geometry + geometer (gr) - earth-mother, mother of land + Gaia mater (gr) - mother Earth.

headdress - any dress or covering for the head; esp. an ornamental attire for the head worn by women

highlow - (Usually pl.) a boot laced or otherwise fastened up in front and reaching up over the ankle

wheeze - a piece of special information, a 'tip'; to breathe hard with a whistling sound from dryness or obstruction in the throat, as in asthma


seal + Seele (ger) - soul.

hexagram - a figure formed by two intersecting equilateral triangles, each side of the one being parallel to a side of the other, and the six angular points coinciding with those of a hexagon + Hexen (ger) - witches.

chape - the metal plate or mounting of a scabbard or sheath + chape (fr) - cope, hood + Il Capo di Buona Speranza (it) - Cape of Good Hope + shape

Wilde, Lady (b. Jane Francesca Elgee) - wife of Sir William Wilde, mother of Oscar Wilde, she published books of Irish legend (prettied up like Lady Gregory's); and under the name Speranza, she published verse in The Nation. Some "hope" may name her, especially in O. Wilde passages (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake).

THE NATION - Dublin nationalist newspaper, 1842-1900, when incorporated with the Irish Weekly Independent. Lady Wilde contributed poetry and prose to it as "Speranza," 1845-48, when it was suppressed and its editor prosecuted, in part for her published appeal to Irishmen to take up arms + nacion (sp) - nation. 

hiss - a sharp continuous spirant sound; this sound uttered in disapproval or scorn

arrah - An expletive expressing emotion or excitement, common in Anglo-Irish speech.

fe fo fum! (phrase)

spat - pa. tense and pple. of spit + {Dolph, with pleasure, sees that Kevin has viewed the completed diagram and masturbated: 'You've spat your shower but lets have at it' (JJA 53: 111), his happiness with his student’s Lustful behaviour made unambiguous in the statement: Arrah, go on! Fin for fun?’ (JJA 53: 137)}

Hibernia - Ireland + Siberia - the name of a region of the U.S.S.R. in Asia.

subtend - (Geom.) To stretch or extend under, or be opposite to: said esp. of a line or side of a figure opposite an angle; also, of a chord or angle opposite an arc.

pst - A whispered signal for silence + pisk (Danish) - whip + piscis (l) - fish.

circumstances + serptum (l) - crept, crawled.

equal - to make equal, equalize + eke - also, too, moreover; in addition.

if you please - if it please you, if you like, if it is your will or pleasure + pleat - to plait (hair, a garland, etc.)

seam - the junction made by sewing together the edges of two pieces of cloth, leather, etc. + Shem, Ham and Japhet.

hem - the border or edging of a piece of cloth or article of apparel; By extension: the skirt of a tunic or gown.

jabot - an ornamental frill on a woman's bodice + jebote (Serbian) - fuck you (expletive).

spids (Danish) - point

trekant (Danish) - triangle

capered + Calpe (gr) - Gibraltar +  O felix culpa! (Exsultet).

Ochone - A Scottish and Irish exclamation of lamentation + Yeats: A Vision 69 (book I, part I, sec. II): (of Swedenborg) 'In the Principia... he describes the double cone. All physical reality, the universe as a whole, every solar system, every atom, is a double cone'.

fearfully - with a feeling of fear

nether - lower, lower down

nadir - the lowest point (of anything)

vortically - in a vortical manner (moving in a vortex; whirling round) [293.L05] + vertically

aright - in a right way or manner; correctly, properly; to make right, to put to rights; to arrange or treat properly. Occas. ironically.

cute - acute, clever, keen-witted, sharp, shrewd + kut (Croatian) - angle.

winkle - periwinkle; the penis (of a young boy) + Winkel (ger) - angle.

apex - Geom. The vertex of a triangle or cone + FDV: we carefully lift up by its her hem the muddy apron of our A.L.P. Carefully Kearful Kearfully until its nether apex below is where a navel ought is bounds to be. Waaaaaa. Tch!

