coverchief - a cloth used as a covering for the head, chiefly by women + coverchief - kerchief.

emblem - a figured object used with symbolic meaning, as the distinctive badge of a person, family, nation, etc.

break the bank - to ruin financially, make bankrupt (a bank) + The Man That Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo (song).

MONT ST JEAN - the name the English army gave to Waterloo, from the village which Napoleon thought the key to Wellington's position


schedule - a timetable, a programme or plan of events, operations, etc. Freq. in phrs. according to, before, behind, on, etc., schedule (time).

Racine: Les Plaideurs I.1.15: 'point d'argent, point de Suisse' (French): 'no money, no Swiss' (referring to Swiss soldiers).

syne - directly or next after that; at the next moment, immediately afterwards

daft - silly, foolish, stupid + "O'Connlath is mitriarch in Kildare. Daft Dathy ..." The first appearance of this sentence, also transcribed by David Hayman in the First-Draft Version, is on the typescript of JJA52, p.28: "Connlath is mitriarch in Kildare." to which Joyce adds "Don", as Connlath's title. In the next and last stage of the phrase 'Don' was typed for no apparent reason as "O'", on JJA52, p.47. Bill Cadbury would call this not a Transmissional Departure but an Instruction Missing, because it is hard to imagine a typist making such a change, it must have been Joyce himself + REFERENCE

Dathi - the last pagan king of Ireland (5th century), invaded Gaul and was killed by lightning in the Alps for (acc. to Keating) having plundered the sanctuary of a holy hermit. 

reproach - to upbraid, reprove, or rebuke (a person) + Jespersen: Language, its Nature, Development and Origin 161 (IX.1): (of Henry Sweet and Hermann Paul, linguists) 'Sweet. In 1882 he reproaches Paul'.

Near Cannae, The Carthaginian army under Hannibal decisively defeated a numerically superior Roman army under command of the consuls Lucius Aemilius Paullus and Gaius Terentius Varro. An estimated 60,00070,000 Romans were killed or captured at Cannae (including the consul Lucius Aemilius Paullus and eighty Roman senators) + Fourteen epistles in the New Testament are traditionally attributed to Paul the apostle and his influence on Christian thinking arguably has been more significant than any other New Testament author.) 

madder - a square wooden drinking vessel + MATTERHORN - Peak in the Pennine Alps on the Switzerland-Italian border + horn - a vessel formed from the horn of a cow or other beast, or in later times shaped after this, for holding liquid (as drink, oil, or ink), powder, etc.

entre (fr) - between, among + entre-chat - dance step.

chat - familiar and easy talk or conversation + LYNCH (deeply): Enter a ghost and hobgoblins (Ulysses, p.410) 

hobnob - an informal chat  

daring - Of persons or their attributes: Bold, adventurous; hardy, audacious.

dunderhead - a ponderously stupid person; a blockhead, a numskull + donder (Dutch) - thunder.

shiver my timbers - a mock oath attributed in comic fiction to sailors

Hannibal, son of Hamilcar Barca, (247 BC ca. 183 B.C.) - ("grace of Baal", Baal being the patron god of Carthage, now Tunisia) was the son of Hamilcar Barca and his Iberian wife. Barca was not a family name, but it was carried by his sons. A Carthaginian military commander and tactician, later also working in other professions, who is popularly credited as one of the finest commanders in history.  

..."Hannibal MacHamilcar is chasing Kate O' Carthydge around the Capuawalls. Hibrahim the Hegirite"... (Then Joyce decides to make another manual copy. He sees something is not right and tries to save the sentence so invalidated by the previous typist. He writes "macHamiltan" (why?), after, or really above "the Hegirite" he inserts "(more livepower elbow him!)" but in the course of that forgets the verb "is". What he does do however is now making the Hegirite minsterbuilding up "in" Barmabracks. The follows the aborted sentence, after which, I'd like to imagine, Joyce throws his hands in despair and in the air and his pen too. And in the next surviving stage, the Storiella page proofs (no transition material survives, and the transition issue itself is not reproduced in the Archives, for shame), 'minsterbuilding' has become "ministerbuilding", just a trifle farther away from Ibsen's Master Builder, and I think a typist's error.) (Robbert-Jan Henkes, 12 April 2001). 

hegira - any exodus or departure + Mohammed's Hegira - flight from Mecca to Medina.

more power to one's elbow - may you (he, etc.) succeed (in a laudable enterprise); [phrase originally designed for a piper or fiddler].

