quoth - Used at the end of a piece to introduce the name of the author (obs.) 

Bhagavat - (Sanskrit: "Lord"), in Hinduism, the personal, or immanent, god, as distinct from the absolute, or transcendent, supreme being (Brahman).

biskop - (Afrikaans, lit. bishop) either of two species of S. African fishes + biskop (Danish) - bishop.

leech - a physician; one who practises the healing art. Now arch. (chiefly poet.) or jocular.

ope = open (archaic.) + The Letter: and hopes to soon hear.

Tippoo Sahib (1753-99) - Sultan of Mysore, defeated by Wellington

lend me + lentil.

Pascal, Blaise (1623-62) - French author of Pensées (fragments of a defense of the Christian religion against free-thinkers) and of Lettres a un Provincial (a defense of the rigidly moral Jansenist heresy against Jesuit casuistry) + pascolo (it) - pasture.

kondylos (gr) - a knuckle + Paschal candle - a large, white candle used liturgically in the Western Rites of Christianity.

sahib - a respectful title used by the natives of India in addressing an Englishman or other European (= 'Sir') + sahib (Arabic) - friend.

poultice - a soft mass of some substance (as bread, meal, bran, linseed, various herbs, etc.), usually made with boiling water, and spread upon muslin, linen, or other material, applied to the skin to supply moisture or warmth, as an emollient for a sore or inflamed part, or as a counter-irritant + pottage (of lentils; Esau sold birthright for).

punk - to back out, to withdraw one's support, to quit + Punkt (ger) - period, stop.

apology - justification, explanation, or excuse, of an incident or course of action

clerical - a cleric: one of a clerical party

ensoul - to infuse a soul into; to fill with 'soul'. Also, to dwell in, animate, as a soul.

sustain - to uphold, back up, give support to (a person's conduct, a cause, a course of action)

agonizing - suffering agony; writhing in pain or anguish; in the throes of death

overman - an ideal superior man conceived by Nietzsche as being evolved from the normal human type; loosely, a man of extraordinary power or ability

guerdon - a reward, requital, or recompense + pardon

bis- (l) - twice, two times + tris (l) - thrice, three times + bistro (Serbian) - limpid, lucid, clear.

beneficence - the manifestation of benevolence or kindly feeling, active kindness; a beneficent gift, deed, or work + FDV: [With best apologigs for again trisposing on your bumficence.]

wiggy - wearing, or distinguished by, a wig, bewigged; sometimes implying 'extremely grave, formal, or ceremonious'

wagtail - a contemptuous term for a profligate or inconstant woman; hence, a harlot, courtesan

T for Tristan

Bouvard and Pécuchet - title characters of Flaubert's novel, to which Ulysses was compared by Wyndham Lewis + Yeats: A Vision 160 (book I, part III, phase 22): 'Flaubert is the supreme literary genius of the phase, and his Temptation of St. Anthony and his Bouvard and Pécuchet are the sacred books of the phase' + REFERENCE.

blot - a spot or stain of ink, mud, or other discolouring matter; a disfiguring spot or mark + Shem's signature at the conclusion of the letter he writes in the Nightlessons chapter (an ejaculation resulting from masturbation).

the answer is a lemon - Used to denote that a reply is unsatisfactory or non-existent [Ulysses.15.492: 'The answer is a lemon'] + leman - a person beloved by one of the opposite sex, a lover or sweetheart; In bad sense: One who is loved unlawfully; an unlawful lover or mistress. In later archaistic use chiefly applied to the female sex + Lemmanus (l) - lake in Gaul (now, lake Geneva) + "When is a man not a man... (first riddle of the universe)".

{signing away - teaching Kev to write}

peel one's eyes - to keep one's eyes peeled (open, on the alert) + Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 31: 'I kept my eyes peeled'.

saton - obs. form of satin

Euclid - a mathematician of Alexandria who flourished about 300 b.c.; hence, the works of Euclid, esp. the Elements + Joyce.

son of a gun - a somewhat depreciatory term for 'man, fellow' + butt - a buttock + fils de pute (French) - son of a bitch.

Jow - variant of Jew + je le jure (fr) - I swear it.

jure - a just privilege, a right

SKIBBEREEN - Town, South-West County Cork. Its newspaper, the Skibbereen Eagle, warned the Czar of Russia that its eye was on him (U 137/139). James Joyce called Skibbereen "the looniest town in Ireland".


