Hellige Aand (Danish) - Holy Spirit

that is to say - Used to introduce a more explicit or intelligible re-statement of what immediately precedes, or a limiting clause necessary to make the statement correct.

faction - in Ireland applied to certain mutually hostile associations among the peasantry, consisting usually of the members of one particular family (which gives its name to the faction) and of their relatives and friends

decimate - to kill, destroy, or remove one in every ten of; to subject to severe loss, slaughter, or mortality + vulgar and decimal fractions.


swanny - full of or abounding in swans + Old Folks at Home (song): 'Way down upon the Swanee river'.

innovate - to bring in or introduce novelties; to make changes in something established

prence - obs. form of prince

propagandi - persons fit to be preserved or propagated + Propaganda (it) - Roman Catholic society for propagation of gospel by missionaries.

chrism - oil mingled with balm, consecrated for use as an unguent in the administration of certain sacraments in the Eastern and Western Churches; a sacramental anointing, unction.

perished - that has perished, in the senses of the vb.; decayed, wasted; dead or brought to the point of death with cold or privation

real reality

belie - to tell lies about

belove - to love; to be pleased with, approve, like (obs.) + believe

all sorts

pottage - a dish composed of vegetables alone, or along with meat, boiled to softness in water, and appropriately seasoned; soup, esp. a thick soup + Esau sold birthright for pottage (Genesis 25:34).

green gold - an alloy of gold and silver

Indus - name of a constellation lying between Sagittarius and the south pole

o.p. - in Bookseller's Catalogues, 'out of print' + our people.

steeplechase - to ride or run in a steeplechase (a horse-race across country or on a made course with artificial fences, water-jumps, and other obstacles) + steeple - a lofty tower forming part of a church, temple, or other public edifice (often serving to contain the bells).

ophis (gr) - snake



(lightning and thunder)

Pales (l) - god and goddess, patrons of flocks; their feast (21. april) was Rome's birthday + Palestine - the name of a territory on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean.

slewed - intoxicated + Cain slew Abel.

spirit - to take away, carry off, by some mysterious means or power; to transport with speed

der Erzherr (ger) - the arch-lord

live wire - a person full of energy + EMPIRE THEATRE - 19th-cent music hall in Leicester Sq, London; alluded to in the song, "There's Hair, Like Wire, Coming out of the Empire" + there's hair, like wire! (phrase) - there's a girl with a lot of long and stiff hair! (catch-phrase of the early 20th century).

fire - to turn (any one) out of a place; to eject or expel forcibly

Benjamin Franklin - next to George Washington possibly the most famous 18th-century American, by 1757 had made a small fortune, established the Poor Richard of his almanacs (written under the pseudonym Richard Saunders) as an oracle on how to get ahead in the world, and become widely known in European scientific circles for his reports of electrical experiments and theories. What is more, he was then just at the beginning of a long career as a politician, in the course of which he would be chief spokesman for the British colonies in their debates with the king's ministers about self-government and would have a hand in the writing of the Declaration of Independence, the securing of financial and military aid from France during the American Revolution, the negotiation of the treaty by which Great Britain recognized its former 13 colonies as a sovereign nation, and the framing of the Constitution, which for two centuries has been the fundamental law of the United States of America + Benjamin (Genesis 35:18) means 'son of the right hand' (allusion to Lucifer, the favourite archangel).

outa - a representation of a colloq. or vulgar pronunciation of out of.

empyre - the visible heavens or firmament + Empire - Great Britain with its dominions, colonies, and dependencies.

sin (Danish) - his

right hand = right hand man - a person of usefulness or importance; an efficient or indispensable helper or aid + Benjamin (Genesis 35:18) means 'son of the right hand' (allusion to Lucifer, the favourite archangel). 

Cummal (or Cumhal, Comhal) - Finn MacCool's or Fingal's father, Morna's husband + comma [.12] [.17]


interlock - to engage with each other by partial overlapping or interpenetration of alternate projections and recesses + Yeats: A Vision 237 (book III, sec. XI): 'All the involuntary acts and facts of life are the effect of the whirring and interlocking of the gyres'.

underlook - to look at, or inspect, from beneath

shift - one of several suits of clothing, or of several garments of the same kind belonging to one person (obs.); a body-garment of linen, cotton, or the like; in early use applied indifferently to men's and women's underclothing; subsequently, a woman's 'smock' or chemise.

Yeats: A Vision 79 (book I, part I, sec. VI): 'the twenty-eight phases constitute a month of which each day and night constitute an incarnation and the discarnate period which follows' + twenty-nine (*Q*).

pummel - a rounded knob; an ornamental knob generally

apostrophize - to address with or in an apostrophe (a figure of speech, by which a speaker or writer suddenly stops in his discourse, and turns to address pointedly some person or thing, either present or absent; an exclamatory address).

Furniss, Father - author of Sight of Hell (1861), a book for scaring children + burn and flaming and furnace.

blazes and hellishly hot

hoc (l) - this thing here

the at Wickerworks [288.28]

whole - Of a person: Uninjured, unwounded, unhurt; (contextually) recovered from injury or a wound; (of a wound) healed.  

stiff - intoxicated, drunk (U.S. slang. rare.)

