w + double eye.

presbyterian - one who maintains the Presbyterian system of church government; a member or adherent of a Presbyterian church + presbyopia - an affection of the eyes incident to old or advancing age, in which the power of accommodation to near objects is lost or impaired, and only distant objects are seen distinctly; a form of long-sightedness. 

strayed - that has gone astray, lit. and fig + straight

fig (Slang) - vulva

ait - an islet or small isle; especially one in a river + ait (l) - he says, he affirms + aiti (Finnish) - mother + at

lambda - the 11th letter of the Greek alphabet, L, l + Lambay Island, northeast of Dublin.

jup - a woman's jacket or bodice

pep - to fill or inspire with energy or vigour, to enliven, invigorate + X.J.P.F. Archdeacon J.F.X.P. Coppinger (motif).

strate = street (obs.)

Henrik Ibsen: Et Dukkehjem (A Doll's House; closest translation is 'a doll's home') + Dogs' and Cats' Home, Grand Canal Quay, Dublin.

motherland - the country of one's origin; one's native country + modder (Dutch) - mud + Mud Island, Dublin + REFERENCE

encore - again, once more: used by spectators or auditors to demand the repetition of a song, piece of music, or other performance, that has pleased them + anchora (l) - "bend": anchor.

noth - obs. Sc. variant of nought + nothing and carry one.

memorable - worthy of remembrance or note, worth remembering

corollary - In Geom., etc. A proposition appended to another which has been demonstrated, and following immediately from it without new proof; hence gen. an immediate inference, deduction, consequence + Lewis Carroll.

A.J. Ellis: Algebra Identified with Geometry + Alice in Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll.

lookingglass - a mirror made of a plate of glass coated at the back with an amalgam of quicksilver; a chamber-pot (slang.)

sarga (Sanskrit) - emanation, emission, creation + Nitya-sarga (Sanskrit) [from nitya continuous + sarga from the verbal root srij to emanate, flow forth, create] The endless productive or generative activity of the universe; and within any universe, the continuous creation or productive activity, from within outwards, of the emanative force of the cosmic hierarchy or cosmic monad. The opposite of nitya pralaya. 

outgoing - the action or fact of going out or forth; exit, departure or removal

alpha - name of the letter A, a, in the Greek alphabet + aleph (Hebrew) - A.

centrum - the Latin word for centre

AL (alpha lambda)

spokesman - the chief representative or exponent of a movement, period, etc. + spoke of wheel (radius).

circumscript - ? Circumscribed space, bound, limit + circumscribo (l) - to draw a line around + Euclid: Elements: 'From the centre A, at the distance AB, describe the circle BCD'.

cyclone - a hurricane or tornado of limited diameter and destructive violence + kyklon (gr) - ring, circle.

ter (l) - three times, thrice

hoop - a circular band or ring of metal, wood, or other stiff material


dear me! - Interjectional phrase + Lewis Carroll: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ch. I: 'Down the Rabbit-Hole': 'Oh dear! Oh dear!' + Adear, adear! (motif).

discovery + discobolus - discus thrower.

Macpherson, James (1736-96) - Scottish "translator" of Ossian's poems, whose hero is Ossian's father, Fingal on Finn MacCool.

Oisin (ushin) (gael) - "Fawn": son of Fionn Mac Cumhail; Macpherson's Ossian.

actuary - a notary; an officer appointed to write down the acts or proceedings of a court + actually

induct - to introduce into office, to install; to place or install in a seat, room, etc. + entdeckt (ger) - dicovered + Ente (ger) - duck.

quok - obs. pa. tense of quake (v.) + look

passer - one who passes an examination + passer (Dutch) - pair of compasses.


doom - to destine or consign to some adverse fate or lot

Swift Jonathan - Anglo-Irish author who was the foremost prose satirist in the English language. Besides the celebrated novel "Gulliver's Travels" (1726), he wrote such shorter works as "A Tale of a Tub" (1704) and "A Modest Proposal" (1729).

galehus (Danish) - lunatic asylum + (Swift's madness).

Big Daddy - a paternal, dominating, or influential person + BAGDAD (BAGHDAD) - City, capital of Iraq, on Tigris River, and an ancient caliphate of Turkey-in-Asia in the Tigris-Euphrates region, West of the present city + dud (dud) (gael) - stump, pipe; penis (slang) + bigodudo (Portuguese) - having a large mustache.

dadder - to quake, tremble

Docetism - the doctrine or views of the Docetæ (an early sect of heretics, who held that Christ's body was not human, but either a phantom, or of real but celestial substance).

didacticism - the practice or quality of being didactic or aiming at the conveyance of instruction

Three primal qualities of matter are called gunas ("qualities"). They make up the prakriti but are further important principally as physiopsychological factors. The highest one is sattva, which is illumination, enlightening knowledge, and lightness; the second is rajas, which is energy, passion, and expansiveness; the third is tamas ("darkness"), which is obscurity, ignorance, and inertia. To these correspond moral models: to tamas that of the ignorant and lazy man; to rajas that of the impulsive and passionate man; to sattva the enlightened and serene man.

boue de ville (fr) - filth of the town + Boudevllle - Frenchman hired by the Free State to put the Dublin street-cleaning department in order + vaudeville - a variety show with songs and comic acts etc.

gorodskoi golova (Russian) - mayor under Catherine's rule

Gulliver's Travels

rauch (ger) - to smoke + The privy is also a place for smoking (John Gordon: Finnegans Wake: a plot summary).