Henrik Ibsen: "The Master Builder" (defies God from tower)

repreach - to preach again

timothy - a brew or jorum of liquor + Timothy - St Paul's companion on many journeys. Two of Paul's epistles are addressed to him.  

barmbrack (Anglo-Irish) - currant and raisin speckled cake used at hallowe'en (from Irish bairghean breac: speckled cake) + Saint Barnabas Terrace, Dublin.

beer + Paul/Peter (motif).

potter - a maker of pots, or of earthenware vessels + Archibald Clavering Gunter: Mr Potter of Texas + "Why do I am alook alike a poss of porterpease?"


tocoming - coming, advent

semper- - the L. adv. semper always, used in various nonce-combinations

speel - a splinter or strip of wood, iron, etc.; the act of clambering or climbing + spiel- (ger) - to play + speel (Dutch) - play.

spry - to bustle or stir; to smarten up

tent = tenth (obs.) - the tenth day of the month

calends - the first day of any month in the Roman calendar

hunker - to squat, with the haunches, knees, and ankles acutely bent, so as to bring the hams near the heels, and throw the whole weight upon the fore part of the feet + eleven hundred

thorny - pricking or piercing to the mind; full of points painful or wounding to the feelings; painful, distressing; difficult to handle, delicate, ticklish + thirty

doloriferous - causing or giving rise to pain, painful, grievous

elfshot - 'Disease, supposed to be produced by the immediate agency of evil spirits'.

Hedwig - girl in Ibsen's The Wild Duck 

frayed - afraid, frightened

sore - Of persons: Suffering pain (from wounds, disease, or other cause)

purdah - a curtain; esp. one serving to screen women from the sight of men or strangers

shakefork - a wooden fork with two tines or prongs used by threshers to shake and remove the straw from the grain + as Shakespeare might put it.

pitch - to utter, tell (slang.) + to pitch a fork (Slang) - to tell a story.

Jerry - a German + jerry build - to build unsubstantially and of bad materials + The House That Jack Built (nursery rhyme).

Massa - Representing master in the written form of Black speech.

missus - wife; Used by servants (usually without article) in speaking of their mistresses; spec. used by N. American Negroes and in India and S. Africa of a white employer, and loosely of any (esp. a white) woman.

hijo de puta (sp) - son of a whore

starry - Of the sky, night, etc.: Full of stars, spangled or lit up with stars + starik (Russian) - old man + rijk (Dutch) - rich; realm.

gasan (gosan) (gael) - stalk; boy + inghean (inyen) (gael) - daughter.

anemone - a genus of about 120 species of flowering plants in the buttercup family Ranunculaceae in the north and south temperate zones

blink - a sudden or momentary gleam of light from the sun, a fire, etc.; a slight flash; a peep of light; a twinkling gleam, as of the stars

Anemotis (gr) - "She that still the wind": Athena + Windstille (ger) - calm.

gleaming - that gleams, in senses of the verb

jelly - an article of food, consisting chiefly of gelatin, obtained from various animal tissues, as skin, tendons, bones, etc., by boiling and subsequent cooling, having a characteristic soft stiff homogeneous consistence, and usually semitransparent. Also, in later use, a preparation of the juice of fruit, or other vegetable substances, thickened into a similar consistence.

slide - to move smoothly along a surface + (the demons).

sleet - to precipitate as a mixture of rain and snow

aloof - away at some distance (from); remote in manner

scout - to reconnoitre, to examine with a view to obtaining information + to scout round - to surround with a watch.

shoot (a person) about - to hurry (him) from place to place

vaunty - boastful, proud, vain

Dagobert II - king of Austrasia 676 679 + REFERENCE

clane - obs. form of clean

hometown - the town in which one's home is, or was originally; one's native town

prep - to prepare oneself (for an event); to practise, to train

preparatory = preparatory school - junior school in which pupils are prepared for a higher school or college + praepueritia (l) - before boyhood, before childhood.

put a good face on (a matter) - to make (a matter) look well; to assume or maintain a bold bearing (with regard to) + put a bold face on (phrase) - i.e. to give the appearance of confidence or assurance.

breached - pierced or cleft with a breach; rent, torn; Also fig. + Brian O'Linn (song): 'Brian O'Linn had no breeches to wear... The skinny side out and the whooly side in' [275.01]