decent + decem (l) - ten + (ten questions; ten Sephiroth of the Kabbalah).

passage - an indefinite portion of a discourse or writing, usually of small or moderate length, taken by itself + Maitland: Life and Legends of St. Martin of Tours 72: 'when the Festival of the Saint's "Passage" (or passing into eternity) fell on a Saturday'.

upper - to or in a loftier place or position; higher, further up + over + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'Chapelizod, a village partly in Palmerstown parish, Uppercross barony, but chiefly in the parish of the same name, Castleknock barony'.

prolegomenon - a preliminary discourse prefixed to a literary work; esp. a learned preface or preamble

sidereal - of or relating to the stars or constellations

Yusuf (Arabic) - Joseph + Joseph Smith founded Mormons.

belie - to lie near + buryingplace.

tidemark - indicator consisting of a line at the high-water or low-water limits of the tides

go to hell + Göta Elv (Swedish) - "Gota River", River in SW Sweden + Gott (ger) - god + helf (ger) - help.

pearse - obs. form of pierce + please

dumb - to render dumb, silent, or unheard + I'll be damned!


drawers + (backwards, mirror-like) 'O love, look in the glass and see who Izod tips with a sword' or 'O love, look in the glass and see how Izod tips what words are'.

banjo - a stringed musical instrument, played with the fingers, having a head and neck like a guitar, and a body like a tambourine

bantam - a small variety of the domestic fowl, most breeds of which have feathered legs; fig. in reference to small size or 'cockiness'

born to fuck

hoo - to make the sound 'hoo!' + FDV: Who became He became Hoo caved in earthwight. At first thought fursht doom krach of thunder. Then she shoo, a his flutterby, / Was netted and named. / Ardnacrusher Erdnacrushar, requiestress, wake them! And let light luck's puresplutterall shine on cut of cod loosey lucy at ease! / To house which as wise fool ages builded. / Sow byg eat.  

caved - to lodge or lurk in a cave

wight - a living being in general; a creature (obs.)

Furcht (ger) - fear + first

Krach (ger) - detonation, a sudden sharp and loud noise + kracht (ger) - crashes + kracht (Dutch) - force, strength + (according to Vico crash of thunder drove men into caves).

Godred Croven - Norseman who subdued Dublin and the Isle of Man known in Manx folklore as King Gorse.

thinwalled - having thin walls + The elective branch of the ancient Manx legislature is called the "House of Keys"; the other branch is the Council, and sitting together the 2 branches constitute the Tynwald Court + tyn (Cornish) = tyn (Welsh) - tight, straight. 

shoo - an exclamation used to frighten or drive away poultry, birds, or other intruders

Jespersen: Language, its Nature, Development and Origin 150 (VIII.5): ''Marrowskying' or 'Hospital Greek' transfers the initial letters of words, as... flutterby for 'butterfly''.

net - to take (fish, birds, etc.) with a net or nets

apis (l) - a bee + A + Apis, sacred bull of Memphis, is connected with luna and triple ALP. Apis was begotten by a ray of generative light flowing from the moon, and may have been drowned when aged twenty-eight, in imitation of the lunar cycle (McHugh, Roland / The sigla of Finnegans wake).

amatus (l) - to love + apis amat aram (l) - the bee loves the altar.

luna (l) - the moon; More fully luna-moth: A large moth of North America + L

legit (l) - he reads + luna legit librum (l) - the moon reads a book.

pulla (l) - chick, foal, young animal + Pulla petit pascua (l) - Hen seeks the pastures + P


tay (Irish Pronunciation) - tea + of tea.

in the pot

earthquake + ARDNACRUSHA - Village on Shannon River, County Clare, West of Limerick. Ir. "Height of the Cross." Site of the main power station of the Shannon Hydro-Electric Scheme (completed 1929) + McH: Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis = Lord, grant them eternal rest and let perpetual light shine upon them (Mass for the Dead)

requiesce - to rest, repose


at ease - in comfort, without anxiety or annoyance, unconstrained

dinner + Joyce's note: 'before dinn / tame after' The Passing of the Phantoms, 64: 'Birds are often not the least alarmed and seem to have some intuitive knowledge when a cat is not hungry. I have seen them remain quite close to a cat which was in a caressing mood, though naturally they will, and wisely, refuse to be actually caressed by feline talons, lest mistakes might arise!'

