James Joyce


Book II

chapter 3

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- 309 -

    It may not or maybe a no concern of the Guinnesses but.
    That the fright of his light in tribalbalbutience hides aback in
the doom of the balk of the deaf but that the height of his life
from a bride's eye stammpunct is when a man that means a moun-
tain barring his distance wades a lymph that plays the lazy win-
ning she likes yet that pride that bogs the party begs the glory of
a wake while the scheme is like your rumba round me garden,
allatheses, with perhelps the prop of a prompt to them, was now
or never in Etheria Deserta, as in Grander Suburbia, with Finn-
fannfawners, ruric or cospolite, for much or moment indispute.
    Whyfor had they, it is Hiberio-Miletians and Argloe-Noremen,
donated him, birth of an otion that was breeder to sweatoslaves,
as mysterbolder, forced in their waste, and as for Ibdullin what of
Himana, that their tolvtubular high fidelity daildialler, as modern
as tomorrow afternoon and in appearance up to the minute (hear-
ing that anybody in that ruad duchy of Wollinstown schemed
to halve the wrong type of date) equipped with supershielded um-
brella antennas for distance getting and connected by the magnetic
links of a Bellini-Tosti coupling system with a vitaltone speaker,
capable of capturing skybuddies, harbour craft emittences, key
clickings, vaticum cleaners, due to woman formed mobile or
man made static and bawling the whowle hamshack and wobble
down in an eliminium sounds pound so as to serve him up a mele-
goturny marygoraumd, eclectrically filtered for allirish earths and


- 310 -

ohmes. This harmonic condenser enginium (the Mole) they
caused to be worked from a magazine battery (called the Mimmim
Bimbim patent number 1132, Thorpetersen and Synds, Joms-
borg, Selverbergen) which was tuned up by twintriodic singul-
valvulous pipelines (lackslipping along as if their liffing deepunded
on it) with a howdrocephalous enlargement, a gain control of
circumcentric megacycles ranging from the antidulibnium onto
the serostaatarean. They finally caused, or most leastways brung
it about somehows (that) the pip of the lin (to) pinnatrate inthro
an auricular forfickle (known as the Vakingfar sleeper, mono-
fractured by Piaras UaRhuamhaighaudhlug, tympan founder,
Eustache Straight, Bauliaughacleeagh) a meatous conch culpable
of cunduncing Naul and Santry and the forty routs of Corthy
with the concertiums of the Brythyc Symmonds Guild, the
Ropemakers Reunion, the Variagated Peddlars Barringoy Bni-
brthirhd, the Askold Olegsonder Crowds of the O'Keef-Rosses
ant Rhosso-Keevers of Zastwoking, the Ligue of Yahooth O.S.V.
so as to lall the bygone dozed they arborised around, up his
corpular fruent and down his reuctionary buckling, hummer,
enville and cstorrap (the man of Iren, thore's Curlymane for
you!), lill the lubberendth of his otological life.
    House of call is all their evenbreads though its cartomance
hallucinate like an erection in the night the mummery of whose
deed, a lur of Nur, immerges a mirage in a merror, for it is where
by muzzinmessed for one watthour, bilaws below, till time jings
pleas, that host of a bottlefilled, the bulkily hulkwight, hunter's
pink of face, an orel orioled, is in on a bout to be unbulging an
o'connell's, the true one, all seethic, a luckybock, pledge of the
stoup, whilom his canterberry bellseyes wink wickeding indtil
the teller, oyne of an oustman in skull of skand. Yet is it, this
ale of man, for him, our hubuljoynted, just a tug and a fistful as
for Culsen, the Patagoreyan, chieftain of chokanchuckers and his
moyety joyant, under the foamer dispensation when he pullupped
the turfeycork by the greats of gobble out of Lougk Neagk.
When, pressures be to our hoary frother, the pop gave his sullen
bulletaction and, bilge, sled a movement of catharic emulsipotion


- 311 -

down the sloppery slide of a slaunty to tilted lift-ye-landsmen.
Allamin. Which in the ambit of its orbit heaved a sink her sailer
alongside of a drink her drainer from the basses brothers, those
two theygottheres.
    It was long after once there was a lealand in the luffing ore it
was less after lives thor a toyler in the tawn at all ohr it was note
before he drew out the moddle of Kersse by jerkin his dressing
but and or it was not before athwartships he buttonhaled the
Norweeger's capstan.
    So he sought with the lobestir claw of his propencil the clue of
the wickser in his ear. O, lord of the barrels, comer forth from
Anow (I have not mislaid the key of Efas-Taem), O, Ana, bright
lady, comer forth from Thenanow (I have not left temptation in
the path of the sweeper of the threshold), O!
    But first, strongbowth, they would deal death to a drinking.
Link of a leadder, dubble in it, slake your thirdst thoughts awake
with it. Our svalves are svalves aroon! We rescue thee, O Baass,
from the damp earth and honour thee. O Connibell, with mouth
burial! So was done, neat and trig. Up draught and whet
         Then sagd he to the ship's husband. And in his translaten-
tic norjankeltian. Hwere can a ketch or hook alive a suit and
sowterkins? Soot! sayd the ship's husband, knowing the language,
here is tayleren. Ashe and Whitehead, closechop, successor to.
Ahorror, he sayd, canting around to that beddest his friend, the
tayler, for finixed coulpure, chunk pulley muchy chink topside
numpa one sellafella, fake an capstan make and shoot! Manning to
sayle of clothse for his lady her master whose to be precised of a
peer of trouders under the pattern of a cassack. Let me prove, I
pray thee, but this once, sazd Mengarments, saving the mouth-
brand from his firepool. He spit in his faist (beggin): he tape the
raw baste (paddin): he planked his pledge (as dib is a dab): and he
tog his fringe sleeve (buthock lad, fur whale). Alloy for allay and
this toolth for that soolth. Lick it and like it. A barter, a parter.
And plenty good enough, neighbour Norreys, every bit and
grain. And the ship's husband brokecurst after him to hail the