Prometheus - Gr. Myth. Name of a demigod (son of the Titan Iapetus), who was fabled to have made man out of clay, and to have stolen fire from Olympus, and taught men the use of it and various arts, for which he was punished by Zeus by being chained to a rock in the Caucasus where his liver was preyed upon every day by a vulture.

proach - aphetic form of approach (v.)

mear - a boundary; also, an object indicating a boundary, a landmark + mear (mer) (gael) - finger.

lob - to move heavily or clumsily; to walk along with a slow lumbering movement + lob (ger) -  praise + look


jeldy! (Anglo-Indian) - quickly

ugol (Russian) - corner

egal (ger) - equal + eagal (Irish) - fear

vidim (Serbian) - I see + mi (Serbian) - we + mi vidim mi (Serbian) - we see us [more correctly 'mi vidimo sebe'].


sluice - a channel, drain, or small stream, esp. one carrying off overflow or surplus water + sluice (Slang) - vulva.

their = there (obs.)

redneck - 'Red-neck' used to be applied to Roman Catholics in Lancashire as a term of opprobrium; a member of the white rural labouring class of the southern States (U.S.).

punkah - a portable fan, generally made from the leaf of the palmyra + 'Oh! hadn't we the gaiety at Phil the Fluter's Ball!' (song) + REFERENCE

living spit - the very image

dead water - water without any current; still water + Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 9: 'I crept up the dead water under the bank'.

Sangamon river, Illinois + G. Griffin: 'Tis, it is the Shannon's Stream (song).

fastness - the quality or state of being firmly fixed; fixedness, stability; Also, firm attachment.

firm - the 'style' or name under which the business of a commercial house is transacted

Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn (river associations) + Town of the Ford of the Hurdles - Dublin.

discinctus (l) - unbuckled; voluptuous + discinct (Archaic) - ungirt.

isopleuros (gr) - equilateral + Catechism: 'really distinct and equal in all things'.

duble = double (obs.) + Finnegan's Wake 5 (song): 'soul to the devil'.

saxous - rocky, stony + (six points of Solomon's seal) [.03]

flumen (l) - river, flood, stream

fluvius (l) - river

flatuous - inflated or puffed-up, 'windy'; empty, vain, pretentious + fluo (l) - to flow + luteus (l) - muddy.

midden - a dunghill, manure-heap, refuse-heap

wedge - Geom. A triangular prism + midway - in the middle of the way or distance.

muddy - abounding in mud; turbid or foul with mud; covered or bespattered with mud

triagonal - triangular

delta - Geog. The more or less triangular tract of alluvial land formed at the mouth of a river, and enclosed or traversed by its diverging branches; anything shaped like letter delta (rivermouth, female pudenda, etc.)

fiho (Provençal) - young girl

mio (Italian) - my, mine

Appia (l) - the Appian Way (road from Rome to Brundisium)

lippa (l) - blear-eyed, dim-sighted + lippia (l) - having watery eyes.

pluvia (l) - fain + pluvialis (l) - rainy.

hula - an Hawaiian dance, with six basic steps, which portrays through symbolic and imitative gestures natural phenomena, sports, and historical or mythological subjects

niggard - a mean, stingy, or parsimonious person; a miser; one who grudgingly parts with or expends anything

safety valve - a valve in a steam-boiler which automatically opens to permit steam to escape when the pressure is becoming dangerous. Also, a similar valve opening inwards, to admit air when a partial vacuum has been formed.

equilateral - having all the sides equal + usque (l) - all the way to, as far as + lutarius (l) - muddy, living in mud + uisce (Irish) - water + FDV: And there's your muddy delta for you the first of all equilittoral equiltiteral triangles.

crosslegged - having the legs crossed (usually of a person in a sitting posture)

lure - to allure, entice, tempt + The Lass That Loved a Sailor (song).

fluxion - the action of flowing; a flowing or issuing forth (of water, vapour, etc.); Math. In the Newtonian form of the infinitesimal calculus: 'The rate or proportion at which a flowing or varying quantity increases its magnitude'.

mahatma - ("great soul") in 'Esoteric Buddhism', one of a class of persons with preternatural powers, imagined to exist in India and Tibet + Blavatsky: The Mahatma Letters.

province - a country, territory, district, or region

mein Kind (ger) - my child + mankind

teddy bear - a stuffed figure of a bear, made of rough plush, used as a toy or as a kind of mascot; a person who resembles a teddy bear in appearance or in being lovable + tidlig (Danish) - early + tiddle - smallest pig in litter.

rutsch- (ger) - slide

Allah - the name of the Deity among Muslims + Olaf Cuaran - a Norse king of Dublin (called Aulaf Quaran in Haliday's 'The Scandinavian Kingdom of Dublin' 96).

Koran - the sacred book of the Muslims, consisting of revelations orally delivered at intervals by Muhammad, and collected in writing after his death

bed and board - entertainment with lodging and food + bier - the movable stand on which a corpse, whether in a coffin or not, is placed before burial + Bett (ger) - bed + und (ger) - and + Bier (ger) - beer.

Whangpoo river + Whack fol de Diddle (song)

whiss - to make a sibilant sound of some kind; to whistle, hiss, whizz, or wheeze + wissen (ger) - to know + Pop goes the weasel (nursery rhyme) + (we know who).