fleur - an ornamental flower + fleur (fr) - flower + floor.

woman with a kerch JJ with MB must tell it to someone ('MB' not clear) [notebook 1924]

at the sacred name of love every person should take off his trousers (notebook 1924)

enlock - to lock up, hold fast

sex appeal - to attract sexually + The Chimes of Love Are Pealing (song).

conchite - a stone resembling a shell, a fossil shell + Conchita - temptress in Perre Louÿs's La Femme and le Pantin + 'et concepit de Spiritu Sancto' (Angelus) - 'and she conceived of the Holy Ghost'.

Senta - maiden heroine of Wagner's The Flying Dutchman, who saved the hero captain from his curse + 'Pingpong, the bell for Sechseläuten, and concepit de Saint-Esprit'.

telltale - one who idly or maliciously discloses private or secret matters + [196.02-.03]

amaryllis - a genus of autumn-flowering bulbous plants, species of which are cultivated as garden or hot-house flowers + Amaryllis - a country-girl in Theocritus and Virgil. 

it (Slang) - sex appeal (1927; Clara Bow)

it (Slang) - vulva

preen - Of a bird: To trim (the feathers or fur) with the beak; Of a person: To trim or dress oneself up, to smooth and adorn oneself.

breed - Of animal species: To produce brood or young, to have offspring, to propagate their species; trans. Said of a female parent: to hatch (young birds) from the egg; to produce (offspring, children).

law of the jungle - the code of survival in jungle life, now usu. with ref. to the superiority of brute force or self-interest in the struggle for survival + jung (ger) - young + Junger (ger) - disciple + young girl.

notion - an inclination, disposition, or desire, to do something specified; a fancy for something.

FDV: Soon she my dear girl will knit in on solfa sofa while they will cudgel [over division table. Achschan!] She of minions novence charily being cupid. No Browne & Nolan's arithamathing for her, our dear child, though she'll spin on bike youthlit's bike through the missile of the nike with her toots upon the algebrars and that if there is a third person being spoken about it all proceeds from a first person speaking to a second person who is being spoken to. From Nabob let me never stray so nimm me nice & name the day.

demijohn - a large bottle with bulging body and narrow neck, holding from 3 to 10 gallons, and usually cased in wicker- or rush-work, with one or two handles of the same, for convenience of transport + geminus (l) - twin + Jim and John.

cudgel - to beat or thrash with a cudgel + cudgel one’s brain - to think hard about something esp. to try and work out the answer to a difficult problem.

arithmetic - the science of numbers; the art of computation by figures

BROWNE AND NOLAN - Printers, publishers, and booksellers; at 24-25 Nassau Street at the turn of the century, now in Dawson Street, with works at Clonskeagh; owners of the Richview Press.   

divisional - pertaining to, or serving for, division + (notebook 1931): 'division tables'.

whereas - Introducing a statement of fact in contrast or opposition to that expressed by the principal clause: While on the contrary; the fact on the other hand being that.

carry the can - to bear the responsibility, take the blame + Children’s game: (Irish) 'Will you be my man?' 'Yes.' 'Will you carry my can?' 'Yes.' 'Will you fight the fairies?' 'Yes.' (children then blow in one another's face).

minion - one specially favoured or beloved

novenus (l) - nine each, nine

charily - carefully, cautiously; warily, circumspectly; with preserving or saving care

cupid - "Desire": In Roman Mythology, the god of love, son of Mercury and Venus, identified with the Greek Eros.

mug - a rough or ugly person; a criminal; a policeman; a fool, simpleton + Mookse/Gripes (motif).

wump = whump - to make a dull thudding sound

grubbiness - grubby or grimy condition + grubby - dirty, grimy.

avarice - inordinate desire of acquiring and hoarding wealth; greediness of gain, cupidity


faire une grande gaffe (fr) - put one's foot in it

tout petit peu (fr) - just a tiny bit

je m'en fiche - 'I couldn't care less, I don't care at all'

knit - to turn thread or yarn into a piece of fabric by forming loops that are pulled through each other + (notebook 1931): 'Knit while waiting a.p.'

