commercio (l) - by trade + commercio (it) - commerce.

archaic - marked by the characteristics of an earlier period; old-fashioned, primitive, antiquated

zelotypia - jealousy

odium theologicum - (mod.L.) the hatred which proverbially characterizes theological dissensions

aid - to give help, support, or assistance to; to help, assist

proud - a proud person; pride (rare) + proud (Czech ) - stream, current, electric current + luckless bride.

ernst (ger) - serious

ALLSOP AND SONS - Ale Stores, 30 Bachelor's Walk, around the turn of the century. Allsop's was a British ale. 

William Reginald Halliday: Greek and Roman Folk Lore + holiday. 

Hlyd-monath (Old English) - Loud month (March)

eclipse - Astron. An interception or obscuration of the light of the sun, moon, or other luminous body, by the intervention of some other body, either between it and the eye, or between the luminous body and that illuminated by it; as of the moon, by passing through the earth's shadow.

saturnine - pertaining to the planet Saturn (rare.); sluggish, cold, and gloomy in temperament

setting - the sinking of a heavenly body towards and below the horizon + *IJ* & *VYC*.

highbrowed - having a lofty forehead; intellectually superior

brook - a small stream, rivulet + book of life - in biblical language the record of the names of those who shall inherit eternal life + Revelation 20:12: 'the book of life'.

backfisch - a girl in late adolescence, a teenager + Backfish (ger) - teenager + frisch (ger) - fresh.

amnis (l) - river + amnis amnium (l) - river of rivers.

flumen (l) - river + fluminiculum flaminulorum (l) - streamlet of priestlings.

flamen (l) - wind; priest

Maitland: Life and Legends of St. Martin of Tours 75: 'One day a sick man came to Marmoutier, to ask Saint Martin to cure him... "I want the Blessed One," said the sick man'.

harbourer - one who harbours, shelters, or entertains; an entertainer, a host

cum (l) - with

inheritance - that which is inherited; a heritage

Canaan - the ancient proper name of Western Palestine, promised to the Children of Israel; hence fig. (esp. in hymns and devotional use) land of promise, land of heavenly rest across the Jordan of death, heaven; The ancestor of the Cannanites was Canaan, son of Ham, who was cursed by Noah and condemned to be the servant of Shem and Japheth (Gen 9:25-27). 

hateful - full of hate, cherishing hatred, malignant; exciting hate; odious, obnoxious, repulsive; as n. A hateful thing. nonce-use + Genesis 9:25: 'Cursed be Canaan' (Noah's words after Ham had seen him naked).

sough - a rushing or murmuring sound as of wind, water, or the like, esp. one of a gentle or soothing nature; a deep sigh or breath + between sun and sun - from sunrise to sunset.

fossilization - the action or process of fossilizing; the conversion of vegetable and animal remains into fossils; the process of becoming, or state of having become, antiquated.

start naked - entirely naked + Jespersen: Language, its Nature, Development and Origin 172 (X.1): 'stark-naked, formerly start-naked, from start, 'tail', confused with stark, 'stiff'' + stark naked (Slang) - gin.

stiffboned + (birth and death) + (sex).

soddy - one who occupies or who has occupied a sod-house + sod - the surface of the ground, esp. when turfy or grass-covered; the sward + very sorry.

dood (Dutch) - dead + Jespersen: Language, its Nature, Development and Origin 179 (X.6): 'saying dood... for 'good''.

petra (l) - stone

ulmus (l) - elm + Ulme (ger) - elm.

veiny - full of, having the nature of, veins or continuous passages

bag - pl. The stomach, entrails

balls - the testicles; fig. nonsense

latifundia - large estates; large plantations in Latin America

FDV: In theses placies sojournamous. By this riverside, on this sunnybank how buona the vista, by Santa Rosa! Afield of May, the very vale of spring. Orchards here are lodged: sainted laurels evremberried: you have view ashgroves, a glen of marrons and of thorns: Gleannaulinn, Ardeevin, purty glint and plaising hoyt. This Norman court at boundary of the ville, yon ivied tower of a church of Ereland with our king's house of stone, belgroved of mulbrey, all is for the retrospectioner. Sweet as auburn cometh up as a flower that fragolance of the fraisey beds: the phoenix, his pyre, is still flaming away with true Pratt spirit: the wren, his nest, is niedelig, as the turrises of the Sabines are televisible. There is the cottage and the bungalow for the cobbeler and the brandnewburgher but Isolde, her gardens are for the fairhaired daughter of Aengus. All out of two barreny old perishers and one inn, one tap and one tavern and only two million two hundred and eightythousand nine hundred and sixty lines to the wuestworts of a general poet's office.

sojourn - a temporary stay at a place; a place of temporary stay + subdiurnemus (l) - let us sojourn, let us stay.

