herbest country and
in the country around Blath as in that city self
of legionds they look for its being ever yet. So
shuttle the pipers done.6 Eric aboy!7 And it's
time that all paid tribute to this massive mor-
By lineal in pon- tiality, the pink of punk perfection as photo-
dus overthepoise. graphy in mud. Some may seek to dodge the

          1 I wonder if I put the old buzzerd one night to suckle in Millickmaam's
      honey like they use to emballem some of the special popes with a book in his
      hand and his mouth open.
          2 And a ripping rude rape in his lucreasious togery.
          3 Will ye nought would wet your weapons, warriors bard?
          4 Roe, Williams, Bewey, Greene, Gorham, McEndicoth and Vyler, the
      lays of ancient homes.
          5 The stanidsglass effect, you could sugerly swear buttermilt would not
      melt down his dripping ducks.
          6 Thickathigh and Thinathews with sant their dam.
          7 Oh, could we do with this waddled of ours like that redbanked profanian
      with his bakset of yosters.


gobbet for its quantity of quality but who
wants to cheat the choker's got to learn to
chew the cud. Allwhichhole scrubs on scroll
Pitchcap and circuminiuminluminatedhave encuoniams here
triangle, noose and improperies there.1 With a pansy for the
and tinctunc. pussy in the corner.2
    Bewise of Fanciulla's heart, the heart of INCIPIT IN-
Fanciulla! Even the recollection of willow TERMISSIO.
fronds is a spellbinder that lets to hear.3 The
rushes by the grey nuns' pond: ah eh oh let
Uncle Flabbius me sigh too. Coalmansbell: behoves you
Muximus to handmake of the load. Jenny Wren: pick, peck.
Niecia Flappia Johnny Post: pack, puck.4 All the world's in
Minnimiss. As want and is writing a letters.5 A letters from a
this is. And as person to a place about a thing. And all the
this this is. world's on wish to be carrying a letters. A let-
Dear Brotus, ters to a king about a treasure from a cat.6
land me arrears. When men want to write a letters. Ten men,
ton men, pen men, pun men, wont to rise a
Rockaby, babel, ladder. And den men, dun men, fen men, fun
flatten a wall. men, hen men, hun men went to raze a leader.
How he broke the Is then any lettersday from many peoples,
good news to Daganasanavitch? Empire, your outermost.7
Gent. A posy cord. Plece.
    We have wounded our way on foe tris MAJOR AND
prince till that force in the gill is faint afarred MINOR

            1 Gosem pher, gezumpher, greeze a jarry grim felon! Good bloke him!
            2 And if they was setting on your stool as hard as my was she could beth
    her bothom dolours he'd have a culious impressiom on the diminitive that
    chafes our ends.
            3 When I'am Enastella and am taken for Essastessa I'll do that droop on the
    pohlmann's piano.
            4 Heavenly twinges, if it's one of his I'll fearly feint as swoon as he enter-
            5 To be slipped on, to be slept by, to be conned to, to be kept up. And when
    you're done push the chain.
            6 With her modesties office.
            7 Strutting as proud as a great turquin weggin that cuckhold on his Eddems
    and Clay's hat.


  and the face in the treebark feigns afear. This MODES COA-
is rainstones ringing. Strangely cult for this LESCING
ceasing of the yore. But Erigureen is ever. PROLIFER-
Pot price pon patrilinear plop, if the osseletion ATE HOMO-
of the onkring gives omen nome? Since alls GENUINE
war that end war let sports be leisure and HOMOGEN-
bring and buy fair. Ah ah athclete, blest your EITY.
bally bathfeet! Towntoquest, fortorest, the
hour that hies is hurley. A halt for hearsake.1

      1 Come, smooth of my slate, to the beat of my blosh! With all these gelded
ewes jilting about and the thrills and ills of laylock blossoms three's so much
more plants than chants for cecilies that I was thinking fairly killing times of
putting an end to myself and my malody, when I remembered all your pupil-
teacher's erringnesses in perfection class. You sh'undn't write you can't if you
w'udn't pass for undevelopmented. This is the propper way to say that, Sr. If
it's me chews to swallow all you saidn't you can eat my words for it as sure as
there's a key in my kiss. Quick erit faciofacey. When we will conjugate to-
gether toloseher tomaster tomiss while morrow fans amare hour, verbe de vie
and verve to vie, with love ay loved have I on my back spine and does for
ever. Your are me severe? Then rue. My intended, Jr, who I'm throne away
on, (here he inst, my lifstack, a newfolly likon) when I slip through my pettigo    
I'll get my decree and take seidens when I'm not ploughed first by some
Rolando the Lasso, and flaunt on the flimsyfilmsies for to grig my collage
juniorees who, though they flush fuchsia, are they octette and virginity in my
shade but always my figurants. They may be yea of my year but they're nary    
nay of my day. Wait till spring has sprung in spickness and prigs beg in to pry
they'll be plentyprime of housepets to pimp and pamper my. Impending mar-
riage. Nature tells everybody about but I learned all the runes of the gamest    
game ever from my old nourse Asa. A most adventuring trot is her and she
vicking well knowed them all heartswise and fourwords. How Olive d'Oyly
and Winnie Carr, bejupers, they reized the dressing of a salandmon and how a
coster and a salt sailor med a mustied poet atwaimen. It most have
bean Mad Mullans planted him. Bina de Bisse and Trestrine von Terrefin.
sound, rite go round, kill kackle, kook kettle and (remember all should
I forget to) bolt the thor. Auden. Wasn't it just divining that dog of a dag    
in Skokholme as I sat astrid uppum their Drewitt's altar, as cooledas as cul-
cumbre, slapping my straights till the sloping ruins, postillion, postallion, a
a swank, with you offering me clouts of illscents and them horners    
stagstruck on the leasward! Don't be of red, you blanching mench! This
I'm on knows the ruelles of the rut and she don't fear andy mandy. So
sing loud, sweet cheeriot, like anegreon in heaven! The good fother with the
twingling in his eye will always have cakes in his pocket to bethroat us with
for our allmichael good. Amum. Amum. And Amum again. For tough troth    
is stronger than fortuitous fiction and it's the surplice money, oh my young
friend and ah me sweet creature, what buys the bed while wits borrows the


  A scene at sight. Or dreamoneire. Which
they shall memorise. By her freewritten
Hopely for ear that annalykeses if scares for
eye that sumns. Is it in the now woodwordings
Bibelous hics- of our sweet plantation where the branchings
tory and Barbar- then will singingsing tomorrows gone and
assa harestary. yesters outcome as Satadays aftermoon lex
leap smiles on the twelvemonthsminding?
Such is. Dear (name of desired subject, A.N.),
well, and I go on to. Shlicksher. I and we
(tender condolences for happy funeral, one
if) so sorry to (mention person suppressed for
A shieling in cop- the moment, F.M.). Well (enquiries after all-
pingers and por- healths) how are you (question maggy). A
rish soup all days. lovely (introduce to domestic circles) pershan
of cates. Shrubsher. Those pothooks mostly
How matches she hawks from Poppa Vere Foster but these
metroosers? curly mequeues are of Mippa's moulding.
Shrubsheruthr. (Wave gently in the ere turn-
ing ptover.) Well, mabby (consolation of
shopes) to soon air. With best from cinder
Christinette if prints chumming, can be when
desires Soldi, for asamples, backfronted or,
if all, peethrolio or Get my Prize, using her
Le hélos tombaut flower or perfume or, if veryveryvery chum-
soul sur la jambe ming, in otherwards, who she supposed adeal,
de marche. kissists my exits. Shlicksheruthr. From Auburn
chenlemagne. Pious and pure fair one, all has
concomitated to this that she shall tread them
lifetrees leaves whose silence hitherto has
shone as sphere of silver fastalbarnstone, that
fount Bandusian shall play liquick music and
after odours sigh of musk. Blotsbloshblothe,
one dear that was. Sleep in the water, drug at
the fire, shake the dust off and dream your one
who would give her sidecurls to. Till later                                        


Mai maintenante Lammas is led in by baith our washwives, a
elle est venuse. weird of wonder tenebrous as that evil thorn-
garth, a field of faery blithe as this flowing wild.
Two Dons Johns     Aujourd'hui comme aux temps le Pline et de THE PART
Threes Totty Columelle la jacinthe se plaît dans les Gaules, PLAYED BY
Askins. la pervenche en Illyrie, la marguerite sur les BELLETRI-
ruines de Numance1 et pendant qu'autour d'elles STICKS IN
les villes ont changé de maîtres et de noms, que THE BELLUM-
plusieurs sont entrées dans le néant, que les PAX-BELLUM.
civilisations se sont choquées et brisées, leurs MUTUOMOR-
Also Spuke paisibles générations ont traversé les ages et sont PHOMUTA-
Zerothruster. arrivées jusqu'à nous, fraîches et riantes comme TION.
aux jours des batailles.2
    Margaritomancy! Hyacinthinous pervinci- SORTES VIR-
veness! Flowers. A cloud. But Bruto and GINIANAE.
Cassio are ware only of trifid tongues 3 the
A saxum shillum whispered wilfulness, ('tis demonal!) and sha-
for the sextum dows shadows multiplicating (il folsoletto nel
but nothums for falsoletto col fazzolotto dal fuzzolezzo), 4 to-
that parridge tients quotients, they tackle their quarrel. Sicka-
preast. moor's so woful sally. Ancient's aerger. And
eachway bothwise glory signs. What if she
love Sieger less though she leave Ruhm moan?
That's how our oxyggent has gotten ahold of
half their world. Moving about in the free of
the air and mixing with the ruck. Enten eller,
either or.
    Nay, rather! EXCLAMATION.

            1 The nasal foss of our natal folkfarthers so so much now for Valsing-
        giddyrex and his grand arks day triump.
            2 Translout that gaswind into turfish, Teague, that's a good bog and you,
        Thady, poliss it off, there's nateswipe, on to your blottom pulper.
            3 You daredevil donnelly, I love your piercing lots of lies and your flashy
        foreign mail so here's my cowrie card, I dalgo, with all my exes, wise and sad.
            4 All this Mitchells is a niggar for spending and I will go to the length of
          seeing that one day Big Mig will be nickleless himself.


    With sobs for his job, with tears


Tricks stunts. for his toil, with horror for his squalor


but with pep for his perdition,1 lo, the


boor plieth as the laird hireth him.


    Boon on begyndelse. AUSPICIUM.
    At maturing daily gloryaims! 2 AUGURIA.
    A flink dab for a freck dive and a stern poise DIVINITY
for a swift pounce was frankily at the manual NOT DEITY
arith sure enough which was the bekase he THE UNCER-
knowed from his cradle, no bird better, why TAINTY JUS-
his fingures were giving him whatfor to fife TIFIED BY
Truckeys' cant with. First, by observation, there came boko OUR CERTI-
for dactyl and and nigh him wigworms and nigh him tittlies TUDE.
spondee. and nigh him cheekadeekchimple and nigh EXAMPLES.
him pickpocket with pickpocketpumb, pick-
pocketpoint, pickpocketprod, pickpocket-
promise and upwithem. Holy Joe in lay
Eden. 3 And anyhows always after them the
dimpler he weighed the fonder fell he of his
null four lovedroyd curdinals, his element cur-
Panoplous pere- dinal numen and his enement curdinal marryng
grine pifflicative and his epulent curdinal weisswassh and his
pomposity. eminent curdinal Kay O'Kay. Always would
he be reciting of them, hoojahs koojahs, up by
rota, in his Fanden's catachysm from fursed to
laced, quickmarch to decemvers, so as to pin the
tenners, thumbs down. And anon an aldays,
strues yerthere, would he wile arecreating em
om lumerous ways, caiuscounting in the
scale of pin puff pive piff, piff puff pive poo,
poo puff pive pree, pree puff pive pfoor, pfoor
puff pive pippive, poopive, 4 Niall Dhu,

            1 While I'll wind the wildwoods' bluckbells among my window's weeds.
            2 Lawdy Dawdy Simpers.
            3 But where, O where, is me lickle dig done?
            4 That's his whisper waltz I like from Pigott's with that Lancydancy step.


  Foughty Unn, Enoch Thortig, endso one, like                    
to pitch of your cap, pac, on to tin tall spilli-
Non plus ulstra, cans. 1 To sum, borus pew notus pew eurus
Elba, nec, cashel- pew zipher. Ace, deuce, tricks, quarts, quims.  
bum tuum. Mumtiplay of course and carry to their whole
number. While on the other hand, traduced
by their comedy nominator to the loaferst  
terms for their aloquent parts, sexes, suppers,
oglers, novels and dice. 2 He could find (the
rakehelly!) by practice the valuse of thine-to-
mine articles with no reminder for an equality
of relations and, with the helpings from his
tables, improduce fullmin to trumblers, links
unto chains, weys in Nuffolk till tods of
Yorek, oozies ad libs and several townsends,
several hundreds, civil-to-civil imperious
gallants into gells (Irish), bringing alliving
stone allaughing down to grave clothnails and
Dondderwedder a league of archers, fools and lurchers under
Kyboshicksal the rude rule of fumb. What signifieth whole
that 3 but, be all the prowess of ten, 'tis as
strange to relate he, nonparile to rede, rite and
reckan, caught allmeals dullmarks for his
nucleuds and alegobrew. They wouldn't took
bearings no how anywheres. O them dodd-
hunters and allanights, aabs and baas for
agnomes, yees and zees for incognits, bate
him up jerrybly! Worse nor herman doror-
rhea. Give you the fantods, seemed to him.
They ought to told you every last word first
stead of trying every which way to kinder
smear it out poison long. Show that the

            1 Twelve buttles man, twentyeight bows of curls, forty bonnets woman
      and every youthfully yours makes alleven add the hundred.
            2 Gamester Damester in the road to Rouen, he grows more like his deed
      every die.
            3 Slash-the-Pill lifts the pellet. Run, Phoenix, run!


A stodge An- median, hce che ech, interecting at royde
gleshman has angles the parilegs of a given obtuse one bis-  
been worked by cuts both the arcs that are in curveachord
eccentricity. behind. Brickbaths. The family umbroglia.
A Tullagrove pole 1 to the Height of County
Fearmanagh has a septain inclinaison 2 and the
graphplot for all the functions in Lower
County Monachan, whereat samething is rivi-
sible by nighttim, may be involted into the
zeroic couplet, palls pell inhis heventh glike
An oxygon is na- noughty times wpe7.jpg (764 bytes), find, if you are not literally
turally reclined cooefficient, how minney combinaisies and per-
to rest. mutandies can be played on the international
surd! pthwndxrclzp!, hids cubid rute being
extructed, taking anan illitterettes, ififif at a tom.
Answers, (for teasers only). 3 Ten, twent, thirt,
see, ex and three icky totchty ones. From
solation to solution. Imagine the twelve
deaferended dumbbawls of the whowl above-
beugled to be the contonuation through
regeneration of the urutteration of the word
in pregross. It follows that, if the two ante-  
sedents be bissyclitties and the three come-
seekwenchers trundletrikes, then, Aysha Lali-
Ba be bi bo bum. pat behidden on the footplate, Big Whiggler 4
restant upsittuponable, the NCR 5 presents to
us (tandem year at lasted length!) an otto-
mantic turquo-indaco of pictorial shine by
pictorial shimmer so long as, gad of the gidday,
pictorial summer, viridorefulvid, lits asheen,

            1 Dideney, Dadeney, Dudeney, O, I'd know that putch on your poll.
            2 That is tottinghim in his boots.
            3 Come all ye hapney coachers and support the richview press.
            4 Braham Baruch he married his cook to Massach McKraw her uncle-in-
      law who wedded his widow to Hjalmar Kjaer who adapted his daughter to
      Braham the Bear. V for Wadlock, P for shift, H for Lona the Konkubine.
            5 A gee is just a jay on the jaunts cowsway.


but (lenz alack lends a lot), if this habby cyclic
erdor be outraciously enviolated by a mierelin
roundtableturning, like knuts in maze, the zitas
runnind hare and dart 1 with the yeggs in
their muddle, like a seven of wingless arrows,
hodgepadge, thump, kick and hurry, all boy
more missis blong him he race quickfeller all
Finnfinnotus of same hogglepiggle longer house blong him, 2
Cincinnati. while the catched and dodged exarx seems
himmulteemiously to beem (he wins her hend!
he falls to tail!) the ersed ladest mand 3 and
(uhu and uhud!) the losed farce on erro-
roots, 4 twalegged poneys and threehandled
dorkeys (madahoy, morahoy, lugahoy, jog-
Arthurgink's ahoyaway) MPM brings us a rainborne pamto-
hussies and momiom, aqualavant to (cat my dogs, if I
Everguin's men. baint dingbushed like everything!) kaksitoista
volts yksitoista volts kymmenen volts yhdek-
san volts kahdeksan volts seitseman volts kuusi
volts viisi volts nelja volts kolme volts kaksi
volts yksi! allahthallacamellated, caravan series
Nom de nombres! to the finish of helve's fractures.5 In outher
The balbearians. wards, one from five, two to fives ones, one
from fives two millamills with a mill and a
half a mill and twos twos fives fives of bully
clavers. For a surview over all the factionables
see Iris in the Evenine's World. 6 Binomeans
to be comprendered. Inexcessible as thy by
god ways. The aximones. And their prosta-           

           1  Talking about trilbits.
           2   Barneycorrall, a precedent for the prodection of curiosity from children.
           3  A pfurty pscore of ruderic rossies haremhorde for his divelsion.
           4   Look at your mad father on his boneshaker fraywhaling round Myriom
           5  Try Asia for the assphalt body with the concreke soul and the forequarters
      of the moon behinding out of his phase.
           6 Tomatoes malmalaid with De Quinceys salade can be tastily served with
      Indiana Blues on the violens.


lutes. For his neuralgiabrown.
Equal to = aosch.
    P.t.l.o.a.t.o.  HEPTAGRAMMATON
    So, bagdad, after those initials falls and that HYPOTHESES 
primary taincture, as I know and you know OF COM- 
yourself, begath, and the arab in the ghetto MONEST EX- 
knows better, by nettus, nor anymeade or PERIENCES 
persan, comic cuts and series exerxeses always BEFORE APO
were to be capered in Casey's frost book of, THEOSIS OF 
page torn on dirty, to be hacked at Hickey's, THE LUSTRAL 
Vive Paco  hucksler, Wellington's Iron Bridge, and so, by PRINCIPIUM
Hunter!  long last, as it would shuffle out, must he to
trump adieu atout atous to those cardinhands
The hoisted in  he a big deal missed, radmachrees and rosse-
red and the low-  cullinans and blagpikes in suitclover. Dear
ered in black.  hearts of my counting, would he revoke them,
forewheel to packnumbers, and, the time being
no help fort, plates to lick one and turn over.
    Problem ye ferst, construct ann aquilittoral INGENIOUS 
dryankle Probe loom! With his primal hand- LABOUR- 
The boss's bess  stoe in his sole salivarium. Concoct an equo- TENACITY 
bass is the browd  angular trillitter. 1 On the name of the tizzer AS BETWEEN 
of Mullingar.  and off the tongs and off the mythametical INGENUOUS 
tripods. Beatsoon. AND LIBERTINE
   Can you nei do her, numb? asks Dolph, 2 PROPE AND 
suspecting the answer know. Oikkont, ken PROCUL IN 
you, ninny? asks Kev, 3 expecting the answer THE CON- 
guess. 4 Nor was the noer long disappointed VERGENCE 
for easiest of kisshams, he was made vicewise. OF THEIR
The aliments of   Oc, tell it to oui, do, Sem! Well, 'tis oil thusly. CONTRAPUL-   
jumeantry.   First mull a mugfull of mud, son. 5 Oglores, SIVENESS. 

            1 As Rhombulus and Rhebus went building rhomes one day.
            2 The trouveller.
            3 Of the disorded visage.
            4 Singlebarrelled names for doubleparalleled twixtytwins.
            5 Like pudging a spoon fist of sugans into a sotspot of choucolout.


the virtuoser prays, olorum What the D.V.
would I to that for? That's a goosey's gans-           
wer you're for giving me, he is told, what the
Deva would you do that for? 1 Now, sknow
royol road to Puddlin, take your mut for a
first beginning, big to bog, back to bach.
Wolsherwomens Anny liffle mud which cometh out of Mam
at their weirdst.  will doob, I guess. A.I.  Amnium instar. And
to find a locus for an alp get a howlth on her
bayrings as a prisme O and for a second O
unbox your compasses. I cain but are you
able? Amicably nod. Gu it! So let's seth off
betwain us. Prompty? Mux your pistany at a
point of the coastmap to be called a but pro-
nounced olfa. There's the isle of Mun, ah!
O! Tis just. Bene! Now, whole in applepine
odrer 2

        (for       husk, hisk, a spirit spires       Dolph, dean of idlers, meager
        suckling of gert stoan, though barekely a balbose boy, he too,      
       venite, preteriti,3 sine mora dumque de entibus nascituris decentius in
       lingua roman mortuorum parva chartula liviana ostenditur, seden-
       tes in letitiae super ollas carnium, spectantes immo situm lutetiae unde
       auspiciis secundis tantae consurgent humanae stirpes, antiquissimam
       flaminum amborium Jordani et Jambaptistae mentibus revolvamus
       sapientiam: totum tute fluvii modo mundo fluere, eadem quae ex
       aggere fututa iterum inter alveum fore futura, quodlibet sese
       ipsum per aliudpiam agnoscere contrarium, omnem demun amnem
       ripis rivalibus amplecti4       recurrently often, when him moved he
       would cake their chair, coached rebelliumtending mikes of his
       same and over his own choirage at Backlane Univarsity, among of
       which pupal souaves the pizdrool was pulled up, bred and bat



         1 Will you walk into my wavetrap? said the spiter to the shy. 
         2 If we each could always do all we ever did. 
         3 Dope in Canorian words we've made. Spish from the Doc. 
         4 Basqueesh, Finnican, Hungulash and Old Teangtaggle, the only pure 
    way to work a curse. 


tered, for a dillon a dollar,1 chanching letters for them vice o'verse
to bronze mottes and blending tschemes for em in tropadores and
doublecressing twofold thruths and devising tingling tailwords
too whilest, cunctant that another would finish his sentence for
him, he druider would smilabit eggways2 ned, he, to don't say
nothing, would, so prim, and pick upon his ten ordinailed ungles,
trying to undo with his teeth the knots made by his tongue,
retelling humself by the math hour, long as he's brood reel of
funnish ficts apout the shee, how faust of all and on segund
thoughts and the thirds the charmhim girlalove and fourther-
more and filthily with bag from Oxatown and baroccidents and
proper accidence and hoptohill and hexenshoes, in fine the whole
damning letter; and, in point of feet, when he landed in ourland's
leinster3 of saved and solomnones for the twicedhecame time, off
Lipton's strongbowed launch, the Lady Eva, in a tan soute of
sails4 he converted it's nataves, name saints, young ordnands,
maderaheads and old unguished P.T. Publikums, through the
medium of znigznaks with sotiric zeal, to put off the barcelonas5
from their peccaminous corpulums (Gratings, Mr Dane!) and
kiss on their bottes (Master!) as often as they came within blood-
shot of that other familiar temple and showed em the celestine
way to by his tristar and his flop hattrick and his perry humdrum
dumb and numb nostrums that he larned in Hymbuktu,6 and that
same galloroman cultous is very prevailend up to this windiest of
landhavemiseries all over what was beforeaboots a land of nods, in
spite of all the bloot, all the braim, all the brawn, all the brile, that
was shod, that were shat, that was shuk all the while, for our
massangrey if mosshungry people, the at Wickerworks,7 still hold


      1 An ounceworth of onions for a pennyawealth of sobs.
      2 Who brought us into the yellow world!
      3 Because it's run on the mountain and river system.
      4 When all them allied sloopers was ventitillated in their poppos and,
sliding down by creek and veek, stole snaking out to sea.
      5 They were plumped and plumed and jerried and citizens and racers, and
      6 Creeping Crawleys petery parley, banished to his native Ireland from
erring under Ryan.
   7 Had our retrospectable fearfurther gatch mutchtatches?


ford to their healing and 1 byleave in the old weights downupon
the Swanny, innovated by him, the prence di Propagandi, the
chrism for the christmass, the pillar of the perished and the rock
o'ralereality, and it is veritably belied, we belove, that not allsods
of esoupcans that's in the queen's pottage post and not allfinesof
greendgold that the Indus contains would overhinduce them,
(o.p.) to steeplechange back once from their ophis workship and
twice on sundises, to their ancient flash and crash habits of old
Pales time ere beam slewed cable 2 or Derzherr, live wire, fired
Benjermine Funkling outa th'Empyre, sin righthand son; which,
cummal, having listed curefully to the interlooking and the under-
lacking of her twentynine shifts or his continental's curses, pum-
mel, apostrophised Byrne's and Flamming's and Furniss's and
Bill Hayses's and Ellishly Haught's, hoc, they (t.a.W.), sick
or whole, stiff or sober, let drop as a doombody drops, with-
out another ostrovgods word eitherways, in their own lineal
descendance, as priesto as puddywhack, 3 coal on: 4 and, as we
gang along to gigglehouse, talking of molniacs' manias and
missions for mades to scotch the schlang and leathercoats for
murty magdies, of course this has blameall in that medeoturanian
world to say to blessed by Pointer the Grace's his privates judge-
ments 5 whenso to put it, disparito, duspurudo, desterrado, des-
pertieu, or, saving his presents for his own onefriend Bevradge,
Conn the Shaughraun; but to return for a moment from the
reptile's age 6 to the coxswain on the first landing (page Ainee
Rivière!) if the pretty Lady Elisabbess, Hotel des Ruines      she
laid her batsleeve for him two trueveres tell love (on the Ides of
Valentino's, at Idleness, Floods Area, Isolade, Liv's lonely
daughter, with the Comes Tichiami, of Prima Vista, Abroad,
suddenly), and beauty alone of all dare say when now, uncrowned,


      1 That is to sight, when cleared of factions, vulgure and decimating.
      2 They just spirits a body away.
      3 Patatapadatback.
      4 Dump her (the missuse).
      5 Fox him! The leggy colt!
      6 Do he not know that walleds had wars. Harring man, is neow king. This
is modeln times.


deceptered, in what niche of time 1 is Shee or where in the rose
world trysting, that was the belle of La Chapelle, shapely Liselle,
and the peg-of-my-heart of all the tompull or on whose limbs-to-
lave her semicupiose eyes now kindling themselves are brightning, 2
O Shee who then (4.32 M.P., old time, to be precise, according to
all three doctors waterburies that was Mac Auliffe and poor Mac-
Beth and poor MacGhimley to the tickleticks, of the synchron-
isms, all lauschening, a time also confirmed seven sincuries later by
the quatren medical johnny, poor old MacAdoo MacDollett, with
notary, 3 whose presence was required by law of Devine Fore-
sygth and decretal of the Douge) who after the first compliments 4
med darkist day light, gave him then that vantage of a Blinken-
sope's cuddlebath at her proper mitts      if she then, the then that
matters,      but, seigneur! she could never have forefelt, as she yet
will fearfeel, when the lovenext breaks out, such a coolcold
douche as him, the totterer, the four-flights-the-charmer, doub-
ling back, in nowtime, 5 bymby when saltwater he wush him these
iselands, O alors! to mount miss (the wooeds of Fogloot!) under
that chemise de fer and a vartryproof name, Multalusi (would it
wash?) with a cheek white peaceful as, wen shall say, a single pro-
fessed claire's 6 and his washawash tubatubtub and his diagonoser's
lampblick, to pure where they where hornest girls, to buy her in
par jure, il you plait, nuncandtunc and for simper, and other duel
mavourneens in plurible numbers from Arklow Vikloe to Louth
super Luck, come messes, come mams, and touch your spottprice
(for 'twas he was the born suborner, man) on behalf of an oldest
ablished firma of winebakers, Lagrima and Gemiti, later on, his
craft ebbing, invoked by the unirish title, Grindings of Nash, 7 the


            1 Muckross Abbey with the creepers taken off.
            2 Joke and Jilt will have their tilt.
            3 Old Mamalujorum and Rawrogerum.
            4 Why have these puerile blonds those large flexible ears?
            5 Pomeroy Roche of Portobello, or the Wreck of the Ragamuffin.
            6 No wonder Miss Dotsh took to veils and she descended from that
            7 The bookley with the rusin's hat is Patomkin but I'm blowed if I knowed
      who the slave is doing behind the curtain.


One and Only, Unic bar None, of Saint Yves by Landsend corn-
wer, man       ship me silver!, it must have been, faw! a terrible
mavrue mavone, to synamite up the old Adam-he-used-to, such a
finalley, and that's flat as Tut's fut, for whowghowho? the poour
girl, a lonely peggy, given the bird, so inseuladed as Crampton's
peartree, (she sall eurn bitter bed by thirt sweet of her face!), and
short wonder so many of the tomthick and tarry members in all
there subsequious ages of our timocracy tipped to console with her
at her mirrorable gracewindow'd hut 1 till the ives of Man, the
O'Kneels and the O'Prayins and the O'Hyens of Lochlaunstown
and the O'Hollerins of Staneybatter, hollyboys, all, burryripe
who'll buy?, 2 in juwelietry and kickychoses and madornaments
and that's not the finis of it (would it were!)      but to think of him
foundling a nelliza the second, 3 also cliptbuss (the best was still
there if the torso was gone) where he did and when he did, re-
triever to the last 4      escapes my forgetness now was it dust-
covered, nom de Lieu! on lapse or street ondown, through, for or
from a foe, by with as on a friend, at the Rectory? Vicarage Road?
Bishop's Folly? Papesthorpe?, after picket fences, stonewalls, out
and ins or oxers      for merry a valsehood whisprit he to manny a
lilying earling; 5 and to try to analyse that ambo's pair of brace-
leans akwart the rollyon trying to amarm all 6 of that miching
micher's bearded but insensible virility and its gaulish mous-
taches, Dammad and Groany, into her limited (tuff, tuff, que tu es
pitre!) lapse at the same slapse for towelling ends 7 in their dolight-
ful Sexsex home, Somehow-at-Sea (O little oily head, sloper's
brow and prickled ears !) as though he, a notoriety, a foist edition,
were a wrigular writher neonovene babe! 8      well, diarmuee and


        1 O hce! O hce
        2 Six and seven the League.
        3 It's all round me hat I'll wear a drooping dido
        4 Have you ever thought of a hitching your stern and being ourdeaned
    Mester Bootenfly, here's me and Myrtle is twinkling to know. 
        5 To show they caught preferment
        6 See the freeman's cuticatura by Fennella.
        7 Just one big booty's pot. 
        8 Charles de Simples had an infirmierity complexe before he died a natural 


granyou and Vae Vinctis that is what lamoor that of gentle
breast rathe is intaken seems circling toward out yondest (it's
life that's all chokered by that batch of grim rushers) heaven
help his hindmost and, mark mo, if the so greatly displeaced
diorems in the Saint Lubbock's Day number of that most improv-
ing of roundshows, Spice and Westend Woman (utterly exhausted
before publication, indiapepper edition shortly), are for our in-
dices, it agins to pear like it, par my fay, and there is no use for your
pastripreaching for to cheesse it either or praying fresh fleshblood
claspers of young catholick throats on Huggin Green 1 to take
warning by the prispast, why?, by cows ·.· man, in shirt, is how
he is più la gonna è mobile and .·. they wonet do ut; and, an you
could peep inside the cerebralised saucepan of this eer illwinded
goodfornobody, you would see in his house of thoughtsam (was
you, that is, decontaminated enough to look discarnate) what a
jetsam litterage of convolvuli of times lost or strayed, of lands
derelict and of tongues laggin too, longa yamsayore, not only that
but, search lighting, beached, bashed and beaushelled à la Mer
pharahead into faturity, your own convolvulis pickninnig capman
would real to jazztfancy the novo takin place of what stale words
whilom were woven with and fitted fairly featly for, so; and
equally so, the crame of the whole faustian fustian, whether your
launer's lightsome or your soulard's schwearmood, it is that,
whenas the swiftshut scareyss of our pupilteachertaut duplex will
hark back to lark to you symibellically that, though a day be as
dense as a decade, no mouth has the might to set a mearbound to
the march of a landsmaul, 2 in half a sylb, helf a solb, holf a salb on-
ward 3 the beast of boredom, common sense, lurking gyrographi-
cally down inside his loose Eating S.S. collar is gogoing of
whisth to you sternly how       Plutonic loveliaks twinnt Platonic
yearlings       you must, how, in undivided reawlity draw the line


    1 Where Buickly of the Glass and Bellows pumped the Rudge engineral.
    2 Matter of Brettaine and brut fierce.
    3 Bussmullah, cried Lord Wolsley, how me Aunty Mag'll row!


Coss? Cossist? Your parn! You, you make WHY MY AS
what name? (and in truth, as a poor soul is LIKEWISE
between shift and shift ere the death he has WHIS HIS.
lived through becomes the life he is to die
into, he or he had albut      he was rickets as to
reasons but the balance of his minds was
stables      lost himself or himself some som-
nione sciupiones, soswhitchoverswetch had
he or he gazet, murphy come, murphy go,
murphy plant, murphy grow, a maryamyria-
meliamurphies, in the lazily eye of his lapis,

geometry.gif (1675 bytes)

Uteralterance or Vieus Von DVbLIn, 'twas one of dozedeams
the Interplay of a darkies ding in dewood) the Turnpike under
Bones in the the Great Ulm (with Mearingstone in Fore
Womb. ground). 1 Given now ann linch you take enn
all. Allow me! And, heaving alljawbreakical
expressions out of old Sare Isaac's 2 universal
The Vortex. of specious aristmystic unsaid, A is for Anna
Spring of Sprung like L is for liv. Aha hahah, Ante Ann you're
Verse. The Ver- apt to ape aunty annalive! Dawn gives rise.
tex. Lo, lo, lives love! Eve takes fall. La, la, laugh
leaves alass! Aiaiaiai, Antiann, we're last to
the lost, Loulou! Tis perfect. Now (lens

                1 Draumcondra's Dream country where the betterlies blow.
                2 O, Laughing Sally, are we going to be toadhauntered by that old Pantifox
        Sir Somebody Something, Burtt, for the rest of our secret stripture?


your dappled yeye here, mine's presbyoperian,
shill and wall) we see the copyngink strayed-
line AL (in Fig., the forest) from being con-
tinued, stops ait Lambday1: Modder ilond
there too. Allow me anchore! I bring down
noth and carry awe. Now, then, take this in!
One of the most murmurable loose carollaries
Sarga, or the ever Ellis threw his cookingclass. With Olaf
path of outgoing. as centrum and Olaf's lambtail for his spokes-

man circumscript a cyclone. Allow ter! Hoop!

