mean + mea (l) - my own, my darling.

W. C.

nun (gr) = nun (ger) - now + nun (Arabic) - the letter 'N' → "The letter ... which occurs at the commencement of the 66th Surah of the Qur'an. The meaning of which is acknowledged by all commentators to be a mystery ... Al-Baizawi says it is supposed that nun either means an inkstand, referring to the pen of the first verse, or a fish, referring to that which swallowed Jonah mentioned in the 48th verse of this Surah, but he thinks it is merely an initial letter, the meaning of which is unknown to mortal man".

lemma (gr) - anything received; gain, credit, profit; Logic: premise.

quatsch - nonsense, rubbish + Quatsch (ger) - nonsense + lemon squash [270.L04]

vide - 'See, refer to, consult'; a direction to the reader to refer to some other heading, passage, or work (or to a table, diagram, etc.) for fuller or further information.

previous + pervyi (Russian) - the first.

axiom + Actium (l) - promontory in Greece off which Octavian defeated the fleet of Antony and Cleopatra, 31 B.C.

limon - obs. form of lemon + limon (fr) - mud + FDV: We aught to shake I think [as I'm squeezing the lemon] I'd like to pore a capital pee there for Pride and let you go & make muck a muddle modest pie at up your end for out of Humbles.

stigme (gr) - spot, mathematical point

punctum - a (geometrical) point + punctum (l) - small hole, puncture, point; punctuation mark.

several + seminalis (l) - of or belonging to seed or semen.

ration = ratio (obs.) - Math. The relation between two similar magnitudes in respect of quantity, determined by the number of times one contains the other + reasons

ARAXES - Ancient name of Araks River, which rises in Turk Armenia and flows 600 miles to the Caspian Sea. 

mack = make (obs.)

P + Dolph has one P for Pride, the most serious of all capital sins, and he classifies it to himself in the diagram’s construction. There is indeed Pride in this self-assignation, and together with his positioning of Kevin at the top, in a heaven-like placing, mocking his innocent, humble nature, it is self-evident that Dolph is not in Dante's Purgatory, where only repentant sinners are allowed, who are searching forgiveness from God... Paradise is known to Dolph, but although it is observed and described in "The Triangle" it is never entered or explored because his sins do not permit him, in conjunction with his refusal to repent. (Jonathan McCreedy)

bottom + Batum - Armenian seaport on Black Sea (in Georgia) [.F03]

Parsee - one of the descendants of those Persians who fled to India in the seventh and eighth centuries to escape Muslim persecution, and who still retain their religion (Zoroastrianism) + Percy French (1 May 1854 – 24 January 1920) was one of Ireland's foremost songwriters and entertainers in his day.

upholsterer - a tradesman or shopkeeper whose business is the making, finishing, or repairing of articles of furniture and other house-furnishings in which woven or similar fabrics, or materials used for stuffing these, are employed.

delighter - one who delights; one who takes delight in (anything)

Hode (ger) - testicle + Finnegan's Wake (song): 'Tim Finnegan... he carried a hod'.

heaven + Adam and Eve (Garden of Eden traditionally sited in Armenia).

masterbuilder - one who is skilled in the art of building, an architect + bilker - one who practises cheating + Henrik Ibsen: The Master Builder.

balk - to check, hinder, thwart (a person or his action); to disappoint (expectations, or any one in his expectations); fig. To pass over, overlook, refrain from noticing (what comes in one's way).

bird of paradise - a bird belonging to the family Paradiseidæ, found chiefly in New Guinea, and remarkable for the beauty of their plumage

Armenius (l) - an Armenian + Armenios (gr) - Armenian + Arminius (18 B.C.-19 A.D.) (l) - "Herman": German who defeated Varus 9 A.D., thus saving Germany from Roman domination.

Zweispaltung (ger) - bifurcation + spaltung (ger) - dividing, splitting.

