ounce - a unit of weight; originally, as still in Troy weight, the twelfth of a pound, but in avoirdupois or ordinary goods weight the sixteenth of the pound

pennyweight - a measure of weight, equal to 24 grains, 120 of an ounce Troy, or 1240 of a pound Troy

sob - an act of sobbing; a convulsive catching of the breath under the influence of grief

vice versa - with a reversal or transposition of the main items in the statement just made; contrariwise, conversely

motte - obs. form of moat, mot, mote + mot (Dublin Slang) - girl + Motte (ger) - moth + bons mots (fr) - witticisms, witty sayings (literally 'good words').

troubadour - one of a class of lyric poets, living in southern France, eastern Spain, and northern Italy, from the 11th to the 13th centuries, who sang in Provençal (langue d'oc), chiefly of chivalry and gallantry, sometimes including wandering minstrels and jongleurs + Il Trovatore + trapdoors.

doublecross - to give (a person or persons) the double-cross; loosely, to cheat; an act of treachery to both parties (orig. in gaming or sport) esp. by pretended collusion with each; more widely, betrayal of the other party in a (dishonest) transaction.

twofold - consisting of two combined; composed of two parts or elements

tingling - thrilling

whilest - obs. form of whilst (during the time that, while)

cunctans (l) - delaying + content

rather + Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 10: 'He said he druther see the new moon over his left shoulder'.

always + smile a bit edgeways.

yellow wood - name for various trees and shrubs having yellow wood, or for the wood of any of these.  

ned - hooligan, thug, petty criminal. Also used as a general term of disapprobation + ned (Danish) - down.

Ole Man River (song): 'he don't say nothing'

prim - Of persons, their manner, speech, etc.: Consciously or affectedly strict or precise; formal, stiff, demure.

uncles + ungula (l) - nail + ordinal numbers + (counting on fingers).

retell - to tell again; to relate anew; also, to count again

math = maths - colloq. abbrev. mathematics

it's as long as it's broad - it comes to the same thing either way, it makes no difference

reel - an apparatus (of varying form and dimensions) capable of easy revolution, by which a cord, line, etc., may be wound up and unwound as required; Cinemat. and Photogr. A flanged cylinder on which film is wound; usu. transf., a length of film wound on such a cylinder; loosely, a (long) portion of a motion picture. 

facts + ficta (l) - deceptions, untruths.

shee = she + shee (Anglo-Irish) - fairy.

faust - happy, lucky + Faust or Faustus - 16th-century magician who sold his soul to the devil, subject of works by Marlowe and Goethe + first of all - before anything else is done or takes place.  

segundo (sp) - second + on second thoughts - on later and maturer consideration. 

Is sang - Molly Bawn, It is a Charming Girl I love, My Sweetheart when a Boy (notebook 1923) It Is a Charming Girl I Love (sung by Myles na Coppaleen in The Lily of Killarney; Ulysses.18.347).


filthily - in a filthy manner + fifthly

Oxmantown - part of North Dublin (named after 'Oxman', 'Ostman' or Eastman: Viking)

baroxytonos (gr) - "deep-sharp sounding": having a grave-acute accent + occidens (l) - falling down, setting + barocci (it) - carts, vans + barocco (it) - awkward.

accidence - hap, mishap, chance; fortuitous circumstance; a book of the rudiments of grammar; Hence, by extension: The rudiments or first principles of any subject.

Hexen (ger) - witches + Hexenschuss (ger) - stabbing pain at onset of acute lumbago (literally 'witches' shot').

in fine (phrase) - finally

damning - that leads to or occasions condemnation or ruin

in point of fact - with regard to matters of fact; also (and now usually) = in fact

Ireland's + Tristan, Patrick and Strongbow all landed in Leinster.

solum (l) - alone, only, merely + Nonae (l) - Nones: the 5th day of every month but March, May, July, October, when it was the 7th. + David and Solomon.

Saint Patrick came a second time to Ireland as a missionary (first time as captive), Tristan came twice to Ireland

Lipton, Sir Thomas (1850-1931) - English tea magnate, yachting enthusiast. He repeatedly failed to win America Cup with various yachts, all named 'Shamrock'.

bow - the fore-end of a ship or boat; being the rounding part of a vessel forward, beginning on both sides where the planks arch inwards, and terminating where they close, at the rabbet of the stem or prow, being larboard or starboard from that division. 

launch - the largest boat of a man-of-war, more flat-bottomed than a long boat, for use in shallow water, usually sloop-rigged

Strongbow, Richard, earl of Pembroke - led the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland in 1170. He married Eve MacMurrough (daughter of Diarmaid Mac Murrogh, Leinster king who invited Anglo-Norman invasion), and ruled Leinster till he died in 1176. He was buried in Christ Church Cathedral; his tomb was long a Dublin landmark, a place where debts were paid, business done [(notebook 1924): 'marriage of Strongbow & Eva amid smoke' Lawless: The Story of Ireland 86: 'Strongbow... attacked Waterford... and the united forces of Dermot and the Earl marched into the town, where the marriage of the latter with Eva, Dermot's daughter, was celebrated, as Maclise has represented it in his picture, amid lowering smoke and heaps of the dead and dying']. 

tan - of a yellowish or reddish brown

soute = obs. form of suit - the whole of the sails required for a ship or for a set of spars + soutane - a long cassock with buttons down the front, worn by Roman Catholic priests.