Too late, Macbeth realises the Witches have misled him. A fight ensues, which ends with Macduff beheading Macbeth offstage, thereby fulfilling the last of the prophecies.

jersey - of Jersey, of Jersey worsted

knack - to mock, taunt + knacken (ger) - to crack + knocking spots off.

plum-duff - flour pudding with raisins

archway - an arched or vaulted passage; the arched entrance to a castle, etc.

bifurcate - to divide into two forks, branches, or peaks

calamum (l) - reed pen

bolsillo (sp) - pocket; purse, pocketbook + Joyce wore a Borsalino hat.


underworld - the abode of the departed, imagined as being under the earth; the nether world + onderwerp (Dutch) - subject, topic.



Bolshevik + chovek (Serbian) - man.

happiest + FDV: Signing Signang away, happy nestcomplete.

sesame - the word used as a charm to open and shut the door of the robbers' den in the tale of 'Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves'; hence, a magic password, something which acts like magic in obtaining admission.

rescue - the (or an) act of rescuing (esp. persons) from enemies, saving from danger or destruction, etc.; a person rescued from custody


Ohr (ger) - ear + Matthew 5:38: 'An eye for an eye'.

ochi (Serbian) - eyes + Dolche (ger) - daggers + okey dokey - yes, all right.

Lunge (ger) - lung

lib (Slang) - lie together + ad lib = ad libitum - at one's pleasure; to the full extent of one's wishes, as much as one desires; In Music opposed to obbligato; extemporized, improvised, spontaneous.

orbis (l) - the world + Smith, Jones and Robinson figure in a problem by Dudeney.

intrie - to put in, introduce, add + FDV: Intricatedly yours in years, jirryalimaloop Jirryalimpaloop.

I remain, hope you been a good girl + FDV: I remain romain to fallthereatyourfeet fallthereatyourfate jimmyinswearmorose hurryaswarmorose.

sweet william - a species of pink, Dianthus barbatus, cultivated in numerous varieties, bearing closely-clustered flowers of various shades of white and red, usually variegated or parti-coloured.

und (ger) - and

always my thoughts

die - a small cube having its faces marked with spots numbering from one to six, used in games of chance + dies (l) - day + After Isis had recovered the body of Osiris, she carefully concealed it in the marshes of the Nile Delta. Set, however, out hunting boar one evening, came across the hidden corpse of his brother. He furiously tore it into fourteen pieces, which he then proceeded to scatter all over Egypt (or in the sky). To the ancient Egyptian, believing in the potential immortality of the body, this was as if Osiris had been murdered a second time. Isis was forced to resume her quest, and eventually gathered together thirteen of the pieces. The fourteenth, the phallus of Osiris, had been devoured by a fish or crab, and Isis had to replace it with an artificial member, as we shall see shortly. As a result of taking part in Set's raffle, then, and placing himself in the coffer, it can be seen that Osiris died twice over. He was first the drowned god, then also gained the status of rent god as well. The word "bennyache" has overtones of Bennu or phoenix for, though dead, the god will "be continued". Yet it is clear also that a bellyache has been replaced by a benny-ache. As we shall see, it is usually the case in FW that a reference to the rising Bennu bird is related to the rising ben (phallus) or to Benni, a god of the phallus (Budge, Dictionary, p. 217). Outstamped and distributed, the ben, personified as Benni, would naturally ache, yet in the myth will rise again, anon. (Mark L. Troy)

raffle - a game of chance played with three dice, in which  the winner was the person who threw the three all alike, or, if none did so, the one who threw the highest pair; also, the throwing of a doublet or triplet in this game + Joyce's Day of the Rabblement (1901) was originally published together with a paper by Francis Skeffington in a pamphlet entitled 'Two Essays'. 

eche - a piece added (e.g. to a bellrope) + bellyache - 'The colic or pain in the bowels.'

Outstamp - German method of forming verb + stamp - to impress with an official stamp or mark indicating that a duty or tax has been paid; In later use also, to attach an adhesive 'stamp' to.

anon - Abbrev. of anonymous; straight on, straightway + amen

square - having a rectilinear and rectangular form of equal length and breadth; fair, honest, honourable, straightforward

ook - something slimy, sticky, or otherwise unpleasant + look

characters + caricatures.

drame (Irish Pronunciation) - dream + drama.

San (it) - Saint + san (Serbian) - dream.

Heliopolis + FDV: And this is how Napoleapool And this is how Saint Hol Holypolypools. And this is the way Romeopollopaloops.