rose point - point-lace exhibiting the raised pattern of a conventional rose + Ross Point close to Inishmacsaint, an island in Lough Erne.

Inis Muighe Samh (inish mwisou) (gael) - "Island of the Sorrel Plain": island in Lough Erne, Co. Fermanagh, unaccountably anglic. Inishmacsaint.

Matthew 7:7: 'seek, and ye shall find' + (4-stage Viconian cycle).

mimosa - a genus of leguminous shrubs, natives of tropical and sub-tropical regions; a yellow colour resembling that of the mimosa

mimetic - addicted to or having an aptitude for mimicry or imitation; Of animals or plants: Characterized by 'mimicry' in external appearance to some essentially different animal or plant, or to some inorganic object + multimimetica (l) - imitative of many. 

Minne (ger) - love + meann, minne (Irish) - stuttering + Thomas Moore: Irish Melodies, song: The Young May Moon.

Meinung (ger) - opinion + C.K. Ogden and I.A. Richards: The Meaning of Meaning (about semantics) + FDV: Mimosa multimimetica, the miming of miming [(or is it an ash sapling)]

Elpis - Greek "hope", falsely believed to be the Christian wife of Boethius + elpistic - the distinctive epithet of a sect of Greek philosophers + ALP.

grace + Greeks.

speer - to peer; to make inquiries concerning, to ask questions regarding + Speer (ger) - spear + sperare (l) - to hope.

thee (Dutch) - tea

mannequin - a woman (or occas. a man) employed in the showrooms of dress-makers, costumiers, etc., to wear and show off garments. Also, a model of a human figure for the display of clothes, etc. + Manneken-Pis - statue in Brussels of a child urinating.

pose - an attitude or posture of the body, or of a part of the body, esp. one deliberately assumed, or in which a figure is placed for effect, or for artistic purposes + pass 

kongen (Danish) - the king + 'The king was in his counting-house' (nursery rhyme).

canteen - a kind of sutler's shop in a camp, barracks, or garrison town, where provisions and liquors are sold to soldiers and non-commissioned officers + hus - obs. form of house + hus (Danish) - house.

knave - one of four face cards in a deck bearing a picture of a young prince + knights.

hind = behind

knoll - a small hill or eminence of more or less rounded form; a hillock, a mound; a large bell, a church-bell (obs.)

Ausonian - of or pertaining to Ausonia or to the Ausonians, the primitive inhabitants of middle and lower Italy; hence, Italian

audacity - boldness combined with disregard of consequences, venturesomeness; open disregard of the restraints of decorum or morality, effrontery, impudence + audacior (l) - more daring, bolder.

Gaedheal (gel) (gael) - Irishman, Scotsman + *VYC*

gillie - a giddy young woman + giolla (gile) (gael) = gillie (Anglo-Irish) - lad, servant.

gall - assurance, impudence + gall (goul) (gael) - foreigner.

Maitland: Life and Legends of St. Martin of Tours 48: (to Satan) '"wouldst thou but cease to tempt men... I... would dare promise thee His mercy" "Oh, holy presumption!" cries an old writer... "In default of authority for what he dares to promise, he is fain to express what he desires"'.

esprit - In Fr. primarily 'spirit, mind' + d'esprit (fr) - of spirit + sinfully desperate.

Ringelringelreihen (Swiss German) - Ring-a-ring o'roses (children's game)

'Storiella as she is syung' was Joyce's title for individually published II.2: 'storiella' is the diminutive of Italian 'storia', history or story. It refers to English as She is Spoke, an abridgement of P. Carolino's 'New Guide of the Conversation in Portuguese and English' (a Portuguese-English phrasebook by a man who knew almost no English).

whence - from which place, from or out of which

follow up - to go after or pursue closely; to keep steadily in the track or pursuit of

unspeaking - not speaking, unable to speak + lit. entsprechend (ger) - corresponding, appropriate + (notebook 1931): 'mit entsprechenden Gebärde' (German: with appropriate gestures).

