Rest in Peace [295.15] + Rip Van Winkle.

byebye - a sound used to lull a child to sleep + Bye, Bye, Blackbird (song).

bingbang - reduplication expressing a repeated heavy thump or a continued banging noise

nutcracker - an instrument used for the purpose of breaking the shells of nuts

countenance - calmness of look, composure of face; confidence of mien + Genesis 4:5: ''But unto Cain and to his offering he had not respect. And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell'' + FDV: Rack And his countenence rose. And his countingance countinance rose.

formaliza (Spanish) - put in its final form + Mild und leise (ger) - love-death aria (Wagner: Tristan und Isolde).

Laus Deo Semper (l) - Praise to God Forever (at Belvedere, pupils put L.D.S. at ends of essays)

ebonize - to make (furniture, etc.) look like ebony

slutningsbane (Danish) - end of the line, last track + slutning (Danish) - end, conclusion.

pix = pl. of pic - colloq. abbrev. of picture + pix (l) - pitch, tar.

chinchin - to salute, greet; to say 'chin-chin' + 'Chin Chin Chinaman, Chop, chop, chop! (song).

euchre - a game at cards, of American origin, played by 2, 3, or 4 persons, with a pack of 32 cards (the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 of each suit being rejected). A player may, if he pleases, 'pass' or decline to play, but if he undertakes to play, and fails to take 3 tricks, he or his side is said to be 'euchred' and the other side gains two points + Eucharistia (gr) - "Thanks-giving": the Eucharist.

merci beaucoup (French) - thank you very much

puck - to hit or strike; to butt + pucking (Anglo-Irish) - boxing (from Irish puc: sharp, sudden blow).

flabby - flaccid, limp, soft; said chiefly of or with respect to flesh

supersede - to take the place of (something set aside or abandoned) + Primary motto of Rotary International: 'Service Above Self'.

ever so - prefixed in hypothetical sentences to adjs. or advbs., with the sense 'in any conceivable degree'. Sometimes ellipt. = 'ever so much' + FDV: Thanks eversore much. By Saxo gramaticus, you done that lovely for from me.

Poincaré, Jules Henri (1854-1912) - French mathematician. Joyce might have learned about non-Euclidian geometry from Poincare's La science et l'hypothese (1912) + {Kev's insincere thanks to Dolph - Kev addresses the girl}

strike me pink! - an exclamation of astonishment or indignation (slang.) + to sting to the quick - to affect with a sudden sharp mental pain or an access of painful emotion or irritation; to drive to or into (rage, madness, etc.) by some sharp passion or vexation.

red mass - a mass (usually one of the Holy Ghost) at which red vestments are worn by the priest

momentum - the 'quantity of motion' of a moving body; the product of the mass by the velocity of a body; impetus gained by movement

potential - possible as opposed to actual; existing in posse or in a latent or undeveloped state, capable of coming into being or action

Regenbogen (ger) - rainbow + run rings around (phrase) - be markedly superior to, as in 'Ethan runs rings around David in chess', or 'In spelling, Karen runs circles around her classmates'. Phrase, dating from the late 1800s, alludes to a horse running around a riding ring much faster than the others.

commend - to give in trust or charge, deliver to one's care or keeping + recommended.

exhibitive - having the property or function of exhibiting or showing forth

bugaboo - a fancied object of terror, a bogy, a bugbear + Aboard the Bugaboo (song) + take for a ride - to mislead deliberately, to hoax, to cheat; to take on a car journey with the intention of murdering or kidnapping.

fun fair - a fair (or that part of a fair) which is devoted to amusements and side-shows + Joyce's note: 'sit in a barrel - funfair' + Funfer (ger) - five-penny coin.

ballasted - furnished with ballast; rendered steady or stable + blasted.

porker - a young hog fattened for pork + porter + pork barrel (United States) - Federal Treasury viewed as source of grants for local purposes.

rolypoly - a kind of pudding, consisting of a sheet of pastry covered with jam or preserves, formed into a roll and boiled or steamed

bottom trailing - trailing done at or near the bottom + trailer (film) - an advertisement, usually in the form of a brief excerpt or string of excerpts, for a new film. 

mála (Irish) - sack

Thurn und Taxis - as Mr Wilder says, a noble Austrian family which held a monopoly on the national postal service + taxi.

