fromm (ger) - pious, religious + (notebook 1931): 'hoots fromm (who it's from)'.

globe - to form into a globe + wir glauben (ger) - we believe.

hinder - situated behind, at the back, or in the rear

Leda - bore by Zeus in the form of a swan two eggs, from which came Pollux, Castor, Helen and Clytemnestra

aflutter - in a flutter, agitated

girdle - a belt worn round the waist to secure or confine the garments; In various phrases and proverbial sayings: 'girdle of chastity' = chastity belt + 'Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, how does your garden grow?' (nursery rhyme).

will - desire to, wish to, have a mind to (do something)

witting - the fact of knowing or being aware of something; knowledge, cognizance

whorl - a form that coils or spirals; to arrange in whorls or convolutions

aim - to calculate one's course with a view to arriving (at a point); to direct one's course, to make it one's object to attain. Hence fig. + 'World without end' (Gloria Patri).

pappa (l) - a father + passus (l) - a step, pace; footstep (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

mamma manet (l) - (1) a breast remains; (2) mamma (mother) remains + Manet, Edouard (1832-83) - French painter.

Wut (ger) - anger

The Goat (song): '"What's that, ma'm?", says I'

tail - the reverse side of a coin, esp. in phr. "head(s or tail(s"; the lower and hinder part of the human body; the fundament, posteriors, buttocks; sexual member, penis or (oftener) pudendum; women regarded collectively (by men) as a means of sexual gratification.

tough - a person given to rough or violent behaviour

titty - a sister; a young woman or girl; a woman's breast including the nipple; Formerly, a dial. and nursery dim. of teat, the breast, esp. the mother's breast [Ulysses.18.536: 'titties' (breasts)]. 

totty - a tiny tot or little child + totties (Dublin Slang) - girls; prostitutes + (notebook 1931): '- for men & titties for totties'.

come buckets full (notebook 1931)

pige pas (fr. slang) - I don't understand

combats till daylight

panoptical - including everything visible in one view

purview - range of vision, physical or mental; range of experience or thought

dark ages - period of the Middle Ages marked by the intellectual darkness characteristic of the time; often restricted to period between the time of the fall of Rome and the appearance of vernacular written documents + '^From the fore of them till the yore of them. Coal and culm, shale and slack.^ Dark ages clasp the daisy roots, ...' Joyce wrote this Mamalujo sentence, which comes reverberating and echoing back all over Finnegans Wake (especially in the reworked Mamajulo vignette in II.4) as an addition to the typescript of JJA52, p.99, when Joyce had decided already on his marginalia-format. He then copied the sentence once more with the other additions on separate pieces of paper (p.114) for inclusion in transition. And whereas all other additions, as far as I can see, were effectuated, this one wasn't. (Robbert-Jan Henkes, 10 April 2001.)

asp (notebook 1931) → (Cleopatra said to have committed suicide by having an asp bite her). 

daisy roots - boots (rhyming slang.) + (notebook 1931): 'daisy roots'.

sally - a rush of troops from a besieged position upon an enemy + Sally in Our Alley (song) + (notebook 1931): 'a sally'.

lily of the valley - a beautiful spring flower, Convallaria majalis, having two largish leaves and racemes of white, bell-shaped, fragrant flowers

hot on

Minotaur - a fabulous monster, the son of PasiphaŽ, wife of Minos king of Crete, and a bull, represented as having the body of a man and the head of a bull. He was confined in the Cretan labyrinth and fed with human flesh. He was slain by Theseus, who thus freed Athens from her annual tribute of seven youths and seven maidens to be devoured by the monster + manoeuvres + Joyce's note: 'Minoan' Narcissus, 44: But with the rise of the Minoan culture we enter a world of vigorous fashion.

Actium (l) - promontory in west Greece off which Octavian defeated Antony and Cleopatra in a naval battle (31 B.C.) + (notebook 1931): 'naval actum' + action.

picked - contrived, provoked, designedly brought about; as, a picked quarrel (obs.)

engagement - the state of being engaged in fight; a battle, conflict; also formerly, a single combat

rower - one who rows, an oarsman + (notebook 1931): 'banks of oars' → bank - a rank or tier of oars or oarsmen (in reference to ancient galleys).

minding - that reminds + mind - to be careful: look out, watch out + minding school - a dame-school of which the chief purpose is to keep the children out of mischief + absent-minded + musical notes: B, C, A, D [L02]

missy - an affectionate or playful appellation for a young girl: used chiefly by servants + FDV: Dark ages clasp the daisy roots Stop, if you [a sally of the allies], hot on naval actiums pitched engagements banks of oars & lightlicked estudis are a B.C. minding girl 216, ____, _____, _____, Please step, do please, ____, ____, ____, 1132 should you prefer A.D. stepplease, O do. And if you miss with a venture, serves you girly well glad. Take your little head out of the tub for me, for me. Tell Sell us all you think you just & we'll tittle [tole] you where to tittle a tattle. [Page femme hug treedivels till nigh unt'evey.] It is distinctly understood as for we were in at our begetting, for now and aye for shall be. 

mess + misadventure.

venture - fortune, luck; chance. = adventure + venture girl - a girl or woman who goes to India in order to get a husband.

girly - characteristic of or befitting a girl, girlish + jolly well right + (notebook 1931): 'serves you glad'.

Janus - the name of an ancient Italian deity, regarded as the doorkeeper of heaven, as guardian of doors and gates, and as presiding over the entrance upon or beginning of things; represented with a face on the front and another on the back of his head; the doors of his temple in the Roman Forum were always open in time of war, and shut in time of peace.

blitzen (ger) - to lighten, to flash; lightning + Kopf (ger) - head.