plutonic - belonging to or resembling Pluto, Plutonian + platonically - in a Platonic manner + "Everyone knows that they have Pluto 'somewhere' in their chart. We certainly do not dispute this 'fact of life'. However, we are concerned with those have it in its most extreme and most violent form. We are only interested in those who have it linked to the innermost point, the Moon. For we demand the link of power which connects the outermost to the innermost, Pluto to the Moon. This can be in many forms but the most intense is to be found in those who have Pluto conjunct the Moon, or those who have the Moon in the sign of Scorpio. For it is then at its most extreme power and presence in the Transcedent Id. Those are the persons we know to be marked by this vicious and chaotic energy." (Michael Bertiaux: The Voudon Gnostic Workbook)

pursuant - going in pursuit; following after, pursuing

hopeful - a 'hopeful' boy or girl: often ironical; causing or inspiring hope; giving promise of success or future good, 'promising': said of a person or thing on which one's hope is set, or concerning which hope is entertained; sometimes ironically, of a young person who is likely to disappoint hopes.

cull - to fondle in the arms, hug; to choose from a number or quantity, to select + called

cis (kish) (gael) - wickerwork + sis (*I*) [.08]

gladrags (Slang) - fancy clothes

proser - a writer of prose; one who talks or writes in a dull, commonplace, or tiresome way + Proserpine or Persephone - daughter of Zeus and Demeter, raped by Pluto, who seized her as she was gathering flowers and carried her off to the infernal regions; became Queen of the Underworld + (notebook 1931): 'proserpine' Waite: The Occult Sciences 52: 'Princes and Grand Dignitaries... Proserpine, Arch-she-fiend, sovereign princess of the perverse spirits'. 

slit - cut with a sharp instrument, divided by slitting + (vulva) + FDV: Singalingalying. Storiella as she is syoung syung. Whence plutonically pursuant of a glimpse of gladrags follweup with endspeaking nots for yestures Pretty Prosepronette whose slit satchet spilleth spilleths peas:

satchel - a small bag; esp. a bag for carrying schoolbooks, with or without a strap to hang over the shoulders + (notebook 1931): 'pocket drops peas' The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Supplemental Nights, vol. VII, 130n: The Tale of the Warlock and the Young Cook of Baghdad: 'In "Das blaue Licht," a Mecklenburg tale given by Grimm, the King's daughter who is borne through the air to the soldier's room is told by her father to fill her pocket with peas and make a hole therein; but the sole result was that the pigeons had a rare feast'.

spilleth piss + "The texts laid emphasis on substances usually considered worthless, obnoxious even, as the material from which the Elixir of Life was extracted and refined. The supreme secret of Alchemy was revealed to very few, and those few were not always initiates of fraternities such as those of the Qabalists, the Freemasons, and the Knights Templar who undoubtedly possessed it but later abused it. It is, for instance, recognizably present in the earliest African phases of the Mysteries where it perpetuated the most ancient Typhonian Tradition... The Goddess, embodied in the Suvasini, emanates the magically charged substances that are chemically indistinguishable from bodily secretions of the healthy human female. Their systematic ingestion by the adhikaris is said to bi-sexualise the organism and to "banish fear of all kinds"... I should be understood that the substances used in the rites of the Anuttara Amnaya have been previously purified by being surcharged with cosmic energy. A mere spark of this energy is equal to more than the totality of man's power. Urine is but one of the substances, gomaya [Lit. 'the product of the sow'] is another. Gomaya, calcined and applied to the surface of the body, is exemplified in the image of Shiva smeared with ashes. The consumption of these excreta is represented in the symbolism of the Tantric Tradition, which explains why the pig, a zootype of Typhon, was considered unclean by later cults... In ancient Egypt this animal was sacred to the full moon, the black pig in particular was associated with the god Set." (Kenneth Grant: Beyond the Mauve Zone)

sept - a division of a nation or tribe; a clan: orig. in reference to Ireland + (first step) + Joseph Collins: The Doctor Looks at Literature: 'Recognition of the existence of the two primitive urges, the instincts of self-preservation and of the preservation of the race, is the first step towards appreciation of their reasonable limitations and the extent to which they may be brought into harmony with the requirements of a well-balanced life'.