- 312 -

lugger. Stolp, tief, stolp, come bag to Moy Eireann! And the
Norweeger's capstan swaradeed, some blowfish out of schooling:
All lykkehud! Below taiyor he ikan heavin sets. But they broken
waters and they made whole waters at they surfered bark to the
lots of his vauce. And aweigh he yankered on the Norgean run so
that seven sailend sonnenrounders was he breastbare to the brina-
bath, where bottoms out has fatthoms full, fram Franz Josč
Land til Cabo Thormendoso, evenstarde and risingsoon. Up the
Rivor Tanneiry and down the Golfe Desombres. Farety days and
fearty nights. Enjoy yourself, O maremen! And the tides made,
veer and haul, and the times marred, rear and fall, and, holey
bucket, dinned he raign!
           Hump! Hump! bassed the broaders-in-laugh with a quick
piddysnip that wee halfbit a second.
          I will do that, sazd Kersse, mainingstaying the rigout for her
wife's lairdship. Nett sew? they hunched back at the earpicker.
    But old sporty, as endth lord, in ryehouse reigner, he nought
feared crimp or cramp of shore sharks, plotsome to getsome. It
was whol niet godthaab of errol Loritz off his Cape of Good
Howthe and his trippertrice loretta lady, a maomette to his
monetone, with twy twy twinky her stone hairpins, only not,
if not, a queen of Prancess their telling tabled who was for his
seeming a casket through the heavenly, nay, heart of the sweet
(had he hows would he keep her as niece as a fiddle!) but in the
mealtub it was wohl yeas sputsbargain what, rarer of recent, an
occasional conformity, he, with Muggleton Muckers, alwagers
allalong most certainly allowed, as pilerinnager's grace to peti-
tionists of right, of the three blend cupstoomerries with their
customed spirits, the Gill gob, the Burklley bump, the Wallisey
wanderlook, having their ceilidhe gailydhe in his shaunty irish.
Group drinkards maaks grope thinkards or how reads rotary,
jewr of a chrestend, respecting the otherdogs churchees, so long
plubs will be plebs but plabs by low frequency amplification may
later agree to have another. For the people of the shed are the
sure ads of all quorum. Lorimers and leathersellers, skinners and
salters, pewterers and paperstainers, parishclerks, fletcherbowyers,


- 313 -

girdlers, mercers, cordwainers and first, and not last, the weavers.
Our library he is hoping to ye public.
    Innholder, upholder.
    — Sets on sayfohrt! Go to it, agitator! they bassabosuned over
the flowre of their hoose. Godeown moseys and skeep thy beeble
    — I will do that, acordial, by mine hand, sazd Kersse, piece
Cod, and in the flap of a jacket, ructified after his nap of a blankit
their o'cousin, as sober as the ship's husband he was one my god-
father when he told me saw whileupon I am now well and jurily
sagasfide after the boonamorse the widower, according to rider,
following pnomoneya, he is consistently blown to Adams. So
help me boyg who keeps the book!
    Whereofter, behest his suzerain law the Thing and the pilsener
had the baar, Recknar Jarl, (they called him Roguenor, Irl call
him) still passing the change-a-pennies, pengeypigses, a several
sort of coyne in livery, pushed their whisper in his hairing,
(seemed, a some shipshep's sottovoxed stalement, a dearagadye,
to hasvey anyone doing duty for duff point of dorkland compors)
the same to the good ind ast velut discharge after which he had
exemptied more than orphan for the ballast of his nurtural life.
And threw a cast. A few pigses and hare you are and no chicking,
tribune's tribute, if you guess mimic miening. Meanly in his lewd-
brogue take your tyon coppels token, with this good sixtric
from-mine runbag of juwels. Nummers that is summus that is
toptip that is bottombay that is Twomeys that is Digges that is
Heres. In the frameshape of hard mettles. For we all would fain
make glories. It is minely well mint.
    Thus as count the costs of liquid courage, a bullyon gauger,
stowed stivers pengapung in bulk in hold (fight great finnence!
brayvoh, little bratton!) keen his kenning, the queriest of the
crew, with that fellow fearing for his own misshapes, should he be
himpself namesakely a foully fallen dissentant from the peripu-
lator, sued towerds Meade-Reid and Lynn-Duff, rubbing the
hodden son of a pookal, leaden be light, lather be dry and it be
drownd on all the ealsth beside, how the camel and where the


- 314 -

deiffel or when the finicking or why the funicking, who caused
the scaffolding to be first removed you give orders, babeling,
were their reidey meade answer when on the cutey (the cores-
pondent) in conflict of evidence drew a kick at witness but
(missed) and for whom in the dyfflun's kiddy removed the
planks they were wanted, boob.
    — Did do a dive, aped one.
    — Propellopalombarouter, based two.
    — Rutsch is for rutterman ramping his roe, seed three. Where
the muddies scrimm ball. Bimbim bimbim. And the maidies
scream all. Himhim himhim.
    And forthemore let legend go lore of it that mortar scene so
cwympty dwympty what a dustydust it razed arboriginally but,
luck's leap to the lad at the top of the ladder, so sartor's risorted
why the sinner the badder! Ho ho ho hoch! La la la lach! Hillary
rillarry gibbous grist to our millery! A pushpull, qq: quiescence,
pp: with extravent intervulve coupling. The savest lauf in the
world. Paradoxmutose caring, but here in a present booth of Balla-
clay, Barthalamou, where their dutchuncler mynhosts and serves
them dram well right for a boors' interior (homereek van hohm-
ryk) that salve that selver is to screen its auntey and has ringround
as worldwise eve her sins (pip, pip, pip) willpip futurepip feature
apip footloose pastcast with spareshins and flash substittles of
noirse-made-earsy from a nephew mind the narrator but give the
devil his so long as those sohns of a blitzh call the tuone tuone and
thonder alout makes the thurd. Let there be. Due.
     — That's all murtagh purtagh but whad ababs his dopter?
sissed they who were onetime ungkerls themselves, (when the
youthel of his yorn shook the bouchal in his bed) twilled along-
side in wiping the rice assatiated with their wetting. The lappel
of his size? His ros in sola velnere and he sicckumed of homnis
terrars. She wends to scoulas in her slalpers. There were no pea-
nats in her famalgia so no wumble she tumbled for his famas


