feign - to make a show of, put on an appearance of

afear - in fear + afar + anear.

coalesce - to unite or come together, so as to form one

proliferate - to grow by multiplication of elementary parts

homogeneity - composition from parts or elements of the same kind; uniformity of composition or nature

rainstone - a stone believed to possess certain qualities and used in primitive rain-making rituals + rhinestone - an imitation diamond made from rock crystal or glass or paste.

strangely - in a manner so unusual or exceptional as to excite wonder or astonishment; surprisingly, unaccountably

kalt (ger) - cold

season of the year

evergreen (summer) is over

pot - a large sum of money

pon - aphetic form of upon

plop - the sound made by a smooth object dropping into water without splashing, by water falling in a small mass, or by bursting bubbles in boiling liquid; the act of falling with this sound + pomp.

osselet - a little bone, an ossicle + osseletio (l) - a destroying of the bones + oscillation

omkring (Danish) - round, about, around

nome - obs. f. name + nomen est omen (l) - the name is omen; i.e., the name fits (e.g. a Paulus might be small, a Calvus bald, etc.)

war to end war - World War I + All's well that ends well (proverb).

'bring and buy' sales


bally - a euphemism for bloody, used as a vague intensive of general application; 'jolly', 'confounded' + Baile Atha Cliath [athaclete... bally] (blaklie) (gael) - "Hurdle Ford Town", i.e. Dublin.

hurley - the Irish game of 'hurling'; hockey + Baile Atha Cliath [Towntoquest, fortorest... hurley] (blaklie) (gael) - "Hurdle Ford Town": Dublin + early.

hearsay - information received by word of mouth, usually with implication that it is not trustworthy

smooth - the smooth part or surface of something, smoothness; an act of smoothing

slate - a tablet of slate, usually framed in wood, used for writing on; fig. A record of any kind concerning or against a person; esp. in phr. a clean slate.


gelded - Of a person or animal: Castrated

ewe - a female sheep

jilt - to deceive after holding out hopes in love; to cast off (a lover) capriciously

laylock - obs. and dial. form of lilac (a shrub, Syringa vulgaris, cultivated for its fragrant blossoms, which are of a pale pinkish violet colour) + Miss Laycock (Slang) - vulva.


chant - a (person's) name, address, or designation; a cipher, initials, or mark of any kind, on a piece of plate, linen, or other article; anything so marked is said to be chanted; a song, melody; singing.

cecily - obs. form of cicely (a popular name of several umbelliferous plants) + Saint Cecilia - patron of song.

maladie (fr) - disease + melody.

pupil teacher - a boy or girl preparing to be a teacher, who spent part of the period of preliminary education in employment as a teacher in an elementary school under the supervision of the head teacher, and concurrently received general education either from the head teacher or in some place of higher education.

perfection - the action, process, or fact of making perfect or bringing to completion

pass for - to be accepted as equivalent to; to be taken for

propper - one who props or supports


eat one's words - to retract in a humiliating manner + in Boucicault's Arrah-na-Pogue, Arrah's foster brother, Beamish MacCoul, escaped from prison with the help of a message she had passed to him in a kiss.

facio- - Used as combining form of L. facies face + Q.E.F. (l) = Quod Erat Faciendum - 'which was to be done'.

conjugate - to unite sexually (obs.); Gram. To inflect (a verb) in its various forms of voice, mood, tense, number, and person.

morrow - morning; the day next after the present

amare (l) - to love

verbe de vie (fr) - word of life

ai (Chinese) - to love

A Married Woman's Lament (song): 'you use me severe'

The Sorrow of Marriage (song): 'then rue'

intended - an intended husband or wife

Jr - abbreviation of junior

throne - to be enthroned; to sit on or as on a throne + thrown.

inst. - abbrev. of instant + is


eikon (gr) = icon (l) - image, likeness

pettigod - a minor or inferior deity, a demigod + Pettigo - town, County Donegal + The former Entrance Examination at Cambridge University was nicknamed the "Little Go" + slip, petticoat.

decree - Law. A judicial decision + degree

Seiden (ger) - silks + take sides.

plough (Slang) - fuck

lasso (it) - weary + Lasso, Orlando (1530-94) - Belgian composer whose work abounds in puns and euphuistic jokes. 

flaunt - Of persons: To walk or move about so as to display one's finery; to display oneself in unbecomingly splendid or gaudy attire.

flimsy - slight, frail, unsubstantial; a flimsy or thin kind of paper

grig - to irritate, annoy, tantalise

flush - Of the face, etc.: To become suffused with warm colour; to become suddenly red or hot.

fuchsia - a red colour like that of the fuchsia flower

octette - a company of eight singers or players who perform together; gen. A group of eight persons or things + octo et viginti (l) - twenty eight.

figurant - a ballet-dancer; a supernumerary character on the stage who takes no prominent part, and has little or nothing to say + figurant (French) - representing.

nary - neither; no; not a + Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 29: 'nary a pale did they turn'.