solfa - the set of syllables 'do (or ut), re, mi, fa, sol, la, si', sung to the respective notes of the major scale

sofa - a long, stuffed seat with a back and ends or end, used for reclining; a form of lounge or couch

pullover - a knitted or woven garment for the upper part of the body, a jumper or jersey

stew - a heated room; a room with a fireplace + dew + Lewis Carroll: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland ch. X: 'The Lobster Quadrille': 'Soup of the evening, beautiful Soup!'

booksy - having literary or bookish pretensions; usu. in jocular or derisory use

bodikin - a diminutive body; a corpuscle, an atom

thimble - a bell-shaped sheath of metal (formerly of leather) worn on the end of the finger to push the needle in sewing + Thimble and Bodkin Army (Eng. Hist.) - a nickname of the Parliamentary Army of the Civil War + Thimble Theatre - American comic-strip (starring Popeye the Sailor).

Alma Mater - a title given by the Romans to several goddesses, especially to Ceres and Cybele, and transferred in Eng. to Universities and schools regarded as 'fostering mothers' + Mathers, Liddell (later called MacGregor Mathers) - magician of the Golden Dawn Society who put Tantric symbols on Yeats's forehead to induce visions.

auctioneer - one who conducts sales by auction + Mather, Dublin auctioneer.

gramma - a name for several low pasture grasses abundant in the western and south-western United States + gramma (gr) - a writing, a drawing, a letter + grandmamma - a colloquial synonym of grandmother.

grammar - a treatise or book on grammar

masculine - Gram. The masculine gender; a word or form of the masculine gender.


neuter - Of gender: Neither masculine nor feminine.

abad - obs. forms of abode + about

mood - to reflect moodily + There are three moods in Latin grammar: Indicative, Subjunctive (or Conjunctive) and Imperative + must

prosode - a hymn sung in procession at a religious festival in ancient Greece + FDV: if there is a third person being spoken about it all proceeds from a first person speaking to a second person who is being spoken to.

dative case - a grammatical case generally used to indicate the noun to whom something is given

ablative case - name given to cases in various languages whose common characteristic is that they mark motion away from something, though the details in each language may differ.

spake - obs., poet., or arch. f. pa. tense of speak + FDV: Take the dative with his oblative, said gramma, but mind you're genderous.

gramma (l) - a writing, drawing, letter of the alphabet

impetus - moving force, impulse, stimulus

gender - Gram. Each of the three (or in some languages two) grammatical 'kinds'.

reflexive - a reflexive verb or pronoun; Gram. and Linguistics. Of pronouns, verbs, phrases, and their signification: Characterized by, or denoting, a reflex action on the subject of the clause or sentence.

gavelkind - From the 16th c., often used to denote the custom of dividing a deceased man's property equally among his sons, whether as an incident of the Kentish tenure or otherwise + Irish Gavelkind - custom by which land, on owner's death, went into common use.

daff - one deficient in sense or in proper spirit; a simpleton, a fool; a coward + Taff [.26]

Erse = Irish + deaf as your arse.

grappa - a brandy distilled from the skins, pips, and stalks of the grapes after they have been pressed for wine-making + grandpa.

bott - colloq. abbrev. of bottom + bod (bud) (gael) - penis + Potz tausend! (ger) - (expletive) + Butt/Taff [.L10]

hore - dirt, filth, defilement, foulness + hear

uff - An exclamation as of someone panting with exertion or difficulty + hor emal uff! (ger) - stop it!

hedone (gr) - enjoyment, pleasure

frech (ger) - impudent + 'French Devil' - Jean Bart, 17th century privateer.

lappy - resembling a lap or lobe + ALP.

leap (Slang) - fuck + on entering confessional: 'Bless me, father, for I have sinned'.

Lochlaun or Locklaun - Irish name for Norway

lady + was die Leute sagen (ger) - what the people say.

analect - the select part, the choice essence; the 'cream' or marrow + analecta (l) - slave who picked up food crumbs + intellectual.