- 315 -

roalls davors. Don't him forget! A butcheler artsed out of Cullege
Trainity. Diddled he daddle a drop of the cradler on delight
mebold laddy was stetched? Knit wear? And they addled, (or
ere the cry of their tongues would be uptied dead) Shufflebotham
asidled, plus his ducks fore his drills, an inlay of a liddle more
lining maught be licensed all at ones, be these same tokens, for-
giving a brass rap, sneither a whole length nor a short shift so
full as all were concerned.
    Burniface, shiply efter, shoply after, at an angle of lag, let flow,
brabble brabble and brabble, and so hostily, heavyside breathing,
came up with them and, check me joule, shot the three tailors,
butting back to Moyle herring, bump as beam and buttend, roller
and reiter, after the diluv's own deluge, the seasant samped as
skibber breezed in, tripping, dripping, threw the sheets in the
wind, the tights of his trunks at tickle to tackle and his rubmelucky
truss rehorsing the pouffed skirts of his overhawl. He'd left his
stickup in his hand to show them none ill feeling. Whatthough for
all appentices it had a mushroom on it. While he faced them
front to back, Then paraseuls round, quite taken atack, sclaiming,
Howe cools Eavybrolly!
    — Good marrams, sagd he, freshwatties and boasterdes all, as
he put into bierhiven, nogeysokey first, cabootle segund, jilling
to windwards, as he made straks for that oerasound the snarsty weg
for Publin, so was his horenpipe lug in the lee off their mouths
organs, with his tilt too taut for his tammy all a slaunter and his
wigger on a wagger with its tag tucked. Up. With a good easter-
ing and a good westering. And he asked from him how the hitch
did do this my fand sulkers that mone met the Kidballacks which
he suttonly remembered also where the hatch was he endnew
strandweys he's that fond sutchenson, a penincular fraimd of
mind, fordeed he was langseling to talka holt of hems, clown
toff, tye hug fliorten. Cablen: Clifftop. Shelvling tobay oppe-
long tomeadow. Ware cobbles. Posh.
    — Skibbereen has common inn, by pounautique, with poke-
way paw, and sadder raven evermore, telled shinshanks lauwering
frankish for his kicker who, through the medium of gallic


- 316 -

    — Pukkelsen, tilltold.
That with some our prowed invisors how their ulstravoliance led
them infroraids, striking down and landing alow, against our
aerian insulation resistance, two boards that beached ast one, wid-
ness thane and tysk and hanry. Prepatrickularly all, they summed.
Kish met. Bound to. And for landlord, noting, nodding, a coast
to moor was cause to mear. Besides proof plenty, over proof
While they either took a heft. Or the other swore his eric. Heaved
two, spluiced the menbrace. Heirs at you, Brewinbaroon! Weth
a whistle for methanks.
    — Good marrams and good merrymills, sayd good mothers
gossip, bobbing his bowing both ways with the bents and skerries,
when they were all in the old walled of Kinkincaraborg (and that
they did overlive the hot air of Montybunkum upon the coal
blasts of Mitropolitos let there meeds be the hourihorn), hibernia-
ting after seven oak ages, fearsome where they were he had gone
dump in the doomering this tide where the peixies would pickle
him down to the button of his seat and his sess old soss Erinly
into the boelgein with the help of Divy and Jorum's locquor and
shut the door after him to make a rarely fine Ran's cattle of fish.
Morya Mortimor! Allapalla overus! Howoft had the ballshee
tried! And they laying low for his home gang in that eeriebleak
mead, with fireball feast and turkeys tumult and paupers patch
to provide his bum end. The foe things your niggerhead needs
to be fitten for the Big Water. He made the sign of the ham-
mer. God's drought, he sayd, after a few daze, thinking of all
those bliakings, how leif pauses! Here you are back on your haw-
kins, from Blasil the Brast to our povotogesus portocall, the furt
on the turn of the hurdies, slave to trade, vassal of spices and a
dragon-the-market, and be turbot, lurch a stripe, as were you
soused methought out of the mackerel. Eldsfells! sayd he. A
kumpavin on iceslant! Here's open handlegs for one old faulker
from the hame folk here in you's booth! So sell me gundy, sagd
the now waging cappon, with a warry posthumour's expletion,
shoots ogos shootsle him or where's that slob? A bit bite of
keesens, he sagd, til Dennis, for this jantar (and let the dobblins


- 317 -

roast perus,) or a stinger, he sagd, t. d., on a doroughbread ken-
nedy's for Patriki San Saki on svo fro or my old relogion's out
of tiempor and when I'm soured to the tipple you can sink me
lead, he sagd, and, if I get can, sagd he, a pusspull of tomtar-
tarum. Thirst because homing hand give. Allkey dallkey, sayd
the shop's housebound, for he was as deep as the north star (and
could tolk sealer's solder into tankar's tolder) as might have sayd
every man to his beast, and a treat for the trading scow, my cater
million falls to you and crop feed a stall! Afram. And he got and
gave the ekspedient for Hombreyhambrey wilcomer what's the
good word. He made the sign on the feaster. Cloth be laid! And
a disk of osturs for the swanker! Allahballah! He was the care-
lessest man I ever see but he sure had the most sand. One fish-
ball with fixings! For a dan of a ven of a fin of a son of a gun of
a gombolier. Ekspedient, sayd he, sonnur mine, Shackleton Sul-
ten! Opvarts and at ham, or this ogry Osler will oxmaul us all,
sayd he, like one familiar to the house, while Waldemar was
heeling it and Maldemaer was toeing it, soe syg he was walking
from the bowl at his food and the meer crank he was waiting for
the tow of his turn. Till they plied him behaste on the fare. Say
    — Nohow did he kersse or hoot alike the suit and solder skins,
minded first breachesmaker with considerable way on and
    — Humpsea dumpsea, the munchantman, secondsnipped cutter
the curter.
    —  A ninth for a ninth. Take my worth from it. And no mistaenk,
they thricetold the taler and they knew the whyed for too. The
because of his sosuch. Uglymand fit himshemp but throats fill us
all! And three's here's for repeat of the unium! Place the scaurs
wore on your groot big bailey bill, he apullajibed, the O'Colonel
Power, latterly distented from the O'Conner Dan, so promonitory
himself that he was obliffious of the headth of hosth that rosed
before him, from Sheeroskouro, under its zembliance of mardal
mansk, like a dun darting dullemitter, with his moultain haares
stuck in plostures upon it, (do you kend yon peak with its coast so
green?) still trystfully acape for her his gragh knew well in pre-