'Sing a song of sixpence, A pocket full of rye' (nursery rhyme)

prig (Slang) - thief + pigs begin to fly.


twenty-nine husbands

pimp - to tell tales; to inform on someone; to spy on lovers

pamper - to over-indulge (a person) in his tastes and likings generally

impending - imminent, near at hand

rules of the game - conventions in political or social relations or the like

game - having the spirit or will for or to do (something adventurous); plucky, spirited

nourse = nurse + Old Norse.

se - Peer Gynt's mother, in Henrik Ibsen's "Peer Gynt" + Asa - a name applied to the sir, the major Norse gods, such as Odin and Thor [.F26]

adventuring - venturesome, forward, audacious

trot - an old woman; usually disparaging: an old beldame, a hag + trot (Slang) - whore.

knowed - widespread dial. pa. tense of know 

Olive - Popeye's girl + olive oil + *IJ*

carr - a rock; a pond or pool + vinegar.

jupe (fr) - skirt

reizen (ger) - to attract; to irritate

*E* + salmon + Solomon + salad dressing.

peeper - one who peeps or peers; esp. one who looks or pries furtively + Pepper box or Pepper caster - a small box or bottle, with a perforated lid, used for sprinkling ground pepper on food, etc.

coster = costermonger - an apple-seller, a fruiterer; esp. one that sold his fruit in the open  street; as a term of contempt or abuse + *VYC*.

salt - Of persons: Lecherous, salacious + salt cellar - a vessel, usually small and made of glass or silver, used on the table for holding salt.


mustard pot - a short round container for storing or serving mustard; vulva (Slang)

between them

Mullinx, Mad - Dublin beggar whom Swift put in a poem, "Mad Mullinx and Timothy" + Mad Mullah or Mohammed bin Abdullah - Somali rebel, early 20th century.

plant - to post as a spy or detective

bini (l) - two each

bisse - a female deer, a hind; some odoriferous substance + bisser (fr) - to encore + Issy.

tres (l) - three + trini (l) - three each + Tristan.

sago - a species of starch prepared from the 'pith' of the trunks of several palms; the tree from which sago is obtained

rite - a formal procedure or act in a religious or other solemn observance; a custom or practice of a formal kind

kook- (Dutch) - cooking-

bolt - to secure (a door, etc.) with a bolt

Thor - the proper name of the strongest and bravest of the Scandinavian deities, the god of thunder, whose weapon was a hammer; his belt doubled his strength + door

Amen + Auden - name of Odin.

dag - a 'character', an extraordinary person, a 'tough' but amusing person + dag (Danish, Swedish) - day + dog days - appellation for the hottest period of the year, about the time of the rising of the dog-star, usually taken to mean July and early August.

Stockholm - the name of the capital city of Sweden + skka (Swedish) - whore + skok (Shelta) - water + skok (Serbian) - jump.

astride - with the legs stretched wide apart, or so that one leg is on each side of some object between, as when a person is on horseback + Princess Astrid of Sweden married Prince Leopold of Belgium in 1926.



cil-deas (Irish) - pretty-head (girl) + cool.

cucumber + cul (fr) - arse + cumbre (sp) - summit.

slap - to strike or smack (a person or thing) smartly, esp. with the open hand or with something having a flat surface

straight - not crooked; free from curvature, bending, or angularity + thighs

postillion - someone who rides the near horse of a pair in order to guide the horses pulling a carriage (especially a carriage without a coachman)

swinge - to beat, flog, whip, thrash; to have free scope or course, to indulge one's inclination

swank - swagger; pretence

clout - a piece of cloth (esp. a small or worthless piece, a 'rag') + clothes + clouds of incense.

horner - one who blows or winds a horn; one who cuckolds, a cuckold-maker

on the leeward - situated on the side turned away from the wind


blanching - whitening, becoming white + Isolde Blanchemains, wife of Tristan [.F24]

mench = mensh - colloq. abbrev. of mention + Mensch (ger) - person (man or woman) + Mensch (ger. slang) - cow; slut + blancmange.

isabella - greyish yellow, light buff + (isabella-coloured horse).

ruelle - a bedroom, where ladies of fashion in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, especially in France, held a morning reception of persons of distinction; hence, a reception of this kind + ruelle (fr) - small street, lane, alley + rules of the road.

rut - the annually recurring sexual excitement of male deer

mandy = maundy - the ceremony of washing the feet of a number of poor people, performed by royal or other eminent persons, or ecclesiastics, on the Thursday before Easter, and commonly followed by the distribution of clothing, food, or money + Samuel Lover: Handy Andy + any man.

cheerio - a parting exclamation of encouragement; 'goodbye' + Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (song).

angel + Anakreon (gr) (fl. 540 B.C.) - lyric poet, born at Teos, Asia Minor, lived at Athens + Anacreon in Heaven (song): 'I'll swinge the ringleaders'.

fother - a load, a cart-load; a mass, a quantity, 'lot'

when you where just a twinkle in your father' s eye - a long time ago, long before a birth of a person who is being addressed

troth - one's faith as pledged or plighted in a solemn agreement or undertaking; one's plighted word + Truth is stranger than fiction (proverb).

fortuitous - that happens or is produced by fortune or chance; accidental, casual

surplice - a loose vestment of white linen having wide sleeves and, in its amplest form, reaching to the feet, worn (usually over a cassock) by clerics, choristers, and others taking part in church services

Priest buys Is clothes (notebook 1923) → Bdier: The Romance of Tristram and Iseult 122: 'The Ford Perilous': 'Ogrin... bought vair, squirrel fur, and ermine, silken stuffs of purple and scarlet, a shift whiter than lilies... and returned to Iseult. "Queen, your garments are in rags; accept these gifts"'.