one and only - one's sweetheart, one's only love

unic - obs. f. unique + unicus (l) - one only

bar none - with no exceptions

Land's end - the extremity or furthest projecting point of a country. Now only as the proper name of the most westerly point of Great Britain.

corner + Saint Ives and Land's End, Cornwall.

Silver, Captain John - in Stevenson's Treasure Island

faw - a gypsy + (exclam.)

mavroo (gr) - to blind; make powerless: make dim + mo bhru (muvru) (gael) - my belly.

mavrone - anglicized form of Ir. 'mo bhrón': my grief (f. brón), used as an exclamation of sorrow + mo bhun (muvun) (gael) - my bottom.

dynamite - to shatter or wreck by the explosion of dynamite + dynamis (gr) - power, might.

that's flat - that's the absolute, undeniable truth

Tutankhamen - Egyptian whose resplendent tomb was opened in the 1920s and the king "resurrected." A curse was laid on those who moved his bones. 

fut - obs. and Sc. form of foot

Peggy - altered from Meggy, Maggie = Margaret

give (a person) the bird - Of an actor: To be hissed by the audience; hence gen. to be dismissed, get the sack.

insulted - treated with contemptuous abuse, outraged + seule (fr) - alone, lonely (feminine) + Isolde.

Crampton, Sir Philip (1771-1858) - Dublin surgeon who discovered in the eye of the ostrich a muscle that bears his name. He planted a famous pear tree in Dublin.  

sall = shall (obs.) + Genesis 3:19: 'in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread'.

tarry - covered, smeared, soiled, or impregnated with tar; tarred; black as if smeared with tar + Tom, Dick and Harry - any three (or more) representatives of the populace taken at random.

subsequent - following in order or succession; coming or placed after, esp. immediately after + subsequus (l) - following, succeeding + obsequious - attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery.

timocracy - In the Aristotelian sense: A polity with a property qualification for the ruling class (power is proportionate to property); In the Platonic sense: A polity (like that of Sparta) in which love of honour is said to be the dominant motive with the rulers.

tip - to render unsteady, make drunk, intoxicate; to drink off, 'toss off'; to bestow a small present of money upon (an inferior), esp. upon a servant or employee of another, nominally in return for a service rendered or in order to obtain an extra service.

console - to comfort in mental distress or depression; to alleviate the sorrow of (any one)

memorable - worthy of remembrance or note, worth remembering, not to be forgotten

grass widow - a married woman whose husband is absent from her

hut - a dwelling of ruder and meaner construction and (usually) smaller size than a house, often of branches, turf, or mud, such as is inhabited in primitive societies, or constructed for temporary use by shepherds, workmen, or travellers.

HCE + echo.

ides of May - 15th of May + Isle of Man.

the five Bloods of Ireland: O'Neil of Ulster, O'Connor of Connacht, O'Brien of Thomond, O'Lochlan of Meath, McMurrough of Leinster [270.31]

STONEYBATTER - Road, North-West Dublin, a section of the main road to Navan. Its name combines English and Irish: bothar, Ir. "road." It has been conjectured that it was originally the route of Slighe Cualann, the ancient road from Tara through Dublin to South-East Ireland: hence the original "rocky road to Dublin." 

hollyboy - an effigy of a boy made of holly, which (together with an ivy-girl) figured in certain village sports in East Kent on Shrove Tuesday

'Cherry ripe, who'll buy' (song).

jewelry - jewels collectively, or as a form of adornment + Juliet in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

kickshaw - something dainty or elegant, but unsubstantial or comparatively valueless; a toy, trifle

madornale (Italian) - huge + adornments.

finis - the conclusion, end, finish

foundling - a deserted infant whose parents are unknown, a child whom there is no one to claim + fondle - to handle or treat with fondness; to caress.

Elissa - a name for Dido + Elizabeth II (although she was crowned only in 1952, she became heiress presumptive in 1936) + (second Isolde, i.e. Iseult Blanchemains of Brittany, whom Tristram married).

drooping - hanging or bending down; declining from vigour, prosperity, etc. failing, decaying + All around My Hat I Wear a Tricoloured Ribbon (song).

dido - a prank, a caper; a disturbance, 'row'; ? an old story, a thrice-told tale + Joyce's note: 'dido (white print scarf)' + Dido (gr, l) - "The Wanderer": legendary foundress of Carthage; according to Vergil became paramour of Aeneas and killed herself upon his departure.

clipt - clipped (cut as with shears or scissors, cut short, spec. having the hair shorn, etc.) + clip (Archaic) - embrace + buss - a kiss; kissing.


torso - the trunk of the human body

retriever - one who retrieves or recovers + retrieve - to restore, revive; to bring back to the original state or to a flourishing condition.