- 318 -

cious memory and that proud grace to her, in gait a movely water,
of smile a coolsome cup, with that rarefied air of a Montmalency
and her quick little breaths and her climbing colour. Take thee
live will save thee wive? I'll think uplon, lilady. Should anerous
enthroproise call homovirtue, duinnafear! The ghem's to the
ghoom be she nere zo zma. Obsit nemon! Floodlift, her ancient
of rights regaining, so yester yidd, even remembrance. And
greater grown then in the trifle of her days, a mouse, a mere
tittle, trots off with the whole panoromacron picture. Her young-
free yoke stilling his wandercursus, jilt the spin of a curl and jolt
the broadth of a buoy. The Annexandreian captive conquest.
Ethna Prettyplume, Hooghly Spaight. Him her first lap, her his
fast pal, for ditcher for plower, till deltas twoport. While this
glowworld's lump is gloaming off and han in hende will grow.
Through simpling years where the lowcasts have aten of amilikan
honey and datish fruits and a bannock of barley on Tham the
Thatcher's palm. O wanderness be wondernest and now! Listen-
eath to me, veils of Mina! He would withsay, nepertheloss, that
is too me mean. I oldways did me walsh and preechup ere we set
to sope and fash. Now eats the vintner over these contents oft
with his sad slow munch for backonham. Yet never shet it the
brood of aurowoch, not for legions of donours of Gamuels. I
have performed the law in truth for the lord of the law, Taif
Alif. I have held out my hand for the holder of my heart in Anna-
polis, my youthrib city. Be ye then my protectors unto Mussa-
botomia before the guards of the city. Theirs theres is a gentle-
meants agreement. Womensch plodge. To slope through heather
till the foot. Join Andersoon and Co. If the flowers of speech
valed the springs of me rising the hiker I hilltapped the murk I
mist my blezzard way. Not a knocker on his head nor a nick-
number on the manyoumeant. With that coldtbrundt natteldster
wefting stinks from Alpyssinia, wooving nihilnulls from Memo-
land and wolving the ulvertones of the voice. But his spectrem
onlymergeant crested from the irised sea in plight, calvitousness,
loss, nngnr, gliddinyss, unwill and snorth. It might have been
what you call your change of my life but there's the chance of a


- 319 -

night for my lifting. Hillyhollow, valleylow! With the sounds
and the scents in the morning.
   — I shot be shoddied, throttle me, fine me cowheel for ever,
usquebauched the ersewild aleconner, for bringing briars to Bem-
bracken and ringing rinbus round Demetrius for, as you wrinkle
wryghtly, bully bluedomer, it's a suirsite's stircus haunting hes-
teries round old volcanoes. We gin too gnir and thus plinary
indulgence makes collemullas of us all. But Time is for talerman
tasting his tap. Tiptoptap, Mister Maut.
    He made one summery (Cholk and murble in lonestime) of his
the three swallows like he was muzzling Moselems and torched
up as the faery pangeant fluwed down the hisophenguts, a slake
for the quicklining, to the tickle of his tube and the twobble of
his fable, O, fibbing once upon a spray what a queer and queasy
spree it was. Plumped.
    Which both did. Prompt. Eh, chrystal holder? Save Ampster-
dampster that had rheumaniscences in his netherlumbs.
    — By the drope in his groin, Ali Slupa, thinks the cappon,
plumbing his liners, we were heretofore.
    — And be the coop of his gobbos, Reacher the Thaurd, thinks
your girth fatter, apopo of his buckseaseilers, but where's Horace's
courtin troopsers?
    — I put hem behind the oasthouse, sagd Pukkelsen, tuning
wound on the teller, appeased to the cue, that double dyode
dealered, and he's wallowing awash swill of the Tarra water. And
it marinned down his gargantast trombsathletic like the marousers of
the gulpstroom. The kersse of Wolafs on him, shitateyar, he sagd in
the fornicular, and, at weare or not at weare, I'm sigen no stretcher,
for I carsed his murhersson goat in trotthers with them newbuckle-
noosers behigh in the fire behame in the oasthouse. Hops! sagd he.
    — Smoke and coke choke! lauffed till the tear trickled drown a
thigh the loafers all but a sheep's whosepants that swished to the
lord he hadn't and the starer his story was talled to who felt that,
the fierifornax being thurst on him motophosically, as Omar
sometime notes, such a satuation, debauchly to be watched for,
would empty dempty him down to the ground.


- 320 -

    — And hopy dope! sagd he, anded the enderer, now dyply
hypnotised or hopeseys doper himself. And kersse him, sagd he,
after inunder tarrapoulling, and the shines he cuts, shinar, the
screeder, the stitchimesnider, adepted to nosestorsioms in his
budinholder, cummanisht, sagd he, (fouyoufoukou!) which goes
in the ways smooking publics, sagd he, bomboosting to be in
thelitest civille row faction for a dubblebrasterd navvygaiterd,
(flick off that hvide aske, big head!) sagd he, the big bag of my
hamd till hem, tollerloon, sagd he, with his pudny bun brofkost
when he walts meet the bangd. I will put his fleas of wood in the
flour, and he sagd, behunt on the oatshus, the not wellmade one,
sagd he, the kersse of my armsore appal this most unmentionablest
of men (mundering eeriesk, if he didn't scalded him all the
shimps names in his gitter!) a coathemmed gusset sewer, sagd he,
his first cudgin is an innvalet in the unitred stables which is not
feed tonights a kirtle offal fisk and he is that woe worstered
wastended shootmaker whatever poked a noodle in a clouth!
    So for the second tryon all the meeting of the acarras had it.
How he hised his bungle oar his shourter and cut the pinter off his
pourer and lay off for Fellagulphia in the farning. From his
dhruimadhreamdhrue back to Brighten-pon-the-Baltic, from our
lund's rund turs bag til threathy hoeres a wuke. Ugh!
    — Stuff, Taaffe, stuff! interjoked it his wife's hopesend to the
boath of them consistently. Come back to May Aileen.
    — Ild luck to it! blastfumed the nowraging scamptail, in flating
furies outs trews his cammelskins, the flashlight of his ire wacker-
ing from the eyewinker on his masttop. And aye far he fared from
Afferik Arena and yea near he night till Blawland Bearring,
baken be the brazen sun, buttered be the snows. And the sea
shoaled and the saw squalled. And, soaking scupper, didn't he
    A pause.
    Infernal machinery (serial number: Bullysacre, dig care a dig)
having thus passed the buck to billy back from jack (finder the
keeper) as the baffling yarn sailed in circles it was now high tide
for the reminding pair of snipers to be suitably punished till they