Eblana - Ptolemy's name for Dublin

lease - to grant the possession or use of (lands, etc.) by a lease

carr - a marsh or fen on which low trees or bushes grow

fen - low land covered wholly or partially with shallow water, or subject to frequent inundations

en amont (fr) - upstream + living among.

shoal - a place where the water is of little depth; a shallow; a large number of fish, porpoises, seals, whales, etc. swimming together.

salmon + Salmenbräu - a brand of Swiss beer.

browse - young shoots and twigs of shrubs, trees, etc. + sea breeze - the cool wind that blows from the sea.

inshore - moving or directed in towards the shore

freshet - a small stream of fresh water (obs.); a stream or rush of fresh water flowing into the sea

broad - In East Anglia, an extensive piece of fresh water formed by the broadening out of a river.

phantom - a mental illusion; an image which appears in a dream, or which is formed or cherished in the mind + Gerald Griffin: The Phantom City (song).

fake - to feign or simulate

nephilim (Hebrew) - giants (Genesis 6:4, Numbers 13:33) + film folk.

sould = sold + be bought and sold - often fig., chiefly in sense: To be betrayed for a bribe.

manhood - men collectively; the adult male members of a population, nation, or the like + Earwickers of Sidlesham in the Hundred of Manhood [030.07-.08]

mac (Irish) - son

muc (Irish) - pig + 'Move up, Mick, make room for Dick' (Dublin graffito after Collins' death, 1922, referring to Michael Collins, who accepted Treaty ratifying Partition, and to Richard Mulcahy, his succesor) [012.24] [099.19] [593.14]

fylki (Old Norse) - district + figures + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'Chapelizod... comprising an area of 63 acres. Population 1,280, inhabiting 255 houses'.

partitional - of, pertaining to, or of the nature of a partition + partition - term used in the law of real property to describe an act, by a court order or otherwise, to divide up a concurrent estate into separate portions representing the proportionate interests of the tenants.

twenty-six shillings and six pence + Ireland has twenty-six southern and six northern counties (Partition).

riverside - the side or bank of a river; the ground adjacent to, or stretching along, a river + REFERENCE

sunny - exposed to, illumined or warmed by, the rays of the sun

Marble Arch, London + I Dreamt That I Dwelt in Marble Halls (song), cited in 'Clay', Dubliners.

Poolbeg lighthouse, Dublin

buona vista (it) - good sight

santa - a female saint

Rosa, St, of Lima - patron of the impossible

lodge - Of a thing: To have its seat, 'reside', be placed. Now rare.

sainted - such as belongs to or befits a saint; sacred, holy

St Lawrence family - owners of Howth Castle and its environs. The founder of the family was Amory or Armoricus Tristram, an Anglo-Norman invader who came from Brittany to Ireland, fought a battle on August 10 (feast of St Lawrence, the Spaniard), and took St Lawrence for his family name.

eastward + FDV: you have view ashgroves, a glen of marrons and of thorns: Gleannaulinn, Ardeevin, purty glint and plaising hoyt.

glen - a mountain-valley, usually narrow and forming the course of a stream

marron = maroon - a large kind of sweet chestnut native to Southern Europe + Gleann na Marbhain (gloun numorun) (gael) - "Valley of the Dead", West of Phoenix Park; anglic. Glenmaroon.

Gleann Aluinn (gloun alin) (gael) - "Lovely Valley", West of Phoenix Park (home before his death of Tim Healy); anglic. Glenaulin.

Ard Aoibhinn (ard ivin) (gael) - "Pleasant Height", West of Phoenix Park.

purty - Irish and U.S. local pronunc. of pretty

glint - a gleam; a passing look, a glance; a momentary view, glimpse

plaising (Irish Pronunciation) - pleasing


Norman - belonging or pertaining to, characteristic of, the Normans

court - In a town: A confined yard or more or less quadrangular space opening off a street, and built around with houses; a large building or set of buildings standing in a court-yard; a large house or castle.

boundary - that which serves to indicate the bounds or limits of anything whether material or immaterial; also the limit itself

ville - a town or village

yon - that over there; that

creepered - having (Virginia) creeper growing on the walls + Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard, prologue: (describes Chapelizod) 'Then there was the village church, with its tower dark and rustling from base to summit, with thick piled, bowering ivy'.

Ireland + Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Chapelizod section: 'There is a Church of Ireland Church, with an ivied tower, a Convent at Mount Sackville, a Roman Catholic Church, a National School, and Civic Guard Station, and a Postal Telegraph Office'.

worshipful - imbued with the spirit of worship or veneration

assemblage - a meeting or gathering; the state of being gathered or collected

porphyr- - A formative element, in senses 'purple' + A major cause of HCE's unease is in fact his Protestanism: his wife is Catholic, and the children have been raised in the church. One of Issy's footnotes in II/2, prompted by a reference to the local C. of E. church, is a sneering comment on her father as 'Porphyrious Olbion, redcoatliar' (John Gordon: Finnegans Wake: a plot summary). 

Albion - Great Britain. Phr. perfidious Albion, a rhetorical expression for 'England', with reference to her alleged treacherous policy towards foreigners.

redcoat - a soldier of the British army + (notebook 1924): '*V*'s red coat' → Crawford: Thinking Black 119: 'Rob is dressed in his Sunday best for the occasion, to wit, an utterly abominable soldier's uniform, probably now entering its teens. Fat and fifty, our friend is obviously bursting for relief, for the rag-shop red coat is giving him a claret-coloured face'.

wholly - completely, entirely, to the full extent 

Roman - a member or adherent of the Roman Catholic Church; a Roman Catholic + rosemary - a shrub that originates from Europe and Asia Minor and produces fragrant mint used in cooking and perfumes + 'tell that to the horse marines' (phrase that indicates disbelief).