neuralgia - an affection of one or more nerves (esp. of the head or face), causing pain which is usually of an intermittent but frequently intense character; an instance of this, a neuralgic pain.

chaos [anagram]

heptagrammaton (gr) - the seven lettered word (modeled on 'tetragrammaton' - YHWH, the ineffable Hebrew name of God); 'heptagrammaton' may be JEHOVAH or JUPITER (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake)

apotheosis - the deification, glorification, or exaltation of a principle, practice, etc.

lustral - pertaining to the Roman lustrum or purificatory sacrifice; hence, pertaining to, of the nature of, or used in rites of purification; purificatory

principium - beginning, commencement; origin, source; first principle, element; fundamental truth, etc. + lustrale principium (l) - a beginning connected with purification or a lustrum.

begad - an exclamation, used to give weight to a statement + BAGDAD (BAGHDAD) - City, capital of Iraq, on Tigris River, and an ancient caliphate of Turkey-in-Asia in the Tigris-Euphrates region, West of the present city. 

initial - Math. initial line: the line from which the angle is reckoned in polar co-ordinates; also called the axis + (original sin).

tincture - a slight infusion (of some element or quality); a tinge, a shade, a flavour, a trace; a smattering (of knowledge, etc.) + In Yeat's "A Vision", Tinctures are the source of the fundamental conflict and tension that drives human life, the ‘two eternities’ of ‘Under Ben Bulben’: the primary representing the One, the macrocosm, the race, the collective, the objective, truth, and knowledge, which strives with and against the antithetical representing the Many, the microcosm, the soul, the individual, the subjective, beauty and creativity. On a grander scale, the poles are referred to as Solar and Lunar, the Tinctures being reserved for incarnate life. The term, which does not originate in the Automatic Script, was borrowed from Jacob Boehme to give a joint name to the primary—antithetical polarity in the preparatory card-index.


arab - a homeless little wanderer; a child of the street

ghetto - a quarter in a city, esp. a thickly populated slum area, inhabited by a minority group or groups, usu. as a result of economic or social pressures

Nothus - cognomen of Darius II, Persian king of the Achaemenian dynasty (from Greek nóthos: bastard, indicating his illegitimacy)

Ganymede - in Greek mythology, a beautiful Trojan prince who was abducted to Mount Olympus and became a cup-bearer to the gods and a lover of Zeus

Daniel 5:28: thy kingdom is divided, and is given to the Medes and Persians; Daniel 11:1: 'Darius the Mede'; Daniel 6:28: 'Cyrus the Persian'

netus (l) - (1) spun; (2) thread, yarn

Comic Cuts - the name of a popular children's paper; later used as a derisory nickname for official armed services' Intelligence Summaries; also attrib., as typical of a strip cartoon.

Xerxes (579-465 B.C.) - Persian king who fought the Greeks at Marathon, was defeated at Salamis + serious exercises. 

caper - to dance or leap in a frolicsome manner, to skip for merriment

Casey, John - mathematics professor at Catholic University, Dublin, author of Sequel to Euclid, noted for his demonstrations of the circle

Frost, Percival (1817-98) - mathematician + first

ditto - the aforesaid, the same; used, in accounts and lists to avoid repetition of a word or phrase appearing above

hack - to cut with heavy blows in an irregular or random fashion

hickey - any small gadget or device; something of little consequence + Hickey's - secondhand bookdealer on Bachelor's Walk, Dublin.

VPH, Victoria Palace Hotel, Paris, where Joyce lived, 1923-4 [284.F06] 

huckster - a retailer of small goods, in a petty shop or booth, or at a stall; a pedlar, a hawker

WELLINGTON BRIDGE - a single-arched metal footbridge, connecting Liffey Street on the North with West Quay and Crampton Quay on the South. Also called Cast Iron Bridge, Metal Bridge, and Ha'penny Bridge (the toll until 1919; no toll since then); Built 1816. 

by long and by last - (? dial.): in the end

shuffle - the act of mixing cards haphazardly

trump - to give forth a trumpet-like sound; to play a trump card, to take a trick with a trump; trump out, to play out one's trumps

adieu - good-bye! farewell! (arch.); fig. An expression of regret at the loss or departure of anything; or a mere exclamatory recognition of its disappearance.

atout (fr) - trump + à tout (fr) - to all (masculine singular).