Turkey - In names of things of actual or supposed Turkish or Levantine origin, as Turkey tobacco.

smoking + smuk (Danish) - beautiful.

precinct - the space enclosed by the walls or other boundaries of a particular place or building, or by an imaginary line drawn around it; spec. the ground (sometimes consecrated) immediately surrounding a religious house or place of worship; esp. in pl., often applied more vaguely to the region lying immediately around a place, without distinct reference to any enclosure.

Lydia - ancient land of western Anatolia, extending east from the Aegean Sea and occupying the valleys of the Hermus and Cayster rivers. The Lydians were said to be the originators of gold and silver coins. During their brief hegemony over Asia Minor from the middle of the 7th to the middle of the 6th century BC, the Lydians profoundly influenced the Ionian Greeks + ladies

flagrant - glaring, notorious, scandalous + A friend in need is a friend indeed (proverb).

weed - tobacco

*IJ* + Merrion, Dollymount, Monkstown - seeside districts of Dublin.

sidle - to move or go sideways or obliquely; to edge along, esp. in a furtive or unobtrusive manner, or while looking in another direction; to make advances in this manner.

edge - to urge on, incite, provoke, encourage (a person)

corpulence - bulk of body; over-bulkiness, obesity

BLACKROCK - Town on Dublin Bay between Dublin and Dun Laoghaire; Since the 18th century a place of resort for Dubliners, reached by the "Rock Road", later by the Dalkey, Kingstown, and Blackrock tram. Conway's Tavern and Vauxhall Gardens were two of its attractions + *VYC*.  

Maurice Edward Dockrell - Irish Unionist Member of Parliament from 1918 to 1922 + doggerel - a comic verse of irregular measure.

auris (l) - the ear

afar + Furz (ger) - fart.

Popocatepetl - volcano, México-Puebla state line, central Mexico. The perpetually snowcapped, symmetrical cone of Popocatépetl (Nahuatl: "Smoking Mountain") rises to a height of 17,930 feet (5,465 m).

Abraham Bradley King - 19th century Lord-Mayor of Dublin, welcomed George IV when latter visited Dublin and was knighted by him

blow off - to allow (steam or the like) to escape forcibly with a blowing noise; also fig. to get rid of (superfluous energy, emotion, etc.) in a noisy way; intr. (for refl.) of steam, gas, etc.: to escape forcibly.

wake + (walk up volcano).

ting - the sound emitted by a small bell, or other resonant body, as a thin glass vessel, as the result of a single stroke + t'ing (Chinese) - listen.

magma - molten rock in the earth's crust + "By the Magazine Wall, zinzin, zinzin".

lump - a compact mass of no particular shape

lava - the fluid or semi-fluid matter flowing from a volcano

BAGINBUN - Headland, South County Wexford, between Bannow Bay and The Hook. An old jingle about the defeat in 1169 of the Norse-Irish army by Anglo-Norman Raymond le Gros runs: "At the Creeke of Bagganbun, Irelande was lost and wonne" + bac na buinn (baknabwin) - hollow of the sole.

Banba (bonbe) (gael) - Ireland (poetic)

bene! (it) - well, properly done, good!

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: The House by the Churchyard, ch. 77: 'breathing turf and thunder, fire and sword'.

recall - to call or bring back (a circumstance, person, etc.) to the mind, memory, thoughts, etc.

Byzantium - the Eastern division of the Roman Empire + Byzantine State is important in A Vision and other works of Yeats.

mystery - something beyond human knowledge or comprehension; a riddle or enigma + History repeats itself (proverb).

call back - to recall to memory, remember + coalblack

gaudy - brilliantly fine or gay, highly ornate, showy. Now chiefly in disparaging sense: Excessively or glaringly showy, tastelessly gay or fine + Gaudyanna - Spanish river.

tanner - one whose occupation is to tan hides or to convert them into leather by tanning

Alma Mater - (L. alma mater, bounteous mother) a title given by the Romans to several goddesses, especially to Ceres and Cybele, and transferred in Eng. to Universities and schools regarded as 'fostering mothers' to their alumni + animal matter.

continuously - in a continuous manner; uninterruptedly, without break; continually, constantly + consinuose (l) - very intricately, wound roundabout.

posset - a drink composed of hot milk curdled with ale, wine, or other liquor, often with sugar, spices, or other ingredients; formerly much used as a delicacy, and as a remedy for colds or other affections.

quer - obs. form of choir + queer.