- 321 -

had, like the pervious oelkenner done, liquorally no more powers
to their elbow. Ignorinsers' bliss, therefore, their not to say rifle
butt target, none too wisefolly, poor fish, (he is eating, he is spun,
is milked, he dives) upholding a lampthorne of lawstift as wand
of welcome to all men in bonafay, (and the corollas he so has
saved gainsts the virus he has thus injected!) discoastedself to that
kipsie point of its Dublin bar there, breaking and entering, from the
outback's dead heart, Glasthule Bourne or Boehernapark Nolagh,
by wattsismade or bianconi, astraylians in island, a wellknown
tall hat blown in between houses by a nightcap of that silk or it
might be a black velvet and a kiber galler dragging his hunker,
were signalling gael warnings towards Wazwollenzee Haven to
give them their beerings, east circular route or elegant central
highway. Open, 'tis luck will have it! Lifeboat Alloe, Noeman's
Woe, Hircups Emptybolly! With winkles whelks and cocklesent
jelks. Let be buttercup eve lit by night in the Phoenix! Music.
And old lotts have funn at Flammagen's ball. Till Irinwakes from
Slumber Deep. How they succeeded by courting daylight in
saving darkness he who loves will see.
    Business. His bestness. Copeman helpen.
    He cupped his years to catch me's to you in what's yours as
minest to hissent, giel as gail, geil as gaul, Odorozone, now our-
menial servent, blanding rum, milk and toddy with I hand it
to you. Saying whiches, see his bow on the hapence, with a pat-
tedyr but digit here, he scooped the hens, hounds and horses
biddy by bunny, with an arc of his covethand, saved from the
drohnings they might oncounter, untill his cubid long, to hide in
dry. Aside. Your sows tin the topple, dodgers, trink me dregs!
    And with the gust of a spring alice the fossickers and swaggelers
with him on the hoof from down under piked forth desert roses in
that mulligar scrub.
    Reenter Ashe Junior. Peiwei toptip, nankeen pontdelounges.
Gives fair day. Cheroot. Cheevio!


- 322 -

    — Take off thatch whitehat (lo, Kersse come in back bespoking
of loungeon off the Boildawl stuumplecheats for rushirishis Irush-
Irish, dangieling his old Conan over his top gallant shouldier so
was, lao yiu shao, he's like more look a novicer on the nevay).
    — Tick off that whilehot, you scum of a botch, (of Kersse who,
as he turned out, alas, hwen ching hwan chang, had been mocking
his hollaballoon a sample of the costume of the country).
    — Tape oaf that saw foull and sew wrong, welsher, you suck of
a thick, stock and the udder, and confiteor yourself (for bekersse
he had cuttered up and misfutthered in the most multiplest
manner for that poor old bridge's masthard slouch a shook of
cloakses the wise, hou he pouly hung hoang tseu, his own fitther
couldn't nose him).
    Chorus: With his coate so graye. And his pounds that he
pawned from the burning.
    — And, haikon or hurlin, who did you do at doyle today, my
horsey dorksey gentryman. Serge Mee, suit! sazd he, tersey ker-
sey. And when Tersse had sazd this Kersse stood them the whole
koursse of training how the whole blazy raze acurraghed, from
lambkinsback to sliving board and from spark to phoenish. And
he tassed him tartly and he sassed him smartly, tig for tager, strop
for stripe, as long as there's a lyasher on a kyat. And they peered
him beheld on the pyre.
    And it was so. Behold.
    — Same capman no nothing horces two feller he feller go
where. Isn't that effect? gig for gag, asked there three newcom-
mers till knockingshop at the ones upon a topers who, while in
admittance to that impedance, as three as they were there, they had
been malttreating themselves to their health's contempt.
    — That's fag for fig, metinkus, confessed, mhos for mhos, those
who, would it not be for that dielectrick, were upon the point of
obsoletion, and at the brink of from the pillary of the Nilsens and
from the statutes of the Kongbullies and from the millestones of
Ovlergroamlius libitate nos, Domnial!
    — And so culp me goose, he sazd, szed the ham muncipated of
the first course, recoursing, all cholers and coughs with his beauw


- 323 -

on the bummell, the bugganeering wanderducken, he sazd, (that
his pumps may ship awhoyle shandymound of the dussard), the
coarsehair highsaydighsayman, there's nice tugs he looks, (how
you was, Ship Alouset?) he sazd, the bloedaxe bloodooth baltxe-
bec, that is crupping into our raw lenguage navel through the
lumbsmall of his hawsehole, he sazd, donconfounder him, voyag-
ing after maidens, belly jonah hunting the polly joans, and the
hurss of all portnoysers befaddle him, he sazd, till I split in his flags,
he sazd, one to one, the landslewder, after Donnerbruch fire.
Reefer was a wenchman. One can smell off his wetsments how he
is coming from a beach of promisck. Where is that old muttiny,
shall I ask? Free kicks he will have from me, turncoats, in Bar
Bartley if I wars a fewd years ago. Meistr Capteen Gaascooker, a
salestrimmer! As he was soampling me ledder, like pulp, and as
I was trailing his fumbelums, like hulp, he'll fell the fall of me
faus, he sazd, like yulp! The goragorridgorballyed pushkalsson,
he sazd, with his bellows pockets fulled of potchtatos and his fox
in a stomach, a disagrees to his ramskew coddlelecherskithers'
zirkuvs, drop down dead and deaf, and there is never a teilwrmans
in the feof fife of Iseland or in the wholeabelongd of Skunkinabory
from Drumadunderry till the rumnants of Mecckrass, could milk
a colt in thrushes foran furrow follower width that a hole in his
tale and that hell of a hull of a hill of a camelump bakk. Fadgest-
    Upon this dry call of selenium cell (that horn of lunghalloon,
Riland's in peril!) with its doomed crack of the old damn ukonnen
power insound in it the lord of the saloom, as if for a flash sala-
magunnded himself, listed his tummelumpsk pack and hearinat
presently returned him, ambilaterally alleyeoneyesed, from their
uppletoned layir to his beforetime guests, that bunch of palers on
their round, timemarching and petrolling how, who if they were
abound to loose a laugh (Toni Lampi, you booraascal!) they were
abooned to let it as the leashed they might do when they felt (O,
the wolf he's on the walk, sees his sham cram bokk!) their joke
was coming home to them, the steerage way for stabling, ghus-
torily spoeking, gen and gang, dane and dare, like the dud spuk


- 324 -

of his first foetotype (Trolldedroll, how vary and likely!), the filli-
bustered, the fully bellied. With the old sit in his shoulders, and
the new satin atlas onder his uxter, erning his breadth to the swelt
of his proud and, picking up the emberose of the lizod lights, his
tail toiled of spume and spawn, and the bulk of him, and hulk of
him as whenever it was he reddled a ruad to riddle a rede from the
sphinxish pairc while Ede was a guardin, ere love a side issue.
They hailed him cheeringly, their encient, the murrainer, and
wallruse, the merman, ye seal that lubs you lassers, Thallasee or
Tullafilmagh, when come of uniform age.
    — Heave, coves, emptybloddy!
    And ere he could catch or hook or line to suit their saussyskins,
the lumpenpack. Underbund was overraskelled. As
    — Sot! sod the tailors opsits from their gabbalots, change all
that whole set. Shut down and shet up. Our set, our set's
    And they poured em behoiled on the fire. Scaald!
    Rowdiose wodhalooing. Theirs is one lessonless missage for
good and truesirs. Will any persen bereaved to be passent bring-
back or rumpart to the Hoved politymester. Clontarf, one love,
one fear. Ellers for the greeter glossary of code, callen hom:
Finucane-Lee, Finucane-Law.
    Am. Dg.
    Welter focussed.
    Wind from the nordth. Warmer towards muffinbell, Lull.
    As our revelant Colunnfiller predicted in last mount's chattiry
sermon, the allexpected depression over Schiumdinebbia, a bygger
muster of veirying precipitation and haralded by faugh sicknells,
(hear kokkenhovens ekstras!) and umwalloped in an unusuable
suite of clouds, having filthered through the middelhav of the
same gorgers' kennel on its wage wealthwards and incursioned a
sotten retch of low pleasure, missed in some parts but with lucal
drizzles, the outlook for tomarry (Streamstress Mandig) beamed
brider, his ability good.
    What hopends to they?
    Giant crash in Aden. Birdflights confirm abbroaching nub-