à tous (fr) - to all (masculine plural)

cardinal - in pl. cardinal points, winds, virtues, numbers, muscles, etc. + cards in hand.

rad mo chroidhe (Irish) - kick of my heart

rosse - obs. form of rose (n.)

blag - robbery (with violence); theft + black + pik (Serbian) - spades (one of four card suits) + pique (fr) - pike; spades.

dear heart - a boon companion (obs.) + Thomas Moore: Dear Harp of My Country (song): 'Dear Harp of my Country! farewell to thy numbers'.

red and black suits of cards

revoke - to recall; to call or summon back


fort - till, until; up to, as far as

ingenious - showing cleverness of invention or construction; skilfully or curiously contrived or made.

tenacity - the quality of retaining what is held, physically or mentally; firmness of hold or attachment; firmness of purpose, persistence, obstinacy.

ingenuous - of free or honourable birth (Chiefly in references to Roman History.)

libertine - Rom. Antiq. A freedman, one manumitted from slavery; also, the son of a freedman.

Euclid: Elements, Book I, Proposition 1: 'Problem: To describe an equilateral triangle on a given finite straight line' (solution by means of two intersecting equal-radius circles [293.12]) + REFERENCE

equilateral - having all the sides equal + aquilitoralis (l) - or or belonging to a water-seashore.

primal - chief, principal; fundamental, essential + i.e. with his thumb in his mouth (McHugh, Roland / The sigla of Finnegans wake).


Bass's ale (red triangle on bottle)

browd - to broider, embroider; to plait, 'braid' + Braut (ger) - bride + pride.

Mullingar Inn, Chapelizod

sole - one and only; singular, unique, unrivalled

salivarium - a spittoon, esp. one genteelly disguised with a lid, ornamental casing, etc.

concoct - to make up, devise, or plan by concert, or by artificial combination; to put together, make up, or fabricate (a story, project, fraud, etc.)

equiangular - having all its angles equal + equoangularis (l) - horse-angled, having a horse corners.


rhombus - Geom: rhomb + Romulus and Remus (raised by a wolf [.22])

Rome + rhome (gr) - bodily strength + Rome was not built in a day (proverb).


tripod - a three-legged support of any kind

prope (l) - near, nearby

procul (l) - far off, afar

pulsive - having the quality of driving or impelling; constraining, compelling; impulsive; propulsive.

nei = nay (obs.) + nei (l) - not + nei (Norwegian) - no.

numb - helpless, incapable; numb hand, an inexpert or clumsy person + num (l) - interrogative particle expecting negative response.

adelphos (gr) - brother + {Dolph as a teacher, educating a young man called Kevin about sex}

trouver (fr) - to find + Oliver Goldsmith: The Traveller or A Propsect of Society.

no + "know" in the Biblical sense of intercourse.

I can not + oukon (gr) - is it not so? + oikea (Finnish) - right (hand).

ninny - a simpleton, a fool; a child + niin (Finnish) - yes + nonne (l) - not?

disordered - out out of order, thrown into confusion; disarranged, confused, irregular

visage - the face, the front part of the head, of a person + Oliver Goldsmith: The Deserted Village.

barrelled - having a barrel or barrels; chiefly in comb., as round-, long-, single-, double-barrelled. 

exam - an examination + easy as kissing hands (phrase) + Joyce's note: 'I shd like to shake hams' Connacht Tribune 30 May 1925-5/4: 'I should like to shake hands with the clever inventor. I milk 80 Cows.'

vice - depravity or corruption of morals, evil, immoral, or wicked habits or conduct

OK + Langue d'Oc [South] (French) + [196.01]

aliment - nutriment, food; fig. That which supports or sustains the mind, state, etc.

jument (fr) - mare + Euclid: The Elements of Geometry.

me + oui (fr) - yes.

Sem (fr) - Shem + Budge: The Book of the Dead ch. XXIII, vignette description: 'the Sem priest... about to... perform the ceremony of "Opening the Mouth"'.

Langue d'Oil [North] (French)

thusly = thus

mull - to work (over) mentally; to cogitate; to ruminate; usually with over; to make (wine, beer, etc.) into a hot drink with the addition of sugar, spices, beaten yolk of egg, etc.

mugful - the contents of a mug; the amount that a mug will hold

Mudson (Slang) - Adam

pudge - a puddle + putting

sugan = suggan - a straw rope; a saddle + sugar 

hot spot - a spot that is hot (lit. and fig.) + hotpot - a stew of meat and potatoes cooked in a tightly covered pot.

chocolate - a beverage made from the seeds of the cacao-tree; now, as distinguished from cocoa, that made by dissolving chocolate cake (see next) in boiling water or milk.