median - In geometry, a median of a triangle is a line segment joining a vertex to the midpoint of the opposing side. Every triangle has exactly three medians; one running from each vertex to the opposite side + (penis).

intersecting + entering + erecting.

stodge - one who is lacking in spirit or liveliness + stage Englishman.

eccentricity - the quality of being abnormally centred; an instance of deviation from what is usual, an extravagance + electricity. 

royde - obs. form of roid (stout, strong; violent, rough); rude + right

parallel - pl. parallel lines + paralego (gr) - to be next to the end.

obtuse - Geom. Of a plane angle: Greater than a right angle; exceeding 90 + obtuse bisectrix - the line bisecting an obtuse angle, e.g. between the optic axes of a crystal.

bisect - to cut or divide into two equal parts + (buttocks) + [293.12]

brickbat - a piece or fragment of a brick; properly, according to Gwilt, less than one half of its length

imbroglio - a very embarrassing misunderstanding, an intricate and confusing interpersonal or political situation + umbrella.

pole - Geom. pole of a circle of the sphere: Each of the two points on the surface of the sphere, in which the axis of that circle cuts the surface; as the poles of the ecliptic on the celestial sphere + telegraph pole. 

Henry Dudeny - puzzle expert

poll (Slang) - head + pole [.05] 

Fir Monach (firmonukh) (gael) - "Men of Monach" (masc. personal name); N.W. tribal terrritory now Co. Fermanagh.

inclinaison (fr) - inclination, slope

Tottenham, Charles (1685-1758) - M.P. for New Ross in the Irish Parliament. He rode 60 miles by might to Parliament in 1731 to cast (in his boots) a vote against handing oven an Irish financial surplus to England.

The Low Countries (Slang) - female pudend

Muineachan (mwinekhan) (gael) - "bramble-thicket": County, Ulster province, W. of Fermanagh, and county town, North-West of Dundalk; anglic. Monaghan.

whereat - for what cause or reason, wherefore; at which

revisible - visible again; variant of revisable + divisible - capable of being divided without remainder (by). 

nighttime - the time of night or darkness + something is divisible by nothing (x/0 = infinity [.11])

involatus (l) - flown into + involution - raising of number to assigned power + involved + inverted.

couplet - a pair or couple + REFERENCE

Pell, John (1601-85) - English mathematician for whom an equation of Fermat's is named + pell (Cornish, Welsh) - distant, long, remote, far. 

gleich (ger) - like, equals + all's well in his heaven [seventh] like.

oxygon - an acute-angled triangle + oxygen + octagon.

recline - to lay down, or make to lie down (properly on the back) + inclined.

coefficient - cooperating to produce a result; Algebra. A number or quantity placed (usually) before and multiplying another quantity known or unknown.

many + Minne (ger) - love.

permutation - Math. The action of changing the order of a set of things lineally arranged; each of the different arrangements of which such a set of things is capable. Hence gen., in pl. (usually in phr. permutations and combinations): Various arrangements + permutandis (l) - things requiring to be changed + mutande (it) - drawers.

surd - Math. Of a number or quantity (esp. a root): That cannot be expressed in finite terms of ordinary numbers or quantities: = irrational.

thunderclap + (twelve letters [285.17-.22] (but p is repeated)).


cubic root - that number of which the given number is the cube + Rute (ger) - rod, switch.

extruct - to build or pile up + extract - Math. to extract the root of a number or quantity: to obtain the root by a mathematical process.

anan - I beg your pardon! What did you say? Sir? Eh?; anon

teaser - one who teases or annoys + teachers. 

hapni (Albanian) - open + halfpenny + hackney.

coacher - the driver of a coach; a coachman, charioteer (obs.); one who prepares (a candidate) for an examination

RICHVIEW PRESS - Formerly in central Dublin, it moved to Clonskeagh in 1935 after its printing works were destroyed by fine. 