Belisha, Leslie Hore - British homesecretary who introduced a pedestrian crossing-sign (very phallic in appearence) called "Belisha Beacon." + Belisha beacon - a post about seven feet high surmounted by a flashing amber-coloured globe and erected on the pavement at officially recognized pedestrian crossings of the highway. 

beckon - to make a mute signal or significant gesture with the head, hand, finger, etc. + Issy is benign watcher on high (in her room on third floor of Mullingar House, which faces northeast onto the yard and beyond that the park, the city, and the bay), by turns star of the sea, beacon and (327.22-23) faithful lookout (John Gordon: Finnegans Wake: a plot summary).

usherette - a female usher in a cinema or theatre + it is the moon ('Usherette'), not the sun, whose rising we witness... (Hart, Clive / Structure and motif in Finnegans wake).

unmesh - to undo the meshes of, to free from meshes + "„I’ll show you my faint light,” she said matter-of-factly. She walked to the center of the narrow gully in front of the cave and squatted. From where I was I could not see what she was doing so I had to get out of the cave myself. I stood ten or twelve feet away from her. She put her hands under her skirt, while she was still squatting. Suddenly, she stood up. Her hands were loosely clasped into fists; she raised them over her head and snapped her fingers open. I heard a quick, bursting sound and I saw sparks flying from her fingers. She again clasped her hands and then snapped them open and another volley of much larger sparks flew out of them. She squatted once more and reached under her skirt. She seemed to be pulling something from her pubis. She repeated the snapping movement of her fingers as she threw her hands over her head, and I saw a spray of long, luminous fibers flying away from her fingers. I had to tilt my head up to see them against the already dark sky. They appeared to be long, fine filaments of a reddish light. After a while they faded and disappeared. She squatted once again, and when she let her fingers open a most astonishing display of lights emanated from them. The sky was filled with thick rays of light. It was a spellbinding sight. I became engrossed in it; my eyes were fixed. I was not paying attention to la Gorda. I was looking at the lights. I heard a sudden outcry that forced me to look at her, just in time to see her grab one of the lines she was creating and spin to the very top of the canyon. She hovered there for an instant like a dark, huge shadow against the sky, and then descended to the bottom of the gully in spurts or small leaps or as if she were coming down a stairway on her belly. I suddenly saw her standing over me. I had not realized that I had fallen on my seat. I stood up. She was soaked in perspiration and was panting, trying to catch her breath. She could not speak for a long time. She began to jog in place. I did not dare to touch her." (Carlos Castaneda: The Second Ring of Power)

grene - green (obs.) + grian (grien) (gael) - sun.

re (re) (gael) - moon

orange (anagram) + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Temora I: (begins) 'The blue waves of Erin roll in light'.

yonder - something beyond; the far and trackless distance + 'The green isle of Erin, It beckons me yonder' (song) + wander.


domicile - a place of residence or ordinary habitation; a dwelling-place, abode; a house or home + do-mi-sol - CEG, common chord.

anama (onema) (gael) - souls + Jespersen: Language, its Nature, Development and Origin 154 (VIII.8): 'the baby lies and babbles his 'mamama' or 'amama' or 'papapa' or 'apapa' or 'bababa' or 'ababab''.

anama ba (onema ba) (gael) - souls of crows

blowy - characterized by blowing


windigo - In the folklore of the northern Algonquian Indians: a cannibalistic giant, the transformation of a person who has eaten human flesh + indigo

John 1:14: 'the Word was made flesh'

lit. Selbslaut (ger) - vowel

brace - a pair, a couple

congener - a member of the same kind or class with another, or nearly allied to another in character

trebly - in a threefold degree or manner, triply + *VYC* and *IJ*

bounden - bound, in literal senses: Made fast by tie, band, or bar; tied, fastened.

Adhamhnan (ounan) (gael) - dim. of Adhamh ("Adam"); anglic. Adamnan, 7th c. saint, author of Life of Colmcille + James Macpherson: The Poems of Ossian: Fingal II: 'Ferda, son of Damman' + Adamman - an artificial language based on English [from Adam (denoting primitive roots) and man (denoting entire human race)].

Emhe, properly Eabha (eve) (gael) - Eva, Eve

fathering - the action of the vb. father + father-in-law + Adamnán's law provided heavy penalties for killing women.

skewer - to fasten (meat, etc.) with a skewer (a long pin for holding meat in position while it is being roasted); to run through, transfix, with a sword or other weapon

old one - an elderly person, esp. one's father or mother

slosh - to lap up or swallow greedily + slash - to cut with sweeping strokes.

many's the time - on many occasions, in many instances; often, frequently

pottle - a measure of capacity for liquids equal to two quarts or half a gallon; a pottle of wine or other liquor + The Mermaid (song): 'I care more for my pottles and my kets' + kettles and pots.

association + Ossian - Finn's son (Pronunciation 'Usheen').