Weiderherstellung (ger) - reconstitution

π + dirt pie - mud or wet earth formed by children into a shape like a pie; a mud-pie + Anus makes 'pie', urethra makes pee.

humble - modest, unpretentious + eat humble pie (phrase) - to apologise + pie in the sky (phrase) - a promise of heaven, while continuing to suffer in this life.

apotheosis - the action of ranking, or fact of being ranked, among the gods + apex (l) - extreme end, point, summit + exegesis (gr) - explanation, interpretation.

point of order - in a debate, meeting, etc., an objection or query respecting procedure

geing = ging (obs.) - company, crew

click clack (click, etc.) - Various reduplicated expressions for recurring or successive sounds of the click type.

pass out - to die, to faint, become unconscious; to complete a course of instruction, etc., successfully


kink - a mental twist; an odd or fantastic notion; a crotchet, whim + pink and purple.

keek - a peep

thagam (Armenian) - interpreter + targum (Hebrew) - translation, interpretation + Tuigeann tu Gaedhealg? (tigen tu gelg) (gael) - Do you understand Irish? + Magrath.

think + sink or swim (phrase).

Swinford - town in County Mayo

SUKHUM-KALEH - Seaport city, East coast of Black Sea, USSR + sursum caelo (l) - upwards to heaven.

sit tight - to apply oneself closely to (obs.); to maintain one's position firmly in reference to something + Percy French: Are Ye Right There Michael (song): "Are ye right there, Michael? are ye right? / Do you think that ye'll be home before it's light? / Tis all dependin' whether / The ould engin' howlds together / and it might now, Michael, / so it might!"

angelus (l) - an angel

ay - an affirmative answer or vote, yes

nickel - a hard silvery-white lustrous mineral + Mick (*V*) archangel in heaven, on right margin, Nick (*C*) devil in hell, on left margin.

top line - Mus. In music divided into four parts for singing, the highest (usu. soprano) line.

suit - to be agreeable or convenient to (a person, his inclinations, etc.); to fall in with the views or wishes of

yaghaks (Armenian) - for, about; concerning, upon the subject of

hogward - a keeper of hogs; a swine-herd + hokuots (Armenian) - souls (genitive, dative).

arakinout'yandz (Armenian) - virtue + our acquaintance.

thick - the more turbid or viscid part of a liquid, which usually subsides to the bottom (rare.) + FDV: Are you right there, Micheal, are you right? Aye I'm right here, ye Divil Nickel, all right and I'll write but it's the muddest thing thick I that was ever done heard dun.

dump - to throw away as refuse; to plunge or fall abruptly

smeadar (smader) (gael) - mess + matter + mother.

smothered - cooked in a close vessel

plap - to come down or fall with a flat impact, and with the sound that this makes + (egg hits pan).

Pfann (ger) - pan

compleat - arch. spelling of complete

angles + Izaak Walton: The Compleat Angler.

bnout'ion (Armenian) - nature (as in 'divine nature of Christ') + brethren.

hreshtak-atz (Armenian) - of the angels



dotty - consisting of or characterized by dots; dot-like

spermatikoi logoi (gr) - the 'seeds' [.01] or active forms of individual things, in Stoic philosophy (Latinised rationes seminales: seminal reasons [.04])



trunk - transf. the main line of a river, railway, telegraph or telephone, road or canal system + FDV: Bene! Bene! Now join alfa pea and and pea pee loose by dotted lines slashes dotty links and eelpie & pale ale by trunk lines.

align - to bring into line + a line

encloud - to surround with or envelop in a cloud; to overshadow, darken + allow me a line while I enclose a space.

Nike - In Greek art: a winged statue representing Nike, the goddess of victory + Nike - Greek goddess of victory Yeats: A Vision 269 (book V, sec. III): 'I recall a Nike at the Ashmolean Museum with a natural unsystematised beauty like that before Raphael'.

pah - a natural exclamation of disgust; (in childish lang.) Nasty; hence, Improper, unbecoming.

hesitancy - the quality or condition of hesitating; indecision, vacillation

peh (Hebrew) - mouth, origin (name of letter) + like that, I see.

innate - present at birth but not necessarily hereditary, acquired during fetal development + a neat little boundary.

pikestaff (Slang) - penis + plain as a pikestaff - very easy to see or understand.

impudence - shameless effrontery; insolent disrespect, insolence

aqua in buccam (l) - water into the mouth + aqua in bucca (l) - water in the mouth (i.e. silence).

figuratively - by or as a figure of speech; metaphorically + fig leaf.

whome = home (obs.) + FDV: Like that. I see. Then Now I'll show you whom your geomater geometer was.