As round as the calf of an egg! O, dear
me! O, dear me now! Another grand dis-
cobely! After Makefearsome's Ocean. You've
actuary entducked one! Quok! Why, you
haven't a passer! Fantastic! Early' clever,
surely doomed, to Swift's, alas, the galehus!
Docetism and Match of a matchness, like your Bigdud dadder
Didicism, Maya- in the boudeville song, Gorotsky Gollovar's
Thaya. Tamas- Troubles, raucking his flavourite turvku in
Rajas-Sattvas. the smukking precincts of lydias,2 with Mary
Owens and Dolly Monks seesidling to edge
his cropulence and Blake-Roche, Kingston
and Dockrell auriscenting him from afurz, our
papacocopotl, 3 Abraham Bradley King? (ting
ting! ting ting!) By his magmasine fall. Lumps,
lavas and all.4 Bene! But, thunder and turf, it's
not alover yet! One recalls Byzantium. The
mystery repeats itself todate as our callback
mother Gaudyanna, that was daughter to a
tanner, 5 used to sing, as I think, now and then
consinuously over her possetpot in her quer

            1 Ex jup pep off Carpenger Strate. The kids' and dolls' home. Makeacake-
            2 A vagrant need is a flagrant weed.
            3 Grand for blowing off steam when you walk up in the morning.
            4 At the foot of Bagnabun Banbasday was lost on one.
            5 We're all found of our anmal matter.


homolocous humminbass hesterdie and ist-
herdie forivor. 1 Vanissas Vanistatums! And
The Vegetable for a night of thoughtsendyures and a day. As
Cell and its Pri- Great Shapesphere puns it. In effect, I re-
vate Properties. mumble, from the yules gone by, purr lil mur-
rerof myhind, so she used indeed. When she
give me the Sundaclouths she hung up for
Tate and Comyng and snuffed out the ghost
in the candle at his old game of haunt the
sleepper. Faithful departed. When I'm dream-
ing back like that I begins to see we're only
all telescopes. Or the comeallyoum saunds.
Like when I dromed I was in Dairy and was
wuckened up with thump in thudderdown.
Rest in peace! But to return. 2 What a wonder-
ful memory you have too! Twonderful
morrowy! Straorbinaire! Bene! I bring town
eau and curry nothung up my sleeve. Now,
springing quickenly from the mudland Loosh
from Luccan with Allhim as her Elder tetra-
turn a somersault. All's fair on all fours, as
my instructor unstrict me. Watch! And you'll

have the whole inkle. Allow, allow! Gyre O,

gyre O, gyrotundo! Hop lala! As umpty
herum as you seat! O, dear me, that was very
nesse! Very nace indeed! And makes us a
The haves and daintical pair of accomplasses! You, allus for
the havenots: a the kunst and me for omething with a handel
distinction. to it. Beve! Now, as will pressantly be felt,
there's tew tricklesome poinds where our
twain of doubling bicirculars, mating approxe-
metely in their suite poi and poi, dunloop
into eath the ocher. Lucihere! I fee where you

            1 Sewing up the beillybursts in their buckskin shiorts for big Kapitayn
       Killykook and the Jukes of Kelleiney.
            2 Say where! A timbrelfill of twinkletinkle.


mea. The doubleviewed seeds. Nun, lemmas
quatsch, vide pervoys akstiom, and I think as
I'm suqeez in the limon, stickme punctum, but
for semenal rations I'd likelong, by Araxes,
to mack a capital Pee for Pride down there
on the batom 1 where Hoddum and Heave, our
monsterbilker, balked his bawd of parodies.
Zweispaltung as And let you go, Airmienious, and mick your
Fundemaintalish modest mock Pie out of Humbles up your
of Wiederher- end. Where your apexojesus will be a point
stellung. of order. With a geing groan grunt and a
croak click cluck. 2 And my faceage kink and
kurkle trying to make keek peep. 3 Are you
right there, Michael, are you right? Do you
think you can hold on by sitting tight? Well,
of course, it's awful angelous. Still I don't feel
it's so dangelous. Ay, I'm right here, Nickel,
and I'll write. Singing the top line why it
suits me mikey fine. But, yaghags hogwarts
and arrahquinonthiance, it's the muddest thick
that was ever heard dump since Eggsmather
got smothered in the plap of the pfan. Now,
to compleat anglers, beloved bironthiarn and
hushtokan hishtakatsch, join alfa pea and
pull loose by dotties and, to be more
sparematically logoical, eelpie and paleale by
trunkles. Alow me align while I encloud
especious! The Nike done it. Like pah,4 I peh.
Innate little bondery. And as plane as a poke
stiff.5 Now, aqua in buccat. I'll make you to
see figuratleavely the whome of your eternal                      

            1 Parsee ffrench for the upholdsterer would be delightered.
            2 I'll pass out if the screw spliss his strut.
            3 Thargam then goeligum? If you sink I can, swimford. Suksumkale!
            4 Hasitatense?
            5 The impudence of that in girl's things!


geomater. And if you flung her headdress on            
her from under her highlows you'd wheeze
whyse Salmonson set his seel on a hexen-
Destiny, In- gown.1 Hissss!, Arrah, go on! Fin for fun!
fluence of Design You've spat your shower like a son of Sibernia
upon. but let's have at it! Subtend to me now! Pisk!
Outer serpumstances beiug ekewilled, we care-
fully, if she pleats, lift by her seam hem and
jabote at the spidsiest of her trickkikant (like
thousands done before since fillies calpered.
Ocone! Ocone!) the maidsapron of our A.L.P.,
fearfully! till its nether nadir is vortically where
(allow me aright to two cute winkles) its naval's
Prometheus or napex will have to beandbe. You must proach
the Promise of near mear for at is dark. Lob. And light
Provision. your mech. Jeldy! And this is what you'll say.2
Waaaaaa. Tch! Sluice! Pla! And their, redneck,
(for addn't we to gayatsee with Puhl the Pun-
kah's bell?) mygh and thy, the living spit of
dead waters, 3 fastness firm of Hurdlebury Fenn,
discinct and isoplural in its (your sow to
the duble) sixuous parts, flument, fluvey and
fluteous, midden wedge of the stream's your
muddy old triagonal delta, fiho miho, plain
for you now, appia lippia pluvaville, (hop the
hula, girls!) the no niggard spot of her safety
vulve, first of all usquiluteral threeingles, (and
why wouldn't she sit cressloggedlike the lass
that lured a tailor?) the constant of fluxion,
Mahamewetma, pride of the province 4 and
when that tidled boare rutches up from the
Afrantic, allaph quaran's his bett und bier! 5

                            1 The chape of Doña Speranza of the Nacion.
                            2 Ugol egal ogle. Mi vidim Mi.
                            3 It is, it is Sangannon's dream.
                            4 And all meinkind.
                            5 Whangpoos the paddle and whiss whee whoo.


Ambages and Paa lickam laa lickam, apl lpa! This it is an her.
Their Rôle. You see her it. Which it whom you see it is
her. And if you could goaneggbetter we'd soon
see some raffant scrumala riffa. Quicks herit
fossyending. Quef! So post that to your pape
and smarket! And you can haul up that languil
pennant, mate. I've read your tunc's dimissage.
For, let it be taken that her littlenist is of no
magnetude or again let it be granted that Doll
the laziest can be dissimulant with all respects
from Doll the fiercst, thence must any what-
youlike in the power of empthood be either
Ecclasiastical greater THaN or less THaN the unitate we
and Celestial have in one or hence shall the vectorious ready-
Hierarchies. The eyes of evertwo circumflicksrent searclhers
Ascending. The never film in the elipsities of their gyribouts
Descending. those fickers which are returnally reprodictive
of themselves. 1 Which is unpassible. Quarrel-
lary. The logos of somewome to that base any-
thing, when most characteristically mantissa
minus, comes to nullum in the endth: 2 orso,
here is nowet badder than the sin of Aha with
his cosin Lil, verswaysed on coverswised, and
all that's consecants and cotangincies till Per-
perp stops repippinghim since her redtangles
are all abscissan for limitsing this tendency of
our Frivulteeny Sexuagesima 3 to expense her-
The peripatetic selfs as sphere as possible, paradismic peri-
periphery. It's mutter, in all directions on the bend of the
Allothesis. unbridalled, the infinisissimalls of her facets
becoming manier and manier as the calicolum
of her umdescribables (one has thoughts of
that eternal Rome) shrinks from schurtiness

            1 I enjoy as good as anyone.
            2 Neither a soul to be saved nor a body to be kicked.
            3 The boast of the town.


to scherts. 1 Scholium, there are trist sigheds to
everysing but ichs on the freed brings euchs to
the feared. Qued? Mother of us all! O, dear
me, look at that now! I don't know is it your
spictre or my omination but I'm glad you
dimentioned it! My Lourde! My Lourde! If
that aint just the beatenest lay I ever see! And
a superpbosition! Quoint a quincidence! O.K.
Canine Venus Omnius Kollidimus. As Ollover Krumwall
sublimated to sayed when he slepped ueber his grannya-
Aulidic mother. Kangaroose feathers: Who in the name
Aphrodite. of thunder'd ever belevin you were that bolt?
But you're holy mooxed and gaping up the
wrong palce 2 as if you was seeheeing the gheist
that stays forenenst, you blessed simpletop
domefool! Where's your belested loiternan's
lamp? You must lap wandret down the bluish-
ing refluction below. Her trunk's not her brain-
box. Hear where the bolgylines, Yseen here the
puncture. So he done it. Luck! See her good.
Exclusivism: the Well, well, well, well! O dee, O dee, that's
Ors, Sors and very lovely! We like Simperspreach Hammel-
Fors, which? tones to fellow Selvertunes O'Haggans. 3 When
he rolls over his ars and shows the hise of his
heels. Vely lovely entilely! Like a yangsheep-
slang with the tsifengtse. So analytical plaus-
ible! And be the powers of Moll Kelly, neigh-
bour topsowyer, it will be a lozenge to me all
my lauffe. 4 More better twofeller we been speak
copperads. Ever thought about Guinness's?
And the regrettable Parson Rome's advice?

            1 Hen's bens, are we soddy we missiled her?
            2 I call that a scumhead.
            3 Pure chingchong idiotism with any way words all in one soluble. Gee
    each owe tea eye smells fish. That's U.
            4 The Doodles family, HCEt.gif (61 bytes), ALPt.gif (77 bytes), ISSYt.gif (60 bytes)Fourt.gif (68 bytes), wpe15D.jpg (685 bytes), SHAUNt.gif (92 bytes), SHEMt.gif (63 bytes). Hoodle doodle,


Want to join the police. 1 You know, you were
always one of the bright ones, since a foot
made you an unmentionable, fakes! You know,
you're the divver's own smart gossoon, aequal
to yoursell and wanigel to anglyother, so you
are, hoax! You know, you'll be dampned, so
you will, one of these invernal days but you
will be, carrotty! 2
Primanouriture      Wherapool, gayet that when he stop look SICK US A
and Ultimo- time he stop long ground who here hurry he SOCK WITH
geniture. would have ever the lothst word, with a sweet SOME SEDI-
me ah err eye ear marie to reat from the jacob's 3 MENT IN IT
and a shypull for toothsake of his armjaws FOR THE
at the slidepage of de Vere Foster, would and SAKE OF OUR
could candykissing P. Kevin to fress up the DARNING
rinnerung and to ate by hart (leo I read, such a WIVES.
spanish, escribibis, all your mycoscoups) wont
to nibbleh ravenostonnoriously ihs mum to
me in bewonderment of his chipper chuthor
for, while that Other by the halp of his creac-
tive mind offered to deleberate the mass from
the booty of fight our Same with the holp
of the bounty of food sought to delubberate
the mess from his corructive mund, with his
muffetee cuffes ownconsciously grafficking
with his sinister cyclopes after trigamies and
spirals' wobbles pursuiting their rovinghamil-
ton selves and godolphing in fairlove to see
around the waste of noland's browne jesus 4
(thur him no quartos!) till that on him poorin
No Sturm. No sweat the juggaleer's veins (quench his quill!)
Drang. in his napier scrag stud out bursthright tam-

            1 Picking on Nickagain, Pikey Mikey?
            2 Early morning, sir Dav Stephens, said the First Gentleman in youreups.
            3 Bag bag blockcheap, have you any will?
            4 What a lubberly whide elephant for the men-in-the-straits!


Illustration. quam taughtropes. (Spry him! call a blood
lekar! Where's Dr Brassenaarse?) Es war itwas
in his priesterrite. O He Must Suffer! From this
misbelieving feacemaker to his noncredible
fancyflame.1 Ask for bosthoon, late for Mass,
pray for blaablaablack sheep. (Sure you could
wright anny pippap passage, Eye bet, as foyne
as that moultylousy Erewhig, yerself, mick!
Nock the muddy nickers! 2 Christ's Church
varses Bellial!) Dear and he went on to scripple
Ascription of the gentlemine born, milady bread, he would pen
Active. for her, he would pine for her, 3 how he would
patpun fun for all 4 with his frolicky frowner
so and his glumsome grinner otherso. And how
are you, waggy? 5 My animal his sorrafool!
And trieste, ah trieste ate I my liver! Se non é
vero son trovatore. O jerry! He was soso, harriot
all! He was sadfellow, steifel! He was mister-
mysterion. Like a purate out of pensionee with
a gouvernament job. All moanday, tearsday,
wailsday, thumpsday, frightday, shatterday till
the fear of the Law. Look at this twitches!
He was quisquis, floored on his plankraft of
shittim wood. Look at him! Sink deep or
Proscription of touch not the Cartesian spring! Want more
the Passive. ashes, griper? How diesmal he was lying low
on his rawside laying siege to goblin castle.
And, bezouts that, how hyenesmeal he was
laying him long on his laughside lying sack
to croakpartridge. (Be thou wars Rolaf's intes-

            1 And she had to seek a pond's apeace to salve her suiterkins. Sued!
            2 Excuse theyre christianbrothers irish?
            3 When she tripped against the briery bush he profused her allover with
       curtsey flowers.
            4 A nastilow disigraible game.
            5 Dear old Erosmas. Very glad you are going to Penmark. Write to the
       corner. Grunny Grant.


tions, quoths the Bhagavat biskop Leech) Ann
opes tipoo soon ear! If you could me lendtill
my pascol's kondyl, sahib, and the price of a
plate of poultice. Punked. With best apolojigs
and merrymoney thanks to self for all the
Ensouling Fe- clerricals and again begs guerdon for bistris-
male Sustains pissing on your bunificence. Well wiggy-
Agonising Over- wiggywagtail, and how are you, yaggy? With
man. a capital Tea for Thirst. From here Buvard to
dear Picuchet. Blott.
     Now, (peel your eyes, my gins, and brush WHEN THE
your saton hat, me elementator joyclid, son of ANSWERER
a Butt! She's mine, Jow low jure, 1 be Skibber- IS A LEMAN.  
ing's eagles, sweet tart of Whiteknees Arch-
way) watch him, having caught at the bi-
furking calamum in his bolsillos, the onelike
underworp he had ever funnet without diffi-
cultads, the aboleshqvick, signing away in
Sesama to the happinext complete, (Exquisite Game of in-
Rescues. The spiration! I always adored your hand. So could
Key Signature. I too and without the scrope of a pen. Ohr for
oral, key for crib, olchedolche and a lunge ad
lib. Can you write us a last line? From Smith-
Jones-Orbison?) intrieatedly in years, jirry-
alimpaloop. And i Romain, hup u bn gd grl. 2
Unds alws my thts. To fallthere at bare feet
hurryaswormarose. Two dies of one raffle-
ment. Eche bennyache. Outstamp and dis-
tribute him at the expanse of his society. To
be continued. Anon.
      And ook, ook, ook, fanky! All the charic- ALL SQUARE
tures 3 in the drame! This is how San holy- AND

            1 I loved to see the Macbeths Jerseys knacking spots of the Plumpduffs
            2 Lifp year fends you all and moe, fouvenirs foft as fummer fnow, fweet
        willings and forget-uf-knots.
            3 Gag his tubes yourself.


    polypools. And this, pardonsky! is the way   ACCORDING
    Romeopullupalleaps. 1 Pose the pen, man,   TO COCKER.
    way me does. Way ole missa vellatooth fust  
    show me how. Fourth power to her illpogue!  
  Force Centres of   Bould strokes for your life! Tip! This is Steal,  
  the Fire Serpen-   this is Barke, this is Starn, this is Swhipt, this is  
  tine: heart,   Wiles, this is Pshaw, this is Doubbllinnbbay-  
  throat, navel,   yates. 2 This is brave Danny weeping his spache  
  spleen, sacral,   for the popers. This is cool Connolly wiping  
  fontanella, inter-   his hearth with brave Danny. And this, regard!  
  temporal eye.   how Chawleses Skewered parparaparnelligoes  
  Conception of the   between brave Danny boy and the Connolly.  
  Compromise and   Upanishadem! Top. Spoken hath L'arty Ma-  
  Finding of a   gory. Eregob ragh. Prouf! 3  
  Formula.        And Kev was wreathed with his pother. TROTHBLOWERS.
    But, (that Jacoby feeling again for fore- FIG AND
    bitten fruit and, my Georgeous, Kevvy too he THISTLE
    just loves his puppadums, I judge!) after all his PLOT A PIG
    autocratic writings of paraboles of famellicurbs AND WHISTLE.
    and meddlied muddlingisms, thee faroots hof  
  Ideal Present   cullchaw end ate citrawn woodint wun able  
  Alone Produces   rep of the triperforator awlrite blast through  
  Real Future.   his pergaman hit him where he lived and do for  
    the blessted selfchuruls, what I think, smarter  
    like it done for a manny another unpious of  
    the hairydary quare quandary firstings till at  
    length, you one bladdy bragger, by mercy-  
    stroke he measured his earth anyway? could  
    not but recken in his adder's badder cadder  
    way our frankson who, to be plain, he fight  
    him all time twofeller longa kill dead finish  
    bloody face blong you, was misocain. Wince  

1 He, angel that I thought him, and he not aebel to speel eelyotripes., Mr
Tellibly Divilcult!
2 When the dander rattles how the peacocks prance!
3 The Brownes de Browne - Browne of Castlehacknolan.


  wan's won! Rip! 1 And his countinghands  
      Formalisa. Loves deathhow simple! WITH EBONISER.
      Slutningsbane. 2 IN PIX.
Service super-     Thanks eversore much, Pointcarried! I can't EUCHRE
seding self. say if it's the weight you strike me to the RISK, MERCI 
  quick or that red mass I was looking at but at BUCKUP, AND
  the present momentum, potential as I am, I'm MIND WHO
  seeing rayingbogeys rings round me. Honours YOU'RE
  to you and may you be commended for our PUCKING,
  exhibitiveness! I'd love to take you for a FLEBBY.
  bugaboo ride and play funfer all if you'd only  
  sit and be the ballasted bottle in the porker  
  barrel. You will deserve a rolypoly as long  
  as from here to tomorrow. And to hell with  
  them driftbombs and bottom trailers! If my  
  maily was bag enough I'd send you a toxis.  
  By Saxon Chromaticus, you done that lovely  
  for me! Didn't he now, Nubilina? Tiny Mite,  
  she studiert whas? With her listeningin coif-  
  fure, her dream of Endsland's daylast and the  
  glorifires of being presainted maid to majesty. 3  
  And less is the pity for she isn't the lollypops  
  she easily might be if she had for a sample  
  Virginia's air of achievement. That might  
  Catastrophe and keep her from throwing delph. 4 As I was saying,  
  Anabasis. while retorting thanks, you make me a reborn  
  The rotary pro- of the cards. We're offals boys ambows. 5  
  cessus and its For I've flicked up all the crambs as they  
  reestablishment crumbed from your table um, singing glory  
  of reciprocities. allaloserem, cog it out, here goes a sum. So  

          1 A byebye bingbang boys! See you Nutcracker Sunday!
          2 Chinchin Childaman! Chapchopchap!
          3 Wipe your glosses with what you know.
          4 If I'd more in the cups that peeves thee you could cracksmith your rows
          5 Alls Sings and Alls Howls.


read we in must book. It tells. He prophets
most who bilks the best.
    And that salubrated sickenagiaour of yaours COME SI
have teaspilled all my hazeydency. Forge away, COMPITA
Sunny Sim! Sheepshopp. Bleating Goad, it is CUNCTITI-
the least of things, Eyeinstye! Imagine it, my TITILATIO?
deep dartry dullard! It is hours giving, not CONKERY
more. I'm only out for celebridging over the CUNK,
guilt of the gap in your hiscitendency. You are THIGH-
a hundred thousand times welcome, old wort- THIGHT-
sampler, hellbeit you're just about as culpable TICKELLY-
The Twofold as my woolfell merger would be. In effect I THIGH, LIG-
Truth and the could engage in an energument over you till GERILAG,
Conjunctive Ap- you were republicly royally toobally prussic TITTERITOT,
petites of Oppo-   blue in the shirt after.1 Trionfante di bestia! And LEG IN A TEE,      
sitional Orexes. if you're not your bloater's kipper may I never LUG IN A
curse again on that pint I took of Jamesons. LAW, TWO
Old Keane now, you're rod, hook and sinker, AT A TIE,
old jubalee Keane! Biddy's hair. Biddy's hair, THREE ON A
mine lubber. Where is that Quin but he sknows THRICKY
it knot but what you that are my popular end- TILL OHIO
phthisis were born with a solver arm up your OHIO
Trishagion. sleep. Thou in shanty! Thou in scanty shanty!! IOIOMISS.
Thou in slanty scanty shanty!!! Bide in your
hush! Bide in your hush, do! The law does
not aloud you to shout. I plant my penstock
in your postern, chinarpot. Ave! And let it be
to all remembrance. Vale. Ovocation of maid-
ing waters. 2 For auld lang salvy steyne. I
defend you to champ my scullion's praises.
To book alone belongs the lobe. Foremaster's
meed 3 will mark tomorrow, when we are
making pilscrummage to whaboggeryin with

            1 From three shellings. A bluedye sacrifice.
            2 Not Kilty. But the manajar was. He! He! Ho! Ho! Ho!
            3 Giglamps, Soapy Geyser, The Smell and Gory Mac Gusty.


staff, scarf and blessed wallet and our aureoles
round our neckkandcropfs where as and when
Heavysciusgardaddy, parent who offers sweet-
Abnegation is meats, will gift uns his Noblett's surprize.
Adaptation. With this laudable purpose in loud ability let
us be singulfied. Betwixt me and thee hung
cong. Item, mizpah ends.
     But while the dial are they doodling dawd- ENTER THE
ling over the mugs and the grubs? Oikey, COP AND
Impostolopulos? 1 Steady steady steady steady HOW.
steady studiavimus. Many many many many SECURES
many manducabimus. 2 We've had our day at triv GUBERNANT
and quad and writ our bit as intermidgets. Art, URBIS
literature, politics, economy, chemistry, human- TERROREM.
Cato. ity, &c. Duty, the daughter of discipline, the
Nero. Great Fire at the South City Markets, Belief in
Saul. Aristotle. Giants and the Banshee, A Place for Every-
Julius Caesar. thing and Everything in its Place, Is the Pen
Pericles. Mightier than the Sword? A Successful Career
Ovid. in the Civil Service, 3 The Voice of Nature in
Adam, Eve. the Forest, 4 Your Favorite Hero or Heroine,
Domitian. Edipus. On the Benefits of Recreation, 5 If Standing
Socrates. Stones Could Speak, Devotion to the Feast of
Ajax. the Indulgence of Portiuncula, The Dublin
Metropolitan Police Sports at Ballsbridge, De-
Homer. scribe in Homely Anglian Monosyllables the

Marcus Aurelius.

Wreck of the Hesperus, 6 What Morals, if any,
can be drawn from Diarmuid and Grania? 7 Do
Alcibiades. you Approve of our Existing Parliamentary
Lucretius. System? The Uses and Abuses of Insects, A

          1 The divvy wants that babbling brook. Dear Auntie Emma Emma Eates.
          2 Strike the day off, the nightcap's on nigh. Goney, goney gone!
          3 R.C., disengaged, good character, would help, no salary.
          4 Where Lily is a Lady found the nettle rash.
          5 Bubabipibambuli, I can do as I like with what's me own. Nyamnyam.
          6 Able seaman's caution.
          7 Rarely equal and distinct in all things.


Noah. Plato. Visit to Guinness' Brewery, Clubs, Advan-
Horace. Isaac. tages of the Penny Post, When is a Pun not a
Tiresias. Pun? Is the Co-Education of Animus and                
Marius. Anima Wholly Desirable? 1 What Happened at
Diogenes. Clontarf? Since our Brother Johnathan Signed
Procne, Philo- the Pledge or the Meditations of Two Young
mela. Abraham. Spinsters, 2 Why we all Love our Little Lord
Nestor. Cincin- Mayor, Hengler's Circus Entertainment, On
natus. Leonidas. Thrift, 3 The Kettle-Griffith-Moynihan Scheme
Jacob. for a New Electricity Supply, Travelling in the
Theocritus. Olden Times, 4 American Lake Poetry, the
Joseph. Strangest Dream that was ever Halfdreamt. 5
Fabius. Samson. Circumspection, Our Allies the Hills, Are
Cain. Parnellites Just towards Henry Tudor? Tell a
Esop. Friend in a Chatty Letter the Fable of the
Prometheus. Grasshopper and the Ant, 6 Santa Claus, The
Lot. Pompeius Magnus, Shame of Slumdom, The Roman Pontiffs
Miltiades Strategos. and the Orthodox Churches, 7 The Thirty
Solon. Hour Week, Compare the Fistic Styles of
Castor, Pollux. Jimmy Wilde and Jack Sharkey, How to
Dionysius. Understand the Deaf, Should Ladies learn
Sappho. Music or Mathematics? Glory be to Saint
Moses. Job. Patrick! What is to be found in a Dustheap,
Catilina. The Value of Circumstantial Evidence,
Cadmus. Ezekiel. Should Spelling? Outcasts in India, Collecting
Solomon. Themistocles. Pewter, Eu, 8 Proper and Regular Diet
Vitellius. Darius. Necessity For, 9 If You Do It Do It Now.

                1 Jests and the Beastalk with a little rude hiding rod.
                2 Wherry like the whaled prophet in a spookeerie.
                3 What sins is pim money sans Paris!
                4 I've lost the place, where was I?
                5 Something happened that time I was asleep, torn letters or was there
                6 Mich for his pain, Nick in his past.
                7 He has toglieresti in brodo all over his agrammatical parts of face and as for
            that hippofoxphiz, unlucky number, late for the christening!
                8 Eh, Monsieur? Où Monsieur? Eu, Monsieur? Nenni No, Monsieur!
                9 Ere we hit the hay, brothers, let's have that response to prayer!


Xenophon. Delays are Dangerous. Vitavite! Gobble
Anne: tea's set, see's eneugh! Mox soonly
will be in a split second per the chancellory
of his exticker.
Pantocracy.        Aun MAWMAW,




ity. Naturality.


FIZZIN OVER!        

       Cush 1









ness. Predicam-

       Geg 2

ent. Balance of        Their feed begins. KAKAO-
the factual by the POETICS
theoric Boox and LIPPUDENIES
Coox, Amallaga- OF THE
mated. UNGUMP-




With our best youlldied greedings to Pep
and Memmy and the old folkers below and
beyant, wishing them all very merry Incar-
nations in this land of the livvey and plenty
of preprosperousness through their coming
new yonks


jake, jack and little sousoucie

(the babes that mean too)

kish.gif (853 bytes)

1 Kish is for anticheirst, and the free of my hand to him!

crossbun.gif (1073 bytes)

2 And gags for skool, and crossbuns and whopes he'll enjoyimsolff over 
our drawings on the line!


..."As we there are where are we are we there haltagain. By recourse, of course, recoursing from tomtittot to teetootomtotalitarian."... (So the phrase got lost either on the (missing) typescript and proofs for transition No.23, July 1935, or on the marked transition pages for the typesetter of Storiella.) (Robbert-Jan Henkes, 10 April 2001). 

unde (l) - where + et (l) - and + ubi (l) - when + unde et ubi (l) - whence and where.

tomtit - a common name of the Blue Titmouse (Parus cæruleus); transf. applied to a little man or boy + Tom Tit Tot - book by E. Clodd about primitive religions + tot - a very small or tiny child.

teetotum - a very little person; a four-sided disk spun in a game of chance + teetotal - absolute, complete, perfect, entire. (More emphatic than total) + totalitarian - an adherent of totalitarian principles or totalitarian government.  

cap - to pass the comprehension of; to puzzle, bring to one's wit's end

hook - to attach oneself or be attached with or as with a hook; to catch hold of and draw as with a hook + hook and eye (Slang) - arm in arm.

hike - a long walk usually for exercise or pleasure

pint - a measure of capacity for liquids, equal to half a quart or 18 of a gallon; a pint of ale or beer, or other liquor + pint of porter place - Earwicker's public house.

shot - a supply or amount of drink (obs.) + "why do I am alook alike two poss of porterpease? And: Shut! says the wicked, handwording her madesty."

Maurice Behan ('S) and his version of Ain Soph

Romish - belonging, pertaining, or adhering to Rome in respect of religion; Roman Catholic + rawmaish (Anglo-Irish) - romance or fiction, foolish nonsense, brainless talk (from Irish: ráiméis) + raw meat.

girlish - of or pertaining to a girl or to girlhood + Gaedhealg (gelg) (gael) - Irish language + garlic.

teanga (t'one) (gael) - tongue, language

Herod - king of Judæa (b.c. 74 - 4). He was described as "a madman who murdered his own family and a great many rabbis." He is also known for his colossal building projects in Jerusalem and other parts of the ancient world. He suffered from a gangrenous skin infection at the time of his death. Others report that the visible worms and putrefaction described in his final days are likely to have been scabies.

Cromwell + Mark of Cornwall.

eczema - 'an acute, or chronic, non-contagious, simple inflammation of the skin, characterized by the presence of itching papules and vesicles which discharge a serous fluid, or dry up' (Syd. Soc. Lex.). There are many kinds of eczema; a form occurring in cattle (E. epizooticum), is known as 'the foot and mouth disease'.

go for - to have for one's aim; to concentrate effort on the attainment of (an object); to assail, attack (whether with physical force or violent language)

snuffler - a person who breathes noisily (as through a nose blocked by mucus); one who speaks through the nose; one who uses cant

canary - canary-bird; an informer, a stool pigeon + blue canary - an emergency worker (especially a police officer or first responder) whose death alerts other personnel to a hazardous situation; Etymological Note: From the use of canaries in coal mines, whose death would alert miners to the presence of dangerous gases + Mobsters would kill someone and place a dead canary next to the body to signify that the victim was a "stool pigeon" or a rat + 'Twas off the Blue Canaries (song). 

beaver - a shade of brown resembling that of the fur of a beaver; a beard; the female genitals or the pubic area in general

itinerary - a line or course of travel, a route; a book describing a route by land or sea, or tracing the course of the roads in a region or district, with measurements of distance, accounts of places and objects of interest, and other information for travellers.

particular - pertaining or relating to a single definite thing or person, or set of things or persons, as distinguished from others; special; not general

universal - Logic and Philos. That which is predicated or asserted of all the individuals or species of a class or genus, or of many things which are regarded as forming a class; an abstract or general concept regarded either as having an absolute, mental, or nominal existence + (particular and universal propositions are opposites in logic).

whence - from what place or origin or source + FDV: So let us follow them quick lunch. Down Livy Lane, along Mezzofanti Mall, then across Lavatery Square, up Tycho Brahe Terrace, along Isaac Newton Avenue through S. Catechista's gate till we find ourselves (hoult!) in Guild Circus with memorability mosoleum Length Without Breath of one who is more Mob than Man. (The germ of this chapter is the section published as the "Muddest Thick That Was Ever Heard Dump" and called by Joyce the "triangle.")

quick lunch - establishment selling lunches that can be served and eaten quickly + (Joyce's note): 'quick lunch' → O. Henry: The Four Million 44: 'Between Rounds': ''Twas hasty puddin', as ye say,... and hurry-up turnips and get-a-move-on-ye coffee. 'Twas what ye could call a quick lunch, all right, and tell no lie'.

'quick march... by the left' (army) + SDV: Hither let us as we have rest and followed them, quick lunch, buy our lefts, halt, long Livius Lane, Mid Mezzofanti Mall, diagonising Lavatery Square, up Tycho Brahe Crescent, Shouldering Berkeley's Alley? under Saint Cecilia's Archeway, to befinding ourselves, when old is sad and one, afore a mosoleum, Length without Breath, of Him, a chip off the evums who is more mob than Man. (The preceding passage, which Joyce may have dictated to his typist, seems to have been added late even to the typescript where it occupies a page by itself.)

menly = meanly + mainly - for the most part; in the main + MAINLY ABOUT PEOPLE - London weekly, known as "M.A.P.," published 1898-1911 by Thomas Power ("Tay Pay") O'Connor, Irish politician and journalist.  

peeble - obs. forms of pebble, piece + "peebles in the Play" is an ancient ballad which Percy didn't include in his Reliques because it was too obsolete. Peebles is a place in Scotland. A note in Buffalo Workbook #10 suggests it may have to do with Sligo. 

Mezzofanti - the name of Giuseppe Mezzofanti (1774-1849), an Italian cardinal who was master of more than fifty languages, used to denote a person of exceptional linguistic ability.

mall - a sheltered walk serving as a promenade; in some towns adopted as a proper name

diagonalize - to move in a diagonal + (AL forms the diagonal of the APLπ square [293.12]).

lavatory - a room equipped with toilet facilities + Lavater, Johann Kaspar (1741-1801) - Swiss poet and physiognomist. 