Ally Sloper - the name of a character in a series of humorous publications, having a prominent nose and receding forehead and noted for his dishonest or bungling practices

native - one of the original or usual inhabitants of a country, as distinguished from strangers or foreigners

name - 'named after, or giving a name to, one' as name saint

motherhead - the state or condition of being a mother + madradh (modere) (gael) - dog + madera (sp) - wood + madero (sp) - stupid person.

anguis (l) - snake + Anguish - father of Isolde + anguished + Old English.

P[otestas] T[ribunicia] (l) - the Tribunicial power, the power lodged in a Tribune + P.T. (ger) - abbr. for premissis titulis (omitting the ususal titles), often found on public notes, theater programs, and the like + P.T. Publikum (ger) - a form of written address for 'the public in general'.

publicum (l) - possessions of the state, public property; the state + P.T. Publikums = intended as Potestas Tribuni Publici - the power lodged in a Tribune of the People + Publikum (ger) - the public.

through the medium of - through an intermediate agency, means, instrument or channel; Also, through intermediation of.

zigzag - a series of short lines inclined at angles in alternate directions; Collectors' name for a shell, or a moth, with zigzag marking + znak (Serbian) - sign + nick-nacks.

satiric - of, pertaining to, or of the nature of satire + soter (gr) - savior, deliverer.

put off - to dismiss, put away

barcelona - a handkerchief or neckerchief of soft twilled silk (obs.) + REFERENCE

plumed - furnished with a plume or plumes, feathered

racer - one who races or takes part in a race

cinnamon - yellowish brown, the colour characteristic of cinnamon quills + Hooligan's Christmas Cake (song): 'There were plums and prunes and cherries, / Raisins and currants and cinnamon too'.

peccaminous - full of sins, sinful (it is the kind of word that Joyce may have picked up from the O.E.D.)

corpulenta (l) - sins + corpus (l) - body

Dubliners addressed Swift 'Mr Dane' (i.e. Dean; mentioned in Peter's 'Dublin Fragments, Social and Historic' 102).

botte - ? A brand or marking on sheep + bottes (fr) - boots.

bloodshot - an effusion of blood, resulting from inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye + earshot.

celestine = celestial - of or pertaining to heaven, as the abode of God (or of the heathen gods), of angels, and of glorified spirits + Celestine - one of five popes. According to the Tripartite Life, Celestine I gave Patrick his name, Patricus, but sent Palladius to convert Ireland, thus disappointing Patrick. 

flop - a failure, collapse, or decline

hat trick - any trick with a hat, e.g. one performed by a conjurer + Tristan & Patrick

perry - a pear-tree; a beverage resembling cider, made from the juice of pears expressed and fermented; precious stones or gems collectively, jewellery + Perry, Matthew Galbraith (1794-1858) - American naval officer who made the treaty that opened Japan to the West. 

humdrum - lacking variety; of a routine character; commonplace, monotonous, dull

nostrum - a special means or device for accomplishing something; esp. a pet scheme, or favourite remedy, for bringing about some social or political reform or improvement + dominum nostrum (l) - our lord (genuflect before church).

Timbuktu - city in the West African nation of Mali, historically important as a post on the trans-Saharan caravan route and as a centre of Islamic culture (c. 1400-1600). 

Crowley, Aleister - diabolist, associated with Mathers, and briefly with Yeats in the Golden Dawn Society + creepy-crawleys.

parley - a Frenchman (humorous.); speech, speaking, talk + Peter Parley - penname of Samuel Griswold Goodrich, American publisher (1793-1860). Young Stephen Dedalus read "Peter Parley's Tales about Greece and Rome" (Portrait 54.12).

banish - to condemn (a person) by public edict or sentence to leave the country; to exile, expatriate

Ehren on the Rhine (song)

Gallo-Roman - an inhabitant of Gaul under Roman rule; also, the language of these people + cultus Galloromanus (l) - culture of Romanized Gauls.

prevail - to be commonly accepted or adopted; to exist, obtain, occur, or be present constantly or widely

windy - Of places, etc.: Full of, exposed to, blown upon or through by the wind.

the land of nod - sleep

in spite of - in defiance (scorn or contempt) of; in the face of; notwithstanding

Blut (ger) - blood + blood

braim (bram) (gael) - fart + brain

brawn - fleshy part, muscle; esp. the rounded muscles of the arm, leg and thumb

bile - the fluid secreted by the liver, and poured into the duodenum, as an aid to the digestive process. It is bitter, of a brownish yellow colour, passing sometimes into green, and of a highly complex structure + Brille (ger) - spectacles.

shat - pa. pple. of shit

all the while - during the whole time (that)

mass angry + A hungry man, an angry man (proverb)

wickerwork - work consisting of wickers; a structure of flexible twigs, osiers, or the like plaited together; basket-work + Annakisha, County Cork (from Irish Ath na Cise:  Wickerwork Ford).

retrospect - to look or refer back to; to reflect on

forefather - an ancestor, a progenitor + fear-feasa (Irish) - wise man, seer

gatch - a type of plaster used by Persian craftsmen + got + gatch (Anglo-Irish) - affected gesture or movement of limb, body, or face; showing off (from Irish gáitse: a showy gesture, a swagger).

moustache - the hair which grows upon the upper lip of men + muchacha (sp) - girl.

hold forth - to continue one's course; to go on, proceed, go on with (obs.) + hold the fort (phrase) - Since the Middle Ages "hold" in a military context has meant, "to keep forcibly against an adversary; defend; occupy". If the commander of a fort decided to take some of his forces to make a foray against the enemy, he would always have to leave some of his men in charge of a reliable officer to hold the fort against any possible attack while they were away.