homologuos - Math. Having the same ratio or relative value as the two antecedents or the two consequents in a proportion, or the corresponding sides in similar figures + homo- (gr) - same- + locus (l) - place, spot + homolocus (gr+l) - in-the-same-place, one who is in the same place.

yesterday + hesterno (die) - yesterday, on yesterday.

isto die (l) - on that day + Swift's Stella and Vanessa both named Esther.

sew up - to close (an orifice, a wound, also anything that envelops) by stitching the edges together; to bring (something) to a desired conclusion or condition; to complete satisfactorily.

buckskin - leather made from the skin of a buck; a kind of strong twill cloth


kapitein (Dutch) - captain + (Norwegian Captain).

juke - a roadhouse or brothel; spec. a cheap roadside establishment providing food and drinks, and music for dancing + duke - a leader; a leader of an army, a captain or general + Juke and Kallikak - American families of supposedly-hereditary degenerates [033.24]

Killiney, County Dublin

vanitas vanitatum (l) - vanity of vanities, emptiness of emptinesses + Swift's Vanessa.

thousand years + night of a thousand years - an appellation for the Middle Ages (appears in 'A Vision' by Yeats).

Shakespeare + Yeats: A Vision 187 (book II, sec. I): 'The whole system is founded upon the belief that the ultimate reality, symbolised as the Sphere, falls in human consciousness, as Nicholas of Cusa was the first to demonstrate, into a series of antimonies'.

pun - to make puns, to play on words

in effect - formerly: in fact, in reality, opposed to in show, in words. In mod. use, virtually, substantially, so far as the result is concerned.

yule - Christmas and the festivities connected therewith + years


lil - colloq. contraction of little

mirror (*J*)

mine + Little Mother of Mine (song) + Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Biographia Literaria, ch. 15: 'myriad-minded Shakespeare' (mentioned in Ulysses.9.768) .

Santa Claus - an imaginary being who is thought to bring presents to children at Christmas + Yeats: A Vision 221 (book III, sec. III): 'Certain London Spiritualists for some years past have decked out a Christmas tree with presents that have each the names of some dead child upon them'.

tate - a small tuft or lock of hair, wool, or other fibrous material, consisting of only a few fibres; 'a bit' + Tutankhamen

snuff out - to extinguish (candle)

Childrenís game: Hunt the slipper

faithful departed - the blessed dead

telescope - a magnifier of images of distant objects + Yeats: A Vision 229 (book III, sec. VI): 'It is from the Dreaming Back of the dead... that we get the imagery of ordinary sleep... Having kept a steady watch upon my dreams for years I know that so long as I dream in words I know that my father, let us say, was tall and bearded. If, on the other hand, I dream in images and examine the dream immediately upon waking I may discover him there represented by a stool or the eyepiece of a telescope'. 

chameleon - lizard of Africa and Madagascar able to change skin color and having a projectile tongue + Cummilium (song).

dromed = dromedary + drome - colloq. abbrev. of aerodrome + dromao (gr) - to run + dromen (Dutch) - to dream.

dairy - a room or building in which milk and cream are kept, and made into butter and cheese + I Dreamed I Was in Derry (song).

thump - a hard heavy dead dull blow with something blunt; a heavy knock; also, the heavy sound of such a blow (not so dull as a thud)

eiderdown - a soft quilt usually filled with the down of the eider

But to continue (Joyce's note, taken from Charles Joseph Patten's The Passing of the Phantoms, 1925)

timbrel - a musical instrument of percussion; a tambourine or the like that could be held up in the hand + tumblerful - the quantity that fills a tumbler + thimbleful.

tinkle - a sharp light ringing sound; Reduplicated, expressing repetition of such sounds + Twinkle, twinkle little star (nursery rhyme).

straordinario (it) - extraordinary + binaire (fr) - binary.

tonneau (fr) - cask, tun; ton, tonne + tonneau (French Colloquial) - drunkard + down

eau (fr) - water

Nothung - Siegfried's sword + nothing

have up one's sleeve - to have in reserve, at one's disposal, or ready for some need or emergency

mudland - ? land covered with mud + midland.

L + lutum (l) - mud + luis (lush) (gael) - letter L (means 'quicken tree') + Laois - a county in the midlands of Ireland.

LA (line) + Lucan - village on Liffey, west of Dublin.

elder - a parent; a member of a 'senate', governing body or class, consisting of men venerable for age, or conventionally supposed to be so

tetra- (gr) - four-

somersault - a leap or spring in which a person turns heels over head in the air and alights on his feet

All's fair in love and war (proverb)

In A Vision, Yeats says he is transmitting information given to him by the 'instructors'.

inkle - a kind of linen tape, formerly much used for various purposes

allo, allo! (French, telephone)

'giro giro tondo' (it) - first words of the Italian equivalent of song 'Ring-a-ring o' Roses'

gyro - a circular or spiral turn; a ring, circle + rotundo (l) - to make round  + gyres - a term used in A Vision for conical spirals of determined events ('Concord' and 'Discord') Yeats: A Vision 237 (book III, sec. XI): 'All the involuntary acts and facts of life are the effect of the whirring and interlocking of the gyres'.

umpty - an indefinite number, usu. fairly large; adj. An indefinite number of this kind, in adjectival use.

herum (ger) - round about

nesse - obs. form of nese, nesh (a.), ness + nesh - soft in texture or consistency + Nasse (ger) - wetness + nice

nace - variant of nais (covered with shame; destitute) + nass (ger) - wet + nace (Slang) - intoxicating.


distinction - the perceiving, noting, or making a difference between things; discrimination

acompass - to compass; to go about, to contrive + accomplices + pair of compasses (Slang) - human legs.

allus - repr. dial. and colloq. pronunc. of always + alles (ger) - everything + alles voor de kunst (Dutch) - all for art.

Kunst (ger) - art + cunt (Slang) - vulva.

Handel, Georg Friedrich (1685-1759) - German musician + Handel (ger) = handel (Dutch) - trade, commerce, shop.

beve! (it) - drink! + bene! (it) - well!

presently - in the space of time that immediately follows + Yeats: A Vision 73 (book I, part I, sec. IV): 'As will be presently seen, the sphere is reality' + pressant (fr) - urgent.

tew - fishing-tackle; nets, fishing-lines, etc. + Tew - Lord-Mayor of Dublin + two

ticklesome - difficult, critical, delicate, precarious; ? suitable or fitted for tickling or laughter + two, three (*IJ*, *VYC*).

poind - an act of poinding, a distraint + points

twain - a group of two; a pair, couple

doubling - making, or becoming, twice as much + Dublin.

bicircular - Applied to a class of quartic curves each of which passes twice through each of the circular points at infinity, and thus resembles (analytically, and sometimes in form) a pair of circles + North and South Circular Roads, Dublin, parallel to Royal and Grand Canals.

mate - to join suitably with; to associate, couple

approximately + proxenete (French Slang) - bawd.

suite - the set of components which forms a lavatory; hence also, (matching) bathroom furniture or fittings + suite (fr) - succession.

P + poi (it) - then, afterwards.

+ In the sweet by and by (song).

Dunlop, rubber (tyres) + Daniel Dunlop, Dublin theosophist.

eath - easily, without difficulty + each

ocher - a pale brownish yellow + ochar (Irish) - border, edge + other + FDV: There's one tew ticklish tricklesome point poinds at which the bicycles our two doubling circulars bicirculars run into each other other each eath the ocher. Down [Here] Feahere Looksyhere Looksihere Lucihere. I feel fee where you mean mein.

fee - to give a fee to + see