Tycho Brahe - Danish astronomer whose work in developing astronomical instruments and in measuring and fixing the positions of stars paved the way for future discoveries.

crescent - a row of houses built in the form of the inner bow of a crescent moon or arc of a circle + (continue up to π).

mercery - a term for expensive fabrics (silk, linen, and fustian textiles) + MATER MISERICORDIAE HOSPITAL - At Eceles Street and Berkeley Road (Mulligan works there) + Mercury - Roman god of merchants, thieves, money, etc., etc., identified with Hermes and Thoth. As Shaun walks the Via Dolorosa backward in III,i ii, he is always illustrating some attribute of backward-walking Mercury-Hermes-Thoth, and, therefore, the naming of the god gives no notion of how he dominates the material. In Ulysses, Mulligan is Mercury, and so is, in part, one of the models for Shaun. (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake).

dripping - having liquid falling off in drops + Joyce's note: 'drippy nipples' ('y' replaces a cancelled 'ing') Crawford: Back to the Long Grass 107: 'stubby little milch goats waddling along with dripping nipples'.

shoulder - Of inanimate things: To form a shoulder, project as a shoulder.

Berkeley George - (1685-1753), Anglo-Irish Anglican bishop, philosopher, and scientist, best known for his Empiricist philosophy, which holds that everything save the spiritual exists only insofar as it is perceived by the senses.

retch - to throw up in vomiting + Solfa: do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si, do.

down and out - completely without resources or means of livelihood; absolutely 'done'

quer (ger) - across

Gainsborough Thomas - (1727-1788), portrait and landscape painter, the most versatile English painter of the 18th century.

carfax - a place where four roads or streets meet (sometimes extended to more than four); the 'Four Arts': music, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy.

Guido d'Arezzo - (990-1050), medieval music theorist whose principles served as a foundation for modern Western musical notation.  

gateway - a frame or arch in which a gate is hung; a structure built at or over a gate, for ornament or defence + gade (Danish) - street.

while - to pass or get through (a vacant time), esp. by some idle or trivial occupation

whither - to move with force or impetus, to rush

before + fahr (ger) - ride.

fear (Irish) - man

slavish - of, belonging to, or characteristic of, a slave; befitting a slave; servile, abject

filial - of or pertaining to a son or daughter

montan - obs. form of mountain

wetting (Slang) - fucking + wedding.

moll - a prostitute; gen., a girl, woman; a girl-friend or sweetheart, esp. of a criminal

enthusiast - one who is full of 'enthusiasm' for a cause or principle, or who enters with enthusiasm into a pursuit

cuckle - dial. var of cockle (n.) + cuddling.

hoyden - a rude, or ill-bred girl (or woman); a boisterous noisy girl, a romp

floodlight - a light providing a beam of intense illumination

exponent - he who or that which sets forth as a representative or type, as a symbol or index

rougy - full of, sprinkled with, rouge; resembling rouge (a fine red powder prepared from safflower, and used as a cosmetic to give an artificial colour to the cheeks or lips) + (red).

Chink - a Chinaman (yellow)

minx - a pert girl, hussy (now often merely playful)

jupe - a woman's skirt; a woman's jacket, kirtle, or bodice + jade - a light green color varying from bluish green to yellowish green; a term of reprobation applied to a woman. Also used playfully, like hussy or minx.

blouse - a loosely-fitting bodice worn by women and girls, usually tucked inside the skirt at  the waist + Bluse (ger) - blouse + blue.

index - to furnish (the parts of a diagram) with different symbols to facilitate identification in the accompanying description + indigo.


ludo - a game, played with dice and counters on a special board + ludo (l) - I play + (strip poker).

fetching - alluring, fascinating, pleasing

clingaround corset (Joyce's note)

fjell (Norwegian) = fjäll (Swedish) - mountain + en elv, et fjeld (Danish) - 'a stream, a mountain'.

wist - attentive, intent

whirr - a continuous vibratory sound, such as that made by the rapid fluttering of a bird's or insect's wings, by a wheel turning swiftly, or by a body rushing through the air.

whin = whinstone - a name for various very hard dark-coloured rocks or stones, as greenstone, basalt, chert, or quartzose sandstone

hum - to make a low continuous murmuring sound or note, as a bee or other insect

howe - an exclamation to attract attention, etc.; tumulus, barrow, burial mound; how

tide - any definite time in the course of the day; a suitable, favourable, or proper time or occasion + time (Teems of times and happy returns, the seim anew, ordovico or viricordo motif)

haply - 'by hap'; by chance or accident; perhaps, perchance

trumpeted - sounded on a trumpet; fig. celebrated as with a trumpet, greatly extolled or boasted of; furnished with a trumpet (or something likened to one).

prawn - a small long-tailed decapod marine crustacean (Palæmon serratus), larger than a shrimp; a figure of a prawn as an ornament

ensign - to mark with a distinctive sign or badge

seakale - a cruciferous plant, Crambe maritima, found wild on the shores of western Europe, and often cultivated for its young shoots + Siegel (ger) - seal.

befind - to find, discover; In pass., 'To be found' = to be

mate - to marry, to join in marriage; to join suitably with + (incest).

con - to get to know; to study or learn, esp. by repetition

cone - a solid figure or body, of which the base is a circle, and the summit a point, and every point in the intervening surface is in a straight line between the vertex and the circumference of the base + Pyramids of Giza - the oldest of the wonders and the only one of the seven substantially in existence today. 

meditate - to muse over or reflect upon; to consider, study, ponder. Now rare.

mure - to block up, or build up (a door, gate, etc.), by means of bricks and mortar, stones, etc. + mur (fr) - wall + Pharos of Alexandria - the most famous lighthouse of the ancient world, built for Ptolemy II of Egypt about 280 BC on the island of Pharos off Alexandria.

pensilis (l) - hanging down, pendent + Hanging Gardens of Babylon - a series of landscaped terraces ascribed to either Queen Sammu-ramat or King Nebuchadrezzar II.

ogle - to eye with amorous, admiring, or insinuating glances 

Statue of Zeus at Olympia - a large, ornate figure of the god on his throne, made about 430 BC by Phidias of Athens

Temple of Artemis at Ephesus - a structure famous for its imposing size and for the works of art that adorned it + Arthemis - in Greek religion, the goddess of wild animals, the hunt, and vegetation, and of chastity and childbirth; she was identified by the Romans with Diana.

cachinnate - to laugh loudly or immoderately + (defecate).

Colossus of Rhodes - a huge bronze statue built at the harbour of Rhodes in commemoration of the raising of the siege of Rhodes (305-304 BC) + cul (fr) - arse.

Mausoleum of Halicarnassus - monumental tomb of the Anatolian king Mausolus built by his widow Artemisia

Euclid: Elements: 'A line is length without breadth'

Sweeney - the name of Sweeney Todd, a barber who murdered his customers and converted them into pork pies, the central character of a play by George Dibdin Pitt (1799-1855), and of later plays. The main piece of English Grand Guignol is Sweeney Tod, the Demon Barber

daimon - a direct transliteration of Gr. daamwn divinity, one's genius or demon + daimon (gr) - deity, spirit, demon.

barbar - barbarian (a rude, wild, uncivilized person)

chump - a short thick lump of wood chopped or sawn off from timber; a man as unintelligent as a chump of wood; a block, blockhead + SDV: to befinding ourselves, when old is sad and one, afore a mosoleum, Length without Breath, of Him, a chip off the evums who is more mob than Man.

aevum (l) - never-ending time, eternity + heavens + Joyce's note: 'Eve f - by ape'.

upshoot = upshot (obs.) - the result, issue, or conclusion (of some course of action, etc.)

stupor - a state of mental stupefaction; apathy or torpor of mind (now only, torpor or prostration of mind due to sorrow, painful surprise, or the like)

sopor - a deep, lethargic, or unnatural sleep or state of sleep

Cave of Kids - allusion to childhood of Zeus (the infant Zeus was hidden in a cave on Mount Ida in Crete, and suckled by the she-goat Amaltheia)

Glastonbury - town ("parish"), Mendip district, county of Somerset, England. The Benedictine Abbey of St. Mary at Glastonbury was perhaps the oldest and certainly one of the richest in England. In 1191 the supposed grave of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere, the legendary rulers of post-Roman Britain, was discovered in the cemetery at Glastonbury; and the bones found there were reinterred in the abbey church + glatt (ger) - smooth, polished + Burg (ger) - castle.

denary - relating to the number ten; decimal; the number ten; a group of ten, a decad + Denary, danary (nursery rhyme).

tumuluous - forming a tumulus; tumular

chthonic - dwelling in or beneath the surface of the earth

ungodly - colloq. Outrageous, dreadful. Of persons: Not fearing or reverencing God;  irreligious, impious, wicked.

Ardri - a head king + árd-rí (Irish) - high king

Cornwall + Cromwell (sealing up Catholic confession boxes).

beeswax - to rub or polish with bees-wax

confession box = confessional-box

mufti - a jurist who interprets Muslim religious law; plain clothes worn by any one who has a right to wear a uniform; esp. in phr. in mufti.

Kellywick - a castle of Arthur in Cornwall

House of Commons - the body of people, not ennobled, and represented by the Lower House of Parliament + House of Commons (Slang) - privy.

cake walk - a walking competition among negroes, in which the couple who put on most style ''take the cake''; a form of entertainment consisting of a promenade moved by machinery on which people walk to the accompaniment of music.


terra firma - the land as distinguished from the sea; dry or firm land; the earth

anticipate - to look forward to, look for (an uncertain event) as certain + antecipiens (l) - receiving beforehand.

recognizance - Law. A bond or obligation, entered into and recorded before a court or magistrate, by which a person engages himself to perform some act or observe some condition (as to appear when called on, to pay a debt, or to keep the peace).

Dominic = Dominican - of or pertaining to St. Dominic or to the order of friars (and nuns) founded by him.

directus (l) - straight + dominium directum (l) - direct ownership (for Vico, an attribute of new barbarism corresponding to Roman quiritary ownership).

manifest - clearly revealed to the eye, mind, or judgement; obvious

munificent - Of persons: Splendidly generous in gifts, bountiful

mob - the common mass of people + Yeats: Dramatis Personae XIV: (of George Moore) 'I told him that he was more mob than man'.

Ainsoph (or En Soph) - in Kabbahist doctrine, the god who is boundless, beyond thought or being. To make himself comprehensible, he created the universe by means of the ten Sephiroth or intelligences.

(God in wine in Mass)

besigh - to sigh over + beside

heroine - the principal female character in a poem, story, or play + one beside zero - ten (Cabbalist symbol for God).

horoscope - Astrol. An observation of the sky and the configuration of the planets at a certain moment, as at the instant of a person's birth.

mercurious - Of persons: Born under the planet Mercury; having the qualities supposed to proceed from such a nativity, as eloquence, ingenuity, aptitude for commerce + mehr (ger) - more + kurios (ger) - strange, odd + kurios (gr) - lord.

Salz (ger) - salt + mercury (TRISTAN), salt (SHAUN), sulphur (SHEM) Blavatsky: Isis Unveiled I.309: (of alchemists) 'man, in their eyes, is a trinity, which they divide into Sol, water of mercury, and sulphur, which is the secret fire, or, to speak plain, into body, soul, and spirit'.

Psalms 91:5-6: 'Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night... not for the destruction that wasteth at noonday'.

cryptogram - anything written in cipher, or in such a form or order that a key is required in order to know how to understand and put together the letters

parable - any saying or narration in which something is expressed in terms of something else; an allegory, an apologue

heaventalk - allusion to Homer (topographical names in Iliad and Odyssey are frequently dual, e.g. the stream Xanthos "so called by gods, by men Scamander.") (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake) + Joyce's note: 'Trist speaks broken Anglo-Ir'.

soto voce - privately, very softly + ottovoce (it) - in a soft voice (literally 'under voice') + poce (Italian Dialect) - breast.

decan - a chief or ruler of ten; dean; Astrol. The chief or ruler of ten parts, or ten degrees, of a zodiacal sign + the dickens! - an interjectional exclamation expressing astonishment, impatience, irritation, etc.; usually with interrogative words, as what, where, how, why, etc. + deka (gr) - ten + decans - thirty-six divisions of zodiac in Chaldean astrology.

decent + decem (l) - ten + (ten questions; ten Sephiroth of the Kabbalah).

passage - an indefinite portion of a discourse or writing, usually of small or moderate length, taken by itself + Maitland: Life and Legends of St. Martin of Tours 72: 'when the Festival of the Saint's "Passage" (or passing into eternity) fell on a Saturday'.

upper - to or in a loftier place or position; higher, further up + over + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'Chapelizod, a village partly in Palmerstown parish, Uppercross barony, but chiefly in the parish of the same name, Castleknock barony'.

prolegomenon - a preliminary discourse prefixed to a literary work; esp. a learned preface or preamble

sidereal - of or relating to the stars or constellations

Yusuf (Arabic) - Joseph + Joseph Smith founded Mormons.

belie - to lie near + buryingplace.

tidemark - indicator consisting of a line at the high-water or low-water limits of the tides

go to hell + Göta Elv (Swedish) - "Gota River", River in SW Sweden + Gott (ger) - god + helf (ger) - help.

pearse - obs. form of pierce + please

dumb - to render dumb, silent, or unheard + I'll be damned!


drawers + (backwards, mirror-like) 'O love, look in the glass and see who Izod tips with a sword' or 'O love, look in the glass and see how Izod tips what words are'.

banjo - a stringed musical instrument, played with the fingers, having a head and neck like a guitar, and a body like a tambourine

bantam - a small variety of the domestic fowl, most breeds of which have feathered legs; fig. in reference to small size or 'cockiness'

born to fuck

hoo - to make the sound 'hoo!' + FDV: Who became He became Hoo caved in earthwight. At first thought fursht doom krach of thunder. Then she shoo, a his flutterby, / Was netted and named. / Ardnacrusher Erdnacrushar, requiestress, wake them! And let light luck's puresplutterall shine on cut of cod loosey lucy at ease! / To house which as wise fool ages builded. / Sow byg eat.  

caved - to lodge or lurk in a cave

wight - a living being in general; a creature (obs.)

Furcht (ger) - fear + first

Krach (ger) - detonation, a sudden sharp and loud noise + kracht (ger) - crashes + kracht (Dutch) - force, strength + (according to Vico crash of thunder drove men into caves).

Godred Croven - Norseman who subdued Dublin and the Isle of Man known in Manx folklore as King Gorse.

thinwalled - having thin walls + The elective branch of the ancient Manx legislature is called the "House of Keys"; the other branch is the Council, and sitting together the 2 branches constitute the Tynwald Court + tyn (Cornish) = tyn (Welsh) - tight, straight. 

shoo - an exclamation used to frighten or drive away poultry, birds, or other intruders

Jespersen: Language, its Nature, Development and Origin 150 (VIII.5): ''Marrowskying' or 'Hospital Greek' transfers the initial letters of words, as... flutterby for 'butterfly''.

net - to take (fish, birds, etc.) with a net or nets

apis (l) - a bee + A + Apis, sacred bull of Memphis, is connected with luna and triple ALP. Apis was begotten by a ray of generative light flowing from the moon, and may have been drowned when aged twenty-eight, in imitation of the lunar cycle (McHugh, Roland / The sigla of Finnegans wake).

amatus (l) - to love + apis amat aram (l) - the bee loves the altar.

luna (l) - the moon; More fully luna-moth: A large moth of North America + L

legit (l) - he reads + luna legit librum (l) - the moon reads a book.

pulla (l) - chick, foal, young animal + Pulla petit pascua (l) - Hen seeks the pastures + P


tay (Irish Pronunciation) - tea + of tea.

in the pot

earthquake + ARDNACRUSHA - Village on Shannon River, County Clare, West of Limerick. Ir. "Height of the Cross." Site of the main power station of the Shannon Hydro-Electric Scheme (completed 1929) + McH: Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis = Lord, grant them eternal rest and let perpetual light shine upon them (Mass for the Dead)

requiesce - to rest, repose


at ease - in comfort, without anxiety or annoyance, unconstrained

dinner to shut

so be it - Formerly used as a rendering of amen + byg - obs. form of big + byg! (Danish) - build! + byg (Danish) - barley. 

blistered - affected with blisters, covered with vesicles + blessed

Mary Akenhead founded Irish Sisters of Charity

beautified - made beautiful; adorned, embellished

Talbot, Matt - Dublin laborer who put himself under the obligation of perpetual prayer, covered himself with ropes and cant chains, hung with religious medals, entered churches by crawling on his tummy.

gnosis - a special knowledge of spiritual mysteries

determination - direction or tendency to a certain end

agnostic - one who holds that the existence of anything beyond and behind material phenomena is unknown and (so far as can be judged) unknowable, and especially that a First Cause and an unseen world are subjects of which we know nothing + agnosia (gr) - ignorance, lack of knowledge.

determinism - the doctrine that everything that happens is determined by a necessary chain of causation

staplering - a snout-ring (a ring or staple placed in the nose of a hog to deter him from rooting)

tether - to make fast or confine with a tether

steppingstone - a raised stone on which the foot can be placed to facilitate a climb or ascent

quartanus (l) - of or belonging to the fourth; occuring on the fourth day

"Staplering to tether to, steppingstone to mount by; and coach house entrance as the Boot at Ballyoura has Pickardstown."... (Why Joyce left out the nice HCE-initials I don't know, as it gives a clue as to who is calling in the kids to go upstairs and do their homework; This JJA page flows over with HCE's: "Hoo cavedin earthwight.", "the emerald canticle of Hermes"; "that same erst crafty hakemouth" and "coach house entrance", the last one a perfect fit, as you would think it would turn out, but it didn't.)    Robbert-Jan Henkes, 10 April 2001.

Boötes - the ploughman constellation  

PICKARDSTOWN - Townland and village, North County Dublin, 6 miles North of Dublin. The Boot Inn was and still is in the village. 

skim milk - milk with the cream skimmed off or otherwise removed + skimmel (Danish) - whitegrey horse (i.e. milk-white horse) + melk (Dutch) - milk.

steed - a great horse (as distinguished from a palfrey), a spirited horse for state or war + stood still.

outwall - the outer wall of any building or enclosure

booth - a temporary dwelling covered with boughs of trees or other slight materials

bás (Irish) - death

balsam - a tree yielding balsam; balmy, deliciously fragrant; an aromatic vegetable juice

begge (Danish) - both + [058.16-.17]

ballyhoo - to cajole by extravagant advertisement or praise (after the manner of a barker) + BALLYHOURA MOUNTAINS - In County Cork, on Cork-Limerick border.  

Bacchus - the god of wine; hence, wine, intoxicating liquor + By the Magazine Wall, zinzin, zinzin (motif).

On the floor level of Mullingar House is a bellpull operating a doorbell which, on the evidence of 245.25-6, 262.26-7, and 560.13-15, is a source for 'Zinzin' sound echoing through a book. (John Gordon: Finnegans Wake: a plot summary).

FDV: The babers ply the pen; the bibbers drang the den. The publican papplicom, the publican pubblicam, he's taking tilling tin for ten.

ply - to use, handle, or wield vigorously or diligently (an instrument, tool, weapon)

wagtail (Slang) - whore + (publican makes money on raffles).

raffle - a form of lottery, in which an article is assigned by drawing or casting of lots

bibber - one who drinks frequently, a tippler

drang (ger) - to rush at

den - a small confined room or abode; esp. one unfit for human habitation

publican - one who keeps a public house; a keeper of an ale-house or tavern

turn - to keep passing in a course of exchange or traffick; to cause (money or commodities) to circulate

tin - money, cash + tin (Irish Pronunciation) - ten.

ten - a set of ten things or persons + FDV: The publican papplicom, the publican pubblicam, he's taking tilling tin for ten.

customer - one who frequents any place of sale for the sake of purchasing + Joyce's note: 'seldomers - frequently / drunk than sober'.

frequent - to visit or make use of (a place) often

erst - first in time or serial order (obs.)

crafty - skilful in devising and carrying out underhand or evil schemes; cunning, artful + eine erste Kraft (ger) - a good, well-qualified employee.

hake - a gadoid fish, Merlucius vulgaris, resembling the cod

assumed - taken to or upon oneself, appropriated, usurped; pretended, 'put on'

ignotus (l) - unknown + loquor (l) - to speak + ignotus loquor (l) - unknown I speak + Saint Ignatius Loyola, founder of Jesuit order.

Theobaldus (d. 1161) - archbishop of Canterbury 1138-1161 + Father Theobald Mathew - Irish temperance advocate.

Aegyptus (l) - (1) Egypt; (2) legendary king of Egypt, brother of Danaus. Had fifty sons espoused to fifty daughters of Danaus.

foggy - not clear to one's mind, etc., dim, indistinct + 58

harangue - to make an address or speech to an assembly

ballyhoo - to cajole by extravagant advertisement or praise (after the manner of a barker); to advertise or praise extravagantly

drunk as a fish - very drunk

stamping ground - orig. U.S., an animal's habitual place of resort; also transf

hunter + Huntley and Palmer - English brand of cookies. 

robed - wearing robes of a specified kind, as long-, loose-robed, etc. Also fig.

Cyrus - founder of the Persian empire

shaw - a thicket, a small wood, copse or grove

miner - one who excavates the ground, or makes subterranean passages + minor

smallpox - the pox or pustules on the skin which form the most characteristic feature of the acute contagious disease sometimes called variola; hence commonly, the disease itself.

white man - a man belonging to a race having naturally light-coloured skin or complexion: chiefly applied to those of European extraction + Whitman, Walt (1819-92) - American poet whose influence is seen in FW.

blighty - affected with blight; blighted + blight - an eruption on the human skin consisting of minute reddish pimples.

blotchy - marred by discolored spots or blotches

beyond seas - out of the country; abroad

Ostrogothic - rel. to East Goths

Ottomanic - rel. to former Turkish dynasty founded by Othman or Osman I., the branch of the Turks to which he belonged, or the Turkish empire ruled by his descendants.

converter - one who converts (another) to any faith, opinion, or party

pandemia = pandemic - a pandemic disease + Pandemia - epithet of Aphrodite + pandêmia (gr) - the whole people.

postmortem - after death + post-war.

plastic surgeon - one skilled in plastic surgery


Hispano- - Spanish

Cathayan - Chinese

BLACK SEA - Aka Euxine, ancient Pontus Euxinus, the sea between Europe and Asia.

Castilian - of or pertaining to Castile; a native of Castile; the language of that province, hence, standard Spanish, as distinct from any provincial dialect

Hebridean - of or pertaining to the Hebrides, a group of islands off the west coast of Scotland

Espanol (sp) - Spanish

Cymric - of or pertaining to the Welsh people and language

Hellenic - of or pertaining to the Hellenes or Greeks, ancient or modern

Rolf the Ganger - a modern rendering of ON. Gongu-Hrólfr the designation of a Norseman who has been from a very early period conjecturally identified (but erroneously) with the 'Rollo' or 'Rou' of Norman history + Rolf Ganger ("walker") or Rollo - chief of the Normans who invaded France, first duke of Normandy.  

booming - the emitting of a deep, resonant sound

cassowary = thunder (Joyce's note)

fletch - to fit (an arrow) with a feather; to feather + fletcher - arrow-maker + flashes of lightning.

Mediterranean - a water area nearly or entirely surrounded by dry land; spec. the Mediterranean Sea.

Spice Islands (Slang) - privy

punt - a flat-bottomed shallow boat, broad and square at both ends + punt (Dutch) - point, full stop + PUNT (PUONI) - Ancient country, somewhere on East coast of Afrika; the Egyptians sent expeditions there to bring back incense, also gold. 

pastime - that which serves to pass the time agreeably; recreation, entertainment (obs.)

past time - belonging to a bygone time, ancient, antique, old-fashioned + FDV: [Past ti Pastimes are past times. Now let bigones be bei Gum's.]

bygone - pl. Things that are past; esp. past offences + let bygones be bygones (phrase).

bei (it) - governor

gunne - obs. pa. tense of gin (v.); obs. form of gun + Michael Gunn - manager of Gaiety Theatre, Dublin.

Saaledes er det i denne vakre verden, mine børn (Danish) - It is like that in this beautiful world, my children.

vild (Danish) - wild + FDV: Thus is Saa, leddies, er it in this world verdens vaskersverden warkenwerlden mine minn boerne, and it wird vild not need olderwise [since primals made alter in garden of Idem].

cima (it) - top, peak + d'oro (it) - golden.

primal - chief, original, primitive + primus (l) - first.

alter - something (esp. another person) regarded as existing outside the self + alter (l) - the second of two.

idem - the same word, name, title, author, etc., as mentioned before: used to avoid repetition + idem (l) - the same + garden of Eden - abode of Adam and Eve at their creation, Paradise.

flask - a bottle, usually of glass, of spheroidal or bulbous shape, with a long narrow neck

saith - archaic past of say

emerald - Printing. The name of the size of type larger than nonpareil and smaller than minion; emerald-green; a precious stone of bright green colour; Hermes Trismegistus' works are sometimes called the Emerald Tables.

canticle - a song, properly a little song; a hymn

Hermes - in Greek mythology, a deity, the son of Zeus and Maia, represented as the messenger of the gods, the god of science, commerce, eloquence, and many of the arts of life; Hermes Trismegistus (Hermes thrice-greatest), the name given by the Neo-platonists and the devotees  of mysticism and alchemy to the Egyptian god Thoth, regarded as more or less identified with the Grecian Hermes, and as the author of all mysterious doctrines, and especially of the secrets of alchemy. 

non quod sed quia (l) - not because but wherefore (quod and quia are virtual synonyms) (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

loth - alternative form of loath + love and pleasure + FDV: The tasks above are as the flasks below, saith the Emerald Canticle of Hermes. And all is lath & plaster solarsystematized by that original sun.

inkbottle - vessel or receptacle for holding writing or printing ink

solar system - the sun together with all the planets and other bodies connected with it

seriocomically - partly serious and partly comic

almightily - in an almighty manner

rhymeless - without rime, unrimed + rimeless (Archaic) - countless + without rhyme or reason (phrase).

original sin - (Theol.): the innate depravity, corruption, or evil tendency of man's nature, in all individuals of the human race, held to be inherited from Adam in consequence of the Fall.

securely - without danger; without risk of error + securus iudicat orbis terrarum (l) - free from care the circle of the lands judges; i.e., untroubled, the world judges (St. Augustine).

orb - to form or gather into an orb, disk, or globe; to surround or encircle

terrestrial - the terrestrial world, the earth (rare); a terrestrial being; esp. a human being

haud certo ergo (l) - nothing certain, therefore; not at all certainly, therefore

gay Lothario - a libertine, gay deceiver, rake (allusive use of the name of one of the characters in Rowe's Fair Penitent) + Joyce's note: 'Arius = Luther'.

s[ine] nob[ilitas] (l) - without nobility (fanciful etymology for "snob") (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

extraord. clothes heretics (Joyce's note) Maitland: Life and Legends of St. Martin of Tours 52: 'Priscillian was dead, and the Emperor... had dispatched soldiers... to slay the Priscillian heretics... nothing short of indiscriminate slaughter... all pale persons, and all who wore extraordinary attire, might be known for heretics'.

hearsay - that which one hears or has heard some one say; information received by word of mouth, usually with implication that it is not trustworthy + heresy in Paradise Lost (John Milton's "Paradise Lost" contains several heresies).

felicitous - characterized by felicity; Of persons: Happy or pleasantly apt in expression, manner, or style.

culpability - a state of guilt + O felix culpa! (Exsultet).

bad cess to - 'bad luck to', 'evil befall'

archetype - the original pattern or model from which copies are made; a prototype + architect + FDV: O felicitous culpability, bad cess to you for an archetypt!

commercio (l) - by trade + commercio (it) - commerce.

archaic - marked by the characteristics of an earlier period; old-fashioned, primitive, antiquated

zelotypia - jealousy

odium theologicum - (mod.L.) the hatred which proverbially characterizes theological dissensions

aid - to give help, support, or assistance to; to help, assist

proud - a proud person; pride (rare) + proud (Czech ) - stream, current, electric current + luckless bride.

ernst (ger) - serious

ALLSOP AND SONS - Ale Stores, 30 Bachelor's Walk, around the turn of the century. Allsop's was a British ale. 

William Reginald Halliday: Greek and Roman Folk Lore + holiday. 

Hlyd-monath (Old English) - Loud month (March)

eclipse - Astron. An interception or obscuration of the light of the sun, moon, or other luminous body, by the intervention of some other body, either between it and the eye, or between the luminous body and that illuminated by it; as of the moon, by passing through the earth's shadow.

saturnine - pertaining to the planet Saturn (rare.); sluggish, cold, and gloomy in temperament

setting - the sinking of a heavenly body towards and below the horizon + *IJ* & *VYC*.

highbrowed - having a lofty forehead; intellectually superior

brook - a small stream, rivulet + book of life - in biblical language the record of the names of those who shall inherit eternal life + Revelation 20:12: 'the book of life'.

backfisch - a girl in late adolescence, a teenager + Backfish (ger) - teenager + frisch (ger) - fresh.

amnis (l) - river + amnis amnium (l) - river of rivers.

flumen (l) - river + fluminiculum flaminulorum (l) - streamlet of priestlings.

flamen (l) - wind; priest

Maitland: Life and Legends of St. Martin of Tours 75: 'One day a sick man came to Marmoutier, to ask Saint Martin to cure him... "I want the Blessed One," said the sick man'.

harbourer - one who harbours, shelters, or entertains; an entertainer, a host

cum (l) - with

inheritance - that which is inherited; a heritage

Canaan - the ancient proper name of Western Palestine, promised to the Children of Israel; hence fig. (esp. in hymns and devotional use) land of promise, land of heavenly rest across the Jordan of death, heaven; The ancestor of the Cannanites was Canaan, son of Ham, who was cursed by Noah and condemned to be the servant of Shem and Japheth (Gen 9:25-27). 

hateful - full of hate, cherishing hatred, malignant; exciting hate; odious, obnoxious, repulsive; as n. A hateful thing. nonce-use + Genesis 9:25: 'Cursed be Canaan' (Noah's words after Ham had seen him naked).

sough - a rushing or murmuring sound as of wind, water, or the like, esp. one of a gentle or soothing nature; a deep sigh or breath + between sun and sun - from sunrise to sunset.

fossilization - the action or process of fossilizing; the conversion of vegetable and animal remains into fossils; the process of becoming, or state of having become, antiquated.

start naked - entirely naked + Jespersen: Language, its Nature, Development and Origin 172 (X.1): 'stark-naked, formerly start-naked, from start, 'tail', confused with stark, 'stiff'' + stark naked (Slang) - gin.

stiffboned + (birth and death) + (sex).

soddy - one who occupies or who has occupied a sod-house + sod - the surface of the ground, esp. when turfy or grass-covered; the sward + very sorry.

dood (Dutch) - dead + Jespersen: Language, its Nature, Development and Origin 179 (X.6): 'saying dood... for 'good''.

petra (l) - stone

ulmus (l) - elm + Ulme (ger) - elm.

veiny - full of, having the nature of, veins or continuous passages

bag - pl. The stomach, entrails

balls - the testicles; fig. nonsense

latifundia - large estates; large plantations in Latin America

FDV: In theses placies sojournamous. By this riverside, on this sunnybank how buona the vista, by Santa Rosa! Afield of May, the very vale of spring. Orchards here are lodged: sainted laurels evremberried: you have view ashgroves, a glen of marrons and of thorns: Gleannaulinn, Ardeevin, purty glint and plaising hoyt. This Norman court at boundary of the ville, yon ivied tower of a church of Ereland with our king's house of stone, belgroved of mulbrey, all is for the retrospectioner. Sweet as auburn cometh up as a flower that fragolance of the fraisey beds: the phoenix, his pyre, is still flaming away with true Pratt spirit: the wren, his nest, is niedelig, as the turrises of the Sabines are televisible. There is the cottage and the bungalow for the cobbeler and the brandnewburgher but Isolde, her gardens are for the fairhaired daughter of Aengus. All out of two barreny old perishers and one inn, one tap and one tavern and only two million two hundred and eightythousand nine hundred and sixty lines to the wuestworts of a general poet's office.

sojourn - a temporary stay at a place; a place of temporary stay + subdiurnemus (l) - let us sojourn, let us stay.

Eblana - Ptolemy's name for Dublin

lease - to grant the possession or use of (lands, etc.) by a lease

carr - a marsh or fen on which low trees or bushes grow

fen - low land covered wholly or partially with shallow water, or subject to frequent inundations

en amont (fr) - upstream + living among.

shoal - a place where the water is of little depth; a shallow; a large number of fish, porpoises, seals, whales, etc. swimming together.

salmon + Salmenbräu - a brand of Swiss beer.

browse - young shoots and twigs of shrubs, trees, etc. + sea breeze - the cool wind that blows from the sea.

inshore - moving or directed in towards the shore

freshet - a small stream of fresh water (obs.); a stream or rush of fresh water flowing into the sea

broad - In East Anglia, an extensive piece of fresh water formed by the broadening out of a river.

phantom - a mental illusion; an image which appears in a dream, or which is formed or cherished in the mind + Gerald Griffin: The Phantom City (song).

fake - to feign or simulate

nephilim (Hebrew) - giants (Genesis 6:4, Numbers 13:33) + film folk.

sould = sold + be bought and sold - often fig., chiefly in sense: To be betrayed for a bribe.

manhood - men collectively; the adult male members of a population, nation, or the like + Earwickers of Sidlesham in the Hundred of Manhood [030.07-.08]

mac (Irish) - son

muc (Irish) - pig + 'Move up, Mick, make room for Dick' (Dublin graffito after Collins' death, 1922, referring to Michael Collins, who accepted Treaty ratifying Partition, and to Richard Mulcahy, his succesor) [012.24] [099.19] [593.14]

fylki (Old Norse) - district + figures + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'Chapelizod... comprising an area of 63 acres. Population 1,280, inhabiting 255 houses'.

partitional - of, pertaining to, or of the nature of a partition + partition - term used in the law of real property to describe an act, by a court order or otherwise, to divide up a concurrent estate into separate portions representing the proportionate interests of the tenants.

twenty-six shillings and six pence + Ireland has twenty-six southern and six northern counties (Partition).

riverside - the side or bank of a river; the ground adjacent to, or stretching along, a river + REFERENCE

sunny - exposed to, illumined or warmed by, the rays of the sun

Marble Arch, London + I Dreamt That I Dwelt in Marble Halls (song), cited in 'Clay', Dubliners.

