virtuoso + (more virtuous brother).

olorum (l) - of swans, swans'

D.V. = L. Deo volente, God willing + devil

goosey - A childish or playful diminutive of goose (n.), applied to persons (from the nursery rime 'Goosey, goosey, gander, Whither did you wander?').

answer + Gans (German) = gans (Dutch) - goose.

deva - a god, a divinity, one of the good spirits of Hindu mythology

wave trap - a resonant circuit used as a rejector or acceptor circuit to block or divert signals of a specific frequency, esp. to reduce interference in a receiver tuned to a nearby frequency.

spider + 'Will you walk into my parlour?, said the spider to the fly?' (nursery rhyme).

Dublin + The Rocky Road to Dublin (song) + Euclid: 'There is no royal road to Geometry'.

mut = mutt - a blockhead, dullard, or fool + Mut - Egyptian goddess, consort of Amen. Her name means "mother" + Mut (ger) - courage + according to Egyptian myth, Atem populated the world by spitting on fertile mud.

bog (Serbian) - god + "When will they reassemble it? O, my back, my back, my bach!" [213.17] [.L01]

Bach (ger) - spring, brook 

washerwoman - a woman whose occupation is the washing of dirty linen

anny (Anglo-Irish) = eanaigh (Irish) - fenny, marshy + any little + Anna Liffey.

mam - a childish (formerly also a familiar or vulgar) word for mother + Matthew 15:11: 'Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man'.

doob - native name for the dog's-tooth grass, Cynodon Dactylon + do

A 1 - prime, first-class + AI - artificial intelligence + A.I. - Air Interception.

amnium instar (l) - according to the likeness of rivers; a sketch or image of rivers + instar - any of the stages in the life of an insect or other arthropod between successive ecdyses, including the stage between hatching from the egg and the first ecdysis.

locus - place in which something is situated, locality; Math. The curve or other figure constituted by all the points which satisfy a particular equation of relation between coordinates, or generated by a point, line, or surface moving in accordance with any mathematically defined conditions.

hold + Howth.

unbox - to take out of a box + box the compass - Nautical: Go completely round.

compass - an instrument for taking measurements and describing circles, consisting (in its simplest form) of two straight and equal legs connected at one end by a movable joint + REFERENCE

Cain - the proper name of the first fratricide and murderer + can

amicably - in an amicable or friendly manner, without quarrelling or use of force

nod - a short, quick inclination of the head used as a sign to express assent or approbation + not

go it - to pursue one's action with furious vigour + gut (ger) - good.

seth - satisfaction, amends, atonement + set off - to start (doing something) + Seth - after Cain murdered Abel, Seth was born to Adam and Eve and named by Eve, "For God," saith she, "hath appointed (shath) me another seed instead of Abel." 

promptly - at once, without a moment's delay

mux - to make dirty; fig. To make a 'mess' of + mix

destiny + Pistany - Czech spa noted for mud packs ("with galawater and fraguant pistania mud, wupper and lauar," [206.31])


Isle of Man - one of the British Isles, located in the Irish Sea off the northwest coast of England + mun (mun) (gael) - urine.

bene (l) - well, good, fine

applepie order - complete, thorough order + odr (Russian) - bed + "erdor be outraciously enviolated by a mierelin" [285.02]

husk (Danish) - remember! + Yeats: A Vision 188 (book II, sec. I): 'At death consciousness passes from Husk to Spirit' (two of the Four Principles, the other two being Passionate Body and Celestial Body).

hist - a sibilant exclamation used to enjoin silence, or call on people to listen

spire - to curl, twist, or wind spirally; to make a spiral curve; esp. to mount or soar with spiral movement

dean - the president, chief, or senior member of any body

idler - one who idles or is idle, one who spends his time in idleness + Idlers, Academy of - Vico belonged to it. 

suckling - an infant that is at the breast or is unweaned

gert - dial. form of great

stoan = stone

barely - only just; hence, not quite, hardly

balbus (l) - stammering, stuttering + Balbus - Roman who tried to build wall in Gaul (James Joyce: A Portrait I).

'Come without delay, ye men of old, while a small piece of second-grade imperial papyrus, concerning those to be born later, is exhibited with more propriety in the Roman tongue of the dead. Let us, seated joyfully on fleshpots and beholding in fact the site of Paris whence such great human progeny is to arise, turn over in our minds that most ancient wisdom of both the priests Giordano and Giambattista: the fact that the whole of the river flows safely, with a clear stream, and that those things which were to have been on the bank would later be in the bed; finally, that everything recognises itself through something opposite and that the stream is embraced by rival banks.' (translation by professor McHugh)

canorus (l) - melodious + T.D. Sullivan: Ireland Boys, Hurrah! (song): 'Deep in Canadian woods we've met'.

Basquish - Basque (language)

Finnic - pertaining to the group of that division of the Ural-Altaic languages to which Finnish belongs

Hungarish = Hungarian

TINTAGEL - Village and castle, North coast of Cornwall, ruins still visible. In literary legend, it was the birthplace of King Arthur and the stronghold of King Mark. But Finnegans Wake associates it mainly with the Cornish language + Teanga (Irish) - language.   

recurrent - occurring or coming again (esp. frequently or periodically); reappearing

take the chair - to assume the position of chairman, which in most cases formally opens a meeting

coach - to prepare (a candidate) for an examination; to instruct in special subjects

rebellio (l) - (1) renewal of war, revolt; (2) a rebel

Mike - a Roman Catholic; shortened form of proper name Michael, applied jocularly to an Irishman + Mick (*V*).


BACK LANE - Between Cornmarket and St Nicholas Streets. A RC chapel and "University" was established in Back Lane early in reign of Charles I, seized by government in 1630 and transferred to University of Dublin (Trinity College) [Thom's Directory of Ireland/Dublin, Dublin Annals section 1622: 'A university opened in Back-lane for the education of Roman Catholics' (run by Jesuits; closed in 1632 and given to Trinity College)]. 

pupal - of, pertaining to, or characteristic of a pupa; nymphal

Papal Zouave - one of a corps of French soldiers organized at Rome in 1860 for the defence of the pope, and disbanded in 1871.

pistol + pisdrol (Triestine Italian Dialect) - boy + pizda (Serbian, Polish Slang) - vulva.

bread and butter - bread spread with butter; taken as a type of every day food + (brought up).