SDV: Here, Hengeggst and Horsesauce, take your heads out of your tub. It is distinctly understout that sence the tide you put your timepates in it Messherrn Broch and Leon have shunted Starlin and ser Artur Ghinis. Connlath is mitriarch in Kildare. Daft Dathy is on the Maddeerhorn daring Dunderhead to shiver his timbers, Hannibal MacHamilcar is chasing Kate O'Carthydge around the Capuawalls. Hibrahim minsterbuilding up Saunt Barnabash's. Eleven hundred and thirty two is seeing the ____ / and two plies sixteen plus twice femm hondered hug treedivels are wetnessing the ____ And dagobert, doing his preparatory in Slane, is learning how to Put a broad fecce onto a broken material from Bryan Aulining, Erin's hircohaired culoteer.

hengest - a male horse; usually a gelding (Old English) + Hengst (ger) - stallion + Hengest and Horsa - brothers and legendary leaders of the first Anglo-Saxon settlers in Britain who went there to fight for the British king Vortigern against the Picts between AD 446 and 454.

put head in tub & take it out (notebook 1931) The Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, Supplemental Nights, vol. VII, 121n: The Tale of the Warlock and the Young Cook of Baghdad: 'The Shaykh... showing... certain specious miracles... He then called for a tub, stripped the King to a zone girding his loins and made him dip his head into the water. Then came the adventures as in the following tale. When after a moment's space these ended, the infuriated Sultan gave orders to behead the Shaykh, who also plunged his head into the tub'.

Lethe - Gr. Myth. A river in Hades, the water of which produced, in those who drank it, forgetfulness of the past. Hence, the 'waters of oblivion' or forgetfulness of the past + muse - the inspiring goddess of a particular poet + litmus.

wash off - to wash (the net) after a day's work

tale of a tub - an apocryphal tale; a 'cock and bull' story (obs.) + FDV: Connlath is mitriarch in Kildare: Monica Brooks & Dr Lyons have shunted Sterling and Sir Arthur Guiness. Dagobert went through his preparatory in Slane when he learned how to inside outbreeches from Brian Aulin, the chief culoteer.

hinny - the offspring of a she-ass by a stallion + Swift's Houyhnhnms.

haunted - frequented or much visited by spirits, imaginary beings, apparitions, spectres, etc.

Chamber of Horrors - the name given to a room in Madame Tussaud's waxwork exhibition, containing effigies of noted criminals and the like; hence transf. a place full of horrors.

erring - the action of the verb err; an instance of the same, a fault

treis (gr) = tres (l) - three

stirrup - a contrivance suspended from the side of a saddle to serve as a support for the foot of the rider + tessara (gr) - four.

Seidlitz powder - a mixture of tartaric acid, sodium bicarbonate, and potassium sodium tartrate, used as a mild cathartic by dissolving in water and drinking + powther - obs. or dial. f. powder.

slogan - a war-cry or battle cry; spec. one of those formerly employed by Scottish Highlanders or Borderers, or by the native Irish, usually consisting of a personal surname or the name of a gathering-place.

plumper - an unusually large example of its type + plump - to drop or sink heavily and noisily; the sound of a heavy fall or collision.

distinctly - in a way clear to the mind or perception; clearly, unmistakably


twofoot - measuring two feet; two feet long, wide, or thick

pate - the head, the skull: more particularly applied to that part which is usually covered with hair + timepiece + templates + (horses put heads in tub).

lough - a lake, pool

Morpheus (gr) - god of dreams

pace (l) - with (someone's) leave, by leave of

Messe (ger) - mass + Messer (ger) - knife + Herrn (ger) - gentleman.

statesman - one who takes a leading part in the affairs of a state or body politic; esp. one who is skilled in the management of public affairs

brock - a stinking or dirty fellow; one who is given to 'dirty tricks' + Brock - badger in the Reynard cycle + Joyce's father was secretary of United Liberal Club in Dublin during 1880 general election; the Liberal candidates, Maurice Brookes and Dr Robert Dyer Lyons, ousted Sir Arthur Guinness and James Stirling. 

leon = lion (obs.) + Trotsky, Leon (1879-1942) - Russian revolutionary, exile, murdered in Mexico. 

shunt - fig. To push aside or out of the way

grumbling - that grumbles, in various senses. Of persons: Querulous, discontented


Stalin, Joseph

Sir + ser (Welsh) - stars.

Guinness - the proprietary name of a brand of stout manufactured by the firm of Guinness


homely - of or belonging to the home or household, domestic (obs.)

brew - a beverage made by brewing

hoplites (gr) - heavy-armed foot-soldier of ancient Greece

Athenai (gr) - Athens + Up, guards, and at them!

Gageure originally comes from fr. gager, meaning to put a bet on, to pledge, to put a stake on etc. From that, gageure becomes a challenge, an action on which you (or someone else ) put(s) a stake on. Also: something that will probably not succeed but is worth trying; Quote: c'est une gageure = it's quite challenging + guerre (fr) - war.

shock + seasachas (shasokhes) (gael) - truce, cessation.

Stimme (ger) - voice + stimm- (ger) - to be right + stammer - a stammering mode of utterance.

Other Wall Street terms are heard in the repetition of the "bull-bear" phrases which denote a selling market and buying market (Benstock, Bernard / Joyce-again's wake : an analysis of Finnegans wake).

staff - a stick or rod, esp. one with a hooked end, used for tending sheep; a shepherd's crook (obs.); a body of persons employed, under the direction of a manager or chief, in the work of an establishment or the execution of some undertaking.

versus - against, in contrast to

herd - a company of domestic animals of one kind, kept together under the charge of one or more persons; a large company of people, a multitude + Staffordshire versus Hertfordshire.

buck - a gay, dashing fellow; a dandy, fop; a dollar

bark - the sharp explosive cry uttered by dogs + Buckinghamshire versus Berkshire.