Poolbeg lighthouse, Dublin

buona vista (it) - good sight

santa - a female saint

Rosa, St, of Lima - patron of the impossible

lodge - Of a thing: To have its seat, 'reside', be placed. Now rare.

sainted - such as belongs to or befits a saint; sacred, holy

St Lawrence family - owners of Howth Castle and its environs. The founder of the family was Amory or Armoricus Tristram, an Anglo-Norman invader who came from Brittany to Ireland, fought a battle on August 10 (feast of St Lawrence, the Spaniard), and took St Lawrence for his family name.

eastward + FDV: you have view ashgroves, a glen of marrons and of thorns: Gleannaulinn, Ardeevin, purty glint and plaising hoyt.

glen - a mountain-valley, usually narrow and forming the course of a stream

marron = maroon - a large kind of sweet chestnut native to Southern Europe + Gleann na Marbhain (gloun numorun) (gael) - "Valley of the Dead", West of Phoenix Park; anglic. Glenmaroon.

Gleann Aluinn (gloun alin) (gael) - "Lovely Valley", West of Phoenix Park (home before his death of Tim Healy); anglic. Glenaulin.

Ard Aoibhinn (ard ivin) (gael) - "Pleasant Height", West of Phoenix Park.

purty - Irish and U.S. local pronunc. of pretty

glint - a gleam; a passing look, a glance; a momentary view, glimpse

plaising (Irish Pronunciation) - pleasing


Norman - belonging or pertaining to, characteristic of, the Normans

court - In a town: A confined yard or more or less quadrangular space opening off a street, and built around with houses; a large building or set of buildings standing in a court-yard; a large house or castle.

boundary - that which serves to indicate the bounds or limits of anything whether material or immaterial; also the limit itself

ville - a town or village

yon - that over there; that

creepered - having (Virginia) creeper growing on the walls + Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard, prologue: (describes Chapelizod) 'Then there was the village church, with its tower dark and rustling from base to summit, with thick piled, bowering ivy'.

Ireland + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'There is a Church of Ireland Church, with an ivied tower, a Convent at Mount Sackville, a Roman Catholic Church, a National School, and Civic Guard Station, and a Postal Telegraph Office'.

worshipful - imbued with the spirit of worship or veneration

assemblage - a meeting or gathering; the state of being gathered or collected

porphyr- - A formative element, in senses 'purple' + A major cause of HCE's unease is in fact his Protestanism: his wife is Catholic, and the children have been raised in the church. One of Issy's footnotes in II/2, prompted by a reference to the local C. of E. church, is a sneering comment on her father as 'Porphyrious Olbion, redcoatliar' (John Gordon: Finnegans Wake: a plot summary). 

Albion - Great Britain. Phr. perfidious Albion, a rhetorical expression for 'England', with reference to her alleged treacherous policy towards foreigners.

redcoat - a soldier of the British army + (notebook 1924): '*V*'s red coat' → Crawford: Thinking Black 119: 'Rob is dressed in his Sunday best for the occasion, to wit, an utterly abominable soldier's uniform, probably now entering its teens. Fat and fifty, our friend is obviously bursting for relief, for the rag-shop red coat is giving him a claret-coloured face'.

wholly - completely, entirely, to the full extent 

Roman - a member or adherent of the Roman Catholic Church; a Roman Catholic + rosemary - a shrub that originates from Europe and Asia Minor and produces fragrant mint used in cooking and perfumes + 'tell that to the horse marines' (phrase that indicates disbelief).

beloved + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'Spendlove, R., Belgrove'.

mulberry - mulberry tree + groves of mulberry (trees).

still - a distillery + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'Phœnix Park Distillery' REFERENCE

mill - a building specially designed and fitted with machinery for the grinding of corn into flour.

kloster - a convent, a monastery (in Germany, Flanders, etc.) + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'Mount Sackville Convent'.

yeoman - a man holding a small landed estate; a freeholder under the rank of a gentleman; hence vaguely, a commoner or countryman of respectable standing, esp. one who cultivates his own land + no man's land.

ghast = ghastly - Said hyperbolically of persons or things objectionable on various grounds: Shocking, 'frightful'.

township (a term often used in Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin)

the quick - the living

village elm - Le Fanu describes "the village elm" on p 3 of The House by the Churchyard: "But I can't expect you, my reader—polite and patient as you manifestly are—to potter about with me, all the summer day, through this melancholy and mangled old town, with a canopy of factory soot between your head and the pleasant sky. One glance, however, before you go, you will vouchsafe at the village tree—that stalworth elm. It has not grown an inch these hundred years. It does not look a day older than it did fifty years ago, I can tell you. There he stands the same; and yet a stranger in the place of his birth, in a new order of things, joyless, busy, transformed Chapelizod, listening, as it seems to me, always to the unchanged song and prattle of the river, with his reveries and affections far away among by-gone times and a buried race. Thou hast a story, too, to tell, thou slighted and solitary sage, if only the winds would steal it musically forth, like the secret of Mildas from the moaning reeds."

foregone - that has gone before or gone by + Vorangegangene (ger) - the dead (literally 'foregone on').

mansioned - furnished with mansions + mentioned

retrospection - the action or fact of looking back upon, or surveying, past time + FDV: This Norman court at boundary of the ville, yon ivied tower of a church of Ereland with our king's house of stone, belgroved of mulbrey, all is for the retrospectioner.

skole = school + skole (Danish) - school + skaal! (Danish) - (toast) + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'a National School'.

agus (ogus) (gael) - and

igen (Danish) - again + (formerly, there was a schoolhouse in the Castleknock area whose stone façade bore two engraved S's).

muss - A term of endearment + Jespersen: Language, its Nature, Development and Origin 142 (VIII.1): 'habit that mothers and nurses have of repeating... "Now we must wash the little face"'.

sweetsome - sweet, pleasant

auburn - of a golden-brown or ruddy-brown colour; absol. quasi-n + AUBURN - Oliver Goldsmith's poem, "The Deserted Village" ("Sweet Auburn! loveliest village of the plain"), is about Auburn, an idealized village set in England but based on memories from the poet's Irish childhood + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'Spendlove, C., Auburn'. 

selfraising - Applied to a kind of flour which causes dough or paste to rise without the addition of baking-powder, etc. + Job 14:2: 'He cometh forth like a flower' + (erection).

fragrance - sweetness of smell; sweet or pleasing scent + fragola (it) - strawberry.

STRAWBERRY BEDS - The area, actually known for its strawberries, along the North bank of the Liffey between Chapehizod and Woodlands. The Wren's Nest is at the West end. + fraise (fr) - strawberry + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'Corcoran, W., grocer, Strawberry-beds... Kavanagh, Miss Teresa, Strawberry-beds... Scully, Mrs., Strawberry beds'.

Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'Phœnix Park Distillery... Phœnix-villas' The Phoenix Park Distillery adopted as its emblem, the 50ft Corinthian pillar surmounted with a figure of a Phoenix in her burning nest, erected in the Park in 1747 and still there today + Phoenix Tavern, Chapelizod.

flame away - to burn with a flame or with flames, to emit flames, to blaze

tripartite - divided into or composed of three parts or kinds; threefold, triple + FDV: Sweet as auburn cometh up as a flower that fragolance of the fraisey beds: the phoenix, his pyre, is still flaming away with true Pratt spirit: the wren, his nest, is niedelig, as the turrises of the Sabines are televisible.

wren - one or other species of small dentirostral passerine birds belonging to the genus Troglodites + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'Ennis, Miss Mary, vintner, Wren's nest' (pub).

niedlich (ger) - pretty

terraces + turris (l) - tower.

Sabine gull - an Arctic gull with a forked tail, grey head, and black collar + Sabines - an Italic tribe that lived in ancient Italy, inhabiting Latium before the founding of Rome. Their language belonged to the Sabellic subgroup of Italic languages and shows some similarities to Oscan and Umbrian. Studies have found many relationships between the Romans and the Sabines, especially in the fields of religion and mythology. Legend says that Romans abducted Sabine women to populate the newly built town, the first recorded example of bride kidnapping. The resultant conflict ended only by the women throwing themselves and their children between the armies of their fathers and their husbands + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'Jordan, H., Sabine-terrace'.

Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'Rogers, Mrs. The Cottage'. 

bungalow - Orig., a one-storied house (or temporary building, e.g. a summer-house), lightly built, usually with a thatched roof. In modern use, any one-storied house + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'Talon, J., The Bungalow'.

burgher - an inhabitant of a burgh, borough, or corporate town; a citizen + Brandenburger.

vernacular - Of a language or dialect: That is naturally spoken by the people of a particular country or district; native, indigenous.

SUMMERHILL - Street, and the adjoining district, North-East Dublin, which continues Parnell Street to Ballybough Road at the Royal Canal.  

jerry hat - a round felt hat [Dubliners: 'An Encounter': (the stranger) 'wore what we used to call a jerry hat' (a hard round hat)].

catsup = ketchup - a liquor extracted from mushrooms, tomatoes, walnuts, etc., used as a sauce

mutton broth - a broth made from mutton

chaplet - a wreath for the head, usually a garland of flowers or leaves, also of gold, precious stones, etc. + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'Isolde-gardens' (a street with four addresses).

an (Irish) - the

plad = plaid + en lille plads (Danish) - a little place.

lief - beloved, dear, agreeable

arride - to smile at, laugh at (obs.) to please, gratify (arch.)

snowdrop - an early-flowering bulbous plant (Galanthus nivalis), having a white pendent  flower; transf. Applied to a girl + (her colours).

trou de dentelle (fr) - hole of lace

wonner - a dweller, an inhabitant + Wonne (ger) - delight.

handkerchiefs halfpenny

holy wood - a name of the West Indian Guaiacum sanctum + The Holly and the Ivy (song).

bower - a place closed in or overarched with branches of trees, shrubs, or other plants; a shady recess, leafy covert, arbour + PICTURE

mistletoe - a parasitic plant of Europe, Viscum album, growing on various trees

tho - abbrev. form of though + {lisp, similar to that of Puddock in Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu's "The House by the Churchyard" (ch. 3: 'in 'thpite of hith lithp'')}

if you please - if it please you, if you like, if it is your will or pleasure: a courteous qualification to a request, the acceptance of an offer, etc.

googla = water to drink / pluplu = water wash (Joyce's note) → Jespersen: Language, its Nature, Development and Origin 152 (VIII.7): (examples of words invented by children) 'gön "water to drink, milk" (kept apart from the usual word vand for water, which she used only for water to wash in)'.

blithe - carefree and happy + FDV: There is the cottage and the bungalow for the cobbeler and the brandnewburgher but Isolde, her gardens are for the fairhaired daughter of Aengus.

anguis (l) - snake + Aonghus (engus) (gael) - Single-choice; god of love + angoisse (fr) - distress, anxiety + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'It is said to derive its name from La belle Izod, daughter of King Aengus'.

all out - entirely, completely

perisher - that which perishes or destroys; esp. an extreme (of any course of action); a 'plunger'; also applied to persons as a term of contempt, and more generally, with an overtone of pity + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'Chapelizod, a village partly in Palmerstown parish, Uppercross barony, but chiefly in the parish of the same name, Castleknock barony'.

Tithonos (gr) - the beautiful human lover of Eos, the Greek goddess of dawn (described by Homer as 'with beautiful hair'), was granted immortality, but as he had forgotten to ask for eternal youth, he grew old until she took pity on him and turned him into a grasshopper + tytoń (Polish) - tobacco + (nicotine-stained hands). 

flossy - resembling floss or floss-silk + Homeric epithet for Eos: "with goldy locks, fair-haired" + włosy (Polish) = vlasy (Czech ) - hair + (*E* and *A*).

kilolitre - in the Metric system, a measure of capacity containing 1000 litres

metron (gr) - a measure + myrias (gr) - ten thousand + metromyrias (gr) - measure of 10.000 + Miriam - Moses' sister + matrimonials.

prese = press; praise; prize + praesaepe (l) - stable, manger; hut, dwelling, tavern + prosapia (l) - stock, race, family + praesaepe prosapiae (l) - the family's tavern.

bole - the stem or trunk of a tree

wone - accustomed, used, wont (to do something); a place of habitation or abode, dwelling-place + FDV: All out of two barreny old perishers and one inn, one tap and one tavern and only two million two hundred and eightythousand nine hundred and sixty lines to the wuestworts of a general poet's office.

tabard - a short sleeveless outer tunic emblazoned with a coat of arms; worn by a knight over his armor or by a herald

tap - a cylindrical stick, long peg, or stopper, for closing and opening a hole bored in a vessel + CARLISLE TAVERN and THE TAP - Adjacent public houses under the same management; flourished from the 1910's through the 1930's [Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'O'Shaughnessy, J., vintner, "The Tap"'].

Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'O'Shaughnessy, J., vintner, "The Carlisle Tavern"'. 

szewc (Polish) - shoemaker + sewed him the blouse and breeches.

bloughs - bluffs

brach - a kind of hound which hunts by scent; fig. A term of abuse + brache (it) - breeches.

chory (Polish, Czech) - sick, ill

pshut - an utterance enjoining caution or expressing impatience

ribbon development - the building of houses in a single line along a main road, usu. one leading out of a town or village

lease - a contract between parties, by which the one conveys lands or tenements to the other for life, for years, or at will, usually in consideration of rent or other periodical compensation. 

lapse - Law. The termination of a right or privilege through neglect to exercise it within the limited time, or through failure of some contingency. 

millium = military; milium + million

Thausig (Swiss-German Basel dialect) - thousand + 190,080 (inches in three miles) x 12 = 5,280 (feet in one mile) x 432 = 2,280,960 (twelfths of an inch in three miles).

radioluminescence - luminescence caused by ionizing radiation + radius luminis (l) - a ray of light + REFERENCE

westward - towards the west; in a westerly direction + Wuste (ger) - desert + Wust (ger) - chaos; heap + Wort (ger) - word.

general postoffice - an office which receives letters for the 'general post' (formerly, the post or mail that was sent from the General Post Office in London, originally on certain days, latterly once a day, to all the post offices in the kingdom) + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'Chapelizod... three miles W[est]. from the General Post Office, Dublin'.

starve - pestilence, mortality; also a pestilent being (applied to the devil) + Stars and Stripes + Cosgrave: North Dublin, City and Environs 29n: 'there are twenty-four Dublins in the United States'.

tripe - the first or second stomach of a ruminant, esp. of the ox, prepared as food.

distorted - twisted out of shape, drawn awry + AUBURN - Oliver Goldsmith's poem, "The Deserted Village" ("Sweet Auburn! loveliest village of the plain").

mirage - an optical illusion in which atmospheric refraction by a layer of hot air distorts or inverts reflections of distant objects

aloofly - characterized by aloofness, 'distant', unsympathetic (rare.); so as to keep, or as if keeping, aloof

wherein - in which (place, material thing, writing, etc.); where

buxomness - graciousness, kindly disposition (obs.); obedience, submissiveness (obs.); modern. Comely plumpness + boxom = buxom + Obedientia Civium Urbis Felicitas (l) - Citizens' Obedience is City's Happiness .

bedelia - automobile manufactured by the Bourbeau et Devaux Co. of Paris from 1910 to 1925. This low and light car carried two passengers and used Single-cylinder or 10hp V-twin engines. 

bedellium (l) - aromatic gum of the balsam

hobbyhorse - in the morris-dance, and on the stage (in burlesques, pantomimes, etc.), a figure of a horse, made of wickerwork, or other light material, furnished with a deep housing, and fastened about the waist of one of the performers, who executed various antics in imitation of the movements of a skittish or spirited horse; a child's plaything consisting of an imitation horsehead on one end of a stick.

hole - a small dingy lodging or abode; a small or mean habitation

Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'Halpin, Thomas, vintner... Hands, G., Martin's-row' (entries follow one another).

glen - a mountain-valley, usually narrow and forming the course of a stream + The Glens of Antrim are a series of 9 coastal valleys running down to the North Channel of Lough Larne.

odd job - a casual disconnected piece of work

godfather - a male sponsor at Confirmation

Star and Garter - common pub name

lynne - obs. form of linn (a torrent running over rocks; a cascade, waterfall); line + Newcastle-under-Lyme, England + three castles on Dublin coat of arms.

hod - to bob up and down in riding, to jog; early ME. f. had; n. An open receptacle for carrying mortar, and sometimes bricks or stones, to supply builders at work.

Brucke (ger) - bridge + not a bit of it! + "Liverpoor? Sot a bit of it! His braynes coolt parritch, his pelt nassy, his heart's adrone, his bluidstreams acrawl, his puff but a piff, his extremeties extremely so: Fengless, Pawmbroke, Chilblaimend and Baldowl. Humph is in his doge." [074.13-.16]

pier - one of the supports of the spans of a bridge, whether arched or otherwise formed

eerie - fear-inspiring; gloomy, strange, weird + Dies Irae (song) + Persse O'Reilly.

span - an arch of a bridge; a section between two piers

spooky - of, pertaining to, or characteristic of spirits or the supernatural; frightening, eerie

toll - a fee levied for the use of roads or bridges (used for maintenance)

till - a strongbox for holding cash

parapet - a low wall or barrier, placed along the sides of a bridge, pier, quay, etc., to prevent people from falling over

peripatetic - walking about or from place to place in connexion with some occupation or calling; itinerant

snooze - a sleep; a nap, a doze + u snu (Serbian) - in a dream + zoo + "Words weigh no no more to him than raindrips to Rethfernhim. Which we all like. Rain. When we sleep. Drops. But wait until our sleeping. Drain. Sdops." [074.16-.19]

hitherwards - towards this place, in this direction, hither; on this side (of) + {in sleep, we hike through thicket, and than soar from the murk of the barrel below, past breakfast room and toilet, to the clearence of the childlight in the room for study upstairs}

thicker - one who 'thicks' or fulls cloth; a fuller; Also as second element in comb., as cap-thicker, say-thicker + thicket - a dense growth of bushes.

schein - obs. Sc. f. sheen (a.) + Schein (ger) - light, shining.

Schore (ger) - prop, support

soar - to cause to soar; to attain or reach (a height) by upward flight + assails.

methylate - to impregnate or mix with methyl or methyl alcohol + methylated spirits - spirits mixed with methyl alcohol to render them unfit for drinking and suitable for other uses (e.g. lighting lamps) + mythos (gr) - word, speech; thing said + methysos (gr) - drunk.

barrel + bar below there + Babel Tower.

Bedevere - knight of the Round Table, King Arthur's butler 

butler - to be served by a butler; a manservant (usually the head servant of a household) who has charge of wines and the table

Table Round = Round Table - the table, celebrated in mediæval legend, round which Arthur and his chosen knights were supposed to have sat, and which was made round so that there might be no pre-eminence or rivalry.

necessity - a situation of hardship or difficulty; a pressing need or want.

Harington, Sir John (1561-1612) - English courtier, author of Metamorphosis of Ajax (describes water closet) + harington (Dutch) - herring-tub, herring-barrel.

upstairs + Sturz (ger) - fall, overthrow.

homy - resembling or suggestive of home; home-like; having the feeling of home + Thomas Moore: Love and the Novice (song): 'Here we dwell, in holiest bowers' [air: Cean Dubh Delish].

novice - Eccl. One who has entered a religious house, and is under probation or trial, before taking the required vows, a candidate for admission into a religious order; an inexperienced person, a beginner, tyro.

nig - a niggardly or mean person; to be mean or niggardly + nig-nog - a foolish person; hence, a raw and unskilled recruit.

nag - a small riding horse or pony; transf. as a term of abuse (obs.); to assail or annoy (a person) with persistent fault-finding or provocation

principal - a leading performer in a drama or entertainment

refocillation - refreshment, reanimation, reinvigoration + rifocillare (it) - cheer up, revive + Motif: -ation (*O*; 4 times).

inclination - the condition of being mentally inclined or disposed to something

Dolder - a residental section and hotel, on the Zurichberg

rive - to tear voraciously

dubh dilis (duv dilish) (gael) - dark dearest + ceann dubh dílis (Irish) - dark-head dearest [.13]

austerity - severe self-discipline or self-restraint; moral strictness, rigorous abstinence, asceticism + prehistoric

hysteric = hysterical + panhysterikos (gr) - all-womb-suffering, all belonging to the womb.

fippence - five pence

anathesis (gr) - setting up in public, dedicating; adjourment; imposition + any thesis + any day + antithesis + Athanasius (269-373 A.D.) - Christian leader agains Arian heresy (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

mind - to have a mind to (an action, plan, etc.); to contemplate, intend, aim at; to bend one's attention to + (family portraits & two boxers [or chess players] face to face, i.e. "Bet you fippence," against "PREAUSTERIC MAN").

wrangler - one who wrangles or quarrels, an angry or noisy disputer or arguer; Cambridge Colloquial: a student placed in the first class in the mathematical tripos (final honours examination for a B.A. degree in mathematics).

FDV: Till wranglers for wringawrowdy ready are, Aetius check to Atil's, and ere commences the castellaunic commencement lead us seek, O jenny of eves the frivolest, who most ficklesome fleest fleet from the fervid fan to but wouldst attach thee thick to thy thick eschewer, Mimosa multimimetica, the miming of miming [(or is it an ash sapling)]

the lette F. (Joyce's note)

at gaze - said of a deer, also of persons: in the attitude of gazing, esp. in wonder, expectancy, bewilderment, etc. + it is, respectively,

baronet - a titled order, the lowest that is hereditary, ranking next below a baron, having precedence of all orders of knighthood, except that of the Garter

altrettanto (it) - just as much

bancarotta (it) - bankruptcy

chaff - cut hay and straw used for feeding cattle + Butt & Taff.

commencement - the action or process of commencing; beginning + FDV: and ere commences the castellaunic commencement lead us seek,

Catalauni - At the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains (AD 451), a mixed force of Romans and Visigoths defeated Attila and stopped the advance of the Huns in Europe.

Aetius Flavius - Roman general and statesman. In 451 he joined with the Visigoths in defeating Attila in the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains, but when Attila invaded Italy in the following year, Aetius could do little to oppose him. 

check - a call at chess by which notice is given to the opponent that a move has been made which exposes his King

gambit - a method of opening the game, in which by the sacrifice of a pawn or piece the player seeks to obtain some advantage over his opponent. For instance, Catalan gambit. 

buxom - full of health, vigour, and good temper

bishop - one of the pieces in the game of chess, having its upper part carved into the shape of a mitre; formerly called archer, and in still earlier times alfin or aufyn.

give it a burl - to make an attempt

Sweet Genevieve (song) + Saint Genevieve's military advice saved Paris from Attila + FDV: O jenny of eves the frivolest,

jinny = ginny (obs.) - cunning, ensnaring, seductive

flicka (Swedish) - girl + FDV: who most ficklesome fleest fleet from the fervid fan

fervid - glowing, intensely impassioned

Frondeur - a member of the Fronde (the name given to the party which rose in rebellion against Mazarin and the Court during the minority of Louis XIV; hence, a malcontent party; also, violent political opposition); transf. A malcontent, an 'irreconcilable' + frondeur (fr) - scoffer.

attach - to join in sympathy or affection to a person, place, etc.

eft - again, moreover, likewise + eftest (obs) - most ready, most covenient (probably a blunder in Shakespeare's Much Ado about Nothing IV.2.38: 'Yea, marry, that's the eftest way') + oft teased.

ensuer - one who ensues, a follower + eschewer - one who avoids and deliberately stays away + FDV: to but wouldst attach thee thick to thy thick eschewer,

ondraw - to draw on (to bring about, lead to, involve as a consequence)

unconscionable - Of persons: Having no conscience, not controlled by conscience; Of actions, etc.: Showing no regard for conscience; not in accordance with what is right or reasonable + unconscious.

flicker - a rapid, rhythmic variation in the degree or quality of illumination which is perceptible to the eye + flapper - a girl in her late teens, orig. one with her hair down in a pigtail; a young woman, esp. with an implication of flightiness or lack of decorum.

unterdruckt (ger) - suppressed

rose point - point-lace exhibiting the raised pattern of a conventional rose + Ross Point close to Inishmacsaint, an island in Lough Erne.

Inis Muighe Samh (inish mwisou) (gael) - "Island of the Sorrel Plain": island in Lough Erne, Co. Fermanagh, unaccountably anglic. Inishmacsaint.

Matthew 7:7: 'seek, and ye shall find' + (4-stage Viconian cycle).

mimosa - a genus of leguminous shrubs, natives of tropical and sub-tropical regions; a yellow colour resembling that of the mimosa

mimetic - addicted to or having an aptitude for mimicry or imitation; Of animals or plants: Characterized by 'mimicry' in external appearance to some essentially different animal or plant, or to some inorganic object + multimimetica (l) - imitative of many. 

Minne (ger) - love + meann, minne (Irish) - stuttering + Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies, song: The Young May Moon.

Meinung (ger) - opinion + C.K. Ogden and I.A. Richards: The Meaning of Meaning (about semantics) + FDV: Mimosa multimimetica, the miming of miming [(or is it an ash sapling)]

Elpis - Greek "hope", falsely believed to be the Christian wife of Boethius + elpistic - the distinctive epithet of a sect of Greek philosophers + ALP.

grace + Greeks.

speer - to peer; to make inquiries concerning, to ask questions regarding + Speer (ger) - spear + sperare (l) - to hope.

thee (Dutch) - tea

mannequin - a woman (or occas. a man) employed in the showrooms of dress-makers, costumiers, etc., to wear and show off garments. Also, a model of a human figure for the display of clothes, etc. + Manneken-Pis - statue in Brussels of a child urinating.

pose - an attitude or posture of the body, or of a part of the body, esp. one deliberately assumed, or in which a figure is placed for effect, or for artistic purposes + pass 

kongen (Danish) - the king + 'The king was in his counting-house' (nursery rhyme).

canteen - a kind of sutler's shop in a camp, barracks, or garrison town, where provisions and liquors are sold to soldiers and non-commissioned officers + hus - obs. form of house + hus (Danish) - house.

knave - one of four face cards in a deck bearing a picture of a young prince + knights.

hind = behind

knoll - a small hill or eminence of more or less rounded form; a hillock, a mound; a large bell, a church-bell (obs.)

Ausonian - of or pertaining to Ausonia or to the Ausonians, the primitive inhabitants of middle and lower Italy; hence, Italian

audacity - boldness combined with disregard of consequences, venturesomeness; open disregard of the restraints of decorum or morality, effrontery, impudence + audacior (l) - more daring, bolder.

Gaedheal (gel) (gael) - Irishman, Scotsman + *VYC*

gillie - a giddy young woman + giolla (gile) (gael) = gillie (Anglo-Irish) - lad, servant.

gall - assurance, impudence + gall (goul) (gael) - foreigner.

Maitland: Life and Legends of St. Martin of Tours 48: (to Satan) '"wouldst thou but cease to tempt men... I... would dare promise thee His mercy" "Oh, holy presumption!" cries an old writer... "In default of authority for what he dares to promise, he is fain to express what he desires"'.

esprit - In Fr. primarily 'spirit, mind' + d'esprit (fr) - of spirit + sinfully desperate.

Ringelringelreihen (Swiss German) - Ring-a-ring o'roses (children's game)


Storiella as she is syung' was Joyce's title for individually published II.2: 'storiella' is the diminutive of Italian 'storia', history or story. It refers to English as She is Spoke, an abridgement of P. Carolino's 'New Guide of the Conversation in Portuguese and English' (a Portuguese-English phrasebook by a man who knew almost no English).

whence - from which place, from or out of which

follow up - to go after or pursue closely; to keep steadily in the track or pursuit of

unspeaking - not speaking, unable to speak + lit. entsprechend (ger) - corresponding, appropriate + (notebook 1931): 'mit entsprechenden Gebärde' (German: with appropriate gestures).

plutonic - belonging to or resembling Pluto, Plutonian + platonically - in a Platonic manner + "Everyone knows that they have Pluto 'somewhere' in their chart. We certainly do not dispute this 'fact of life'. However, we are concerned with those have it in its most extreme and most violent form. We are only interested in those who have it linked to the innermost point, the Moon. For we demand the link of power which connects the outermost to the innermost, Pluto to the Moon. This can be in many forms but the most intense is to be found in those who have Pluto conjunct the Moon, or those who have the Moon in the sign of Scorpio. For it is then at its most extreme power and presence in the Transcedent Id. Those are the persons we know to be marked by this vicious and chaotic energy." (Michael Bertiaux: The Voudon Gnostic Workbook)

pursuant - going in pursuit; following after, pursuing

hopeful - a 'hopeful' boy or girl: often ironical; causing or inspiring hope; giving promise of success or future good, 'promising': said of a person or thing on which one's hope is set, or concerning which hope is entertained; sometimes ironically, of a young person who is likely to disappoint hopes.

cull - to fondle in the arms, hug; to choose from a number or quantity, to select + called

cis (kish) (gael) - wickerwork + sis (*I*) [.08]

gladrags (Slang) - fancy clothes

proser - a writer of prose; one who talks or writes in a dull, commonplace, or tiresome way + Proserpine or Persephone - daughter of Zeus and Demeter, raped by Pluto, who seized her as she was gathering flowers and carried her off to the infernal regions; became Queen of the Underworld + (notebook 1931): 'proserpine' Waite: The Occult Sciences 52: 'Princes and Grand Dignitaries... Proserpine, Arch-she-fiend, sovereign princess of the perverse spirits'. 

slit - cut with a sharp instrument, divided by slitting + (vulva) + FDV: Singalingalying. Storiella as she is syoung syung. Whence plutonically pursuant of a glimpse of gladrags follweup with endspeaking nots for yestures Pretty Prosepronette whose slit satchet spilleth spilleths peas:

satchel - a small bag; esp. a bag for carrying schoolbooks, with or without a strap to hang over the shoulders + (notebook 1931): 'pocket drops peas' The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Supplemental Nights, vol. VII, 130n: The Tale of the Warlock and the Young Cook of Baghdad: 'In "Das blaue Licht," a Mecklenburg tale given by Grimm, the King's daughter who is borne through the air to the soldier's room is told by her father to fill her pocket with peas and make a hole therein; but the sole result was that the pigeons had a rare feast'.

spilleth piss + "The texts laid emphasis on substances usually considered worthless, obnoxious even, as the material from which the Elixir of Life was extracted and refined. The supreme secret of Alchemy was revealed to very few, and those few were not always initiates of fraternities such as those of the Qabalists, the Freemasons, and the Knights Templar who undoubtedly possessed it but later abused it. It is, for instance, recognizably present in the earliest African phases of the Mysteries where it perpetuated the most ancient Typhonian Tradition... The Goddess, embodied in the Suvasini, emanates the magically charged substances that are chemically indistinguishable from bodily secretions of the healthy human female. Their systematic ingestion by the adhikaris is said to bi-sexualise the organism and to "banish fear of all kinds"... I should be understood that the substances used in the rites of the Anuttara Amnaya have been previously purified by being surcharged with cosmic energy. A mere spark of this energy is equal to more than the totality of man's power. Urine is but one of the substances, gomaya [Lit. 'the product of the sow'] is another. Gomaya, calcined and applied to the surface of the body, is exemplified in the image of Shiva smeared with ashes. The consumption of these excreta is represented in the symbolism of the Tantric Tradition, which explains why the pig, a zootype of Typhon, was considered unclean by later cults... In ancient Egypt this animal was sacred to the full moon, the black pig in particular was associated with the god Set." (Kenneth Grant: Beyond the Mauve Zone)

sept - a division of a nation or tribe; a clan: orig. in reference to Ireland + (first step) + Joseph Collins: The Doctor Looks at Literature: 'Recognition of the existence of the two primitive urges, the instincts of self-preservation and of the preservation of the race, is the first step towards appreciation of their reasonable limitations and the extent to which they may be brought into harmony with the requirements of a well-balanced life'.

Belisha, Leslie Hore - British homesecretary who introduced a pedestrian crossing-sign (very phallic in appearence) called "Belisha Beacon." + Belisha beacon - a post about seven feet high surmounted by a flashing amber-coloured globe and erected on the pavement at officially recognized pedestrian crossings of the highway. 

beckon - to make a mute signal or significant gesture with the head, hand, finger, etc. + Issy is benign watcher on high (in her room on third floor of Mullingar House, which faces northeast onto the yard and beyond that the park, the city, and the bay), by turns star of the sea, beacon and (327.22-23) faithful lookout (John Gordon: Finnegans Wake: a plot summary).

usherette - a female usher in a cinema or theatre + it is the moon ('Usherette'), not the sun, whose rising we witness... (Hart, Clive / Structure and motif in Finnegans wake).

unmesh - to undo the meshes of, to free from meshes + "„I’ll show you my faint light,” she said matter-of-factly. She walked to the center of the narrow gully in front of the cave and squatted. From where I was I could not see what she was doing so I had to get out of the cave myself. I stood ten or twelve feet away from her. She put her hands under her skirt, while she was still squatting. Suddenly, she stood up. Her hands were loosely clasped into fists; she raised them over her head and snapped her fingers open. I heard a quick, bursting sound and I saw sparks flying from her fingers. She again clasped her hands and then snapped them open and another volley of much larger sparks flew out of them. She squatted once more and reached under her skirt. She seemed to be pulling something from her pubis. She repeated the snapping movement of her fingers as she threw her hands over her head, and I saw a spray of long, luminous fibers flying away from her fingers. I had to tilt my head up to see them against the already dark sky. They appeared to be long, fine filaments of a reddish light. After a while they faded and disappeared. She squatted once again, and when she let her fingers open a most astonishing display of lights emanated from them. The sky was filled with thick rays of light. It was a spellbinding sight. I became engrossed in it; my eyes were fixed. I was not paying attention to la Gorda. I was looking at the lights. I heard a sudden outcry that forced me to look at her, just in time to see her grab one of the lines she was creating and spin to the very top of the canyon. She hovered there for an instant like a dark, huge shadow against the sky, and then descended to the bottom of the gully in spurts or small leaps or as if she were coming down a stairway on her belly. I suddenly saw her standing over me. I had not realized that I had fallen on my seat. I stood up. She was soaked in perspiration and was panting, trying to catch her breath. She could not speak for a long time. She began to jog in place. I did not dare to touch her." (Carlos Castaneda: The Second Ring of Power)

grene - green (obs.) + grian (grien) (gael) - sun.

re (re) (gael) - moon

orange (anagram) + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Temora I: (begins) 'The blue waves of Erin roll in light'.

yonder - something beyond; the far and trackless distance + 'The green isle of Erin, It beckons me yonder' (song) + wander.


domicile - a place of residence or ordinary habitation; a dwelling-place, abode; a house or home + do-mi-sol - CEG, common chord.

anama (onema) (gael) - souls + Jespersen: Language, its Nature, Development and Origin 154 (VIII.8): 'the baby lies and babbles his 'mamama' or 'amama' or 'papapa' or 'apapa' or 'bababa' or 'ababab''.

anama ba (onema ba) (gael) - souls of crows

blowy - characterized by blowing


windigo - In the folklore of the northern Algonquian Indians: a cannibalistic giant, the transformation of a person who has eaten human flesh + indigo

John 1:14: 'the Word was made flesh'

lit. Selbslaut (ger) - vowel

brace - a pair, a couple

congener - a member of the same kind or class with another, or nearly allied to another in character

trebly - in a threefold degree or manner, triply + *VYC* and *IJ*

bounden - bound, in literal senses: Made fast by tie, band, or bar; tied, fastened.

