oneiric (gr) - pertaining to dreams (from Greek oneiros: dream)

memorize - to commit to memory

hopely - of the nature of hope

analexis (gr) - a picking up, gathering, selecting + analektos (gr) - choice, select + analyse - to break down into components or essential features.

somnia (l) - sleep + sums.

wording - the action of putting or condition of being put into words

libellous - containing or constituting a libel, of the nature of a libel + Bible.

Frederick Barbarossa - German king and Holy Roman emperor (1152-90), who challenged papal authority of Adrian IV and sought to establish German predominance in western Europe + barba rasa (l) - a shaved-off beard + barbarus (l) - foreign, strange, non-Greek (and non-Roman).

hairesis (gr) - a taking, acquisition; system of principles; religious party or sect + Vico: New Science, 202: 'All barbarian histories have fabulous beginnings'.

plantation - garden consisting of a small cultivated wood without undergrowth + (notebook 1923): 'Sweet plantation (MW's res) the branches there' Schuré: Woman the Inspirer 21: (translation of Mathilde Wesendonck's poem 'In the Vinery') 'Crowned with leaves and branches slender... Well I know it! Sweet plantation... Silence reigns! the branches shiver... Falling from the green leaves there!'

branching - a collection of branches

yester - yesterday + Esther (Swift) + [460.29-.30]

twelvemonth's mind - a commemoration of a deceased person by celebration of masses, etc. a year after (or annually on the anniversary of) the day of his death or funeral + W.S.J. Joyce: The Neighbourhood of Dublin 323: (quotes an anonymous 19th century poem about Sunday morning excursions outside Dublin) 'Or Leixlip smiling on the stream below'.

A[mati] N[omen] (l) - name of the beloved

slickster - a swindler + shikseh (Yiddish) - young non-Jewish woman + she licks her (pencil) [.16] [.19] [.27]

condolence - outward expression of sympathy with the grief of others; esp. formal expression

shieling - a piece of pasture to which cattle may be driven for grazing + shilling

copper - copper money + Walter A. Copinger: 19th century lawyer and bibliographer of incunabula (wrote Incunabula Biblica (1892) [.L01]) [Motif: Archdeacon J.F.X.P. Coppinger]. 

porridge - pottage or soup made by stewing vegetables, herbs, or meat, often thickened with pot-barley or other farinaceous addition (obs.)

F[ecit] M[onumentum] (l) - has erected [this] monument + The Letter: poor Father Michael [279.F32]

enquiry - the action of asking or questioning; a question, an interrogation

health - a salutation or wish expressed for a person's welfare or prosperity; a toast drunk in a person's honour + The Letter: all at home's health.

mark + The Letter: well Maggy/Madge/Majesty [.13] [.20]

Persian - Of or pertaining to Persia (mod. Iran), or its inhabitants or language; Also, of or pertaining to a Persian cat.

cate - choice viands, dainties, delicacies + The Letter: lovely present/parcel of cakes [279.F33]

she rubs her [.10] [.19] [.27]

pothook - a curved or hooked stroke made in writing; a crooked stroke or character, a scrawl; now usually applied to a hooked stroke, as an element of handwriting, made by children in learning to write + (notebook 1923): 'Isolde - ornaments her father's caligraphy Vere Foster' → Flood: Ireland, Its Saints and Scholars 106: 'Ferdinand Keller's remarks on the manner in which the excellence of the Irish school of caligraphy was obtained are also applicable in other arts'.

hawk - to carry about from place to place and offer for sale especially by calling out

poppa = papa (a word employed as the equivalent of father)

Foster, Vere (1819-1900) - 19th century Anglo-Irish philantropist, famous for having devised a series of handwriting copybooks (e.g. Elementary Drawing Copybooks and Public School Writing Copybooks), used well into the 20th century. According to Ulysses (705), he put out a "handwriting copybook" + vere - the season of spring.

curly - of a curled form; wavy, undulating

mould - to create, produce, or form out of certain elements or material, or upon a certain  pattern; also, to plan, design

she rubs her other [.10] [.16] [.27]

in the air before turning it over

The Letter: well Maggy, hopes to soon hear

cinder - pl. Vaguely used for: Residue of combustion, ashes + sender + Cinderella and Prince Charming in pantomime Cinderella.

The Letter: Christine + Morton Prince: The Dissociation of a Personality: study of a case history, 'Christine Beauchamp', in Boston [301.05]; he calls her most prominent secondary personality 'Sally'.

chum - to share chambers, to live together; to become intimate, be on friendly terms with + Prince Charming - a fairy-tale hero; the lover every girl dreams of; a perfect young man.

soldi (it) - money, small change, pennies + Isold (anagram).

backfront - the rear boundary line or elevation of a building; the ground in an etching or engraving

heliotrope (anagram)

Parnell: 'When you sell, get my price'

les héros tombant seul sur la Champs de Mars (fr) - the heroes falling alone on the Champs de Mars (Paris) + jambe de marche (fr) - walking-leg.

otherwards - in another direction

adeal - properly two words a deal, a part + ideal

The letter is made to end with a series of four kisses, symbolised as four Xs - four 'crosskisses' (111.17) - which at 280.27 are modulated to the contemptuous dismissal 'K.M.A'. The mutual nature of the perversion which results in this kiss is made clear from the word 'Shlicksheruthr' (Hart, Clive / Structure and motif in Finnegans wake).

she licks her other [.10] [.16] [.19]

auburn - of a golden-brown or ruddy-brown colour

Charlemagne (742-814) - king of the Franks, Holy Roman emperor + chêne (fr) - oak

pia e pura bella - Vico's Latin catch-phrase for holy wars: 'pious and pure wars' In FW the phrase is sometimes used for a girl's name - say, Issy or Stella - and ought, I'm sure, to connect with Plurabelle. It must be remembered that a girl, Biddy O'Brien, caused the war at Finnegan's wake. (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake 

concomitate - to go with, accompany

lifetree = 'tree of life'

lovers' silences (notebook 1923)

hitherto - up to this time, until now

BANDUSIA - A fountain celebrated by Horace (Odes III, xiii), probably on his Sabine farm. James Joyce translated this Ode while at Belvedere College: his earliest writing which survives + fons Bandusia (l) - Bandusia the fountain: a rockspring near Horace's birthplace at Venusia + Joyce's note: 'Is's piss liquid sunlight' (MS 47478-313, TsTMA & MT: pious and pure fair one whose fount Bandusian plays liquick sunlight whose afterodour sighs of musk regretted, ^+whose silence shines as sphere of silver+^ | JJA 52:241 | probably 1934).

blot - a spot or stain of ink, mud, or other discolouring matter + The Letter: teastain.

drug - to administer a drug to + droog (Dutch) - dry (adjective and imperative).

shake the dust from or off one's feet - lit. in the Gospel passages; hence allusively, to take one's departure from an uncongenial place.