Saxo Grammaticus (1150-1220) - Danish historian whose Gesta Danorum is an old source of the Hamlet story + chromatikos (gr) - relating to color.

nubilina (l) - little marriageable girl (sing.); cloudlets (pl.) + nubilina (it) - unmarried girl.

mite - a very small object; often, a very small living creature, as a tiny child + dynamite.

whas (Cornish) - good + sie studieret, was? (ger) - she studies, eh?

glistening + listening in - listening to a radio broadcast (radio sets were once also called 'listening-in sets').

coiffure - a style or fashion of attiring the head and dressing the hair; head-dress, usually of women

Land's End

dayless - not divided into days; devoid of the light of day, dark + dynast - a ruler, lord, chief, potentate, esp. a hereditary ruler; a member or founder of a dynasty + England's last day.

presented - brought or placed before one, introduced

gloss - a word inserted between the lines or in the margin as an explanatory equivalent of a foreign or otherwise difficult word in the text + glasses with you know what.

lollipop - the name of a particular kind of sweetmeat, consisting chiefly of sugar or treacle, that dissolves easily in the mouth; fig. 'Luscious' literary composition. Also, a showy or non-serious performance.


Virginia (l) - her dishonor by Appius Claudius led to downfall od Decemvirs

air - outward appearence, apparent nature

katastrophê (gr) - down-turning

anabasis - a going up, a march up, a military advance; the special title of the advance of Cyrus the Younger into Asia, as narrated by Xenophon; also transferred to other expeditions + anabasis (gr) - ascent.

delph = delf - a kind of glazed earthenware made at Delf or Delft in Holland + adelphos (gr) - a brother.

cup - pl. The drinking of intoxicating liquor; potations, drunken revelry + Thomas Moore: I'd Mourn the Hopes (song): 'I'd mourn the hopes that leave me' [air: The Rose-Tree].

peeve - to irritate, exasperate

thee (Dutch) - tea

blacksmith - a smith who forges and shapes iron with a hammer and anvil

row - a violent disturbance or commotion; a noisy dispute or quarrel

tureen - a deep earthenware or plated vessel (usually oval) with a lid, from which soup is served + restaurants

retort - to reply in kind to (a jest, sarcasm, etc.); to answer with the like + return thanks - to render thanks in return for a benefit or favour. Now chiefly used of the formal or public expression of thanks, or of grace at a meal.

reborn - born again (physically or spiritually)

on the cards, out of the cards - within (or outside) the range of probability + René Descartes (believed that interaction of mind and body occurred in pineal body, from which in various reptiles (e.g. lampreys) a third eye develops [303.L06-.L07]).

offal - outcast, worthless, vile + office + awful.

ambos (l) - with + ambo (l) - both + Amboss (ger) - anvil.

All Saints - the saints in heaven collectively = All-Hallows

rotary - Of motion: Circular + Rotary International

processus - something that goes on or is carried on; a continuous action, or series of actions or events; a continuous and regular action or succession of actions, taking place or carried on in a definite manner, and leading to the accomplishment of some result.

reestablishment - restoration to a previous position or state

reciprocity - a state or relationship in which there is mutual action, influence, giving and taking, correspondence, etc., between two parties or things

flick - to strike lightly with something flexible, as a whip + picked

cramb = cram - a mass of dough or paste used for cramming fowls, etc.; any food used to fatten + Matthew 15:27: 'The dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their master's table'.

crumb - to break down into crumbs or small fragments

um - Used to indicate hesitating or inarticulate utterance on the part of a speaker.

Jerusalem - the city in Palestine (Israel) so called, the Holy City; fig. An ideal or heavenly city + alalos (gr) - speechless, dumb.

cog - to practise certain tricks in throwing dice; to wheedle (a person) out of or into a thing; to put out or utter falsely + P.W. Joyce: English as We Speak It in Ireland 237: 'Cog: to copy surreptitiously; to crib... 'You cogged that sum'' + cogito, ergo sum (l) - I think, therefore I am (Descartes' famous axiom). 

sum - a number, company, or body (of people)