Yggely ogs Weib - according to Mrs Christiani, Odin and his wife + Ygg (Norwegian) - Odin. 

og - a shilling + og (og) (gael) - young + agus (ogus) (gael) - and.

Weib (ger) - wife + Webster Edgerly invented Adamman (under the pseudonym Edmund Shaftesbury: The Adam-man Tongue, the Universal Language of the Human Race, 1903).

euai! (gr) - a cry of joy + euoi! (gr) - exclamation used in the cult of Dionysus + (five vowels and two semivowels).

tarara - a word imitating, and hence denoting, the sound of a trumpet or bugle + ARARAT - Isolated mountain in East extremity of Turkey near Iranian border. Legendary landing place of Noah's Ark + Tara - ancient Irish royal capital. 

slipper - of a shifty, unreliable character; deceitful, insincere + look sharp - Originally (with sharp as adv.): 'to look sharply after something', 'to keep strict watch'. In later use (which is merely colloquial) the sense is commonly 'to bestir oneself briskly','to lose no time'.

soppy - soaked or saturated with water or rain + copycat - someone who copies the words or behavior of another.

doss - a bed; esp. a bed in a common lodging-house + dog in the manger

mag - to chatter + mag (ger) = mag (Dutch) - may.

shibboleth - a word or sound which a person is unable to pronounce correctly; a word used as a test for detecting foreigners, or persons from another district, by their pronunciation + (notebook 1931): 'Was that your shiboleth then? she was my sibylette then'.

syllable - to utter or express in (or as in) syllables or articulate speech, to pronounce syllable by syllable, to utter articulately or distinctly, to articulate. Also fig.

vetus (l) - old + Venus (l) - goddess of beauty and sexual love.

occlude - to shut or stop up so as to prevent anything from passing in, out, or through; to obstruct (a passage)

mou = mouth + mou (fr. slang) - human body, human flesh + Moon.

URSA MAJOR - the most prominent constellation of the North hemisphere has been known as the Bear

"Sailor's Only" - Pole Star

Y.W.C.A. - The Young Women's Christian Association, founded 1855 in England, adopted its present name in 1877 and has branches all over the world. The Danish YWCA is "Kristelig Forening for Unge Kvinder" + warning young Christ-like Kevin. 

veto (l) - I forbid + Virgo.

nova (l) - new + nova - new star (in astronomy).

Nereid - Myth. A daughter of Nereus; a sea-nymph + Nereus - old name of constellation Eridanus + A second satellite of Neptune, Nereid, was discovered in 1949.

FDV: A one of charmers, yet Una Unica. Charmers who under the branches of the elms, in shoes as yet unshent by stoniness, wend went will wend, a way of fancied blooms and rambler roses, their arms enlocked, all thinking all of it, the It with an itch in it, the All every inch of it the pleasure each will preen her for, the business each was bred to.

charmer - one who uses spells and enchantments, or who has magic powers; one who possesses great attractiveness or powers of fascination; usually applied to a woman + Joyce's note: 'charmeur' → Harris: Oscar Wilde, His Life and Confessions I.93: 'His whole face lit up as he spoke and one saw nothing but his soulful eyes, heard nothing but his musical tenor voice; he was indeed what the French call a charmeur' + charmeur (French) enchanter.

una unica (l) - one only, the only one, one-and-only + "Window of Issy's room faces north-east onto the yard, and beyond that the park, the city, and the bay. Her view also takes in the backyard privy and an elm, which brushes against her windowpane." (John Gordon)

as yet - hitherto, up to this time

unshent - uninjured, unharmed, unspoiled, etc.

stoniness - the fact of having the character of stone, or being full of stones (or of hard substance like stone); fig. Hardness, insensibility, unfeelingness.

honey month - the first month after marriage, the honeymoon

myrrh - a gum-resin produced by several species of Commiphora: used for perfumery and as an ingredient in incense; the aromatic plant, Myrrhis odorata, Sweet Cicely.

rambler - a rose which straggles or climbs freely + (notebook 1923): 'rambler roses'.

May bee

mantle - to form a mantle or covering; to spread or be extended over a surface

Maiblume (ger) - mayflower + Mei (Dutch) - May.