homologuos - Math. Having the same ratio or relative value as the two antecedents or the two consequents in a proportion, or the corresponding sides in similar figures + homo- (gr) - same- + locus (l) - place, spot + homolocus (gr+l) - in-the-same-place, one who is in the same place.

yesterday + hesterno (die) - yesterday, on yesterday.

isto die (l) - on that day + Swift's Stella and Vanessa both named Esther.

sew up - to close (an orifice, a wound, also anything that envelops) by stitching the edges together; to bring (something) to a desired conclusion or condition; to complete satisfactorily.

buckskin - leather made from the skin of a buck; a kind of strong twill cloth


kapitein (Dutch) - captain + (Norwegian Captain).

juke - a roadhouse or brothel; spec. a cheap roadside establishment providing food and drinks, and music for dancing + duke - a leader; a leader of an army, a captain or general + Juke and Kallikak - American families of supposedly-hereditary degenerates [033.24]

Killiney, County Dublin

vanitas vanitatum (l) - vanity of vanities, emptiness of emptinesses + Swift's Vanessa.

thousand years + night of a thousand years - an appellation for the Middle Ages (appears in 'A Vision' by Yeats).

Shakespeare + Yeats: A Vision 187 (book II, sec. I): 'The whole system is founded upon the belief that the ultimate reality, symbolised as the Sphere, falls in human consciousness, as Nicholas of Cusa was the first to demonstrate, into a series of antimonies'.

pun - to make puns, to play on words

in effect - formerly: in fact, in reality, opposed to in show, in words. In mod. use, virtually, substantially, so far as the result is concerned.

yule - Christmas and the festivities connected therewith + years


lil - colloq. contraction of little

mirror (*J*)

mine + Little Mother of Mine (song) + Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Biographia Literaria, ch. 15: 'myriad-minded Shakespeare' (mentioned in Ulysses.9.768) .

Santa Claus - an imaginary being who is thought to bring presents to children at Christmas + Yeats: A Vision 221 (book III, sec. III): 'Certain London Spiritualists for some years past have decked out a Christmas tree with presents that have each the names of some dead child upon them'.

tate - a small tuft or lock of hair, wool, or other fibrous material, consisting of only a few fibres; 'a bit' + Tutankhamen

snuff out - to extinguish (candle)

Childrenís game: Hunt the slipper

faithful departed - the blessed dead

telescope - a magnifier of images of distant objects + Yeats: A Vision 229 (book III, sec. VI): 'It is from the Dreaming Back of the dead... that we get the imagery of ordinary sleep... Having kept a steady watch upon my dreams for years I know that so long as I dream in words I know that my father, let us say, was tall and bearded. If, on the other hand, I dream in images and examine the dream immediately upon waking I may discover him there represented by a stool or the eyepiece of a telescope'. 

chameleon - lizard of Africa and Madagascar able to change skin color and having a projectile tongue + Cummilium (song).

dromed = dromedary + drome - colloq. abbrev. of aerodrome + dromao (gr) - to run + dromen (Dutch) - to dream.

dairy - a room or building in which milk and cream are kept, and made into butter and cheese + I Dreamed I Was in Derry (song).

thump - a hard heavy dead dull blow with something blunt; a heavy knock; also, the heavy sound of such a blow (not so dull as a thud)

eiderdown - a soft quilt usually filled with the down of the eider

But to continue (Joyce's note, taken from Charles Joseph Patten's The Passing of the Phantoms, 1925)

timbrel - a musical instrument of percussion; a tambourine or the like that could be held up in the hand + tumblerful - the quantity that fills a tumbler + thimbleful.

tinkle - a sharp light ringing sound; Reduplicated, expressing repetition of such sounds + Twinkle, twinkle little star (nursery rhyme).

straordinario (it) - extraordinary + binaire (fr) - binary.

tonneau (fr) - cask, tun; ton, tonne + tonneau (French Colloquial) - drunkard + down

eau (fr) - water

Nothung - Siegfried's sword + nothing

have up one's sleeve - to have in reserve, at one's disposal, or ready for some need or emergency

mudland - ? land covered with mud + midland.