- 325 -

tials. Burial of Lifetenant-Groevener Hatchett, R.I.D. Devine's
    Ls. De.
    Art thou gainous sense uncompetite! Limited. Anna Lynchya
Pourable! One and eleven. United We Stand, even many offered.
Don't forget. I wish auspicable thievesdayte for the stork dyrby.
It will be a thousand's a won paddies. And soon to bet. On drums
of bliss. With hapsalap troth, hipsalewd prudity, hopesalot hon-
nessy, hoopsaloop luck. After when from midnights unwards the
fourposter harp quartetto. (Kiskiviikko, Kalastus. Torstaj, tanssia.
Perjantaj, peleja. Lavantaj ja Sunnuntaj, christianismus kirjallisuus,
kirjallisuus christianismus.) Whilesd this pellover his finnisch.
    — Comither, ahorace, thou mighty man of valour, elderman
adaptive of Capel Ysnod, and tsay-fong tsei-foun a laun bricks-
number till I've fined you a faulter-in-law, to become your son-
to-be, gentlemens tealer, generalman seelord, gosse and bosse,
hunguest and horasa, jonjemsums both, in sailsmanship, szed the
head marines talebearer, then sayd the ships gospfather in the scat
story to the husband's capture and either you does or he musts
and this moment same, sayd he, so let laid pacts be being betving
ye, he sayd, by my main makeshift, he sayd, one fisk and one flesk,
as flat as, Aestmand Addmundson you, you're iron slides and so
hompety domp as Paddley Mac Namara here he's a hardy canooter,
for the two breasts of Banba are her soilers and her toilers, if thou
wilt serve Idyall as thou hast sayld. Brothers Boathes, brothers
Coathes, ye have swallen blooders' oathes. And Gophar sayd unto
Glideon and sayd he to the nowedding captain, the rude hunner-
able Humphrey, who was praying god of clothildies by the seven
bosses of his trunktarge he would save bucklesome when she
wooed belove on him, comeether, sayd he, my merrytime mare-
lupe, you wutan whaal, sayd he, into the shipfolds of our quad-
rupede island, bless madhugh, mardyk, luusk and cong! Blass
Neddos bray! And no more of your maimed acts after this with
your kowtoros and criados to every tome, thick and heavy, and
our onliness of his revelance to your ultitude. The illfollowable
staying in wait for you with the winning word put into his mouth


- 326 -

or be the hooley tabell, as Horrocks Toler hath most cares to call
it, I'll rehearse your comeundermends and first mardhyr you en-
tirely. As puck as that Paddeus picked the pun and left the lollies
off the foiled. A Trinity judge will crux your boom. Pat is the
man for thy. Ay ay! And he pured him beheild of the ouishguss,
mingling a sign of the cruisk. I popetithes thee, Ocean, sayd he,
Oscarvaughther, sayd he, Erievikkingr, sayd he, intra trifum
triforium trifoliorum, sayd he, onconditionally, forfor furst of giel-
gaulgalls and hero chief explunderer of the clansakiltic, sayd he,
the streameress mastress to the sea aase cuddycoalman's and let
this douche for you as a wholly apuzzler's and for all the puk-
kaleens to the wakes of you, sayd he, out of the hellsinky of the
howtheners and be danned to ye, sayd he, into our roomyo con-
nellic relation, sayd he, from which our this pledge is given, Tera
truly ternatrine if not son towards thousand like expect chrisan
athems to which I osker your godhsbattaring, saelir, for as you
gott kvold whereafter a gooden diggin and with gooder enscure
from osion buck fared agen fairioes feuded hailsohame til Edar
in that the loyd mave hercy on your sael! Anomyn and awer.
    — Nansense, you snorsted? he was haltid considerable agenst
all religions overtrow so hworefore the thokkurs pokker the big-
bug miklamanded storstore exploder would he be whulesalesolde
daadooped by Priest Gudfodren of the sacredhaunt suit in
Diaeblen-Balkley at Domnkirk Saint Petricksburg? But ear this:
    — And here, aaherra, my rere admirable peadar poulsen, sayd
he, consistently, to the secondnamed sutor, my lately lamented
sponsorship, comesend round that wine and lift your horn, sayd
he, to show you're a skolar for, winter you likes or not, we
brought your summer with us and, tomkin about your lief eurek-
ason and his undishcovery of americle, be the rolling forties, he
sayd, and on my sopper crappidamn, as Harris himself says, to let
you in on some crismion dottrin, here is the ninethest pork of a man
whisk swimmies in Dybblin water from Ballscodden easthmost
till Thyrston's Lickslip and, sayd he, (whiles the heart of Lukky
Swayn slaughed in his icebox for to think of all the soorts of