Adhamhnan (ounan) (gael) - dim. of Adhamh ("Adam"); anglic. Adamnan, 7th c. saint, author of Life of Colmcille + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Fingal II: 'Ferda, son of Damman' + Adamman - an artificial language based on English [from Adam (denoting primitive roots) and man (denoting entire human race)].

Emhe, properly Eabha (eve) (gael) - Eva, Eve

fathering - the action of the vb. father + father-in-law + Adamnán's law provided heavy penalties for killing women.

skewer - to fasten (meat, etc.) with a skewer (a long pin for holding meat in position while it is being roasted); to run through, transfix, with a sword or other weapon

old one - an elderly person, esp. one's father or mother

slosh - to lap up or swallow greedily + slash - to cut with sweeping strokes.

many's the time - on many occasions, in many instances; often, frequently

pottle - a measure of capacity for liquids equal to two quarts or half a gallon; a pottle of wine or other liquor + The Mermaid (song): 'I care more for my pottles and my kets' + kettles and pots.

association + Ossian - Finn's son (Pronunciation 'Usheen').


Yggely ogs Weib - according to Mrs Christiani, Odin and his wife + Ygg (Norwegian) - Odin. 

og - a shilling + og (og) (gael) - young + agus (ogus) (gael) - and.

Weib (ger) - wife + Webster Edgerly invented Adamman (under the pseudonym Edmund Shaftesbury: The Adam-man Tongue, the Universal Language of the Human Race, 1903).

euai! (gr) - a cry of joy + euoi! (gr) - exclamation used in the cult of Dionysus + (five vowels and two semivowels).

tarara - a word imitating, and hence denoting, the sound of a trumpet or bugle + ARARAT - Isolated mountain in East extremity of Turkey near Iranian border. Legendary landing place of Noah's Ark + Tara - ancient Irish royal capital. 

slipper - of a shifty, unreliable character; deceitful, insincere + look sharp - Originally (with sharp as adv.): 'to look sharply after something', 'to keep strict watch'. In later use (which is merely colloquial) the sense is commonly 'to bestir oneself briskly','to lose no time'.

soppy - soaked or saturated with water or rain + copycat - someone who copies the words or behavior of another.

doss - a bed; esp. a bed in a common lodging-house + dog in the manger

mag - to chatter + mag (ger) = mag (Dutch) - may.

shibboleth - a word or sound which a person is unable to pronounce correctly; a word used as a test for detecting foreigners, or persons from another district, by their pronunciation + (notebook 1931): 'Was that your shiboleth then? she was my sibylette then'.

syllable - to utter or express in (or as in) syllables or articulate speech, to pronounce syllable by syllable, to utter articulately or distinctly, to articulate. Also fig.

vetus (l) - old + Venus (l) - goddess of beauty and sexual love.

occlude - to shut or stop up so as to prevent anything from passing in, out, or through; to obstruct (a passage)

mou = mouth + mou (fr. slang) - human body, human flesh + Moon.

URSA MAJOR - the most prominent constellation of the North hemisphere has been known as the Bear

"Sailor's Only" - Pole Star

Y.W.C.A. - The Young Women's Christian Association, founded 1855 in England, adopted its present name in 1877 and has branches all over the world. The Danish YWCA is "Kristelig Forening for Unge Kvinder" + warning young Christ-like Kevin. 

veto (l) - I forbid + Virgo.

nova (l) - new + nova - new star (in astronomy).

Nereid - Myth. A daughter of Nereus; a sea-nymph + Nereus - old name of constellation Eridanus + A second satellite of Neptune, Nereid, was discovered in 1949.

FDV: A one of charmers, yet Una Unica. Charmers who under the branches of the elms, in shoes as yet unshent by stoniness, wend went will wend, a way of fancied blooms and rambler roses, their arms enlocked, all thinking all of it, the It with an itch in it, the All every inch of it the pleasure each will preen her for, the business each was bred to.

charmer - one who uses spells and enchantments, or who has magic powers; one who possesses great attractiveness or powers of fascination; usually applied to a woman + Joyce's note: 'charmeur' → Harris: Oscar Wilde, His Life and Confessions I.93: 'His whole face lit up as he spoke and one saw nothing but his soulful eyes, heard nothing but his musical tenor voice; he was indeed what the French call a charmeur' + charmeur (French) enchanter.

una unica (l) - one only, the only one, one-and-only + "Window of Issy's room faces north-east onto the yard, and beyond that the park, the city, and the bay. Her view also takes in the backyard privy and an elm, which brushes against her windowpane." (John Gordon)

as yet - hitherto, up to this time

unshent - uninjured, unharmed, unspoiled, etc.

stoniness - the fact of having the character of stone, or being full of stones (or of hard substance like stone); fig. Hardness, insensibility, unfeelingness.

honey month - the first month after marriage, the honeymoon

myrrh - a gum-resin produced by several species of Commiphora: used for perfumery and as an ingredient in incense; the aromatic plant, Myrrhis odorata, Sweet Cicely.

rambler - a rose which straggles or climbs freely + (notebook 1923): 'rambler roses'.

May bee

mantle - to form a mantle or covering; to spread or be extended over a surface

Maiblume (ger) - mayflower + Mei (Dutch) - May.

fleur - an ornamental flower + fleur (fr) - flower + floor.

woman with a kerch JJ with MB must tell it to someone ('MB' not clear) [notebook 1924]

at the sacred name of love every person should take off his trousers (notebook 1924)

enlock - to lock up, hold fast

sex appeal - to attract sexually + The Chimes of Love Are Pealing (song).

conchite - a stone resembling a shell, a fossil shell + Conchita - temptress in Perre Louÿs's La Femme and le Pantin + 'et concepit de Spiritu Sancto' (Angelus) - 'and she conceived of the Holy Ghost'.

Senta - maiden heroine of Wagner's The Flying Dutchman, who saved the hero captain from his curse + 'Pingpong, the bell for Sechseläuten, and concepit de Saint-Esprit'.

telltale - one who idly or maliciously discloses private or secret matters + [196.02-.03]

amaryllis - a genus of autumn-flowering bulbous plants, species of which are cultivated as garden or hot-house flowers + Amaryllis - a country-girl in Theocritus and Virgil. 

it (Slang) - sex appeal (1927; Clara Bow)

it (Slang) - vulva

preen - Of a bird: To trim (the feathers or fur) with the beak; Of a person: To trim or dress oneself up, to smooth and adorn oneself.

breed - Of animal species: To produce brood or young, to have offspring, to propagate their species; trans. Said of a female parent: to hatch (young birds) from the egg; to produce (offspring, children).

law of the jungle - the code of survival in jungle life, now usu. with ref. to the superiority of brute force or self-interest in the struggle for survival + jung (ger) - young + Junger (ger) - disciple + young girl.

notion - an inclination, disposition, or desire, to do something specified; a fancy for something.

FDV: Soon she my dear girl will knit in on solfa sofa while they will cudgel [over division table. Achschan!] She of minions novence charily being cupid. No Browne & Nolan's arithamathing for her, our dear child, though she'll spin on bike youthlit's bike through the missile of the nike with her toots upon the algebrars and that if there is a third person being spoken about it all proceeds from a first person speaking to a second person who is being spoken to. From Nabob let me never stray so nimm me nice & name the day.

demijohn - a large bottle with bulging body and narrow neck, holding from 3 to 10 gallons, and usually cased in wicker- or rush-work, with one or two handles of the same, for convenience of transport + geminus (l) - twin + Jim and John.

cudgel - to beat or thrash with a cudgel + cudgel one’s brain - to think hard about something esp. to try and work out the answer to a difficult problem.

arithmetic - the science of numbers; the art of computation by figures

BROWNE AND NOLAN - Printers, publishers, and booksellers; at 24-25 Nassau Street at the turn of the century, now in Dawson Street, with works at Clonskeagh; owners of the Richview Press.   

divisional - pertaining to, or serving for, division + (notebook 1931): 'division tables'.

whereas - Introducing a statement of fact in contrast or opposition to that expressed by the principal clause: While on the contrary; the fact on the other hand being that.

carry the can - to bear the responsibility, take the blame + Children’s game: (Irish) 'Will you be my man?' 'Yes.' 'Will you carry my can?' 'Yes.' 'Will you fight the fairies?' 'Yes.' (children then blow in one another's face).

minion - one specially favoured or beloved

novenus (l) - nine each, nine

charily - carefully, cautiously; warily, circumspectly; with preserving or saving care

cupid - "Desire": In Roman Mythology, the god of love, son of Mercury and Venus, identified with the Greek Eros.

mug - a rough or ugly person; a criminal; a policeman; a fool, simpleton + Mookse/Gripes (motif).

wump = whump - to make a dull thudding sound

grubbiness - grubby or grimy condition + grubby - dirty, grimy.

avarice - inordinate desire of acquiring and hoarding wealth; greediness of gain, cupidity


faire une grande gaffe (fr) - put one's foot in it

tout petit peu (fr) - just a tiny bit

je m'en fiche - 'I couldn't care less, I don't care at all'

knit - to turn thread or yarn into a piece of fabric by forming loops that are pulled through each other + (notebook 1931): 'Knit while waiting a.p.'

solfa - the set of syllables 'do (or ut), re, mi, fa, sol, la, si', sung to the respective notes of the major scale

sofa - a long, stuffed seat with a back and ends or end, used for reclining; a form of lounge or couch

pullover - a knitted or woven garment for the upper part of the body, a jumper or jersey

stew - a heated room; a room with a fireplace + dew + Lewis Carroll: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ch. X: 'The Lobster Quadrille': 'Soup of the evening, beautiful Soup!'

booksy - having literary or bookish pretensions; usu. in jocular or derisory use

bodikin - a diminutive body; a corpuscle, an atom

thimble - a bell-shaped sheath of metal (formerly of leather) worn on the end of the finger to push the needle in sewing + Thimble and Bodkin Army (Eng. Hist.) - a nickname of the Parliamentary Army of the Civil War + Thimble Theatre - American comic-strip (starring Popeye the Sailor).

Alma Mater - a title given by the Romans to several goddesses, especially to Ceres and Cybele, and transferred in Eng. to Universities and schools regarded as 'fostering mothers' + Mathers, Liddell (later called MacGregor Mathers) - magician of the Golden Dawn Society who put Tantric symbols on Yeats's forehead to induce visions.

auctioneer - one who conducts sales by auction + Mather, Dublin auctioneer.

gramma - a name for several low pasture grasses abundant in the western and south-western United States + gramma (gr) - a writing, a drawing, a letter + grandmamma - a colloquial synonym of grandmother.

grammar - a treatise or book on grammar

masculine - Gram. The masculine gender; a word or form of the masculine gender.


neuter - Of gender: Neither masculine nor feminine.

abad - obs. forms of abode + about

mood - to reflect moodily + There are three moods in Latin grammar: Indicative, Subjunctive (or Conjunctive) and Imperative + must

prosode - a hymn sung in procession at a religious festival in ancient Greece + FDV: if there is a third person being spoken about it all proceeds from a first person speaking to a second person who is being spoken to.

dative case - a grammatical case generally used to indicate the noun to whom something is given

ablative case - name given to cases in various languages whose common characteristic is that they mark motion away from something, though the details in each language may differ.

spake - obs., poet., or arch. f. pa. tense of speak + FDV: Take the dative with his oblative, said gramma, but mind you're genderous.

gramma (l) - a writing, drawing, letter of the alphabet

impetus - moving force, impulse, stimulus

gender - Gram. Each of the three (or in some languages two) grammatical 'kinds'.

reflexive - a reflexive verb or pronoun; Gram. and Linguistics. Of pronouns, verbs, phrases, and their signification: Characterized by, or denoting, a reflex action on the subject of the clause or sentence.

gavelkind - From the 16th c., often used to denote the custom of dividing a deceased man's property equally among his sons, whether as an incident of the Kentish tenure or otherwise + Irish Gavelkind - custom by which land, on owner's death, went into common use.

daff - one deficient in sense or in proper spirit; a simpleton, a fool; a coward + Taff [.26]

Erse = Irish + deaf as your arse.

grappa - a brandy distilled from the skins, pips, and stalks of the grapes after they have been pressed for wine-making + grandpa.

bott - colloq. abbrev. of bottom + bod (bud) (gael) - penis + Potz tausend! (ger) - (expletive) + Butt/Taff [.L10]

hore - dirt, filth, defilement, foulness + hear

uff - An exclamation as of someone panting with exertion or difficulty + hor emal uff! (ger) - stop it!

hedone (gr) - enjoyment, pleasure

frech (ger) - impudent + 'French Devil' - Jean Bart, 17th century privateer.

lappy - resembling a lap or lobe + ALP.

leap (Slang) - fuck + on entering confessional: 'Bless me, father, for I have sinned'.

Lochlaun or Locklaun - Irish name for Norway

lady + was die Leute sagen (ger) - what the people say.

analect - the select part, the choice essence; the 'cream' or marrow + analecta (l) - slave who picked up food crumbs + intellectual.


syntax - the arrangement of words (in their appropriate forms) by which their connexion and relation in a sentence are shown; the department of grammar which deals with the established usages of grammatical construction and the rules deduced therefrom + sin talk.

dunk - n. A liquid or creamy food into which other foods are dunked; v. To dip (food) into a liquid food, such as a beverage or sauce, prior to eating + dunkel (ger) - dark. 

subjunction = grammatical conjunction - part of speech that connects two words, phrases or clauses together + subjunctive mood - verb mood typically used in subordinate clauses to express a wish, emotion, possibility, judgment, opinion, necessity, or action that has not yet occurred. It is sometimes referred to as the conjunctive mood, as it often follows a conjunction + subconscious.

dual - Gram. The inflected form expressing two or a pair

duel - to fight a duel; to engage in single combat

prude - a woman who maintains or affects excessive modesty or propriety in conduct or speech

prurio (l) - to itch, to feel sexual desire + pluriel (fr) - plural.

aorist - one of the past tenses of the Greek verb, which takes its name from its denoting a simple past occurrence, with none of the limitations as to completion, continuance, etc., which belong to the other past tenses. It corresponds to the simple past tense in English, as 'he died.'

pluterperfect - more than perfect + pluperfect - Gram. Applied to that tense of the verb which expresses a time or action completed prior to some past point of time, specified or implied + plaudo (l) - to clap, to applaud + plauder (ger) - gossip.

anent - in respect or reference to, regarding, concerning


haec genua omnia (l) - all these knees + haec genera omnia (l) - all these kinds of things (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

playwright - a professional maker or author of plays; a dramatist + peter - the penis (slang.) + Wright, Peter - in the 1920s published a scandalous book about politicians, including Parnell, Gladstone. He accused the latter of saving fallen girls for fallen purposes. Gladstone's sons sued, asserting "no property in law can exist in a corpse" (576.5), and they forced Wright to sue for libel. He lost. Gladstone's diaries (see New York Times, March 15, 1975) show Gladstone did indeed lust for his whores in his heart and subdued the lust by whipping himself + preterite (Grammar) + patriot. 

tense - fig. In a state of nervous or mental strain or tension; strained, 'on the stretch'; excited, or excitable; spec. in Phonetics, applied to (the articulation of) a speech-sound pronounced with enhanced tension in the muscles of the speech organs.

accusative - Grammar. In inflected languages the name of the case whose primary function was to express destination or the goal of motion; pertaining, tending, or addicted to accusation, accusatory (obs. rare.)

whilst - while

wallflower - a lady who keeps her seat at the side of a room during dancing, whether because she cannot find a partner or by her own choice

poodle - one of a breed of pet dogs

feint - to deceive (obs.); to make a feint or sham attack

let off - to allow to go or escape; to allow or cause to pass away

geranium - a plant of the genus Pelargonium, natives of S. Africa, of which many varieties are cultivated in Great Britain + gerundium (l) - gerund (Grammar).

year or so

kitten - a young cat (not full-grown); fig. Applied to a young girl, with implication of playfulness or skittishness.

warthog - a swine of the African genus Phacochrus

predicable - that may be predicated or affirmed; capable of being asserted + predicate (Grammar).

accident - Grammar. pl. The changes to which words are subject, in accordance with the relations in which they are used; the expression of the phenomena of gender, number, case, mood, tense, etc.; Obs. replaced by accidence.

follow suit - to play a card of the same suit as the leading card; hence often fig., to do the same thing as somebody or something else

René Descartes

go to the pack - to lose a (high) position, to 'go to pieces' + Mackirdy & Willis: The White Slave Market 192: (quoting a "missus" arguing with an American Consul trying to convince her to stop her traffic in American women to the East) 'What will you do, Sir Consul - 'follow suit,' 'reneague,' or 'go to the pack'?'

fumble - a piece of fumbling, a bungling attempt at something + fingers

A vulgar fraction is said to be a proper fraction if the absolute value of the numerator is less than the absolute value of the denominator (absolute value of the entire fraction is less than 1); a vulgar fraction is said to be an improper fraction if the absolute value of the numerator is greater than or equal to the absolute value of the denominator.

malediction - the utterance of a curse; the condition of being under a ban or curse

menstruation + mens (l) - the mind, understanding.

godsend - some desirable thing received unexpectedly and as it were from the hand of God, esp. something of which the recipient is greatly in want; a welcome event, a happy chance.

ardent - burning, on fire, red-hot; fig. Glowing with passion, animated by keen desire, zealous, fervent.

Ares (gr) - god of war (identified with Roman Mars)

brusque - somewhat rough or rude in manner

Boreas - the north-wind; the god of the north-wind

glib - Of a speaker or writer, of the tongue, etc.: 'Well-oiled', ready and fluent in utterance.

Ganymede - a Trojan youth, whom Zeus made his cupbearer

zealous - full of or incited by zeal, characterized by zeal or passionate ardour

omega - the last letter (w) of the Greek alphabet + mightest + ho megistos (gr) - the very great (an epithet of Zeus).

Sothis - star that the Egyptians considered unusually significant. The star is not explicitly identified, but there are enough clues for modern scholars to be almost unanimous in identifying Sothis as Sirius; Plutarch states that The soul of Isis is called Dog by the Greeks and Sothis was identified with Isis in many Egyptian texts + satis (l) - enough + that is the question + satisfaction.

Werbung (ger) - solicitation, wooing, advertising + verb. sap. (l) - a word is sufficient to the wise (abbreviation of Latin: verbum sat sapienti est).

jeg (Danish) - I + je suis (fr) - I am.

vos (l) - you (plural)

umoroso (it) - full of humours + andante amoroso (music tempo indication).

metronome - any device that produces regular, metrical ticks (beats)

quean (Slang) - whore + I thought you were a gentleman. If you are, I'm a queen.

kukkuk (Danish) - cuckoo + Cook (Anglo-Irish) - Hide-and-Seek (because 'Cook!' is sometimes the signal given when the search begins).

search me - Used (chiefly imp. in response to a question) to imply that the speaker has no knowledge of some fact or no idea what course to take + [186.33]

ouk elabon polin (gr) - they did not capture a city + French student joke: 'Ouk elabon Polin; Alagar. Kekelphe; Elpis ephe kaka' (dog Greek): 'Où qu'est la bonne Pauline? À la gare. Qu'est qu'elle fait? Elle pisse et fait caca' (French Colloquial): 'Where is the good Pauline? At the station. What does she do? She pisses and does kaka'.

mauler - one who mauls; a hand, a fist (slang.) + ouk elabon polin (gr) - they did not capture a city. 

Petrarch, Francesco (1304-74) - Italian poet, priest who founded the sonnet in remote Vaucluse. The Canzoniere or Rime in Vita e Morte di Madonna Laura is one model, Ovid's Metamorphosis is another for 203.8 ff. In Petrarch's poems, it is common to find metamorphoses into stream (Sorgue), tree (laurel), stone (petra), note Canzone I, Sonnet CXVI. Petrarch is, by his own implication, Apollo, god of poetry; Laura is Daphne, the god's prey, the poet's laurel crown, Madonna to the Holy Ghost of poetic afflatus + patrarchos (gr) - tutelary god + patriarches (gr) - chief of a family.

pinch - a firm compression between the finger and thumb or any two opposing surfaces; a nip, a squeeze + Dante: Inferno V.121: 'The bitterest woe of woes Is to remember in our wretchedness Old happy times; and this thy Doctor knows'.

pash - to break or dash (a thing) in pieces or to atoms; to crush or smash by blows + have a pash for - to love + The Blarney Corn (song): 'O rum it is the comicalest thing How it tickles...'

ploutos (gr) - wealth, riches + Plouton (gr) - god of the netherworld.

pauper (l) - poor; poor man

long and the short of (it, etc.) - sum total, substance, upshot + Lewis and Short - compilers of a standard Latin dictionary.  

primer - an elementary school-book for teaching children to read

witchcraft - the practices of a witch or witches; fig. Power or influence like that of a magician, bewitching or fascinating attraction or charm.

pop - with (the action or sound of) a pop; instantaneously, abruptly, unexpectedly

egg - to incite, encourage; to provoke, tempt

spoon - to court or pay addresses to (a person), esp. in a sentimental manner + egg-and-spoon race - sporting event in which participants must carry an egg on a small spoon and race to the finish line without dropping the egg.

clause - a short sentence; a single passage or member of a discourse or writing; a distinct part or member of a sentence, esp. in Gramm. Analysis, one containing a subject and predicate + clothes.

Murray, Lindley (1745-1826) - wrote Grammar of the English Language (1795), which long remained a standard text in England and America. 

despondent - characterized by loss of heart or resolution; labouring under mental depression + deponent verb - a verb that is active in meaning but takes its form from a different voice, most commonly the middle or passive.

hortator - one who exhorts or encourages; an exhorter + hortatrix (l) - a female inciter, encourager + orthodoxy.

vindicative - serving to vindicate by defence or assertion + vindicate - to justify or uphold by evidence or argument. 

gaggle - a flock (of geese); also derisively, a company (of women)

all out - entirely, completely; using or involving all one's (or its) strength or resources, 'fully extended'; at top speed

Handsome is who handsome does (proverb)

falter - to stumble in one's speech + Quantity counts though accents falter - Allusion to classical metrics: Greek and Latin verse scans as patterns of long and short syllables (quantity), not of stressed and unstressed syllables (accent) as in English (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

yoke - to put a yoke on (a pair of draught-animals, etc.); to join, couple; Grammar: two subjects with same predicate, strictly belonging to only one ("doth sometimes Counsel take, and sometimes Tea).

oblique - not going straight to the point; indirectly stated or expressed + oratio obliqua (l) - indirect discourse (Grammar).

oration - speech, language; now only in Gram. as rendering L. oratio recta and obliqua, 'direct' and 'oblique oration', or use of language.

parse - to describe (a word in a sentence) grammatically, by stating the part of speech, inflexion, and relation to the rest of the sentence; to resolve (a sentence, etc.) into its component parts of speech and describe them grammatically + Persse O'Reilly.

Polly - dim. of Poll as female name, and name for a parrot

Leben (ger) - life + Quatsch (ger) - nonsense + lebban (Arabic) - milk + Eugene Jolas: Man from Babel 166: (of Joyce) 'One day I found him in a Zurich tea-shop laughing quietly to himself... He explained that he had asked the waitress for a glass of lemon squash. The somewhat obtuse Swiss girl looked puzzled. Then she had an inspiration: "Oh, you mean Lebensquatsch?" she stammered. (Her German neologism might be translated by "life's piffle")'

brat - a child, so called in contempt + brat (Pan-Slavonic) - brother + (notebook 1931): 'a man can choose from so many'.

alanna - My child! Used as a form of address or as a term of endearment.

appendix - supplementary material that is collected and appended at the back of a book + apprentice + Paul Dukas: The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

flyswatter - an instrument for swatting flies + swat - to hit with a smart slap or a violent blow

languor - a feeling of lack of interest or energy + (notebook 1931): 'from langueurs & weakness of girlhood to head & back aches of W-hood'.

limber - easily bent (without damage to shape or structure); flexible, pliant

lassiehood - girlhood + FDV: She glows. She gives a sign. Thei's time to hear her's, turn her up as turn her down A ____, brat can choose from so many from tween the langour and weakness of girlhood to the headbeck and heartaches of womanage. And what is more lots heaps & heaps of other things too, yoking apart, from Sis her mystery of pain.

till = to

heartache - pain or anguish of mind, esp. that arising from disappointed hope or affection

wax - Of a quality, activity, event, etc.: To come into being, spring up; Also with up; to become gradually, grow + lit. aufgewachen (ger) - grown up.

heaps & heaps (notebook 1931) Young: Trial of Frederick Bywaters and Edith Thompson 174: (letter from Edith Thompson to Bywaters, trial exhibit 16) 'if it was a lie I dont care, I'd tell heaps and heaps and heaps to help you even tho I know you don't like them'.

lots of other things (notebook 1931) → Young: Trial of Frederick Bywaters and Edith Thompson 170: (letter from Edith Thompson to Bywaters, trial exhibit 15) 'He said lots of other things'.

note - to observe or mark carefully, to notice closely

distressed - afflicted with pain or trouble, sorely troubled, in sore straits; Applied spec. to a person living in impoverished circumstances + Irish Distressed Ladies' Fund (for cases of nonpayment of rent).

frothblower - joc., a beer-drinker: adopted as the title of a certain charitable organization

quicquid (l) - whatever + queck - to quack.

quick - to give or restore vigour to; to stir up, inspire, etc. + attack first, questions after. 

hist - a sibilant exclamation used to enjoin silence, or call on people to listen + Genesis 3:1: 'the serpent was more subtil' + hiss.

Schlange (ger) - a snake, serpent; penis + slander.

to be (dead) nuts on - to be devoted to, fond of, or delighted with (a person or thing)

mate - obs. form of meat + white meat - foods prepared from milk, dairy produce; white women considered as sexual partners or conquests.  

grit - firmness or solidity of character, indomitable spirit or pluck + Joyce's note: 'grits = teeth' + HCE (like Joyce) have lost his teeth.

lang (ger) = lang (Dutch) - long + Wange (ger) = wang (Dutch) - cheek + Wurm (ger) - worm + lang (Chinese) - wolf + wang (Chinese) - king, prince + wang (Slang) - penis + Long Worm - a Viking ship.

old gooseberry - the deuce (bad luck, plague, mischief); the devil.

liaison - an intimate relation or connexion; spec. An illicit intimacy between a man and a woman; Phonetics. The joining of a final consonant (which would in pause or before a consonant be silent) to a following word beginning with a vowel or 'mute' h.

oreille - a pillow + oreilles (fr) - ears + Persse O'Reilly.

vert - to turn in a particular direction; to turn or twist out of the normal position; green (Heraldry)

embowed - bent or curved into the form of a bow; convex, bow-like; bent (Heraldry)

proper (Heraldry) - in natural colour

penchant - a (strong or habitual) inclination; a favourable bias, liking

Middle Egyptian + (heraldry was Vico's middle language)

spitter - one who spits or ejects saliva; Also fig. + (according to Egyptian myth, Atem populated the world by spitting on fertile mud heap).

wonderland - an imaginary realm of wonder and faery + John Milton: Paradise Lost + Lewis Carroll: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

John O'Keefe: song 'Amo, amas, I love a lass' (in his 1781 play, The Agreeable Surprise) + Alice

little + Liddell, Henry George (1811-1898) - co-compiler of Greek-English Lexicon; father of Lewis Carroll's Alice.

looker + locker (Slang) - female pudenda + lokker (Dutch) - tempter, allurer.

leafery - leafage + Lewis Carroll: Through the Looking-Glass.

pain (fr) - bread (i.e. Eucharist) + (notebook 1931): 'girls mystery of pain = love' + (pain came into the world after the Fall).

frivolity - disposition to trifle, frivolous behaviour, levity + The Letter: Dear, and it goes on to...

youthly - pertaining to or characteristic of youth + Euclid's.

bike - bicycle

Mike - a Roman Catholic + father Michael.

Nike - In Greek art: a winged statue representing Nike, the goddess of victory + Mick/Nick (motif).

kickseys (Slang) - shoes + FDV: You may spin on youthlit's bike to multiplease your Nick and Mike with your kickshose on the algebrars but the O of woman is long if only those two muties sequent her so from Nabob see you never stray who'll nimm you nice and name the day.

handlebars + Joyce's note: 'to algebraise'

Publius Vergilius Maro = Vergil - greatest Latin poet, author of Eclogues, Georgics, Aeneid + O'Meadhra (o'myoure) (gael) - descendant of Meadhair ("mirth") + O'Fearghail (o'faryel) (gael) - descendant of Fearghal ("super-valor").

volve - to turn over the pages of (a book) + T. Moore's "Turn Back the Virgin Page." 

Virgil or Publius Vergilius Maro (B.C. 70 - 19) - Roman poet. Also a 7th century "fantastic grammarian" (Sortes Virgilianae is telling fortunes by opening Virgil and reading the first passage hit on).

burly - heavy, strong, and muscular + Béarla (Irish) - English language

muter - Often Offensive: One who is incapable of speech; Linguistics: a) A silent letter. b) A plosive, a stop.

sequent - that which follows in order; a result, a consequence + sequentur (l) - they follow + frequent.

from nemo let you never say neminis or nemine - mnemonic from a Latin textbook: nemo ("no one") substitutes nullius hominis (Gen.) and nullo homine (Abl.) for neminis and nemine although nemini (Dat.) and neminem (Acc.) both regularly occur (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

verschwinden (ger) - to disappear + verschwindibus (ger) - hocus pocus.

menkind - the male sex, men-folk


stray - to escape from confinement or control, to wander away from a place, one's companions, etc.

nimm (ger) - to take

nehm- (ger) - to take + name the day - of a woman, to fix her wedding day.

concomitance - occurrence or existence together or in connection with one another

FDV: We've just been reading about Jellyous Seizer & his duo of Drewindresses and the tryonforit of Oxthievious, Lapidist & Malthouse Antony. Eire, Eire, clane cuntrary, where how does your girdle grow? Eat early earthapples. Leap the law. Wide hiss, we're wizening. Hoots fromm, we're globing. But it's tails for toughs and titties for totties and come buckets come bats till deeliet deeleet.

aread - to divine the meaning of (obscure words), interpret (a dream), solve (a riddle or enigma) (arch.) + SDV: One hath just been areading, hath not one, of Sire Jellyous Seizer with his duo of druidesses and the tryonforit of Oxthievious, Lapidis and Malthouse Anthony, but so bright as Mutua of your mirror holds her candle to your caudle reek you a spirit of anyseed whether trigemellmen cuddle his coddle or nope. As they warred in their big innings ease now we never shall know. Eat early earthapples. Coax Cobra to chatters. Hail, Heva, we hear. Wide hiss, we're wizening. Hoots fromm, we're globing. Why hidest thou hinter thy husband his name? Aida, Aida, aflattered, afraida, how does thy girdle grow. Willed without witting world without aimed. But it's tails for toughs and titties for totties and come buckets, come bats till deeleet.

ya = yah - an exclamation of disgust, aversion, or malicious defiance. Also used loosely as a vague or meaningless exclamation + ja (ger) - yes.

memoire - obs. form of memory + moira (gr) - fate

hireling - a hired servant; a mercenary (soldier) [now usually somewhat contemptuous] + Ireland's.

Punic Wars - the three wars between the Romans and Carthaginians waged between 264 and 146 b.c.

Ulster - the name of the most northerly of the four provinces of Ireland

ga (Dutch) - go (imperative)

The (Anglo-Irish) - chief of (given) clan

William O'Brien, Irish patriot (1852 - 1928) + Five Bloods of Ireland - the O'Neils of Ulster; the O'Connors of Connaught; the O'Briens of Thomond; the O'Lochlans of Meath; the M'murroughs of Leinster.

Munster - the southwestern province of the Republic of Ireland, comprising the counties of Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Tipperary, and Waterford + monastir (Bulgarian) - cloister. 

Leinster - the southeastern province of Ireland, comprising the counties of Carlow, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Offaly, Longford, Louth, Meath, Leix, Westmeath, Wexford, and Wicklow.

Connaught - one of the five ancient kingdoms or provinces of Ireland, lying in the western and northwestern areas of the island

Roderic O'Connor - king of Connaught and the last high king of Ireland + Joyce's note: 'O'Connor O'Brien Mac Laughlin *C*' IW 90: The victory [over the Danes] brought, no doubt, freedom from foreign oppression, but it did not bring peace. The period separating the defeat of the Danes from the advent of the Normans (1168) was occupied by a fierce contest between three families, the O’Briens of Munster, the MacLoughlins of Ulster and the O’Connors of Connacht—for the dignity of Ard Ri. This war of Gael against Gael was marked by sacrileges and atrocities quite equal to the worst attributed to the Norsemen.

counsel - opinion as to what ought to be done given as the result of consultation

summed - collected into one sum, forming a sum-total

appendage - that which is attached as if by being hung on; a subsidiary external adjunct, addition, or accompaniment, which does not form an essential part of that to which it is added, but is usually natural or appropriate to it; an addition in writing + (ass).

da (Serbian, Russian) - yes

Gaius Julius Caesar - a Roman general, dictator, and statesman

gamely - sportive, merry

taskmaster - one whose office is to allot tasks and see to their performance; an overseer; a middleman + torsk (Danish) - cod + mester (Danish) - master.

