Xenophon - (431 BC - 350 BC), Greek historian, a disciple of Socrates, author of the Anabasis. Its prose was highly regarded by literary critics in antiquity and had strong influence on Latin literature. He managed to lead his ten thousand men home despite attempts to hinder them.

Delays are dangerous (proverb) + FDV: But while the dial are they doodling dawdling over the mugs and the grubs. Deluges are dangerous Steady steady steady studiavimus. Many too manducabus. Discipline is the daughter of Duty. On the benefits of Recreation. A Day in the Country Seaside. Your Favorite Hero or Heroine. Cap. Punishment.

vita (l) - life + vite (fr) - quick.

gobble - to swallow hurriedly in large mouthfuls, esp. in a noisy fashion; to seize upon graspingly or greedily + Dublin

eneugh - Sc. form of enough + Gobelins dix-sept six et neuf (French) - Gobelins 1769 (phone number) [275.17] [501.08-.09]

mox (l) - soon + nox (l) - night.

split second - occurring, executed in, or lasting a fraction of a second; timed or calculated to a fraction of a second; a fraction of a second

chancellory - the office or position of a chancellor; a chancellor's court, or office, with its officials; the building or room occupied by the chancellor's office + Chancellor and Son, clockmakers, Dublin.

ticker (watch) + chancellor of the exchequer.

mama - a word employed as the equivalent of mother + 'Mother, Mother, The Pot Boils Over' - complex children's game involving mother who goes out, nurse/daughter instructed to watch seven children (named for days of week or colours of rainbow) and a pot, and thief/devil/witch who repeatedly steals a child) + Mama lu jo.

beeftea - the juice of beef extracted by prolonged simmering in a very little water, used as a nutritious food for invalids + tay (Irish Pronunciation) - tea.

fizz - to make a hissing or sputtering sound + Ulysses.15.3851: 'Mamma, the beeftea is fizzing over!'

panto- (gr) - all + pantokratia (gr) - universal rule, almightiness.

aon (en) (gael) - one + do (do) (gael) - two + tri (t'ri) (gael) - three + caethar (kaher) (gael) - four + cuig (kuig) (gael) - five + se (she) (gael) - six + seacht (shokht) (gael) - seven + ocht (ukht) (gael) - eight + naoi (ni) (gael) - nine + deich (d'e) (gael) - ten + chimes of ten p.m. + ten Sepiroth of Kabbalah.

bimutualis (l) - twice in return + bi- (l) - two-, twice- + mutualis (l) - in return, mutually + bimetallism - a monetary standard under which the basic unit of currency is defined by stated amounts of two metals (usually gold and silver) with values set at a predetermined ratio.

interchangeability - the quality of being capable of exchange or interchange

superfetation - Phys. A second conception occurring after (esp. some time after) a prior one and before the delivery; the formation of a second fetus in a uterus already pregnant: occurring normally in some animals, and believed by some to occur exceptionally in women. 

Cush - grandson of Noah, architect of Tower of Babel + REFERENCE

cis (kish) (gael) - wickerwork basket (Dublin) + Kish lightship off Dublin.

antichrist + cheir (gr) - a hand + anticheir (gr) - thumb.

stabilis (l) - that stands firm; steadfast, steady + mobilis (l) - easy to be moved, movable; loose, not firm + stabilimobilis (l) - firmly loose (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

consummation - the action of completing, accomplishing, fulfilling, finishing, or ending

interpretativeness - the quality or condition of being interpretative


gag - a joke; a humorous remark, situation, action, etc. 

crossbun - a bun indented with a cross, commonly eaten on Good Friday + skull and crossbones - a representation of a bare skull with two thigh-bones crossed beneath it as an emblem of death, esp. as depicted on a pirate's flag.


on the line - said of a picture in an exhibition which is hung so that its centre is about on a level with the eye + "you must, how, in undivided reawlity draw the line somewhawre)" [292.31-.32]

factual - pertaining to or concerned with facts; of the nature of fact, actual, real

Box and Cox - The name of a farce written by J. M. Morton (1811-91) in 1847, in which two characters, John Box and James Cox, occupy the same apartment (the one by day and the other by night); hence applied allusively to an arrangement in which two persons take turns in sustaining a part, occupying a position, or the like.

amalgamated - combined, united into one body + amalla (gr) - a sheaf, bundle of wheat.

feed (feast) (notebook 1923)

cacophonic - ill-sounding + kakopoietikos (gr) - prone to do evil + Kakao (ger) - cocoa.


gumptious - possessed of gumption, or common sense. Also, clever, vain, self-important + unconscious.

night letter - a cheap-rate inland telegram delivered overnight; a cheap-rate overseas telegram

yodel - to sing or warble with interchange of the ordinary and falsetto voice, in the manner of Swiss and Tyrolese mountaineers + Yuletide greetings.

greeting(s) card - a card sent to relatives and friends at Christmas (or another festival)

pep - vigour, energy, spirit, forcefulness + pop and mommy.

beyant (Dialect) - beyond

living + Liffey river.

preprosperous - over-hasty, precipitate + prosperousness.

yonk = younker - a child + Yank (Slang) - Yankee, United States native + New York + New Year.

jake - a rustic lout or simpleton + (*C*, *V*, *I*) + J.J. and S. - John Jameson and Son (whiskey)

sissy - a sister + souci (fr) - preoccupation + sosie (fr) - double, counterpart.