ambage - Of language: Roundabout or indirect modes of speech; fig. Circuitous, indirect, or roundabout ways or proceedings.

role - the part or character which one has to play, undertakes, or assumes; Freq. fig., with reference to the part played by a person in society or life.  

it (Slang) - vulva

go one better - to do something better than it has been done before.

river + Riff (ger) - reef + di riffa o di raffa (it) - by hook or by crook.

Quod Erat Faciendum (l) = Q.E.F. - 'which was to be done' (Q.E.F. appears after problems in Euclid) + fossa (l) - ditch + fosse (French Slang) - vulva.

quaff - to drink (liquor) copiously or in a large draught

put that in your pipe and smoke it - digest or put up with that if you can

haul - to pull or draw with force or violence; to drag, tug (esp. in nautical language)

pennant - a swallow-tailed tapering flag at the mast-head of a man of war (carried by a commodore) + pen (Slang) - penis.

mate - a habitual companion, an associate, fellow, comrade; a fellow-worker or partner

tunc - a kind of customary rent or payment, issuing out of certain lands in North Wales, and still until recently payable in respect of Crown Lands + tunc (l) - then (Tunc page of The Book of Kells) + cunt (Slang) - vulva.

message + Luke 2:29: 'nunc dimittis': 'now you release'.

littleness - the attribute of being little + nest (Slang) - vulva.

magnitude - size whether great or small; in geometrical use, the measure or extent of a particular line, area, volume, or angle + Euclid: Elements: 'A point is that which has no parts, or which has no magnitude'.

grant - to admit, acknowledge. Now only in a more restricted use: To concede to an actual or hypothetical opponent (a proposition) to be used as a basis of argument + Euclid's postulates are introduced by 'Let it be granted'.

dissimulation - a form of deception in which one conceals the truth

thence - from that, as a source, origin, or cause; (as an inference) from those premisses or data

parenthood + (any x to the power of zero equals one).

celestial - of or pertaining to heaven, as the abode of God (or of the heathen gods), of angels, and of glorified spirits

Genesis 28:12: 'and he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up... and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it'.

unitate (Rumanian) - unity

hence - from this, as a source or origin; (As an inference) from this fact or circumstance; from these premisses or data.

victorious - having gained victory or obtained supremacy as victor; triumphant + vectorius (l) - for transport.

radii + radius vector - variable line drawn to a curve from a fixed point as origin.

circumfluent - flowing round; ambient as a fluid + circumflexion - bending around.

searchers + search-lights + circles.

film - to photograph for use in a cinema or cinematographic device; to exhibit as a cinematographic production; to put on 'the films' or 'the screen' + fill

ellipsis - ellipse; Gram. The omission of one or more words in a sentence, which would be needed to complete the grammatical construction or fully to express the sense.

gyro - 'ring, circle, spiral' + gyres - a term used in A Vision [295.23]

ficker - jocular perversion of vicar + vicar - In general use: One acting, or appointed to act, in place of another, esp. in administrative functions; spec. in the Roman Catholic Church, a bishop's deputy + fick- (ger) - to move quickly to and fro; cohabit + ficken (German Slang) - to fuck + features + figures.


unpassible - incapable of being transcended or exceeded; incapable of suffering or pain; not subject to suffering (Chiefly Theol.) + impossible.

corollary - a practical consequence that follows naturally

Logos - A term used by Greek (esp. Hellenistic and Neo-Platonist) philosophers in certain metaphysical and theological applications developed from one or both of its ordinary senses 'reason' and 'word'; also adopted in three passages of the Johannine writings of the N.T. (where the English versions render it by 'Word') as a designation of Jesus Christ; hence employed by Christian theologians, esp. those who were versed in Greek philosophy, as a title of the Second Person of the Trinity + locus.


base - low in natural rank, or in the scale of creation

mantissa - Math. The decimal part of a logarithm (the integral part is the characteristic) + mantissa (l) - a worthless addition, makeweight.

nullus - no one, nobody + *E* (1) returns to *A* (0) in the end

Corporations have neither souls to be saved nor bodies to be kicked (proverb).

or so - or something of that kind; or the like + orso (it) - bear + also.


not + noget (Danish) - something + no wit.

badder - obs. comparative of bad

sin (Serbian) - son + sin - abbreviation for sine + Sinbad the Sailor.

cosin = cousin (obs.) + cosin - abbreviation for cosine.

lil - As a gipsy word: A book + Lilith - Adam's wife before Eve, in kabbalistic lore.

versed sine - one minus cosine + (vice versa).

conversed sine - versed sine of complement of angle

consecant - ratio of the hypotenuse to the opposite side of a right-angled triangle

cotangent - the tangent of the complement of a given angle + consequences and contingencies.

right angles + tangles of red hair.

abscissa - the value of a coordinate on the horizontal axis

limiting + limits - values of a variable between which a definite integral is taken + (approximation of the perimeter of a circle by calculation of the limit of the perimeter of a regular polygon with an infinitely-large number of inifinitesimally-small sides).

sexagesima (l) - a sixtieth part + Sexagesima - second Sunday after Lent + sexagesimal arithmetic based on number sixty.

peripatetic - Of or belonging to the school or system of philosophy founded by Aristotle, or the Aristotelian sect, Aristotelian; walking about or from place to place in connexion with some occupation or calling, itinerant.

allotheism - the worship of other or strange gods + allothesis (gr) - a putting somewhere else.

expense - disbursement, spending, laying out (of money); an instance of this; wasteful expenditure, extravagance + expand


paradigma (l) - pattern + paradeisos (gr) - paradise + Thomas Moore: Lalla Rookh: Paradise and the Peri.

peri- - 'round, around, round about, about' + Perlmutter (ger) - mother of pearl + perimeter

on the bend - by means that are not straightforward, 'crookedly'

unbridled - fig. Not restrained or held in check; absolutely uncontrolled or ungoverned.

infinitesimal - (Math.) An infinitely small quantity or amount, a quantity less than any assignable quantity + (approximation of integration, or estimation of area under a curve, by multiple infinitesimal perpendicular rectangles).

facet - one of the sides of a body that has numerous faces; orig. one of the small cut and  polished faces of a diamond or other gem, but subsequently extended to a similar face in any natural or artificial body. 

Manier (ger) - manner

calculus - Math. A system or method of calculation, 'a certain way of performing mathematical investigations and resolutions'.