'32 = teeth / 1 = moon / sixerords point hole' (Joyce's note) [Armenian vecerord: the sixth; Armenian vec: six] + (23 + 1 + 16 = 40) + (32, 1 + 10 = 3211).

Clio (l) - "Fame": muse of history + patria (l) - fatherland + Cleopatra (69-30 B.C.) - "Paternal Renown": famous queen of Egypt; bore Julius Caesar a son, later became Mark Antony's mistress. 

duo - two people; a couple; esp. a pair of entertainers

Druidess - a female Druid; a Druidic prophetess + *IJ*

ready money - characterized by immediate payment in money for articles bought

romper - a casual one-piece garment worn esp. by young women + Joyce's note: 'rompers (skirt)'.

One, Two, Three, Four, Mary's at the Kitchen Door (nursery rhyme)

ordination - logical or comprehensible arrangement of separate elements

omen (l) - a presage: Octavian went on to become Augustus, the first emperor (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

onus - a burden, charge, responsibility, duty + onus (l) - a burden; Lepidus was a make-weight in the triumvirate (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake)

obit - departure from life, death, decease (obs.); a ceremony or office performed at the burial of a deceased person (obs.) + obit (l) - he opposes; he perishes: Antony's subsequent career (opposed Octavian, went to Egypt, was defeated and killed himself) (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

triumvirate - Rom. Hist. An association of three magistrates for joint administration + triumvir - Rom. Hist. One of three magistrates or public officers forming a committee charged with one of the departments of the administration; a member of the coalition of Pompey, Cæsar, and Crassus, 60 b.c. (first triumvirate), or of the administration of Octavian, Antony, and Lepidus, 43 b.c. (second triumvirate) + *VYC*.

Triumvirate of Octavianus, Lepidus, and Marcus Antonius held joint power in the Roman world after the death of Caesar and defeat of Brutus and Cassius at Philippi, until Antony's defeat by Octavian at Actium (31 B.C.) + (notebook 1931): 'octavius lepidus antony'.

lapidous - full of stones + lapideus (l) - made of stone.

malthouse - a building in which malt is prepared and stored

anthemy - a flower-cluster of any kind + anthemoeis (gr) - flowery + anthemion (gr) - little flower.

layout - a scheme, plan, or arrangement; a number of persons associated in some way

Suetonius - Roman historian (1st and 2d centuries B.C.), wrote lives of the 12 Caesars, from Julius to Domitian + Suetonia (l) - female member of the gens named Suetonius ("Customary") + *I*.

compulsory + upholstery - covering (padding and springs and webbing and fabric) on a piece of furniture.

recur - Of something known, an idea, thought, etc.: To come back or return to one's thoughts, mind or memory.

understudy - to study (a part or character) in order to be able to take the place of a principal actor or actress if necessary

understandings (Slang) - legs

sostituto (it) - substitute

compline - the last religious service of the day + compliment.

gymnos (gr) - naked + genuflect.

mutua (l) - borrowed, lent; a loan; in return + per mutua (l) - mutually, from one to another + *J*. 

hold a candle to another - lit. to assist him by holding the candle while he works; hence, to help in a subordinate position

caudle - a warm drink consisting of wine or ale mixed with sugar, eggs, bread, and various spices, sometimes given to ill persons, esp. women in childbed

left hand - 'ill-omened', 'sinister', 'underhand', 'inferior'

likeless - unlike + likeness

sombre - to make sombre; to become or grow sombre

reck - to take care, heed, or thought of some thing (or person), to think (much, etc.) of

sprit - a jet or slender spout of water or other liquid

aniseed - the seed of the anise, used as a carminative, and in the preparation of Oil of Anise, Spirit of Anise, Anise water, and Anisette

trigeminus (l) - three born at birth, set of triplets + gemellus (l) - born at the same time, twin-born.

coddle - a dish traditionally associated with Dublin, Ireland. It was reputedly a favourite dish of Dean Jonathan Swift and appears in several Dublin literary references including the works of James Joyce. It consists of layers of boiled pork sausage and streaky rashers (bacon) with sliced potatoes and onions cooked in the stock produced by boiling the rashers and sausages. The only flavoring is usually salt, pepper, and parsley. Cooking time is approximately 5 minutes boiling the meat to produce the stock followed by 1 hour once all the ingredients have been combined. A covered pot is used for the latter part. + PICTURE

whim - a capricious notion or fancy, a fantastic or freakish idea + harm

gruff - rough, surly, or sour in aspect or manner

gunne - obs. form of gun + O, Willie brew'd a peck o'maut (song): 'The cock may craw the day may daw' + Michael Gunn - manager of Gaiety Theatre, Dublin.

gam - the mouth; a herd or school of whales; a leg + gam (Anglo-Irish) = gom (Irish) - fool.

gonna - colloq. (esp. U.S.) or vulgar pronunciation of going to + gonna (it) - skirt.

gossan - an exposed, oxidized portion of a mineral vein, especially a rust-colored outcrop of iron ore + gossoon (Anglo-Irish) - young lad, boy (from Irish: garsún).

eye - to direct the eyes to, fix the eyes upon, look at or upon

aye - as an affirmative response to a question: Yes; even so.

butt - a hillock, mound + REFERENCE

eroico (it) - heroic + No man is a hero to his valet (proverb) - Literal Origins: Because a valet (originally a personal servant) deals with all the intimate details of his or her boss's life, including their underwear, they do not hold any illusions regarding the person's real personality + Giordano Bruno of Nola: De Gli Eroici Furori [.20-.21]

furioso - a furious person + furioso (it) - furious + Thomas Moore: The Song of O'Ruark, Prince of Breffni (song): 'The valley lay smiling before me'.

nolens volens - willing or unwilling, whether willing or not, willy-nilly

pansy - the common name of Viola tricolor, esp. of the cultivated varieties + pensées (fr) - thoughts; pansies.

brune - a dark-complexioned girl or woman, a brunette

brume - fog, mist, vapour

infinitive - Gram. The name of that form of a verb which expresses simply the notion of the verb without predicating it of any subject.

war - to make or carry on war; to fight

ease - the condition of being comfortable or relieved; freedom from pain, worry, or agitation

innings - the time during which a person, party, principle, etc. is in possession or in power; a term of, or opportunity for, activity of any kind; a turn + Genesis 1:1, John 1:1: 'In the beginning'.

earthapple - In OE. ? A cucumber; ? The potato + lit. Erdapfel (ger) - potatoes + aardappel (Dutch) - potato (literally 'earth-apple').

chatter - incessant talk of a trivial kind

hyperapo - (gr) - more-, above-, excessive

glider - one who, or that which glides → Snake + 'This is the man all tattered and torn, / That kissed the maiden all forlorn, / That milked the cow with the crumpled horn, / That tossed the dog, / That worried the cat, / That killed the rat, / That ate the malt, / That lay in the house that Jack built' (nursery rhyme).

GOUGH STATUE - The bronze equestrian statue of Sir Hugh (later Lord) Gough (pron. "Goff") stood at the corner of People's Gardens (which Gough didn't give). He was "conqueror of the Punjab" at the battle of Gujenat, 1849 + Genesis 3:3: 'the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden' + God. 

mink - a small, semi-aquatic, stoat-like mammal

dead leaf - the colour of a dead leaf; chiefly as adj., brown or yellowish brown

quicksilver - the metal mercury

applique - work applied to or laid on another material; spec. A trimming cut out in outline and laid on another surface.

plisser (fr) - pleat + almost appreciate.

sleeky - marked by sleek condition

charmeuse - a soft smooth silk fabric, having a satin-like surface + charmeuse (fr) - charmer (feminine).

wizen - Of plants: To dry up, shrivel, wither. Also transf. of persons, their features, etc. + wir wissen (ger) - we know + listening.

fromm (ger) - pious, religious + (notebook 1931): 'hoots fromm (who it's from)'.

globe - to form into a globe + wir glauben (ger) - we believe.

hinder - situated behind, at the back, or in the rear

Leda - bore by Zeus in the form of a swan two eggs, from which came Pollux, Castor, Helen and Clytemnestra

aflutter - in a flutter, agitated

girdle - a belt worn round the waist to secure or confine the garments; In various phrases and proverbial sayings: 'girdle of chastity' = chastity belt + 'Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, how does your garden grow?' (nursery rhyme).

will - desire to, wish to, have a mind to (do something)

witting - the fact of knowing or being aware of something; knowledge, cognizance

whorl - a form that coils or spirals; to arrange in whorls or convolutions

aim - to calculate one's course with a view to arriving (at a point); to direct one's course, to make it one's object to attain. Hence fig. + 'World without end' (Gloria Patri).

pappa (l) - a father + passus (l) - a step, pace; footstep (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

mamma manet (l) - (1) a breast remains; (2) mamma (mother) remains + Manet, Edouard (1832-83) - French painter.

Wut (ger) - anger

The Goat (song): '"What's that, ma'm?", says I'

tail - the reverse side of a coin, esp. in phr. "head(s or tail(s"; the lower and hinder part of the human body; the fundament, posteriors, buttocks; sexual member, penis or (oftener) pudendum; women regarded collectively (by men) as a means of sexual gratification.

tough - a person given to rough or violent behaviour

titty - a sister; a young woman or girl; a woman's breast including the nipple; Formerly, a dial. and nursery dim. of teat, the breast, esp. the mother's breast [Ulysses.18.536: 'titties' (breasts)]. 

totty - a tiny tot or little child + totties (Dublin Slang) - girls; prostitutes + (notebook 1931): '- for men & titties for totties'.

come buckets full (notebook 1931)

pige pas (fr. slang) - I don't understand

combats till daylight

panoptical - including everything visible in one view

purview - range of vision, physical or mental; range of experience or thought

dark ages - period of the Middle Ages marked by the intellectual darkness characteristic of the time; often restricted to period between the time of the fall of Rome and the appearance of vernacular written documents + '^From the fore of them till the yore of them. Coal and culm, shale and slack.^ Dark ages clasp the daisy roots, ...' Joyce wrote this Mamalujo sentence, which comes reverberating and echoing back all over Finnegans Wake (especially in the reworked Mamajulo vignette in II.4) as an addition to the typescript of JJA52, p.99, when Joyce had decided already on his marginalia-format. He then copied the sentence once more with the other additions on separate pieces of paper (p.114) for inclusion in transition. And whereas all other additions, as far as I can see, were effectuated, this one wasn't. (Robbert-Jan Henkes, 10 April 2001.)

asp (notebook 1931) → (Cleopatra said to have committed suicide by having an asp bite her). 

daisy roots - boots (rhyming slang.) + (notebook 1931): 'daisy roots'.

sally - a rush of troops from a besieged position upon an enemy + Sally in Our Alley (song) + (notebook 1931): 'a sally'.

lily of the valley - a beautiful spring flower, Convallaria majalis, having two largish leaves and racemes of white, bell-shaped, fragrant flowers

hot on

Minotaur - a fabulous monster, the son of Pasiphaë, wife of Minos king of Crete, and a bull, represented as having the body of a man and the head of a bull. He was confined in the Cretan labyrinth and fed with human flesh. He was slain by Theseus, who thus freed Athens from her annual tribute of seven youths and seven maidens to be devoured by the monster + manoeuvres + mini-wars.

Actium (l) - promontory in west Greece off which Octavian defeated Antony and Cleopatra in a naval battle (31 B.C.) + (notebook 1931): 'naval actum' + action.

picked - contrived, provoked, designedly brought about; as, a picked quarrel (obs.)

engagement - the state of being engaged in fight; a battle, conflict; also formerly, a single combat

rower - one who rows, an oarsman + (notebook 1931): 'banks of oars' → bank - a rank or tier of oars or oarsmen (in reference to ancient galleys).

minding - that reminds + mind - to be careful: look out, watch out + minding school - a dame-school of which the chief purpose is to keep the children out of mischief + absent-minded + musical notes: B, C, A, D [L02]

missy - an affectionate or playful appellation for a young girl: used chiefly by servants + FDV: Dark ages clasp the daisy roots Stop, if you [a sally of the allies], hot on naval actiums pitched engagements banks of oars & lightlicked estudis are a B.C. minding girl 216, ____, _____, _____, Please step, do please, ____, ____, ____, 1132 should you prefer A.D. stepplease, O do. And if you miss with a venture, serves you girly well glad. Take your little head out of the tub for me, for me. Tell Sell us all you think you just & we'll tittle [tole] you where to tittle a tattle. [Page femme hug treedivels till nigh unt'evey.] It is distinctly understood as for we were in at our begetting, for now and aye for shall be. 

mess + misadventure.

venture - fortune, luck; chance. = adventure + venture girl - a girl or woman who goes to India in order to get a husband.

girly - characteristic of or befitting a girl, girlish + jolly well right + (notebook 1931): 'serves you glad'.

Janus - the name of an ancient Italian deity, regarded as the doorkeeper of heaven, as guardian of doors and gates, and as presiding over the entrance upon or beginning of things; represented with a face on the front and another on the back of his head; the doors of his temple in the Roman Forum were always open in time of war, and shut in time of peace.

blitzen (ger) - to lighten, to flash; lightning + Kopf (ger) - head.

SDV: Here, Hengeggst and Horsesauce, take your heads out of your tub. It is distinctly understout that sence the tide you put your timepates in it Messherrn Broch and Leon have shunted Starlin and ser Artur Ghinis. Connlath is mitriarch in Kildare. Daft Dathy is on the Maddeerhorn daring Dunderhead to shiver his timbers, Hannibal MacHamilcar is chasing Kate O'Carthydge around the Capuawalls. Hibrahim minsterbuilding up Saunt Barnabash's. Eleven hundred and thirty two is seeing the ____ / and two plies sixteen plus twice femm hondered hug treedivels are wetnessing the ____ And dagobert, doing his preparatory in Slane, is learning how to Put a broad fecce onto a broken material from Bryan Aulining, Erin's hircohaired culoteer.

hengest - a male horse; usually a gelding (Old English) + Hengst (ger) - stallion + Hengest and Horsa - brothers and legendary leaders of the first Anglo-Saxon settlers in Britain who went there to fight for the British king Vortigern against the Picts between AD 446 and 454.

put head in tub & take it out (notebook 1931) The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Supplemental Nights, vol. VII, 121n: The Tale of the Warlock and the Young Cook of Baghdad: 'The Shaykh... showing... certain specious miracles... He then called for a tub, stripped the King to a zone girding his loins and made him dip his head into the water. Then came the adventures as in the following tale. When after a moment's space these ended, the infuriated Sultan gave orders to behead the Shaykh, who also plunged his head into the tub'.

Lethe - Gr. Myth. A river in Hades, the water of which produced, in those who drank it, forgetfulness of the past. Hence, the 'waters of oblivion' or forgetfulness of the past + muse - the inspiring goddess of a particular poet + litmus.

wash off - to wash (the net) after a day's work

tale of a tub - an apocryphal tale; a 'cock and bull' story (obs.) + FDV: Connlath is mitriarch in Kildare: Monica Brooks & Dr Lyons have shunted Sterling and Sir Arthur Guiness. Dagobert went through his preparatory in Slane when he learned how to inside outbreeches from Brian Aulin, the chief culoteer.

hinny - the offspring of a she-ass by a stallion + Swift's Houyhnhnms.

haunted - frequented or much visited by spirits, imaginary beings, apparitions, spectres, etc.

Chamber of Horrors - the name given to a room in Madame Tussaud's waxwork exhibition, containing effigies of noted criminals and the like; hence transf. a place full of horrors.

erring - the action of the verb err; an instance of the same, a fault

treis (gr) = tres (l) - three

stirrup - a contrivance suspended from the side of a saddle to serve as a support for the foot of the rider + tessara (gr) - four.

Seidlitz powder - a mixture of tartaric acid, sodium bicarbonate, and potassium sodium tartrate, used as a mild cathartic by dissolving in water and drinking + powther - obs. or dial. f. powder.

slogan - a war-cry or battle cry; spec. one of those formerly employed by Scottish Highlanders or Borderers, or by the native Irish, usually consisting of a personal surname or the name of a gathering-place.

plumper - an unusually large example of its type + plump - to drop or sink heavily and noisily; the sound of a heavy fall or collision.

distinctly - in a way clear to the mind or perception; clearly, unmistakably


twofoot - measuring two feet; two feet long, wide, or thick

pate - the head, the skull: more particularly applied to that part which is usually covered with hair + timepiece + templates + (horses put heads in tub).

lough - a lake, pool

Morpheus (gr) - god of dreams

pace (l) - with (someone's) leave, by leave of

Messe (ger) - mass + Messer (ger) - knife + Herrn (ger) - gentleman.

statesman - one who takes a leading part in the affairs of a state or body politic; esp. one who is skilled in the management of public affairs

brock - a stinking or dirty fellow; one who is given to 'dirty tricks' + Brock - badger in the Reynard cycle + Joyce's father was secretary of United Liberal Club in Dublin during 1880 general election; the Liberal candidates, Maurice Brookes and Dr Robert Dyer Lyons, ousted Sir Arthur Guinness and James Stirling. 

leon = lion (obs.) + Trotsky, Leon (1879-1942) - Russian revolutionary, exile, murdered in Mexico. 

shunt - fig. To push aside or out of the way

grumbling - that grumbles, in various senses. Of persons: Querulous, discontented


Stalin, Joseph

Sir + ser (Welsh) - stars.

Guinness - the proprietary name of a brand of stout manufactured by the firm of Guinness


homely - of or belonging to the home or household, domestic (obs.)

brew - a beverage made by brewing

hoplites (gr) - heavy-armed foot-soldier of ancient Greece

Athenai (gr) - Athens + Up, guards, and at them!

Gageure originally comes from fr. gager, meaning to put a bet on, to pledge, to put a stake on etc. From that, gageure becomes a challenge, an action on which you (or someone else ) put(s) a stake on. Also: something that will probably not succeed but is worth trying; Quote: c'est une gageure = it's quite challenging + guerre (fr) - war.

shock + seasachas (shasokhes) (gael) - truce, cessation.

Stimme (ger) - voice + stimm- (ger) - to be right + stammer - a stammering mode of utterance.

Other Wall Street terms are heard in the repetition of the "bull-bear" phrases which denote a selling market and buying market (Benstock, Bernard / Joyce-again's wake : an analysis of Finnegans wake).

staff - a stick or rod, esp. one with a hooked end, used for tending sheep; a shepherd's crook (obs.); a body of persons employed, under the direction of a manager or chief, in the work of an establishment or the execution of some undertaking.

versus - against, in contrast to

herd - a company of domestic animals of one kind, kept together under the charge of one or more persons; a large company of people, a multitude + Staffordshire versus Hertfordshire.

buck - a gay, dashing fellow; a dandy, fop; a dollar

bark - the sharp explosive cry uttered by dogs + Buckinghamshire versus Berkshire.

curragh - marshy waste ground; spec. the proper name of the level stretch of open ground in Co. Kildare, famous for its racecourse and military camp

machree - My dear!

bosthoon - an awkward fellow; a tactless, senseless person + best + bosom + Boston.

fiend - an enemy, foe (obs.); an evil spirit generally; a person of superhuman wickedness + An Páistín Fionn (song): 'Chara mo chroídhe mo pháistín fionn' ('friend of my heart, my fairheaded maid').

bump - a blow somewhat heavy, but rather dull in sound; a sudden collision, more or less violent

bellow - the loud deep roar of cannon, thunder, a storm, and other inanimate agents; transf. of human beings: A loud deep cry or roar.

bawl - a shout at the top of one's voice, a loud prolonged rough cry

Mackirdy & Willis: The White Slave Market 192: (quoting a "missus" arguing with an American Consul trying to convince her to stop her traffic in American women to the East) 'the 'sky-pilots,' the 'pulpit-punchers,' and 'Bible-bangers' don't own creation... If you stop my progress here in this hell-on-earth... I say, I'll shake eternity to its foundation to get even with you'.

opprimor (l) - I am oppressed + opprimor [correctly oppresor] (l) - a crusher, oppresser.

opima (l) - honorable spoils; rich, fertile (plural) + oppima (Estonian) - to study.

rent - a tribute, tax, or similar charge, levied by or paid to a person

tithe - the tenth part of the annual produce of agriculture, etc., being a due or payment (orig. in kind) for the support of the priesthood, religious establishments, etc.; In more general sense: Any levy, tax, or tribute of one tenth. 

wage - a payment to a person for service rendered. Formerly used widely, e.g. for the salary or fee paid to persons of official or professional status. Now (exc. in rhetorical language) restricted to mean: The amount paid periodically, esp. by the day or week or month, for the labour or service of an employee, worker, or servant.

save - an act of saving; a piece of economy (dial. and vulgar.)

spend - the action of spending money; the amount spent

heil - Used in the expression Heil Hitler! by the Germans during the Nazi regime.

heptarch - a ruler of one of seven divisions of a country; a seventh king + heptarched span of peace = seven-arched span of peace - the rainbow (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake)

hang back - to resist advance by one's weight or inertia; fig. to show unwillingness to advance or come forward + family hold back - jocular command to leave enough food for guests.

lex (l) - the law

nex (l) - murder, slaughter, violent death

mores - those acquired customs and moral assumptions which give cohesion to a community or social group, the contravention or rejection of which produces a reaction of shock and outrage + mores (l) - customs.

was ist das? (ger) - what is it + fas est (l) - it is lawful, it is proper, it is fit.

wo (ger) - where + Hvor er du? (Danish) - where are you?

impover - to make poor; to reduce to poverty + improvement


bauble - a child's plaything or toy; a thing or article of no value, a paltry piece of rubbish + 'Take away these baubles' (Cromwell ordering dissolution of Rump Parliament).

bubble - a thin globular vesicle of water or other liquid, filled with air or gas + Lincoln: Gettysburg Address: 'government of the people by the people for the people'.

wrap up - to put an end to, bring to completion + Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag (song).

wampum - small beads made from polished shells and formerly used as money by native Americans

cowdung - the dung or excrement of cows + Cowdung Forks = Furculae Caudinae (l) - Caudine Forks, Forks of Caudium (a town): mountain-pass where Roman army was trapped by the Samnites and forced to pass under the yoke (321 B.C.), a national humiliation never forgotten by the Romans.  

basketful - as much as fills a basket

kine - archaic pl. of cow + Cannae (l) = Kannai (gr) - village in Apulia where Hannibal destroyed a Roman army (216 B.C.); In addition to the physical loss of her army, Rome would suffer a symbolic defeat of prestige. A gold ring was a token of membership in the upper classes of Roman society. Hannibal had his men collected more than 200 gold rings from the corpses on the battlefield, and sent this collection to Carthage as proof of his victory. The collection was poured on the floor in front of the Carthaginian Senate, and was judged to be "three and a half measures".

meat meal - a meal of which meat forms the chief part

shake down - to settle down, to accommodate oneself to circumstances, a condition, position, etc. 

shuffle - movement of the feet along the ground without lifting them; a tricky exchange or alternation (of arguments, expedients, etc.) + Old Uncle Ned (song): 'Then lay down the shovel and the hoe, Hang up the fiddle and the bow, No more hard work for poor old Ned, He's gone where the good niggers go'.

throw - a violent spasm or pang, such as convulses the body, limbs, or face; Also, a spasm of feeling, a paroxysm, agony of mind, anguish; the agony of death, the death-struggle, death-throe.

ope - obs. f. hope + In Greek mythology, Oenopion ("wine drinker", "wine-faced"), son of Rhadamanthys or Dionysus and Ariadne, was a legendary king of Chios, said to have brought winemaking to the island. He had one daughter: Merope. The story of Oenopion differs somewhat in different ancient sources; what follows is Hesiod's version. Orion walked to Chios over the Aegean, and Oenopion welcomed him with a banquet; Orion got drunk and assaulted Merope. In revenge, Oenopion stabbed out Orion's eyes, and then threw him off the island. Hephaestus took pity on the blind Orion and gave him his servant Cedalion as a guide. Cedalion guided him east, where the rising sun restored Orion's sight. Orion then decided to kill Oenopion, but the Chians had built the king an underground fortress, and Orion couldn't find him. (Other sources say it was an iron fortress, built by Hephaestus.) Orion then went to Crete.

hoppity - a fanciful extension of hop (v.), used adverbially or as adj., often repeated or with the word hop to suggest a hopping or hobbling movement

Huhn (ger) - hen

hoosh - to force or turn or drive (an animal, etc.) off (or out, etc.)

clucker - one who clucks or talks endlessly and aimlessly + kliker (Serbian) - a small ball of glass that is used in various games, marble.

nuts - testicles

downfall - falling down, descending

ned - hooligan, thug, petty criminal; Also used as a general term of disapprobation + ned (Danish) - down.

levy - the action of collecting an assessment, duty, tax, etc. + Anna Liffey.

shrewd - Of persons, their qualities, actions, etc.: Depraved, wicked; evil-disposed, malignant; Passing into a weaker sense: Malicious, mischievous. 

shoplifter - a person who steals from a shop, a shop-thief

Nièvre river + never.

Nore river + another.

skidoo - to go away, leave, or depart hurriedly

Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin (1922), 798: (advert) 'Pure Altar Wine Sweet, Medium and Dry'.

goy (Slang) - gentile + goy (Hebrew) - gentile; nation + for you and I and I and you.

dimpled - marked with or as with dimples + dimple - a small hollow or dent, permanent or evanescent, formed in the surface of some plump part of the human body, esp. in the cheeks in the act of smiling, and regarded as a pleasing feature.

pimpled - having, or characterized by, pimples + pimple - a small solid rounded tumour of the skin, usually inflammatory, without, or rarely with, suppuration; a papule or pustule.

simple - an ignorant or foolish person

wimpled - enveloped in or wearing a wimple; hence, veiled + "a drowned doll, to face downwards for modest Sister Anne Mortimer" [211.23-24]

peek - a secret look + pig in a poke - something buyed without careful examination.

pew - long bench seat used for seating members of a congregation or choir in a church

penny babies - type of sweet

one by one - one after another, one at a time, singly

haul - the act of 'drawing' or making a large profit or valuable acquisition of any kind + holy

hekatoendeka (gr) - one hundred and eleven + hekta (gr) - six + hendeka (gr) - eleven + Hecate - Greek moon-goddess The frog is totem of Hecate, the Witch who transforms from the old crone or hag (hexe) into voluptuous enchantress: the mother into the daughter. (Kenneth Grant: Outside the Circles of Time).

mange (Danish) - many

jujube - a lozenge, made of gum-arabic, gelatin, etc., flavoured with, the fruit + mumbo jumbo - a grotesque idol said to have been worshipped by certain tribes or associations of Negroes; obscure or meaningless talk or writing.

Mutt and Jeff - a stupid pair of men; stupid dialogue (from the names of two characters called Mutt and Jeff, one tall and the other short, in a popular cartoon series by H. C. Fisher (1884-1954), American cartoonist).

muchas gracias (Spanish) - many thanks

barcelona (Anglo-Irish) - silk neckcloth

fie fie - to say Fie! (an exclamation expressing, in early use, disgust or indignant reproach. No longer current in dignified language; said to children to excite shame for some unbecoming action, and hence often used to express the humorous pretence of feeling 'shocked') + (presents from *A*). 

tondeo (l) - to shear, clip, crop, shave + tondus [correctly tonsus] (l) - shaved, clipped + (jinnies and Napoleon).

castoff - thrown off, rejected from use, discarded: as clothes, a favourite, a lover, etc. + The Letter: well Maggy...

vaguely - without attention or concentration of mind or thought + very grateful. Many thanks (The Letter: dear, thank you ever so much).

free speech - speech characterized by liberty in the expression of sentiments or opinions; uttered or expressed without reserve; frank, plain-spoken

gar - to make, to cause (in various constructions) + gearr (gyar) (gael) - cut + gair (gar) (gael) - laugh.

sex + Morton Prince: The Dissociation of a Personality 481: quotes letter from Christine in which Sally commented: 'Nobody asked you, Sir, she said' (parody of nursery rhyme 'Where are you going, my pretty maid... My face is my fortune, sir, she said') [280.22]

hinter - one who or that which hints or gives a hint + hinter (ger) - behind + Hintergrund (ger) - background + grunt - the short low gruff noise of the kind made by hogs.

burdened - heavily loaded, encumbered, oppressed

tad - a young or small child, esp. a boy. Occas. used joc. of old men + tad (Cornish, Welsh) - father + Jespersen: Language, its Nature, Development and Origin 159 (VIII.8): (if a child reaches out and says) 'ta or da, it will be taken by its parents and others as a real word... in England as there or thanks... in Germany as da 'there', in France as tiens 'hold'... in Italy as to, (= togli) 'take''.

an t-athair (un tahir) (gael) - the father

skitter - to move or run rapidly, to hurry about

laughing + Joyce's note: 'trees laugh at old wind's joke' + Laub (ger) - foliage + hing (ger) - hung.

wheeze - orig. Theatr. slang, A joke or comic gag introduced into the performance of a piece by a clown or comedian, esp. a comic phrase or saying introduced repeatedly; hence, (gen. slang  or colloq.) a catch phrase constantly repeated; more widely, a trick or dodge frequently used; also, a piece of special information, a 'tip'.

windbag - fig. (contemptuous). An empty pretender, or something pretentious but unsubstantial; esp. a voluble and senseless talker. 

bluster - boisterous inflated talk, violent or angry self-assertion, swaggering + Wyndham Lewis edited the publication Blast.

blowhard - a blustering person, a braggart; A "blowhard" is a braggart, while to "blow hard" is to forcibly expel one's breath + blowharding (Slang) - boasting. 

troop = troupe - a company of performers + heliotrope

winker - blind consisting of a leather eyepatch sewn to the side of the halter that prevents a horse from seeing something on either side + Winker (ger) - signal.

muckwet - wet as muck, thoroughly wet + muck - dirt, filth + muc (muk) (gael) - pig + Marquis of Wellesley - Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, Wellington's brother.

nith - envy, malice, hatred

nod - a short, quick inclination of the head used as a sign, esp. to convey salutation or recognition, to express assent or approbation, or to direct attention to something; Obs. exc. in the proverb a nod's as good as a wink to a blind horse.

emperor Napoleon

poorblind = purblind - partially blind; almost blind

piebald - of two different colours, esp. white and black or other dark colour, usually arranged in more or less irregular patches; usually of animals, esp. horses

horse + huir (Spanish) - escape. 

tricuspidal - having three cusps or points, threepointed

hauberk - a piece of defensive armour: originally intended for the defence of the neck and shoulders; but already in 12th and 13th c. developed into a long coat of mail, or military tunic, usually of ring or chain mail, which adapted itself readily to the motions of the body.

coverchief - a cloth used as a covering for the head, chiefly by women + coverchief - kerchief.

emblem - a figured object used with symbolic meaning, as the distinctive badge of a person, family, nation, etc.

break the bank - to ruin financially, make bankrupt (a bank) + The Man That Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo (song).

MONT ST JEAN - the name the English army gave to Waterloo, from the village which Napoleon thought the key to Wellington's position


schedule - a timetable, a programme or plan of events, operations, etc. Freq. in phrs. according to, before, behind, on, etc., schedule (time).

Racine: Les Plaideurs I.1.15: 'point d'argent, point de Suisse' (French): 'no money, no Swiss' (referring to Swiss soldiers).

syne - directly or next after that; at the next moment, immediately afterwards

daft - silly, foolish, stupid + "O'Connlath is mitriarch in Kildare. Daft Dathy ..." The first appearance of this sentence, also transcribed by David Hayman in the First-Draft Version, is on the typescript of JJA52, p.28: "Connlath is mitriarch in Kildare." to which Joyce adds "Don", as Connlath's title. In the next and last stage of the phrase 'Don' was typed for no apparent reason as "O'", on JJA52, p.47. Bill Cadbury would call this not a Transmissional Departure but an Instruction Missing, because it is hard to imagine a typist making such a change, it must have been Joyce himself + REFERENCE

Dathi - the last pagan king of Ireland (5th century), invaded Gaul and was killed by lightning in the Alps for (acc. to Keating) having plundered the sanctuary of a holy hermit. 

reproach - to upbraid, reprove, or rebuke (a person) + Jespersen: Language, its Nature, Development and Origin 161 (IX.1): (of Henry Sweet and Hermann Paul, linguists) 'Sweet. In 1882 he reproaches Paul'.

Near Cannae, The Carthaginian army under Hannibal decisively defeated a numerically superior Roman army under command of the consuls Lucius Aemilius Paullus and Gaius Terentius Varro. An estimated 60,000–70,000 Romans were killed or captured at Cannae (including the consul Lucius Aemilius Paullus and eighty Roman senators) + Fourteen epistles in the New Testament are traditionally attributed to Paul the apostle and his influence on Christian thinking arguably has been more significant than any other New Testament author.) 

madder - a square wooden drinking vessel + MATTERHORN - Peak in the Pennine Alps on the Switzerland-Italian border + horn - a vessel formed from the horn of a cow or other beast, or in later times shaped after this, for holding liquid (as drink, oil, or ink), powder, etc.

entre (fr) - between, among + entre-chat - dance step.

chat - familiar and easy talk or conversation + LYNCH (deeply): Enter a ghost and hobgoblins (Ulysses, p.410) 

hobnob - an informal chat  

daring - Of persons or their attributes: Bold, adventurous; hardy, audacious.

dunderhead - a ponderously stupid person; a blockhead, a numskull + donder (Dutch) - thunder.

shiver my timbers - a mock oath attributed in comic fiction to sailors

Hannibal, son of Hamilcar Barca, (247 BC – ca. 183 B.C.) - ("grace of Baal", Baal being the patron god of Carthage, now Tunisia) was the son of Hamilcar Barca and his Iberian wife. Barca was not a family name, but it was carried by his sons. A Carthaginian military commander and tactician, later also working in other professions, who is popularly credited as one of the finest commanders in history.  