CXIII (l) - 113 + CXI (l) - 111

icky - sweet, sickly, sentimental; hence a general term of disapproval: nasty, repulsive, etc.

tochka (Russian) - dot

solation - rejoicing, joy; consolation

different + deferendum (l) - that which is to be carried away.

dumbbell - an object of the shape of a dumb-bell or of two rounded masses with a narrowed connecting part + deaf and dumb.

whowl = howl + whole

aveugle (fr) - blind + beugler (fr) - to bellow, to low.

continuation + contonatio (l) - a heavy thundering.

iteration - Math. The repetition of an operation upon its product, as in finding the cube of a cube; esp. the repeated application of a formula devised to provide a closer approximation to the solution of a given equation + Ulysses.14.1390: 'utterance of the Word'.

progress + Our Exagmination round His Factification for Incamination of Work in Progress - essays on Finnegans Wake by twelve contemporaries of Joyce.

antecedent - Logic. (Opposed to consequent.) The statement upon which any consequence logically depends; Math. The first of two numbers or magnitudes between which a ratio is expressed; the first and third in a series of four proportionals + (two circles) [293.12]

bisect - to cut or divide into two equal parts + Biss (ger) - bite + Issy + clit, clitty (Slang) - clitoris + kleitoris (gr) - clitoris + bicyclettes (fr) - bicycles.

consequent - Math. The second of two numbers or magnitudes in a ratio; the second and fourth in a series of four proportionals.

triangles + trike - Colloq. abbrev. of tricycle + *IJ* and *VYC*.

n[ame] Ayesha (Joyce's note) → Holland 70: About this time Mohammed married a second wife, named Sauda, who was the widow of an Abyssinian emigrant. He was also betrothed to Ayesha, the daughter of his friend Abu Bakr, but, as she was still very young, the marriage did not take place till three years later.

Lilliput + ALP.

footplate - a carriage step; the platform on which the engine-man and fire-man of a locomotive engine attend to their duties + (capital T on Tunc page [122.23]).

Whiggery - Whig principles or practice; fig. Rebellion + bigwig (Slang) - person of high rank or wealth.

Brian Boru + baruch (Hebrew) - blessed (first word of many prayers).

cook - Applied to a woman, esp. one employed to cook or manage the cooking in a private family + (the original 'Justine' was the Marquis de Sade's young cook).

massache - obs. form of message + Masoch, L. von Sacher (1835-95) - Austrian novelist whose works, as Mr Ellmann shows, were used in "Circe" + masach (masokh) (gael) = massach (Anglo-Irish) - person with large buttocks.

Mag Raith (mogra) (gael) - son of Mac Raith ("son of grace"); anglic. McGraw, etc. + Master McGrath (song).

kjaer (Danish) - dear + Hjalmar Ekdal - character in Henrik Ibsen's 'The Wild Duck' (discovers that old Werle has married him to his cast-off mistress).

adapt - to fit (a person or thing to another, to or for a purpose), to suit, or make suitable

Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris, where Joyce lived in 1923-4 [099.13]

Lona Hessel - character in Henrik Ibsen's 'Pillars of Society'

Konkubine (ger) - concubine

restant - remaining (obs.); Bot. Persistent + restant (fr) - remaining; surviving.

NORTH CIRCULAR ROAD. With the South Circular Road, and the adjacent canals, it was originally intended to mark the limits of the city boundary. At one time herds of cattle were driven along the NCR from the cattle market at Prussia Street to the docks; one of Leopold Bloom's schemes was to lay tracks so that they could be transported by tram. 

gee - a horse; the name of the letter G + gee (Slang) - vulva.

jay - The jays are several species of medium-sized, usually colorful and noisy, passerine birds in the crow family Corvidae.

jaunt - an excursion, a trip, or journey, esp. one taken for pleasure + the Giant's Causeway (or Causey) - a natural formation in county Antrim, Ireland, consisting of  a collection of basaltic columns extending like a mole or pier into the sea.

tandem - In various uses with reference to the occurrence of one thing behind or after another; involving two persons, organizations, etc. + tandem (l) - at length, at last, finally.

Ottomanic - of or belonging to the former Turkish dynasty founded by Othman or Osman I.  1300, the branch of the Turks to which he belonged, or the Turkish empire ruled by his descendants; Turkish of the dominions of the Sultan + mantike (gr) - science of prophecy + automatic.

turquoise (blue) & indigo + (7 colours of rainbow [284.28-285.02])

pictorial - like a picture; picturesque, graphic

gad - the action of gadding or rambling about + Joyce's note: 'god of the day' → Holland: The Story of Mohammed 23: (of pre-Muslim Arab customs) 'In the sixth century there were 360 idols, one for each day of the Arab year, around and within the Kaabah'.


viridis (l) - green + or (l) - gold (yellow) + fulvid = fulvous - reddish-yellow, dull yellowish-brown or tawny + viridifulvus (l) - green-orange (Irish colors) (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

lit - to colour, dye; light (v.)