Dante: Inferno V.142: (Dante's swoon, or fainting, caused by his pity for Francesca) 'E caddi, come corpo morto cade' (it) - 'And, as a dead man falling, down I fell'.

Ostrogoths - barbarian tribe often inc onflict with Roman Empire + ostrov (Russian) - island.

lineal - Of descent, ancestry, consanguinity, inheritance, or succession (hence also of a descendant, ancestor, heir, etc.): That is in the direct line.

descendance - the action or fact of descending or springing from a particular ancestor or origin

presto - a direction indicating rapid performance: In quick time; fast + presto (it) - quickly, soon + Presto - early editions of Journal to Stella substituted Presto for Swift's own Ppt. Also, Duchess of Shrewsbury called Swift 'Presto'.

paddywhack - an Irishman; a severe thrashing (dial.) + puddy - short, thick-set + Paddy Whack (song) + Patrick.

patata (Italian) - potato + padat (Russian) - fall.

colon (l) - limb, bodily member + colon - a punctuation mark (:) used after a word introducing a series or an example or an explanation.

dump - to discard, abandon, get rid of

missus = missis + misuse - wrong or improper use.

gang - to walk, go (Chiefly lit.)

gigglehouse - a mental hospital (Austral. and N.Z. slang.)

maniac - one who is affected with mania + molniya (Russian) - lightning.

mania - mental derangement characterized by great excitement, extravagant delusions and hallucinations, and, in its acute stage, by great violence

made - obs. form of maid (n.)

scotch - to crush, stamp out (something dangerous); Theobald's generally accepted conjectural reading of Macb. iii. ii. 13, 'We have scotch'd the snake, not kill'd it', has become a stock quotation, in which the verb scotch is taken to mean: To inflict such hurt upon (something regarded as dangerous) that it is rendered harmless for the time.

Schlange (ger) - snake

leathercoat - a name for russet apples, from the roughness of their skin

Magd (ger) - maid + Ulysses.8.602: 'Three Purty Maids'.

Mediterranean - Of land: Midland, inland; opposed to 'maritime'; Of water surfaces: Nearly or entirely surrounded or enclosed by dry land; land-locked. 'Mediterranean Sea', the proper name of the sea which separates Europe from Africa + medeor (l) - to heal, cure, remedy + Turan - Etruscan goddess identified with Aphrodite.

pointer - one who or that which points out + Peter I the Great (Russian Pyotr I Veliky, in full Pyotr Alekseyevich) - tsar of Russia from 1682 and emperor from 1721, was one of his country's greatest statesmen, organizers, and reformers.  

fox - to intoxicate, befuddle. Also (? nonce-use), to redden (one's nose) with drinking; to pierce with a 'fox' (a kind of sword) + fox (Slang) - follow stealthily.

leggy - having disproportionately long legs; lanky-legged

colt - a young or inexperienced person, a 'green hand'; a cunning fellow, a cheat (obs. rare.)

whenso - at the (or a) time at which; on the (or an) occasion on which

disparo (l) - to part, separate + disparatus (l) - separated, divided + disparito (it) - disappeared.

desterrado (Portuguese) - exiled, banished

despertou (Portuguese) - awoke

saving your presence (phrase) - with all due respect to or for

conn - the action or post of conning a ship, steerage

shaughraun - a vagabond + on a shaughraun - in a vagrant or drifting state + Boucicault: The Shaughraun (play, in which Conn, the shaughraun, revives during his wake).

walled - furnished with or as with a wall, enclosed with a wall + Walls have ears (proverb).

Ahriman - supreme evil principle in Zoroastrianism + Henry II - English monarch during Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland.

neowe = new + Herring the King (song).

modeln (ger) - to model, to work as a model + modern.

coxswain - the person on board ship having permanent charge of a boat and its crew, of which he has command unless a superior officer is present + Tristram came a first time to Chapelizod, wounded from Iseult's brother's sword, and was nursed, bathed, and later threatened with his own sword by Iseult, who came to discover him as her brother's killer (second time was to fetch her to King Mark).

landing - the action of coming to land or putting ashore

ainée (fr) - elder

riviere - a necklace of diamonds or other gems, esp. one consisting of more than one string + riviere (fr) - river.

Lady Betty (notebook 1923)

bagsleeve - a sleeve tight at the wrist and baggy above

trouvère (fr) - troubadour + vere (l) - truly

Ides (l) - the thirteenth day of each month except March, May, July and October, when it was the fifteenth.

Valentino - a man having the sort of romantic good looks associated with Rudolph Valentino + Saint Valentine's Day (14 February; Ides is 13 February).

idleness - the state or condition of being idle or unoccupied

Thomas Moore: The Song of Fionnuala: 'Lir's lonely daughter'.

comes (l) - companion, comrade + comes (Low Latin) - Count (title) + come ti chiami (it) - what's your name? (Tristan concealed his identity on his first Irish visit).

prima vista (it) - first sight