..."Hannibal MacHamilcar is chasing Kate O' Carthydge around the Capuawalls. Hibrahim the Hegirite"... (Then Joyce decides to make another manual copy. He sees something is not right and tries to save the sentence so invalidated by the previous typist. He writes "macHamiltan" (why?), after, or really above "the Hegirite" he inserts "(more livepower elbow him!)" but in the course of that forgets the verb "is". What he does do however is now making the Hegirite minsterbuilding up "in" Barmabracks. The follows the aborted sentence, after which, I'd like to imagine, Joyce throws his hands in despair and in the air and his pen too. And in the next surviving stage, the Storiella page proofs (no transition material survives, and the transition issue itself is not reproduced in the Archives, for shame), 'minsterbuilding' has become "ministerbuilding", just a trifle farther away from Ibsen's Master Builder, and I think a typist's error.) (Robbert-Jan Henkes, 12 April 2001). 

hegira - any exodus or departure + Mohammed's Hegira - flight from Mecca to Medina.

more power to one's elbow - may you (he, etc.) succeed (in a laudable enterprise); [phrase originally designed for a piper or fiddler].

Henrik Ibsen: "The Master Builder" (defies God from tower)

repreach - to preach again

timothy - a brew or jorum of liquor + Timothy - St Paul's companion on many journeys. Two of Paul's epistles are addressed to him.  

barmbrack (Anglo-Irish) - currant and raisin speckled cake used at hallowe'en (from Irish bairghean breac: speckled cake) + Saint Barnabas Terrace, Dublin.

beer + Paul/Peter (motif).

potter - a maker of pots, or of earthenware vessels + Archibald Clavering Gunter: Mr Potter of Texas + "Why do I am alook alike a poss of porterpease?"


tocoming - coming, advent

semper- - the L. adv. semper always, used in various nonce-combinations

speel - a splinter or strip of wood, iron, etc.; the act of clambering or climbing + spiel- (ger) - to play + speel (Dutch) - play.

spry - to bustle or stir; to smarten up

tent = tenth (obs.) - the tenth day of the month

calends - the first day of any month in the Roman calendar

hunker - to squat, with the haunches, knees, and ankles acutely bent, so as to bring the hams near the heels, and throw the whole weight upon the fore part of the feet + eleven hundred

thorny - pricking or piercing to the mind; full of points painful or wounding to the feelings; painful, distressing; difficult to handle, delicate, ticklish + thirty

doloriferous - causing or giving rise to pain, painful, grievous

elfshot - 'Disease, supposed to be produced by the immediate agency of evil spirits'.

Hedwig - girl in Ibsen's The Wild Duck 

frayed - afraid, frightened

sore - Of persons: Suffering pain (from wounds, disease, or other cause)

purdah - a curtain; esp. one serving to screen women from the sight of men or strangers

shakefork - a wooden fork with two tines or prongs used by threshers to shake and remove the straw from the grain + as Shakespeare might put it.

pitch - to utter, tell (slang.) + to pitch a fork (Slang) - to tell a story.

Jerry - a German + jerry build - to build unsubstantially and of bad materials + The House That Jack Built (nursery rhyme).

Massa - Representing master in the written form of Black speech.

missus - wife; Used by servants (usually without article) in speaking of their mistresses; spec. used by N. American Negroes and in India and S. Africa of a white employer, and loosely of any (esp. a white) woman.

hijo de puta (sp) - son of a whore

starry - Of the sky, night, etc.: Full of stars, spangled or lit up with stars + starik (Russian) - old man + rijk (Dutch) - rich; realm.

gasan (gosan) (gael) - stalk; boy + inghean (inyen) (gael) - daughter.

anemone - a genus of about 120 species of flowering plants in the buttercup family Ranunculaceae in the north and south temperate zones

Anemotis (gr) - "She that still the wind": Athena + Windstille (ger) - calm.

gleaming - that gleams, in senses of the verb

jelly - an article of food, consisting chiefly of gelatin, obtained from various animal tissues, as skin, tendons, bones, etc., by boiling and subsequent cooling, having a characteristic soft stiff homogeneous consistence, and usually semitransparent. Also, in later use, a preparation of the juice of fruit, or other vegetable substances, thickened into a similar consistence.

slide - to move smoothly along a surface + (the demons).

sleet - to precipitate as a mixture of rain and snow

aloof - away at some distance (from); remote in manner

scout - to reconnoitre, to examine with a view to obtaining information + to scout round - to surround with a watch.

shoot (a person) about - to hurry (him) from place to place

vaunty - boastful, proud, vain

Dagobert II - king of Austrasia 676 – 679 + REFERENCE

clane - obs. form of clean

hometown - the town in which one's home is, or was originally; one's native town

prep - to prepare oneself (for an event); to practise, to train

preparatory = preparatory school - junior school in which pupils are prepared for a higher school or college + praepueritia (l) - before boyhood, before childhood.

put a good face on (a matter) - to make (a matter) look well; to assume or maintain a bold bearing (with regard to) + put a bold face on (phrase) - i.e. to give the appearance of confidence or assurance.

breached - pierced or cleft with a breach; rent, torn; Also fig. + Brian O'Linn (song): 'Brian O'Linn had no breeches to wear... The skinny side out and the whooly side in' [275.01]

Brian O'Linn - Irish ballad hero, first to wear clothes, make them of simple materials like sheepskin, shells, etc.

pussy + puzzo (it) - stink.

smell a rat - to suspect something

hircus (l) - he-goat + hirco- (l) - goat-.

culotte (fr) - breeches, trousers (Brian O'Linn made sheepskin trousers, inside out; Dagobert wore trousers back to front).

pingin (pinin) (gael) - penny + penge (Danish) - money + a penny for your thoughts (phrase) + Jespersen: Language, its Nature, Development and Origin 150 (VIII.5): (of a children's secret language) ''Ziph' or 'Hypernese' (at Winchester) substitutes wa for the first of two initial consonants and inserts p or g, making 'breeches' into wareechepes and 'penny' into pegennepy'.

caenogenetic - rel. to Haeckel's term for the form of ontogenesis in which the true hereditary development of a germ is modified by features derived from its environment (opposed to palingenesis) + kainogenetikos (gr) - newly genitive, newly generative.

dichotomy - division of a whole into two parts

diagonistikos (gr) - thoroughly fit for contest, completely disposed to fight (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

dynastic continuity (notebook 1924)

pacatum (l) - "pacified": any country friendly to Rome + Pacata Auburnia (l) - Pacified Auburnia + Pacata Hibernia (l) - Pacified Ireland [(notebook 1924): 'Pacata Hibernia'].

gaddy - given to gadding or roving about + giddy.

Arabia - the country so named; fig. Spices

gemmel (Danish) - old + DRAFT SIX: While way back home in Pacata Hibernia, little land untilled, [[Holy] greeny iland, gammel Eire,] one word burrowing on another,

make (Dublin Slang) - halfpenny

wing (Dublin Slang) - penny

burrow - to sink or 'bury' (one's head, etc.) in; Of animals: To make a burrow or small excavation, esp. as a hiding or dwelling-place + 'one word borrows another' (notebook 1924) + one word borrowing from another (Anglo-Irish) - a quarrel.

makroskopos (gr) - one that sees (things) large + microscope.

telescope + tellus (l) - the earth, the dry land, the planet Earth.

geek - a carnival 'wild man' whose act usually includes biting the head off a live chicken or snake

Standfast, Mr - a pilgrim found while praying for deliverance from Madame Bubble, a witch whose enchantments made the Enchanted Ground (an area through which the King's Highway passes that has air that makes pilgrims want to stop to sleep. If one goes to sleep in this place, one never wakes up.) enchanted; She is the adulterous woman mentioned in the Biblical Book of Proverbs) in part II of Pilgrim's Progress + standfest (ger) - steadfast.

topical - of or pertaining to a general heading, a topic or subject of discourse, composition, etc.; of or pertaining to a place or locality, local + (notebook 1924): 'topical hero'.

Mac Uther (mok ortur) (gael) - son of Uther + Uther Pendragon - a legendary king of sub-Roman Britain and the father of King Arthur.

sign's on it (Anglo-Irish) - consequently, therefore, as a result + (notebook 1924): '*C* signs is on him'.

bellygod - one who makes a god of his belly, a glutton; a god presiding over the appetites + (hunchback).

bastille - a tower or bastion of a castle; a fortified tower; a small fortress + DRAFT SIX: Standfest, our topical hero, signs is on his big bastille back and his white patch, the towelturbaned, and Flower, a silvering for to her jubilee with eve's birch leaves for her jointure,

buck up - to cheer up, be encouraged; to make an effort, to 'brace up' + On MS p. 288 for "his big" Joyce substituted "bucked up with fullness, the bellyguttes bellygards bellyguds." The remaining changes on MS p. 288 are of less import though already at this point Joyce began shifting about his phrases. Aside from alterations in the text on pp. 289 and 298, the duplicate typescript was not revised. However two notes from MS p. 288 b are of interest: "Themes of, procastination is the thief of. and tide will wait for no man." (David Hayman: A first-draft version of Finnegans Wake).

fullness - the quality or condition of being full

..."and his white ^hatched^ patch, the towelturbaned, and Flower, a silvering (for) to her jubilee,"... (A perfect example of a whole line skipped by the typist / typesetter. My attention was drawn to it because the sentence didn't parse. In Finnegans Wake, it is "Standfest (who seems moreover to be a she) ... have discusst their things". And as soon as I don't understand the grammar of a sentence first I look it up in Hayman's First-Draft Version. And to be sure there it was: " .. Standfest, our topical hero, signs is on his (big) bastille back and his white patch, the towelturbaned, and Flower, a silvering (for) to her jubilee with eve's birch leaves for her jointure, ... discusst (the) their things of the past, ...") (Robbert-Jan Henkes, 12 April 2001). 

silver - to invest or suffuse with a silvery hue or lustre; to turn (the hair, beard, etc.) white or silvery + serving

jubilee - a season or occasion of joyful celebration or general rejoicing

bugbear - a sort of hobgoblin (presumably in the shape of a bear) supposed to devour naughty children; hence, generally, any imaginary being invoked by nurses to frighten children (obs.); an object of dread, esp. of needless dread; an imaginary terror. In weakened senses: an annoyance, bane, thorn in the flesh.

especially when old, which they soon get to look (notebook 1924)

jointure - a sole estate limited to the wife, being 'a competent livelihood of freehold for the wife of lands and tenements, to take effect upon the death of the husband for the life of the wife at least'.

lavy - a local (St. Kildan) name for the guillemot (the name of several species of sea birds of the genus Alca or Uria) + DRAFT SIX: our lady in waving, girt with a wraparound,

visage - an appearance or aspect + 'face full of flesh' (notebook 1924).

fat as a hen in the forehead (Anglo-Irish phrase) - very thin, meagre + 'was she thin or was she fat as a hen in the forehead' (notebook 1924).

blowhard (Slang) - braggart + 'Airyanna + Bluebart' (notebook 1924) → Dukas: Ariane and Barbe-bleu (opera from a story by Perrault).

topsyturvy - with the top where the bottom should be, upside down + DRAFT SIX: visage full of flesh and fat as a hen's in forehead, Airyanna and Blowybart, topsir and turvy, that royal pair,

BUFFALO - City, West New York State, US. But the allusion is not only to the Buffalo Times (founded 1885) but also to the bygone days in the American West before the buffalo (bison) were destroyed.  

PALACE OF THE QUICKEN TREES - In the Irish tale of this name, Finn and his companions are imprisoned in an enchanted palace by the treacherous Midac. The site is the barony of Kenny, County Limerick. The quicken tree is the mountain-ash or rowan + (notebook 1924): 'Finn palace of quicken boughs'.

hight (Archaic) - called

Goat & Compasses God encompass us (notebook 1924) → the common 'Goat and Compasses' inn sign was popularly supposed to be derived from 'God encompasseth us' + DRAFT SIX: in their ofttimes slated house of the hundred bottles, a palace of quicken boughs hight The Goat and Compasses ('phone number 17:69, if you want to know)

velivolant - running and (as it were) flying with full sail + velivolus (l) - sail-flying, winged with sails (poetic of a ship).

eyen (Middle English) - eyes

shipwrecked - having suffered shipwreck; destroyed or lost by shipwreck + DRAFT SIX: discusst the their things of the past, his sea arms armstrongs round her, her eyne ashipwracked, (though of course he's too big for her [with such a lot of fulness bunched up behind him]) the angerache of their love and the hungerbrood it bore 'em, crime and fable with shame, home and profit,

Cain and Abel

Shem, Ham and Japhet

Jones, Boy - Ulysses, 639: "some anonymous letter from the usual boy Jones". Mr Thornton identifies him as a Trinity College student who informed on Robert Emmet.

Herodotos (gr) (484-425 B.C.) - earliest Greek historian, called "father of history" by Cicero

Ulysses.13.869: 'arks' (arse)

shaik - variant of sheikh

sheek = sheikh

lui (it) - he

lei (it) - her

hun (Danish) - she

ham (Danish) - him

scribbledehobble - James Joyce's nonce-formation on scribble, influenced by such a word as hobbledehoy, the etymology of which is obscure. Hence, the name given to one of Joyce's notebooks.

hard upon - close before or after so as to press upon + DRAFT SIX: but simpler vintner of vendibles [why lui lied to lei and hun tried to kill ham,] scribbledehobbles, in whose veins runs a mixture of while pas pas on the ark of 3 or 6,000 tossings, are head bent hard upon their pensums theorems. + REFERENCE

tell me the time

traduce - to put into another form or mode of expression, esp. into another language


nusance = nuisance (obs.) - anything obnoxious or annoying to the community or individual by offensiveness of smell or appearance, by causing obstruction or damage, etc.

Dolphin's barn: district of Dublin [211.21]

today is thine whose tomorrow (notebook 1923) Roberts: The Proverbs of Wales 55: 'To-day is thine, whose to-morrow?'

quoke - obs. pa. tense of quake + qui, quae, quod (l) - who, what.

The Book of the Dead


crankly - in a 'crank' manner; lustily, briskly, boldly, etc.

beadroll - a catalogue of persons, for the rest of whose souls a certain number of prayers are to be said or counted off on the beads of a chaplet; hence, a catalogue in general + Joyce's note: 'Shem listens to hear his own mistakes'. 

backslapping - slapping the back

gladhander - one who gives people the glad hand; one who acts cordially towards everybody + *V*.

DRAFT SIX: As if that three could solve, singly or together, the twohornheaded dulcarnon, handed round aurally since Euclid's patent, that stumped Alex among anders and drove him to pilfer turnips. But, my hat, and beadroll of saints thereonto, what a worldall's woe of weariness is theirs, waiting to hear their own proper mistakes. For how many duitsch guilders would one post now, the Fuminian road or Shanks' mare, to the pillar? For one hundred? For one hundred's thousand? Why for? And for what will all such a taradiddle serve them in an after reeraw life with oils and tins cheerful but guildeds glum? If a gas consumer, habituated to marble mantels, buys any number of scrupules of apples every other frosty Friday during a whole lean year at the weight of too many sesterces a pound overthepoise, taking abbaco as seven point seven and letting foundling of bulrushes stand for any woman, what a grand total of sentinels in reindeer pelts and aided by a spick span of homeless cattle, fed upon Trinidad's shell cocoa and miring in sheets and sheets of showers will it take to paper a trench even so mucky longer than a cobbler's bulk is broad?

dulcarnon - a dilemma, a nonplus; a person in a dilemma, one 'halting between two opinions' (the word is derived from the Arabic for 'two-horned'; also an epithet for Alexander the Great, in the Koran, sura "The Cave") + Joyce's notes: 'dulcarnon = 2 horned' + '47th prop of Euclid or Alexander's 2 horn heads'.

pulver (l) - dust, powder + pilfer - to make off with belongings of others + prefers.

turnip - the fleshy, globular or spheroidal root of a biennial cruciferous plant, Brassica Rapa; In slang phrases, sometimes with pun on turn-up.

palpitation - the beating of the heart; esp. a violent and rapid pulsation resulting from exercise, strong emotion, etc.

CASTLE HOWARD - Turreted house on the heights above East bank of the Avonmore River, at the Meeting of the Waters, County Wicklow + (notebook 1924): 'pulpit = coward's castle'. 


baptize - to immerse in water, or pour or sprinkle water upon, as a means of ceremonial purification, or in token of initiation into a religious society, especially into the Christian Church; to give a name to, name, denominate.

maiden name + hoyden - ill-bred girl.

florid - highly ornate; of blooming appearance; strikingly beautiful or attractive + *C*.

singing - that makes or gives out a sound of a musical character + stinking - As an intensifier: 'offensively', in stinking drunk, rich + 'singing likeness'  (notebook 1924) [JAJ, of JSJ? singing motif].

DRAFT SIX: But, trifid tongue, others woo will and work for, he being wise for them, because of his cleverism, till his very foes' heads are turned, and, dove without gall, that backslapping gladhander and his singing likeness who lives more in florid future than in the past of bloody altars [Sulks and ____] le petit qui ne veut pas manger sa soupe et at and [Smiles and Smidges] le petit qui trie sa langue quand on lui dit de le faire with her, the twillick of a brace of boylets, whose mind's a jilldaw's nest (seeks sit as nurse or widow firm dress improvers, [armslength waistband, good milker, would take the pledge, write P. 10 to lorette commercials] ) since she tears up bethrottle letters she ne'er posed a pen upon when bother her goldfashioned's in such a queer of a mood that she simply can't stand it, a couple and an odd one they strive and in earnest of kidlambs.

dirge - to utter a dirge; a song sung at the burial of, or in commemoration of, the dead, a song of mourning or lament.

of bloody altars (notebook 1924)

gale - singing, a song; merriment, mirth + Gaedheal (gel) (gael) - Irishman, Scotsman.

gall - bitterness of spirit (supposed to have its seat in the gall); assurance, impudence (orig. U.S. slang.) + gall (goul) (gael) - foreigner + Dubhghall [dove... gall] (dugoul) (gael) - Black-foreigner, i.e., Dane + doves said to have no gall as Noah's burst its gall from grief [.F03]

jackdaw - common black-and-gray Eurasian bird noted for thievery + Jack and Jill (nursery rhyme) + The Jackdaw's Nest (song) + (notebook 1924): 'Kathleen's mind a jackdaw's nest'.

old-fashioned brother

raving mad - furious, angry

readymade - in a finished state, immediately ready for use; now spec. of articles which are offered for sale in this state, in contrast to others of the same kind which are made to order + Maid Marian - Robin Hood's sweetheart.

smash - to move rapidly with shattering effect; to dash or smite violently + When Johnny Comes Marching Home (song).

litirin (lit'irin) (gael) - little letter + -een (Anglo-Irish) - (diminutive) + Lucia Joyce, Joyce's daughter, drew a set of lettrines (ornamental capital letters), which were used to illustrate some of Joyce's works + Joyce's note: 'Is tears up letters'.

appose - to put or apply one thing to another

omnitude - the fact of being all, 'allness', universality; 'the all', the whole, the total sum

nutshell - the hard exterior covering within which the kernel of a nut is enclosed; With in: In a few words, in a brief or condensed statement + schedel (Dutch) - skull.

increscent - the moon in her increment, represented as a crescent with the horns towards the dexter side

Sung - the name of a dynasty which ruled in China from 960 to 1279 + Thomas Moore: song: She Sung of Love [air: The Munster Man].

Hecaba (l) = Hekabe (gr) - wife of Priam (king of Troy at its fall): destined as Penelope's slave, she changed to a dog through rage + William Shakespeare: Hamlet II.2.542: 'What's Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba'.

ough - an exclamation expressing disgust; an imitation of certain sounds + Auch, auch, brav' Kindli (ger) - that too, good little child + William Shakespeare: Macbeth V.5.23: 'Out, out, brief candle!'

brieve - a writ or precept issued from Chancery in the Sovereign's name, directing trial to be made of certain points specified

parley - to speak, talk + parlez-vous? (fr) - do you speak?


Ida - Gertrude Stein's short sketch, composed in 1937, published as a novel in 1940. Ida is a girl of dual personality who has a twin self, Ida-Ida + Ida (gr) - mountain in Crete where Zeus was reared by a she-goat, Amaltheia. 

mongrel - the offspring of two different breeds of dog. Chiefly, and now only, a dog of no definable breed, resulting from various crossings + every cock will crow upon his own dunghill (phrase) - everyone is confident and at ease on their home ground + (evening chorus of barking dogs).

infra - denoting 'below', 'beneath' in respect of status or condition

liminal - of or pertaining to the threshold or initial stage of a process; spec. in Psychol. Of or pertaining to a 'limen' or 'threshold' (the limit below which a given stimulus ceases to be perceptible).

intelligence - knowledge as to events, communicated by or obtained from another; information, news

offrand - the presenting of something to God (or to a deity or object of worship) as an act of worship or devotion

DRAFT SIX: It is turned of seven with eight chimes all tolled. Dogs' vespers (dodge the gobbet from cor to occur, cheat your choker and chew the cud) are at end. Yet wind will be ere fruminy time and the saying of fadervor be come and asterisks congealed behind the curtain during office hours answer the most devouted of us until it gets bright and all cocks waken. Flying too are the evenbirds. And, for one superstationer at least, the hearse of the kine shall pass at last before the two birds, titlark morningales, outbreak in dawn song. What a terrible piece of business surely for such as keep his peace and follow his war, that old king of the chiefline in his sevencoloured sundaysuit sundaykilts of fall wear, must be killed off bumped off most basely as the chaldee rite has it [and sent the way of his fathers as were he not their monarch at all but simpler vintner of vendibles, food gatherer but no more, for all his four gorges,] withsamt his [slapmother] banshee dam a woman of show [if even a lady and obviously a respectable one and a horrible hen, [Annmette of her little name,] ] and embalmed in honey for dynastic continuity, rivers breaking forth for joy at his funeral!

vespers - the sixth of the Canonical Hours of the breviary, said or celebrated towards evening

anend - to the end, right through; straight on, constantly + unending + (at an end).

vespertilian - bat-like + vespertilio (l) - a bat + vespertiliabitur (l) - he will be made into a bat (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake)

good shepherd + goat/sheep.

gabbard = gabbart - a sailing vessel for inland navigation; a sailing barge, lighter + gabhar (gour) (gael) - goat.

cloke = cloak

Zum Bock! (ger) - The devil! (lit. to the goat)

chèvre (fr) - goat, she-goat

wind will be (notebook 1924)

Fadervor (Danish) - Pater Noster

upholsterer - a dealer in small wares or second-hand articles (of clothing, furniture, etc.); Used spec. with reference to the making and selling of beds and bedding

cradle + Apostles' Creed

capritious = capricious - guided by whim or fancy rather than by judgement or settled purpose + capritius (l) - one having to do with goats, a goatish person.

apple-pie bed

aegis - a protection, or impregnable defence. Now freq. in senses 'auspices, control, etc.', esp. in phr. under the aegis (of) + aegis (l) = aigis (gr) - goatskin: the skin shield of Zeus, lent by him to Athena; later, with snake-fringe and Medusa's head, an emblem of power and terror.

frumen (l) - gruel or porridge used in sacrifices

burgoo - oatmeal porridge eaten by sailors

dandy - fine, splendid, first-rate + Sing a Song of Sixpence (nursery rhyme): 'dainty dish'.

leck - to 'make water' (vulgar.) + leck- (ger) - to lick; to leak + Burns: The Ranting Dog, the Daddy O't (song).

gippo (Slang) - greasy gravy + gypo (Dublin Slang) - semen + Give us good ale (song).

hushmoney - money paid to prevent disclosure or exposure, or to hush up a crime or discreditable transaction + Gandhi, Mohandas (1869-1948) - Hindu leader, assassinated.

Diana - an ancient Italian female divinity, the moon-goddess, patroness of virginity and hunting

Ulysses.13.707: 'she could almost feel him draw her face to his and the first quick hot touch of his handsome lips'.

aught - to any extent, in any degree, in any respect, 'anything,' at all

flou (fr) - hazy + through.

duskness = dusk


peepee - an act of urination + pipistrello (it) - bat.

Brennan on the Moor - outlaw hero of Irish ballad, betrayed by a woman, hung

on the move - in process of moving from one place to another + moor - to secure one's ship (etc.) in a particular place; to anchor.

yat (Ulster Pronunciation) - yet

strang = strong + to be going strong - to be vigorous, thriving, or prosperous + Johnnie Walker whiskey slogan: 'still going strong'.

noctule - the largest British species of bat (Vesperugo noctula); the great bat

fluffy - consisting of or resembling fluff; of soft, downy texture + fluffy (Slang) - tipsy.

large - to enlarge, increase, widen (obs.)

gloomy - dark, shaded, obscure

wheelhouse - a structure enclosing a large wheel, e.g. a water-wheel; spec. a house or superstructure containing the steering-wheel

liss - tranquillity, peace, joy, delight; a circular enclosure having an earthen wall; often used as a fort + Alice-in-Wonderland + lis (Pan-Slavonic) - fox.

lumber - to heap or place together as lumber, without order or method

hoodie - the Hooded or Royston Crow, Corvus Cornix

horseman - one who rides on horseback, a rider


keep my peace follow - war [dash dittoes 'my'] (notebook 1924)

Sunday suit (Joyce's note) [277.01]

buzzard - an inferior kind of hawk, useless for falconry; fig. A worthless, stupid, or ignorant person + buzzer (bee).

suckle - to suck at the breast

milkmaid - a woman that milks or is employed in a dairy + milk and honey (Exodus 3:8, and elsewhere) + "when a child of Maam, Festy King," [085.22-.23]

embalm - to impregnate (a dead body) with spices, to preserve it from decay + emballer (fr) - to pack up + (notebook 1924): 'embalmed in honey'.

soot - blackness, darkness + suit

ochone - a Scottish and Irish exclamation of lamentation


ripping - that rips or tears; also fig., cutting; very fast or rapid (obs.); excellent, splendid

Lucretia (on Lucrece) - Roman lady, raped by Sextus Tarquimius; having exacted an oath of vengeance from her menfolk, she stabbed herself + "Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus": Castor and Polydeuces (Pollux) abducted the Leucippides ("white horses") Phoebe and Hilaeira, the daughters of Leucippus. When they encountered their analogous twin brothers of Thebes, Idas and "lynx-eyed" Lynceus, bound for revenge, Castor, the mortal brother, fell, and Polydeuces, the immortal twin, survived, yet they were not separated. Polydeuces persuaded Zeus to share his gift with Castor. Accordingly, the two spend alternate days as gods on Olympus, worthy of burnt sacrifice, and as deceased mortals in Hades, whose spirits must be propitiated by libations + William Shakespeare: The Rape of Lucrece

toga (l) - normal peacetime dress of a Roman citizen + toggery (Slang) - clothes.

imponent - that imposes + impotence


mucky - dirty, filthy, muddy; More widely: grimy, grubby, horrid + muckle (Dialect) - much.

spick - short for spick and span (particularly neat, trim, or smart; suggestive of something quite new or unaffected by wear)

Via Flaminia (l) - the great northern highway of Roman Italy, built 220 B.C. by C. Flaminius + flumineus (l) - of, in or belonging to a river + flumen (l) - river.


weemen - obs. pl. of woman + wee (Colloquial) - to urinate + mingere (l) - to urinate.

funerally - in a funeral manner; with funeral ceremonies + (notebook 1924): 'rivers break forth for joy, at funeral' → Irish legends of rivers bursting forth at the burial of heroes.

Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies: song The Minstrel Boy: 'warrior-bard'

feaster - one who partakes of a feast; a guest

foster - a foster-parent, nurse + foster mother


cottonwood - the name of several species of poplar (Populus) in U.S.

ruadh (rue) (gael) = roe (Anglo-Irish) - red + (7 colours of rainbow).

William of Orange

buidhe is Irish "yellow" 

gorm is Irish "blue"

indigo and violet 

Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome

to (gr) - the

obedient - that obeys or is willing to obey + obedientia civium urbis felicitas (l) - the citizen's obedience is the city's happiness (motto of Dublin).

at (l) - moreover, but, yet

Mike - a Roman Catholic

sandglass - timepiece in which the passage of time is indicated by the flow of sand from one transparent container to another through a narrow passage + Stanislaus Joyce + (notebook 1924): 'Stained glass effect *V*'.


buttermilk - the acidulous milk which remains after the butter has been churned out + (notebook 1924): 'butter won't melt in's breeches' butter wouldn't melt in his mouth (phrase) - prim and proper, with a cool demeanor (the allusion is to people who maintain such a cool demeanor that they don't even have the warmth to melt butter).

FDV: He who will either be crowned or hanged learns scans history's errors from the parrotbook of Datars, foully traduced for the usages of dauphins of the meter of Herodotus or Noah's misbelieving Annalfabetter, missus was to velivole back from Walhala [& through the tellaspeep of whatsaswhatness] thick about read boyjones upon those pages about the things that did having place at all [for pretty safe menly], she wd. laugh that flat that after she had sanked down on her fat arks they were all of a sheeks. This while he who suckled at the breast of a peasant mother who having aten knots of knowledge will be the [cowards castle pulpiter &] apostle walker from ball of his foot [and [not wetting his weapon] shaker of the sacred rattle,] as far as him, oriented through life, sees not her signings nor the multiplying of her shadow but is ating, as he thuks at present, for his salvation of the knuts of knowledge so as to befit him for the massacre of the ignorants by pitchcap and triangle though still preserving his stained glass effect (you wd think butter wouldn't melt in his breeches) (Most of this was eventually suppressed, but some parts were incorporated in the marginal notes and footnotes which characterize the finished chapter.)

duck - a term of endearment + duck trousers.

deputy - a person elected to represent a constituency; a member of a representative legislative assembly

mimbar - the pulpit in a mosque + diputy mimber (Irish Pronunciation) - deputy member.

poll - head, nape of neck + pole + Peter and Paul Fortress - one of the most noted buildings in Petrograd.

burgess - an inhabitant of a borough; strictly, one possessing full municipal rights; a citizen + Petersburgh

mushy - soft, pulpy; fig. Tender, sentimental, insipid + mishe/tauf (motif).

tiptop - situated at the very top; very highest; almost always fig. of the highest quality or excellence

toft - Originally, a homestead, the site of a house and its out-buildings; a house site + Toft's - hobbyhorses and whirligig at the Mirus Bazaar.  

taft - a widening-out of the end of a lead pipe into a broad thin flange + Taft, William Howard - 27th president of the U.S.

noblesse oblige - Phrase suggesting that noble ancestry constrains (to honourable behaviour); privilege entails responsibility.

jady - Of a horse: Like a jade; tricky, jadish + lady

daktar (Hindustani) - doctor + daughter dear.

rerise - to rise again

white night - a sleepless night + The White Knight - character in 'Through the Looking-Glass' by Lewis Carroll.

drømme (Danish) - dream + hjem (Danish) - home + druimin (Irish) - a white-backed crow.

Buddha - (buddha: enlightened, awakened) The title given by the adherents of one of the great Asiatic religions, thence called Buddhism, to the founder of their faith, Sakyamuni, Gautama, or Siddartha, who flourished in Northern India in the 5th century b.c.

despising + theosophising.

thea (gr) - goddess + theos (gr) - god + tea + butters despising our cheese [161.12].

encloud - to surround with or envelop in a cloud; to overshadow, darken + included.

Liffey flows from West Wicklow

Rosaleen, Dark - personification of Ireland, like Poor Old Woman, Cathleen Ni Houlihan, etc. Mangan's poem begins, "My dark Rosaleen, do not sigh, do not weep..."

truant - absent without permission; idle, lazy, loitering

thorntree - a tree having or bearing thorns; in Great Britain, usually a hawthorn tree

drames (fr) - plays + drame (Irish Pronunciation) - dream.

bap (Hindustani) - father + "Teems of times and happy returns, the seim anew, ordovico or viricordo".

sein - to sign, seal + sein (ger) - being + Sein (Basque) - nickname from Basque: sein 'child' + sen (Czech, Polish) = san (Serbian) - dream.

Malory: 'Some men say yet that King Arthur is not dead... I will not say it shall not be so'.

Arthur + Layamon: 'ever yet the Britons look for Arthur's coming'.

Herbst (ger) - autumn

blath (bla) (gael) - flower + Baile Atha Cliath (blaklie) (gael) - Dublin + Arthur's last battle against Saxons took place 'in the country around Bath'.

legends + CAERLEON-ON-USK - Village, on Usk River, Wales. Famous in legend as the chief home of King Arthur and seat of his court. Established ca 50 AD as Isca Silurium, it became Castra Legionum, one of the 3 great legionary fortresses of Roman Brit, and was known as the "City of the Legions." It may be the site where 5 Kings of Cymry rowed Edgar on his barge to acknowledge his sovereignty (973 AD).

Layamon: Brut: 'ever yet the Britons look for Arthur's coming'. 

shuttle - to travel back and forth between two points + shut the pipers down. 

piper - one who plays on a pipe (esp. a strolling musician)

tuigeann tú? (Irish) - do you understand?

sant (it) - saint

eric - blood fine for murder of an Irishman

abu! (obu) (gael) - to victory! + Éire abú (Irish) - Ireland to victory! (slogan)

waddle - to walk heavily and clumsily with a pronounced sway + Thomas Moore: song: Oh, Could We Do with This World of Ours [air: Basket of Oysters].