L + lutum (l) - mud + luis (lush) (gael) - letter L (means 'quicken tree') + Laois - a county in the midlands of Ireland.

LA (line) + Lucan - village on Liffey, west of Dublin.

elder - a parent; a member of a 'senate', governing body or class, consisting of men venerable for age, or conventionally supposed to be so

tetra- (gr) - four-

somersault - a leap or spring in which a person turns heels over head in the air and alights on his feet

All's fair in love and war (proverb)

In A Vision, Yeats says he is transmitting information given to him by the 'instructors'.

inkle - a kind of linen tape, formerly much used for various purposes

allo, allo! (French, telephone)

'giro giro tondo' (it) - first words of the Italian equivalent of song 'Ring-a-ring o' Roses'

gyro - a circular or spiral turn; a ring, circle + rotundo (l) - to make round  + gyres - a term used in A Vision for conical spirals of determined events ('Concord' and 'Discord') Yeats: A Vision 237 (book III, sec. XI): 'All the involuntary acts and facts of life are the effect of the whirring and interlocking of the gyres'.

umpty - an indefinite number, usu. fairly large; adj. An indefinite number of this kind, in adjectival use.

herum (ger) - round about

nesse - obs. form of nese, nesh (a.), ness + nesh - soft in texture or consistency + Nasse (ger) - wetness + nice

nace - variant of nais (covered with shame; destitute) + nass (ger) - wet + nace (Slang) - intoxicating.


distinction - the perceiving, noting, or making a difference between things; discrimination

acompass - to compass; to go about, to contrive + accomplices + pair of compasses (Slang) - human legs.

allus - repr. dial. and colloq. pronunc. of always + alles (ger) - everything + alles voor de kunst (Dutch) - all for art.

Kunst (ger) - art + cunt (Slang) - vulva.

Handel, Georg Friedrich (1685-1759) - German musician + Handel (ger) = handel (Dutch) - trade, commerce, shop.

beve! (it) - drink! + bene! (it) - well!

presently - in the space of time that immediately follows + Yeats: A Vision 73 (book I, part I, sec. IV): 'As will be presently seen, the sphere is reality' + pressant (fr) - urgent.

tew - fishing-tackle; nets, fishing-lines, etc. + Tew - Lord-Mayor of Dublin + two

ticklesome - difficult, critical, delicate, precarious; ? suitable or fitted for tickling or laughter + two, three (*IJ*, *VYC*).

poind - an act of poinding, a distraint + points

twain - a group of two; a pair, couple

doubling - making, or becoming, twice as much + Dublin.

bicircular - Applied to a class of quartic curves each of which passes twice through each of the circular points at infinity, and thus resembles (analytically, and sometimes in form) a pair of circles + North and South Circular Roads, Dublin, parallel to Royal and Grand Canals.

mate - to join suitably with; to associate, couple

approximately + proxenete (French Slang) - bawd.

suite - the set of components which forms a lavatory; hence also, (matching) bathroom furniture or fittings + suite (fr) - succession.

P + poi (it) - then, afterwards.

+ As a performance art, poi involves swinging tethered weights through a variety of rhythmical and geometric patterns. Poi artists may also sing or dance while swinging their poi. Poi can be made from various materials with different handles, weights, and effects (such as fire). Poi originated with the Māori people of New Zealand, where it is still practiced today.

Dunlop, rubber (tyres) + Daniel Dunlop, Dublin theosophist.

eath - easily, without difficulty + each

ocher - a pale brownish yellow + ochar (Irish) - border, edge + other + FDV: There's one tew ticklish tricklesome point poinds at which the bicycles our two doubling circulars bicirculars run into each other other each eath the ocher. Down [Here] Feahere Looksyhere Looksihere Lucihere. I feel fee where you mean mein.

fee - to give a fee to + see