- 327 -

smukklers he would behave in juteyfrieze being forelooper to her)
praties peel to our goodsend Brandonius, filius of a Cara, spouse
to Fynlogue, he has the nicesth pert of a nittlewoman in the
house, la chito, la chato, la Charmadouiro, Tina-bat-Talur, cif for
your fob and a tesura astore for you, eslucylamp aswhen the surge
seas sombren, that he daughts upon of anny livving plusquebelle,
to child and foster, that's the lippeyear's wonder of Totty go,
Newschool, two titty too at win winnie won, tramity trimming and
funnity fare, with a grit as hard as the trent of the thimes but a
touch as saft as the dee in flooing and never a Hyderow Jenny the
like of her lightness at look and you leap, rheadoromanscing long
evmans invairn, about little Anny Roners and all the Lavinias of
ester yours and pleding for them to herself in the periglus glatsch
hangs over her trickle bed, it's a piz of fortune if it never falls from
the stuffel, and, when that mallaura's over till next time and all the
prim rossies are out dressparading and the tubas tout tout for the
glowru of their god, making every Dinny dingle after her down
the Dargul dale and (wait awhile, blusterbuss, you're marchadant
too forte and don't start furlan your ladins till you' ve learned the
lie of her landuage!), when it's summwer calding and she can hear
the pianutunar beyant the bayondes in Combria sleepytalking to
the Wiltsh muntons, titting out through her droemer window
for the flyend of a touchman over the wishtas of English Strand,
when Kilbarrack bell pings saksalaisance that Concessas with
Sinbads may (pong!), where our dollimonde sees the phantom
shape of Mr Fortunatus Wright since winksome Miss Bulkeley
made loe to her wrecker and he took her to be a rover, O, and
playing house of ivary dower of gould and gift you soil me
peepat my prize, which its a blue loogoont for her in a bleakeyed
seusan if she can't work her mireiclles and give Norgeyborgey
good airish timers, while her fresh racy turf is kindly kindling up
the lovver with the flu, with a roaryboaryellas would set an Ei-
weddyng on fire, let aloon an old Humpopolamos with the boomar-
poorter on his brain, aiden bay scye and dye, aasbukividdy,
twentynine to her dozen and coocoo him didulceydovely to his
old cawcaws huggin and munin for his strict privatear which


- 328 -

there's no pure rube like an ool pool roober when your pullar
beer turns out Bruin O'Luinn and beat his barge into a battering
pram with her wattling way for cubblin and, be me fairy fay, sayd
he, the marriage mixter, to Kersse, Son of Joe Ashe, her coax-
fonder, wiry eyes and winky hair, timkin abeat your Andraws
Meltons and his lovsang of the short and shifty, I will turn my
thinks to things alove and I will speak but threes ones, sayd he,
my truest patrions good founter, poles a port and zones asunder,
tie up in hates and repeat at luxure, you can better your tooblue
prodestind arson, tyler bach, after roundsabouts and donochs and
the volumed smoke, though the clonk in his stumble strikes warn,
and were he laid out on that counter there like a Slavocrates
amongst his skippies, when it comes to the ride onerable, sayd he,
that's to make plain Nanny Ni Sheeres a full Dinamarqueza, and
all needed for the lay, from the hursey on the montey with the
room in herberge down to forkpiece and bucklecatch, (Elding,
my elding! and Lif, my lif!) in the pravacy of the pirmanocturne,
hap, sayd he, at that meet hour of night, and hop, sayd he, and the
fyrsty annas everso thried (whiles the breath of Huppy Hulles-
pond swumped in his seachest for to renumber all the mallyme-
dears' long roll and call of sweetheart emmas that every had a
port in from Coxenhagen till the brottels on the Nile), while
taylight is yet slipping under their pillow, (ill omens on Kitty
Cole if she's spilling laddy's measure!) and before Sing Mattins in
the Fields, ringsengd ringsengd, bings Heri the Concorant Erho,
and the Referinn Fuchs Gutmann gives us I'll Bell the Welled or
The Steeplepoy's Revanger and all Thingavalley knows for its
never dawn in the dark but the deed comes to life, and raptist bride
is aptist breed (tha lassy! tha lassy!), and, to buoy the hoop
within us springing, 'tis no timbertar she'll have then in her arms-
brace to doll the dallydandle, our fiery quean, upon the night of
the things of the night of the making to stand up the double
tet of the oversear of the seize who cometh from the mighty
deep and on the night of making Horuse to crihumph over his
enemy, be the help of me cope as so pluse the riches of the roed-
shields, with Elizabeliza blessing the bedpain, at the willbedone


- 329 -

of Yinko Jinko Randy, come Bastabasco and hippychip eggs, she
will make a suomease pair and singlette, jodhpur smalls and tailor-
less, a copener's cribful, leaf, bud and berry, the divlin's own little
mimmykin puss, (hip, hip, horatia!) for my old comrhade salty-
mar here, Briganteen — General Sir A. I. Magnus, the flapper-
nooser, master of the good lifebark Ulivengrene of Onslought,
and the homespund of her hearth, (Fuss his farther was the norse
norse east and Muss his mother was a gluepot) and, gravydock or
groovy anker, and a hulldread pursunk manowhood, who (with
a chenchen for his delight time and a bonzeye nappin through his
doze) he is the bettest bluffy blondblubber of an olewidgeon what
overspat a skettle in a skib.
    Cawcaught. Coocaged.
    And Dub did glow that night. In Fingal of victories. Cann-
matha and Cathlin sang together. And the three shouters of
glory. Yelling halfviewed their harps. Surly Tuhal smiled upon
drear Darthoola: and Roscranna's bolgaboyo begirlified the
daughter of Cormac. The soul of everyelsesbody rolled into its
olesoleself. A doublemonth's licence, lease on mirth, while hooney-
moon and her flame went huneysuckling. Holyryssia, what boom
of bells! What battle of bragues on Sandgate where met the bobby
mobbed his bibby mabbing through the ryce. Even Tombs left
doss and dunnage down in Demidoff's tomb and drew on the
dournailed clogs that Morty Manning left him and legged in by
Ghoststown Gate, like Pompei up to date, with a sprig of White-
boys heather on his late Luke Elcock's heirloom. And some say
they seen old dummydeaf with a leaf of bronze on his cloak
so grey, trooping his colour a pace to the reire. And as owfally
posh with his halfcrown jool as if he was the Granjook Meckl or
Paster de Grace on the Route de l'Epče. It was joobileejeu that
All Sorts' Jour. Freestouters and publicranks, hafts on glaives.
You could hear them swearing threaties on the Cymylaya
Mountains, man. And giving it out to the Ould Fathach and louth-
mouthing after the Healy Mealy with an enfysis to bring down
the rain of Tarar. Nevertoletta! Evertomind! The grandest
bethehailey seen or heard on earth's conspectrum since Scape