Red Bank - the name of an oyster bed in Co. Clare, Ireland, used attrib. in Red Bank oyster.

massive - imposing in scale or scope + (rhythm of song Phil the Fluter's Ball: 'Then all joined in wid the greatest joviality, Covering the buckle and the shuffle, and the cut, Jigs were danced, of the very finest quality, But the widda bet the company at "handeling the fut"') + {Well, this freely is what must have occurred to our missive [111.30-.31]}

pink - the 'flower', or finest example of excellence; the embodied perfection (of some good quality).

punk - devoid of worth or sense; poor in quality; nonsensical + {negative of a horse melted while drying [111.27-.28]} 

lineal - genealogy, pedigree (obs.); arranged in a line

pondus - an old English measure of weight, usually of wool, perhaps equal to 3 cloves [an old English measure of weight, containing 7 pounds (a unit of weight: of 16 ounces in the avoirdupois system (= 453.592 g))] + pondus (l) - weight.

avoirdupois - the standard system of weights used, in Great Britain, for all goods except the precious metals, precious stones, and medicines.

gobbet - a lump or chunk of something, especially of raw meat + gibbet - instrument of execution consisting of a wooden frame from which condemned persons are executed by hanging + to dodge the column - to evade one's responsibilities + (notebook 1923): 'Ruminants dodge gobbet R & L'. 

choker - one who chokes (strangles) another person + Phil the Fluter's Ball (song): 'Ye've got to pay the piper when he toothers on the flute'.

chew the cud - to reflect deeply on a subject (the term transfers the appearance of a patiently ruminating cow to a person deep in thought)

scrub - to remove (dirt or stains) by hard rubbing + (illuminated manuscripts).

pitchcap - a form of torture devised by British forces in 18th century Ireland which was widely used against suspected rebels during the period of the 1798 Rebellion, most famously on Anthony Perry, one of the leaders of the Wexford rebels. The process involved pouring hot pitch, or tar, into a conical shaped paper "cap", which was forced onto a bound suspect's head and then allowed to cool. The "pitchcap" was then torn off taking lumps of skin and flesh with it which usually left the victim disfigured for life + (notebook 1924): 'pitchcap triangle' → R.R. Madden: United Irishmen I.xi.337: 'The numbers tied up to the triangles and tortured with the scourge, or tormented with the pitch-caps... in the year 1798' (quoted in the Oxford English Dictionary under 'pitch-cap')

triangle - Mil. (Usually pl.) A tripod, orig. formed of three halberds stuck in the ground and joined at the top, to which soldiers were formerly bound to be flogged (e.g. during the Irish rebellion of 1798).

noose - a loop, formed with a running knot, which tightens as the string or rope is pulled, as in a snare, lasso, hangman's halter, etc.

tinctus (l) - a dipping into, a dyeing; baptized + tunc (l) - then + tintregh (obs) - torture + tincture + REFERENCE

circum (l) - around + minium (l) - red-lead, cinnabar; at a triumph the triumphator's face was painted red with minium + inluminatus (l) - lighted up, illuminated +  circumminioilluminatus (l) - lit up all around with minium (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

encomia (l) = enkomia (gr) - praises, eulogies + quoniam (l) - since now, seeing that.

impropery - reproach, upbraiding; (Lat. improperia: 'the reproaches'; Christ's address to the people on Good Friday; also, the taunts to which Christ was subjected).

gezumpher (Slang) - swindler

greeze - ''The historical scramble for the pancake, or the 'Pancake Greeze', as it is called by the boys, took place'' + is.

jarry - abounding in jarring or jars + jolly

felon - a vile or wicked person, a villain, wretch, monster + For He's a Jolly Good Fellow (song).

bloke - to turn pale + bless

pansy - a plant of the genus Viola and its blossom, originally purple and yellow. Cultivated varieties have very large flowers of a great diversity of colors. The name 'pansy' derives from French pensée: thought.

Puss in the Corner - children's game in which four individuals occupying the four corners of a room try to run from one corner to another while the fifth, the 'puss', on the alert in the centre, tries to rush in to claim a vacated space, so leaving the dispossessed person in the middle as a new 'puss' + (for *I*, who has to write a letter).

'I'm sitting on the stile, Mary' (song)

dolour - physical suffering, pain + bottom dollar - U.S., (one's) last dollar, usu. in collocations with bet.

culus (l) - arse + cul (fr) - arse + curious.

chafe - to rub with the hand; esp. to rub (a person's limbs, etc.) in order to restore warmth or sensation.; fig. To heat or ruffle in temper; to vex, irritate + William Shakespeare: Hamlet V.2.10: 'There's a divinity that shapes our ends'.

incipit (l) - '[here] beginneth': Used by mediæval scribes in indicating the beginning of a new treatise, poem, division, etc.; hence, as n. The beginning or first words or lines of a treatise or poem + incipit intermissio (l) - the intermission begins + intermission - a temporary pause, cessation, or breach of continuity in an action, state, etc.

Beweise (ger) - proofs + beware.

fanciulla (it) - young girl + FDV: Beware of Fanciulla's heart, the heart of Fanciulla. And her hand that's as gloveless as a peer's in the presence and how both will be ready maid marrying when Jollicomes matching home. Though her loinstones be jade & her moon increscent She may will swoon over Shelly to get a crush on the coalman or learn from Dalcroze how to drop her umbrella, but her true line as the little grey nuns will show her without fuss or muss either for today is thine but whose tomorrow is to beg 2 makes for a wing but when there's no more tay for sugar the cosy and she's looked her last on lonesomeness for that divinity showshapes their ends backview them how we will.

spellbinder - one that holds others spellbound, especially an enthralling speaker or a particularly interesting book

lässt zu hören (ger) - is evident, expresses himself

stella (it) - star

essa stessa (it) - she herself + Vanessa.

droop - something which is limp or sagging, a condition or posture of drooping

POHLMAN AND SON - Around the turn of the century, this firm's "Music and Pianoforte Warehouse" was at 40 Dawson Street. 

Fabius Maximus (d. 203 B.C.) - dictator in Second Punic War. Called Cunctator ("Delayer") because he relied on guerilla tactics against Hannibal to conserve Roman strength after Trasimene and Cannae + Flavius (l) - "Blond": name of a Roman gens + Fabius (l) - "Skilled": name of a Roman gens.

maximus (l) - the greatest

Flavia (l) - "Blonde": woman of the gens Flavia + flapper (Slang) - a young woman + (notebook 1931): 'Flabby & the Flapper'.

minimus (masc.) (l) - opposite of Maximus + minima (fem.) (l) - very small, smallest.

coalman - a man who has to do with coal + {Different characters differently hear plink-plunking water drops: ah eh oh; pick, peck; pack, puck}

behove - it is incumbent upon or necessary for (a person) to do (something); Used, owing to confusion between the accusative and nominative as a personal verb: To be under obligation (to do); = ought, have; to suit, to befit + Luke 1:38: 'Behold the handmaid of the Lord'.

jenny wren - a popular, and esp. nursery, name for the wren (also locally kitty wren): sometimes regarded in nursery lore as the wife, bride, or sweetheart of Robin Redbreast + 'Jenny Wren fell sick' (nursery rhyme).

twinge - fig. A sharp mental pain; a pang of shame, remorse, sorrow, or the like + Heavenly twins - Castor and Pollux.

feint - to make a feint or sham attack + faint

slept on your letters (notebook 1931) Young: Trial of Frederick Bywaters and Edith Thompson 179: (letter from Edith Thompson to Bywaters, trial exhibit 50) 'I slept on your letter last night darlint unopened I had no chance to read it but got up at quarter to six this morning to do so'.

con - to cause to learn, to teach (obs. rare.)

keep up - to keep shut up or confined; to keep from deteriorating or disappearing; Printing. To keep (type or matter) standing; also, to use capitals somewhat freely.

(noun is name of a person, place, or thing)

modesty - womanly propriety of behaviour; scrupulous chastity of thought, speech, and conduct (in men or women); reserve or sense of shame proceeding from instinctive aversion to impure or coarse suggestions + On Her Majesty's Service (letters).

Brutus, M. Junius (85-42 B.C.) - descendant of L. Junius Brutus, assassin of Caesar + L. Junius Brutus (fl. 510 B.C.) - semi-legendary leader of revolt against the kings of Rome; founder of the Republic.

arrear - in pl. Outstanding liabilities, amounts, or balances; moneys due, debts + William Shakespeare: Julius Caesar III.2.73: 'lend me your ears'.

penman - an author, a writer + 'Three men, two men, one man and his dog / Went to mow a meadow' (song).

hun - anyone or anything good of its kind

rockabye, baby - a traditional phrase (esp. in a nursery rhyme) to induce an infant to fall asleep, used as an accompaniment to the rocking of a cradle

flatten - to make flat in shape, to reduce to a plane surface + Humpty Dumpty (nursery rhyme): 'Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall'.

dun (dun) (gael) - fort

fen (Cornish) - strong, eager, strenuous

break news - to make it known, disclose, divulge it; now implying caution and delicacy

gent - gentleman; now only vulgar, exc. as applied derisively to men of the vulgar and pretentious class who are supposed to use the word, and as used in tradesmen's notices + Browning: How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix.

outermost - situated farthest out from the inside or centre, most outward

strut - to behave proudly or vaingloriously; to flaunt, triumph, swagger

turquin - a dark-green pumpkin + Lucius Tarquinius Superbus (fl. 534-510 B.C.) - L. Tarquin the Proud: traditional last king of Rome; an Etrurscan, probably historical; his son raped Lucretia, precipitating revolt led by L. Junius Brutus that ended the kingship (also appears in Shakespeare's The Rape of Lucrece).


cuckold + (notebook 1923): 'Trist (et Is) cocu'.

Adams and Clay (song) + adama (Hebrew) - earth, clay.

Is takes his hat (notebook 1923)

posy - a short motto, originally a line or verse of poetry, and usually in patterned language, inscribed on a knife, within a ring, as a heraldic motto, etc.; a bunch of flowers; Sometimes in the sense of poesy + postcard + pussycat.

cord - Aphetic f. accord 


major and minor modes (music)

wound - fig. To injure, inflict pain or hurt upon, in a manner comparable to the infliction of a wound + wended

afare - to depart; pa. pple., departed, gone

feign - to make a show of, put on an appearance of

afear - in fear + afar + anear.

coalesce - to unite or come together, so as to form one

proliferate - to grow by multiplication of elementary parts

homogeneity - composition from parts or elements of the same kind; uniformity of composition or nature

rainstone - a stone believed to possess certain qualities and used in primitive rain-making rituals + rhinestone - an imitation diamond made from rock crystal or glass or paste.

strangely - in a manner so unusual or exceptional as to excite wonder or astonishment; surprisingly, unaccountably

kalt (ger) - cold

season of the year

evergreen (summer) is over

pot - a large sum of money

pon - aphetic form of upon

plop - the sound made by a smooth object dropping into water without splashing, by water falling in a small mass, or by bursting bubbles in boiling liquid; the act of falling with this sound + pomp.

osselet - a little bone, an ossicle + osseletio (l) - a destroying of the bones + oscillation

omkring (Danish) - round, about, around

nome - obs. f. name + nomen est omen (l) - the name is omen; i.e., the name fits (e.g. a Paulus might be small, a Calvus bald, etc.)

war to end war - World War I + All's well that ends well (proverb).

'bring and buy' sales


bally - a euphemism for bloody, used as a vague intensive of general application; 'jolly', 'confounded' + Baile Atha Cliath [athaclete... bally] (blaklie) (gael) - "Hurdle Ford Town", i.e. Dublin.

hurley - the Irish game of 'hurling'; hockey + Baile Atha Cliath [Towntoquest, fortorest... hurley] (blaklie) (gael) - "Hurdle Ford Town": Dublin + early.

hearsay - information received by word of mouth, usually with implication that it is not trustworthy

smooth - the smooth part or surface of something, smoothness; an act of smoothing

slate - a tablet of slate, usually framed in wood, used for writing on; fig. A record of any kind concerning or against a person; esp. in phr. a clean slate.


gelded - Of a person or animal: Castrated

ewe - a female sheep

jilt - to deceive after holding out hopes in love; to cast off (a lover) capriciously

laylock - obs. and dial. form of lilac (a shrub, Syringa vulgaris, cultivated for its fragrant blossoms, which are of a pale pinkish violet colour) + Miss Laycock (Slang) - vulva.


chant - a (person's) name, address, or designation; a cipher, initials, or mark of any kind, on a piece of plate, linen, or other article; anything so marked is said to be chanted; a song, melody; singing.

cecily - obs. form of cicely (a popular name of several umbelliferous plants) + Saint Cecilia - patron of song.

maladie (fr) - disease + melody.

pupil teacher - a boy or girl preparing to be a teacher, who spent part of the period of preliminary education in employment as a teacher in an elementary school under the supervision of the head teacher, and concurrently received general education either from the head teacher or in some place of higher education.

perfection - the action, process, or fact of making perfect or bringing to completion

pass for - to be accepted as equivalent to; to be taken for

propper - one who props or supports


eat one's words - to retract in a humiliating manner + in Boucicault's Arrah-na-Pogue, Arrah's foster brother, Beamish MacCoul, escaped from prison with the help of a message she had passed to him in a kiss.

facio- - Used as combining form of L. facies face + Q.E.F. (l) = Quod Erat Faciendum - 'which was to be done'.

conjugate - to unite sexually (obs.); Gram. To inflect (a verb) in its various forms of voice, mood, tense, number, and person.

morrow - morning; the day next after the present

amare (l) - to love

verbe de vie (fr) - word of life

ai (Chinese) - to love

A Married Woman's Lament (song): 'you use me severe'

The Sorrow of Marriage (song): 'then rue'

intended - an intended husband or wife

Jr - abbreviation of junior

throne - to be enthroned; to sit on or as on a throne + thrown.

inst. - abbrev. of instant + is


eikon (gr) = icon (l) - image, likeness

pettigod - a minor or inferior deity, a demigod + Pettigo - town, County Donegal + The former Entrance Examination at Cambridge University was nicknamed the "Little Go" + slip, petticoat.

decree - Law. A judicial decision + degree

Seiden (ger) - silks + take sides.

plough (Slang) - fuck

lasso (it) - weary + Lasso, Orlando (1530-94) - Belgian composer whose work abounds in puns and euphuistic jokes. 

flaunt - Of persons: To walk or move about so as to display one's finery; to display oneself in unbecomingly splendid or gaudy attire.

flimsy - slight, frail, unsubstantial; a flimsy or thin kind of paper

grig - to irritate, annoy, tantalise

flush - Of the face, etc.: To become suffused with warm colour; to become suddenly red or hot.

fuchsia - a red colour like that of the fuchsia flower

octette - a company of eight singers or players who perform together; gen. A group of eight persons or things + octo et viginti (l) - twenty eight.

figurant - a ballet-dancer; a supernumerary character on the stage who takes no prominent part, and has little or nothing to say + figurant (French) - representing.

nary - neither; no; not a + Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 29: 'nary a pale did they turn'.

'Sing a song of sixpence, A pocket full of rye' (nursery rhyme)

prig (Slang) - thief + pigs begin to fly.


twenty-nine husbands

pimp - to tell tales; to inform on someone; to spy on lovers

pamper - to over-indulge (a person) in his tastes and likings generally

impending - imminent, near at hand

rules of the game - conventions in political or social relations or the like

game - having the spirit or will for or to do (something adventurous); plucky, spirited

nourse = nurse + Old Norse.

Åse - Peer Gynt's mother, in Henrik Ibsen's "Peer Gynt" + Asa - a name applied to the Æsir, the major Norse gods, such as Odin and Thor [.F26]

adventuring - venturesome, forward, audacious

trot - an old woman; usually disparaging: an old beldame, a hag + trot (Slang) - whore.

knowed - widespread dial. pa. tense of know 

Olive - Popeye's girl + olive oil + *IJ*

carr - a rock; a pond or pool + vinegar.

jupe (fr) - skirt

reizen (ger) - to attract; to irritate

*E* + salmon + Solomon + salad dressing.

peeper - one who peeps or peers; esp. one who looks or pries furtively + Pepper box or Pepper caster - a small box or bottle, with a perforated lid, used for sprinkling ground pepper on food, etc.

coster = costermonger - an apple-seller, a fruiterer; esp. one that sold his fruit in the open  street; as a term of contempt or abuse + *VYC*.

salt - Of persons: Lecherous, salacious + salt cellar - a vessel, usually small and made of glass or silver, used on the table for holding salt.


mustard pot - a short round container for storing or serving mustard; vulva (Slang)

between them

Mullinx, Mad - Dublin beggar whom Swift put in a poem, "Mad Mullinx and Timothy" + Mad Mullah or Mohammed bin Abdullah - Somali rebel, early 20th century.

plant - to post as a spy or detective

bini (l) - two each

bisse - a female deer, a hind; some odoriferous substance + bisser (fr) - to encore + Issy.

tres (l) - three + trini (l) - three each + Tristan.

sago - a species of starch prepared from the 'pith' of the trunks of several palms; the tree from which sago is obtained

rite - a formal procedure or act in a religious or other solemn observance; a custom or practice of a formal kind

kook- (Dutch) - cooking-

bolt - to secure (a door, etc.) with a bolt

Thor - the proper name of the strongest and bravest of the Scandinavian deities, the god of thunder, whose weapon was a hammer; his belt doubled his strength + door

Amen + Auden - name of Odin.

dag - a 'character', an extraordinary person, a 'tough' but amusing person + dag (Danish, Swedish) - day + dog days - appellation for the hottest period of the year, about the time of the rising of the dog-star, usually taken to mean July and early August.

Stockholm - the name of the capital city of Sweden + sköka (Swedish) - whore + skok (Shelta) - water + skok (Serbian) - jump.

astride - with the legs stretched wide apart, or so that one leg is on each side of some object between, as when a person is on horseback + Princess Astrid of Sweden married Prince Leopold of Belgium in 1926.



cúil-deas (Irish) - pretty-head (girl) + cool.

cucumber + cul (fr) - arse + cumbre (sp) - summit.

slap - to strike or smack (a person or thing) smartly, esp. with the open hand or with something having a flat surface

straight - not crooked; free from curvature, bending, or angularity + thighs

postillion - someone who rides the near horse of a pair in order to guide the horses pulling a carriage (especially a carriage without a coachman)

swinge - to beat, flog, whip, thrash; to have free scope or course, to indulge one's inclination

swank - swagger; pretence

clout - a piece of cloth (esp. a small or worthless piece, a 'rag') + clothes + clouds of incense.

horner - one who blows or winds a horn; one who cuckolds, a cuckold-maker

on the leeward - situated on the side turned away from the wind


blanching - whitening, becoming white + Isolde Blanchemains, wife of Tristan [.F24]

mench = mensh - colloq. abbrev. of mention + Mensch (ger) - person (man or woman) + Mensch (ger. slang) - cow; slut + blancmange.

isabella - greyish yellow, light buff + (isabella-coloured horse).

ruelle - a bedroom, where ladies of fashion in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, especially in France, held a morning reception of persons of distinction; hence, a reception of this kind + ruelle (fr) - small street, lane, alley + rules of the road.

rut - the annually recurring sexual excitement of male deer

mandy = maundy - the ceremony of washing the feet of a number of poor people, performed by royal or other eminent persons, or ecclesiastics, on the Thursday before Easter, and commonly followed by the distribution of clothing, food, or money + Samuel Lover: Handy Andy + any man.

cheerio - a parting exclamation of encouragement; 'goodbye' + Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (song).

angel + Anakreon (gr) (fl. 540 B.C.) - lyric poet, born at Teos, Asia Minor, lived at Athens + Anacreon in Heaven (song): 'I'll swinge the ringleaders'.

fother - a load, a cart-load; a mass, a quantity, 'lot'

when you where just a twinkle in your father' s eye - a long time ago, long before a birth of a person who is being addressed

troth - one's faith as pledged or plighted in a solemn agreement or undertaking; one's plighted word + Truth is stranger than fiction (proverb).

fortuitous - that happens or is produced by fortune or chance; accidental, casual

surplice - a loose vestment of white linen having wide sleeves and, in its amplest form, reaching to the feet, worn (usually over a cassock) by clerics, choristers, and others taking part in church services

Priest buys Is clothes (notebook 1923) → Bédier: The Romance of Tristram and Iseult 122: 'The Ford Perilous': 'Ogrin... bought vair, squirrel fur, and ermine, silken stuffs of purple and scarlet, a shift whiter than lilies... and returned to Iseult. "Queen, your garments are in rags; accept these gifts"'.

oneiric (gr) - pertaining to dreams (from Greek oneiros: dream)

memorize - to commit to memory

hopely - of the nature of hope

analexis (gr) - a picking up, gathering, selecting + analektos (gr) - choice, select + analyse - to break down into components or essential features.

somnia (l) - sleep + sums.

wording - the action of putting or condition of being put into words

libellous - containing or constituting a libel, of the nature of a libel + Bible.

Frederick Barbarossa - German king and Holy Roman emperor (1152-90), who challenged papal authority of Adrian IV and sought to establish German predominance in western Europe + barba rasa (l) - a shaved-off beard + barbarus (l) - foreign, strange, non-Greek (and non-Roman).

hairesis (gr) - a taking, acquisition; system of principles; religious party or sect + Vico: New Science, 202: 'All barbarian histories have fabulous beginnings'.

plantation - garden consisting of a small cultivated wood without undergrowth + (notebook 1923): 'Sweet plantation (MW's res) the branches there' Schuré: Woman the Inspirer 21: (translation of Mathilde Wesendonck's poem 'In the Vinery') 'Crowned with leaves and branches slender... Well I know it! Sweet plantation... Silence reigns! the branches shiver... Falling from the green leaves there!'

branching - a collection of branches

yester - yesterday + Esther (Swift) + [460.29-.30]

twelvemonth's mind - a commemoration of a deceased person by celebration of masses, etc. a year after (or annually on the anniversary of) the day of his death or funeral + W.S.J. Joyce: The Neighbourhood of Dublin 323: (quotes an anonymous 19th century poem about Sunday morning excursions outside Dublin) 'Or Leixlip smiling on the stream below'.

A[mati] N[omen] (l) - name of the beloved

slickster - a swindler + shikseh (Yiddish) - young non-Jewish woman + she licks her (pencil) [.16] [.19] [.27]

condolence - outward expression of sympathy with the grief of others; esp. formal expression

shieling - a piece of pasture to which cattle may be driven for grazing + shilling

copper - copper money + Walter A. Copinger: 19th century lawyer and bibliographer of incunabula (wrote Incunabula Biblica (1892) [.L01]) [Motif: Archdeacon J.F.X.P. Coppinger]. 

porridge - pottage or soup made by stewing vegetables, herbs, or meat, often thickened with pot-barley or other farinaceous addition (obs.)

F[ecit] M[onumentum] (l) - has erected [this] monument + The Letter: poor Father Michael [279.F32]

enquiry - the action of asking or questioning; a question, an interrogation

health - a salutation or wish expressed for a person's welfare or prosperity; a toast drunk in a person's honour + The Letter: all at home's health.

mark + The Letter: well Maggy/Madge/Majesty [.13] [.20]

Persian - Of or pertaining to Persia (mod. Iran), or its inhabitants or language; Also, of or pertaining to a Persian cat.

cate - choice viands, dainties, delicacies + The Letter: lovely present/parcel of cakes [279.F33]

she rubs her [.10] [.19] [.27]

pothook - a curved or hooked stroke made in writing; a crooked stroke or character, a scrawl; now usually applied to a hooked stroke, as an element of handwriting, made by children in learning to write + (notebook 1923): 'Isolde - ornaments her father's caligraphy Vere Foster' → Flood: Ireland, Its Saints and Scholars 106: 'Ferdinand Keller's remarks on the manner in which the excellence of the Irish school of caligraphy was obtained are also applicable in other arts'.

hawk - to carry about from place to place and offer for sale especially by calling out

poppa = papa (a word employed as the equivalent of father)

Foster, Vere (1819-1900) - 19th century Anglo-Irish philantropist, famous for having devised a series of handwriting copybooks (e.g. Elementary Drawing Copybooks and Public School Writing Copybooks), used well into the 20th century. According to Ulysses (705), he put out a "handwriting copybook" + vere - the season of spring.

curly - of a curled form; wavy, undulating

mould - to create, produce, or form out of certain elements or material, or upon a certain  pattern; also, to plan, design

she rubs her other [.10] [.16] [.27]

in the air before turning it over

The Letter: well Maggy, hopes to soon hear

cinder - pl. Vaguely used for: Residue of combustion, ashes + sender + Cinderella and Prince Charming in pantomime Cinderella.

The Letter: Christine + Morton Prince: The Dissociation of a Personality: study of a case history, 'Christine Beauchamp', in Boston [301.05]; he calls her most prominent secondary personality 'Sally'.

chum - to share chambers, to live together; to become intimate, be on friendly terms with + Prince Charming - a fairy-tale hero; the lover every girl dreams of; a perfect young man.

soldi (it) - money, small change, pennies + Isold (anagram).

backfront - the rear boundary line or elevation of a building; the ground in an etching or engraving

heliotrope (anagram)

Parnell: 'When you sell, get my price'

les héros tombant seul sur la Champs de Mars (fr) - the heroes falling alone on the Champs de Mars (Paris) + jambe de marche (fr) - walking-leg.

otherwards - in another direction

adeal - properly two words a deal, a part + ideal

The letter is made to end with a series of four kisses, symbolised as four Xs - four 'crosskisses' (111.17) - which at 280.27 are modulated to the contemptuous dismissal 'K.M.A'. The mutual nature of the perversion which results in this kiss is made clear from the word 'Shlicksheruthr' (Hart, Clive / Structure and motif in Finnegans wake).

she licks her other [.10] [.16] [.19]

auburn - of a golden-brown or ruddy-brown colour

Charlemagne (742-814) - king of the Franks, Holy Roman emperor + chêne (fr) - oak. 

pia e pura bella - Vico's Latin catch-phrase for holy wars: 'pious and pure wars' In FW the phrase is sometimes used for a girl's name - say, Issy or Stella - and ought, I'm sure, to connect with Plurabelle. It must be remembered that a girl, Biddy O'Brien, caused the war at Finnegan's wake. (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake 

concomitate - to go with, accompany

lifetree = 'tree of life'

lovers' silences (notebook 1923)

hitherto - up to this time, until now

BANDUSIA - A fountain celebrated by Horace (Odes III, xiii), probably on his Sabine farm. James Joyce translated this Ode while at Belvedere College: his earliest writing which survives + fons Bandusia (l) - Bandusia the fountain: a rockspring near Horace's birthplace at Venusia + Joyce's note: 'Is's piss liquid sunlight' (MS 47478-313, TsTMA & MT: pious and pure fair one whose fount Bandusian plays liquick sunlight whose afterodour sighs of musk regretted, ^+whose silence shines as sphere of silver+^ | JJA 52:241 | probably 1934).

blot - a spot or stain of ink, mud, or other discolouring matter + The Letter: teastain.

drug - to administer a drug to + droog (Dutch) - dry (adjective and imperative).

shake the dust from or off one's feet - lit. in the Gospel passages; hence allusively, to take one's departure from an uncongenial place.

mais maintenant elle est venue (fr) - but now she has come


latter Lammas (day) - a day that will never come + at latter Lammas - humorously for 'never' + lammas (Finnish) - sheep (singular) + Lammas - 1 August.

baith - northern form of both

washwoman = washerwoman + Wöschwib (Swiss German) - chatterbox.

tenebrous - full of darkness, dark; fig. Obscure, gloomy.

thorngarth - an enclosure protected by a thorn-hedge

faery - if or belonging to 'faerie', resembling fairyland, beautiful and unsubstantial, visionary, unreal

blithe - a blithe one; carefree and happy and lighthearted 

belletristic - of or pertaining to belles-lettres (elegant or polite literature or literary studies. A vaguely-used term, formerly taken sometimes in the wide sense of 'the humanities,' literæ humaniores; sometimes in the exact sense in which we now use 'literature'; in the latter use it  has come down to the present time, but it is now generally applied (when used at all) to the lighter branches of literature or the æsthetics of literary study).

bellum - a small boat or canoe used in ports along the shores of the Persian Gulf + bellum (l) - war + pax (l) - peace.

mutuo (l) - in return, by turns, reciprocally + morphes (gr) - shape, form + mutuomorphomutatio (l+gr) - a reciprocal exchange of shape (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

Don Juan - the name of a legendary Spanish nobleman whose dissolute life was dramatized by Gabriel Tellez in his Convivado de Piedra.

Tommy Atkins - Familiar form of Thomas Atkins, as a name for the typical private soldier in the British army + totty (Dublin Slang) - girl; prostitute.

a Quinet quote: flowers and history + REFERENCE

nasal - of, belonging or pertaining to, the nose

fossa - cavity (in anatomy)

valse - to dance the valse or waltz + Vercingetorix - (d. 46 BC), chieftain of the Gallic tribe of the Arverni whose formidable rebellion against Roman rule was crushed by Julius Caesar. He was killed at Caesar's triumph + rex (l) - king.

triumphus (l) - ceremonial procession by a victorious Roman general through the streets of Rome with soldiers, the Senate, and chief captives, who were often then killed, as Vercingetorix was at Caesar's Gallic triumph + arcus triumphalis (l) - at a triumph the army entered through a gate which was often later replaced by a commemorative arch.

Also sprach Zarathustra (Thus Spoke Zarathustra) - Nietzsche's masterpiece in biblical narrative form; in part III, The Convalescent: 'Everything goes, everything comes back; eternally runs the wheel of being. Everything dies, everything blossoms again; eternally runs the year of being.'

Latin + geschwind (German) = gezwind (Dutch) - quickly.

English + Turkish.

Teague - a nickname for an Irishman (*V*)

bog - a piece of wet spongy ground, a morass + boy + bog (Pan-Slavonic) - god.

Thaddeus - apocryphal tradition has it that Jesus had a brother, Judas Thaddeus + *C*. 

polish off - to finish off quickly or out of hand + poliż (Polish) - lick (imperative singular).

nates - the buttocks, haunches + nett's Weib (ger) - nice girl, woman.

pulper - a machine for reducing fruit, straw, roots, paper-stock, etc. to pulp + blotting paper.

margarite = margaret (obs.) - a daisy; esp. Bellis perennis: called also herb Margaret + (notebook 1931): 'margaritomancy' Waite: The Occult Sciences 149: 'The art of divination by pearls was denominated Margaritomancy. The precious stone was set by a fire and covered with a glass vessel. The inquiry was conducted for the recovery of stolen goods; it consisted in the repetition of the names of suspected persons, repeated in a loud voice. When that of the guilty party was pronounced by the speaker, the pearl was supposed to leap up to the top of the glass, which it occasionally shivered with its force' + REFERENCE

hyacinth - bulbous plant with bell-shaped six-parted flowers, of various colours, usually drooping, arranged in a loose upright spike

pervenche - a shade of light blue, resembling the colour of the flowers of the periwinkle + pervinca (l) - periwinkle (flower). 

M. Junius Brutus (85-42 B.C.), G. Cassius Longinus (d. 42 B.C.) - main conspirators against Caesar (according to Eutropius, around sixty or more men participated in the assassination, on the Ides of March [March 15] of 44 BC).

Cassio (it) - Cassius + Cassio: lieutenant to Othello in Shakespeare's Othello.

Virgil or Publius Vergilius Maro (B.C. 70 - 19) - Roman poet. Also a 7th century "fantastic grammarian" (Sortes Virgilianae is telling fortunes by opening Virgil and reading the first passage hit on). 

ware - to give heed, take care, be on one's guard. Const. of, with

trifid - split or divided into three by deep clefts or notches, three-cleft; esp. in Bot. and Zool.

daredevil - recklessly daring

Ignatius Donnelly: The Great Cryptogram

piercing - keenly or painfully affecting; deeply distressing

flashy - superficially bright; brilliant, but shallow; cheaply attractive

cowrie - the porcelain-like shell of a small gastropod, Cypræa moneta, found abundantly in the Indian Ocean, and used as money in some parts of Africa and Southern Asia.

hidalgo - In Spain: One of the lower nobility; a gentleman by birth.

XYZ + The Letter: four crosskisses

wilfulness - disposition to assert one's own will against reason, persuasion, etc.; determination to take one's own way

Desdemona - Othello's wife

Saxum - stone of a granulated structure + saxum (l) - a rock, large stone + Saxon Shilling - piece of antienlistment propaganda in Dublin, 1905 + six

sextum (l) - for the sixth time; the sixth thing + sexton.

porridge + parish priest - the priest in charge of a parish.

multiplicating - multiplying + (notebook 1924): '*X* shadows multiply'.

nel (it) - in the

falso (it) - false + letto (it) - bed.

col (it) - with the

fazzoletto (it) - handkerchief + 'Il fazzoletto' repeated by Othello in act III of Verdi's opera, Otello.

dal (it) - from, by, at the

lezzo (it) - stink

niggar - obs. form of nigger + niggard - one who grudgingly parts with or expends anything + nigger = Othello.

go (to) the length of - e.g. to the distance or extent to which one 'goes' (in a line of action, opinion, etc.); the degree of extremity to which something is 'carried'.


mig - urine; or the drainings from manure + Mick/Nick (motif).

nickel - a one-cent piece partly made of nickel (obs.)

toties quoties - as often as something happens or occasion demands; repeatedly

tackle - to 'come to grips with', to enter into a discussion or argument with

sycamore + Othello, dramatis personae: Othello, a noble Moor in the service of the Venetian state; Cassio, his lieutenant; Iago, his ancient; Desdemona ('Willow Song'; sally: willow).

sally - one of several eucalypts or acacias that resemble willows + sorry + awful silly.

aeger (l) - sick, unwell, diseased + aer (gr, l) - the air + Arger (ger) - anger + ærger (Danish) - spite.

sieger - a besieger + Caesar + Sieger (ger) - victor.

Ruhm (ger) - fame, glory + Shakespeare's Julius Caesar: "Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more." 


catch, lay, take, etc., ahold of - to grasp by some physical means

ruck - a heap or stack of fuel or combustible material of any kind; nonsense, rubbish

Enten Eller (Either/Or) - title of Kierkegaard's book (in Danish) followed by an English translation + (Freud said that in dreams 'either/or' equals 'and').

nay - a denial, refusal, or prohibition + REFERENCE

antithesis - Rhet. An opposition or contrast of ideas, expressed by using as the corresponding members of two contiguous sentences or clauses, words which are the opposites of, or strongly contrasted with, each other.

give and take - to exchange repartee, blows, etc.; to make mutual allowances, concessions, or compromises; exchange of talk, esp. of repartee, jest, or raillery

squalor - the state or condition of being physically squalid, a combination of misery and dirt; fig. The quality of being morally squalid.

pep - brisk energy, liveliness + William Shakespeare: Julius Caesar III.2.26-28: 'There is tears for his love, joy for his fortune, honour for his valour, and death for his ambition'.

perdition - Theol. The condition of final spiritual ruin or damnation, the future condition of the wicked and finally impenitent or unredeemed.

wildwood - a forest of natural growth, or allowed to grow naturally

blue bell - a bulbous-rooted plant, Scilla nutans, growing in moist woods and among grass, and flowering in spring, with a nodding raceme of drooping narrow bell-like flowers.

stunt - a check in growth; also, a state of arrested growth or development; a creature which has been hindered from attaining full growth or development

Lo, the poor crieth (notebook 1923)

laird - a landed proprietor. In ancient times limited to those who held immediately from the king.

boon - a benefit enjoyed, blessing, advantage, a thing to be thankful for; a prayer (Archaic)

begyndelse (Danish) - beginning

auspicium (l) - divination by observing the flight of birds, watching birds for augury