so be it - Formerly used as a rendering of amen + byg - obs. form of big + byg! (Danish) - build! + byg (Danish) - barley. 

blistered - affected with blisters, covered with vesicles + blessed

Mary Akenhead founded Irish Sisters of Charity

beautified - made beautiful; adorned, embellished

Talbot, Matt - Dublin laborer who put himself under the obligation of perpetual prayer, covered himself with ropes and cant chains, hung with religious medals, entered churches by crawling on his tummy.

gnosis - a special knowledge of spiritual mysteries

determination - direction or tendency to a certain end

agnostic - one who holds that the existence of anything beyond and behind material phenomena is unknown and (so far as can be judged) unknowable, and especially that a First Cause and an unseen world are subjects of which we know nothing + agnosia (gr) - ignorance, lack of knowledge.

determinism - the doctrine that everything that happens is determined by a necessary chain of causation

staplering - a snout-ring (a ring or staple placed in the nose of a hog to deter him from rooting)

tether - to make fast or confine with a tether

steppingstone - a raised stone on which the foot can be placed to facilitate a climb or ascent

quartanus (l) - of or belonging to the fourth; occuring on the fourth day

"Staplering to tether to, steppingstone to mount by; and coach house entrance as the Boot at Ballyoura has Pickardstown."... (Why Joyce left out the nice HCE-initials I don't know, as it gives a clue as to who is calling in the kids to go upstairs and do their homework; This JJA page flows over with HCE's: "Hoo cavedin earthwight.", "the emerald canticle of Hermes"; "that same erst crafty hakemouth" and "coach house entrance", the last one a perfect fit, as you would think it would turn out, but it didn't.)    Robbert-Jan Henkes, 10 April 2001.

Boötes - the ploughman constellation  

PICKARDSTOWN - Townland and village, North County Dublin, 6 miles North of Dublin. The Boot Inn was and still is in the village. 

skim milk - milk with the cream skimmed off or otherwise removed + skimmel (Danish) - whitegrey horse (i.e. milk-white horse) + melk (Dutch) - milk.

steed - a great horse (as distinguished from a palfrey), a spirited horse for state or war + stood still.

outwall - the outer wall of any building or enclosure

skin of beast / at tomb (Joyce's note) → "To consult the oracle of a dead hero, it was, I knew, only necessary to undergo the process of 'incubation,' a sort of camping out on his tomb, in the skin of a sacrificial beast; and fortunately the tomb of Tantalus had just been discovered in Phrygia by the archaeologists of the British School at Athens.’ (F.C.S., Schiller: Tantalus)

booth - a temporary dwelling covered with boughs of trees or other slight materials

bás (Irish) - death

balsam - a tree yielding balsam; balmy, deliciously fragrant; an aromatic vegetable juice

begge (Danish) - both + [058.16-.17]

ballyhoo - to cajole by extravagant advertisement or praise (after the manner of a barker) + BALLYHOURA MOUNTAINS - In County Cork, on Cork-Limerick border.  

Bacchus - the god of wine; hence, wine, intoxicating liquor + By the Magazine Wall, zinzin, zinzin (motif).

On the floor level of Mullingar House is a bellpull operating a doorbell which, on the evidence of 245.25-6, 262.26-7, and 560.13-15, is a source for 'Zinzin' sound echoing through a book. (John Gordon: Finnegans Wake: a plot summary).

FDV: The babers ply the pen; the bibbers drang the den. The publican papplicom, the publican pubblicam, he's taking tilling tin for ten.

ply - to use, handle, or wield vigorously or diligently (an instrument, tool, weapon)

wagtail (Slang) - whore + (publican makes money on raffles).

raffle - a form of lottery, in which an article is assigned by drawing or casting of lots

bibber - one who drinks frequently, a tippler

drang (ger) - to rush at

den - a small confined room or abode; esp. one unfit for human habitation

publican - one who keeps a public house; a keeper of an ale-house or tavern

turn - to keep passing in a course of exchange or traffick; to cause (money or commodities) to circulate

tin - money, cash + tin (Irish Pronunciation) - ten.

ten - a set of ten things or persons + FDV: The publican papplicom, the publican pubblicam, he's taking tilling tin for ten.