hitch - to become fastened or caught, esp. by hooking on; to be caught or stopped by some obstruction + Emerson: Civilisation: 'hitch your wagon to a star'.

stern - star; the steering gear of a ship + Stern (ger) - star.

ordained - invested with ministerial or priestly functions

mester - variant of mister (obs.)

booten - rare var. of boten (v.) Obs. to amend + Puccini: Madame Butterfly.

twinkling - the action of shining with tremulous or faint radiance; scintillation; glimmering

forgetness - forgetfulness

dustcover - a cover to protect something from dust; spec. a detachable paper cover or jacket in which a new book is normally issued and which often contains information about the book or  its author + discovered

nom de Dieu - a mild oath + lieu (fr) - place.

lapse - a 'slip' of the memory, the tongue, the pen, or the understanding; a slight error, a mistake

rectory - a benefice held by a rector; an educational establishment under the control of a rector (obs.) 

vicarage - the benefice or living of a vicar; the house or residence of a vicar + Vico Road, Dalkey.

folly - a popular name for any costly structure considered to have shown folly in the builder

Papst (ger) - pope + thorp - village, hamlet.

picket - a pointed stake, post, or peg, driven into the ground; Used in the construction of a stockade or fence (fence picket = pale).

stonewall - a wall built of stones; now esp. of rough stones without mortar, as a fence between fields, etc.

out and in - out of a place and in again; in and out

oxer - an ox-fence


falsehood - an uttered untruth, a lie + valse (fr) - waltz.

manny = many (obs.)

yearling - U.S. colloq. A student in his first year or beginning his second year at college.

preferment - advancement or promotion in condition, status, or position in life; in early use, also, that which is done or given towards the advancement of the children of a family or the promotion of the marriage of a daughter + The Vicar of Bray (song): 'and so I got preferment'.

ambo - special name of the pulpit or reading-desk in early Christian churches; 'an oblong enclosure with steps usually at the two ends' + ambo (l) - both + *IJ*. 

awkward + athwart.

amare (l) - to love + umarm (ger) - to embrace.

freeman - one who is personally free; one who is not a slave or serf; In later use often, one who is politically free + Freeman's Journal - Dublin newspaper.

caricatura = caricature - In Art. Grotesque or ludicrous representation of persons or things by exaggeration of their most characteristic and striking features + cuticura (l) - skin-care.

miching = mitching - pilfering, skulking, truant-playing, pretending poverty

micher - one who goes 'sneaking about' for dishonest or improper purposes (obs.); one who pretends poverty (obs.) + mishe/tauf (motif) [.24]

bearded - Of man and animals: Having a beard

insensible - emotionless, callous

virility - masculine vigour; capacity for sexual intercourse; manly strength and vigour of action or thought; energy or force of a virile character

Gaulish - of or pertaining to the ancient Gauls. Also used (chiefly poet. or humorous) for: French.

Diarmaid (Dermot) and Gráinne (Grania) are equivalents of Tristan and Isolde in Fenian myth + REFERENCE

que tu es (adjective)! (fr) - how (adjective) you are! + pitre (fr) - clown, buffoon + Matthew 16:18: tu es Petrus (l) - thou art Peter (Rock).

pitre (French) - clown, buffoon

towelling - linen cloth to be made into towels; rubbing with, or application of, a towel; a beating, drubbing, thrashing (slang.)

booty - plunder, spoil, gain + beauty spot - a spot or patch placed upon the face by ladies in the method of adornment formerly fashionable: originally intended to heighten by contrast the charm of some neighbouring feature + beauty spot (Slang) - vulva.


Sussex - the name of a maritime county in the south-east of England

SOUTHEND-ON-SEA - Resort town, North shore of Thamesmouth, Essex, England. 

oily - containing, full of, or impregnated with oil; smeared or covered with oil; fig. 'Smooth' in behaviour or (esp.) in speech.

sloper - an inhabitant of the Pacific slope of the United States + Ally Sloper - character in Victorian comics.

prickle - to rise or stand up like prickles (a prickle is a smaller or finer kind of thorn) + (earwig).

as though - as if; as would or might be the case if; so as to suggest the supposition that

notoriety - a well-known or celebrated person

foist - fig. That has lost its freshness and interest; bearing marks of age or neglect; a cheat, a trick (obs.) + first

writher - one who writhes or twists; one who perverts + A Right Down Regular Royal Queen (song).

novene = novena - a devotion consisting of special prayers or services on nine successive days + neo- (gr) - new- + novenus (l) - nine each; nine + (newborn).

Diarmaid + dear me.

Charles III ('the Simple') of France

inferiority complex - generalized and unrealistic feelings of inadequacy caused by a person's reactions to actual or supposed inferiority in one sphere, sometimes compensated for by aggressive self-assertion; colloq., exaggerated feelings of personal inadequacy.