- 330 -

the Goat, that gafr, ate the Suenders bible. Hadn't we heaven's
lamps to hide us? Yet every lane had its lively spark and every
spark had its several spurtles and each spitfire spurtle had some
trick of her trade, a tease for Ned, nook's nestle for Fred and
a peep at me mow for Peer Pol. So that Father Matt Hughes
looked taytotally threbled. But Danno the Dane grimmed. Dune.
'Twere yeg will elsecare doatty lanv meet they dewscent hyemn
to cannons' roar and rifles' peal vill shantey soloweys sang! For
there were no more Tyrrhanees and for Laxembraghs was pass-
thecupper to Our Lader's. And it was dim upon the floods only
and there was day on all the ground.
    Thus street spins legends while wharves woves tales but some
family fewd felt a nick in their name. Old Vickers sate down on
their airs and straightened the points of their lace. Red Rowleys
popped out of their lairs and asked what was wrong with the
race. Mick na Murrough used dripping in layers to shave
all the furze off his face. The Burke-Lees and Coyle-Finns
paid full feines for their sinns when the Cap and Miss Coolie
were roped.
    With her banbax hoist from holder, zig for zag through pool
and polder, cheap, cheap, cheap and Laughing Jack, all augurs
scorenning, see the Bolche your pictures motion and Kitzy
Kleinsuessmein eloping for that holm in Finn's Hotel Fiord,
Nova Norening. Where they pulled down the kuddle and they
made fray and if thee don't look homey, well, that Dook can eye
    He goat a berth. And she cot a manege. And wohl's gorse
mundom ganna wedst.
    Knock knock. War's where! Which war? The Twwinns.
Knock knock. Woos without! Without what? An apple. Knock
    The kilder massed, one then and uhindred, (harefoot, birdy-
hands, herringabone, beesknees), and they barneydansked a
kathareen round to know the who and to show the howsome.
Why was you hiding, moder of moders? And where was hunty,


- 331 -

poppa the gun? Pointing up to skyless heaven like the spoon out
of sergeantmajor's tay. Which was the worst of them phaymix
cupplerts? He's herd of hoarding and her faiths is altared. Becom-
ing ungoing, their seeming sames for though that liamstone
deaf do his part there's a windtreetop whipples the damp off the
mourning. But tellusit allasif wellasits end. And the lunger it
takes the swooner they tumble two. He knows he's just thrilling
and she's sure she'd squeam. The threelegged man and the tulip-
pied dewydress. Lludd hillmythey, we're brimming to hear! The
durst he did and the first she ever? Peganeen Bushe, this isn't the
polkar, catch as you cancan when high land fling! And you Tim
Tommy Melooney, I'll tittle your barents if you stick that pigpin
upinto meh!
    So in the names of the balder and of the sol and of the holli-
chrost, ogsowearit, trisexnone, and by way of letting the aandt
out of her grosskropper and leading the mokes home by their
gribes, whoopsabout a plabbaside of plobbicides, alamam alemon,
poison kerls, on this mounden of Delude, and in the high places
of Delude of Isreal, which is Haraharem and the diublin's owld
mounden over against Vikens, from your tarns, thwaites and
thorpes, withes, tofts and fosses, fells, haughs and shaws, lunds,
garths and dales, mensuring the megnominous as so will is the
littleyest, the myrioheartzed with toroidal coil, eira area round
wantanajocky, fin above wave after duckydowndivvy, trader arm
aslung beauty belt, the formor velican and nana karlikeevna,
sommerlad and cinderenda, Valtivar and Viv, how Big Bil Brine
Borumoter first took his gage at lil lolly lavvander waader since
when capriole legs covets limbs of a crane and was it the twylyd
or the mounth of the yare or the feint of her smell made the seo-
men assalt of her (in imageascene all: whimwhim whimwhim).
To the laetification of disgeneration by neuhumorisation of our
kristianiasation. As the last liar in the earth begeylywayled the
first lady of the forest. Though Toot's pardoosled sauve l'hum-
mour! For the joy of the dew on the flower of the fleets on the
fields of the foam of the waves of the seas of the wild main from
Borneholm has jest come to crown.


- 332 -

     Snip snap snoody. Noo err historyend goody. Of a lil trip
trap and a big treeskooner for he put off the ketyl and they
made three (for fie!) and if hec dont love alpy then lad you
annoy me. For hanigen with hunigen still haunt ahunt to finnd
their hinnigen where Pappappapparrassannuaragheallachnatull-
ydoodled and anruly person creeked a jest. Gestapose to parry
off cheekars or frankfurters on the odor. Fine again, Cuoholson!
Peace, O wiley!
    Such was the act of goth stepping the tolk of Doolin, drain
and plantage, wattle and daub, with you'll peel as I'll pale and
we'll pull the boath toground togutter, testies touchwood and
shenstone unto pop and puma, calf and condor, under all the
gaauspices (incorporated), the chal and his chi, their roammerin
over, gribgrobgrab reining trippetytrappety (so fore shalt thou
flow, else thy cavern hair!) to whom she (anit likenand please-
thee!). Till sealump becamedump to bumpslump a lifflebed,
(altolą allamarsch! O guč O guč!). Kaemper Daemper to Jetty
de Waarft, all the weight of that mons on his little ribbeunuch!
Him that gronde old mand to be that haard of heaering (afore
said) and her the petty tondur with the fix in her changeable eye
(which see), Lord, me lad, he goes with blowbierd, leedy,
plasheous stream. But before that his loudship was converted to
a landshop there was a little theogamyjig incidence that hoppy-
go-jumpy Junuary morn when he colluded with the cad out on
the beg amudst the fiounaregal gaames of those oathmassed
fenians for whome he's forcecaused a bridge of the piers, at
Inverleffy, mating pontine of their engagement, synnbildising
graters and things, eke ysendt? O nilly, not all, here's the first
cataraction! As if ever she cared an assuan damm about her
harpoons sticking all out of him whet between phoenix his
calipers and that psourdonome sheath. Sdrats ye, Gus Paudheen!
Kenny's thought ye, Dinny Oozle! While the cit was leaking
asphalt like a suburbiaurealis in his rure was tucking to him like
old booths, booths, booths, booths.
    Enterruption. Check or slowback. Dvershen.


- 333 -

    Why, wonder of wenchalows, what o szeszame open, v doer s t
doing? V door s being. But how theng thingajarry miens but this
being becoming n z doer? K? An o. It is ne not him what foots
like a glove, shoehandschiner Pad Podomkin. Sooftly, anni
slavey, szszuszchee is slowjaneska.
    The aged crafty nummifeed confusionary overinsured ever-
lapsing accentuated katekattershin clopped, clopped, clopped,
darsey dobrey, back and along the danzing corridor, as she was
going to pimpim him, way boy wally, not without her comple-
ment of cavarnan men, between the two deathdealing allied
divisions and the lines of readypresent fire of the corkedagains up-
stored, taken in giving the saloot, band your hands going in, bind
your heads coming out, and remoltked to herselp in her serf's
alown, a weerpovy willowy dreevy drawly and the patter of so
familiars, farabroads and behomeans, as she shure sknows, boof
for a booby, boo: new uses in their mewseyfume. The jammesons
is a cook in his hair. And the juinnesses is a rapin his hind. And
the Bullingdong caught the wind up. Dip.
    And the message she braught belaw from the missus she
bragged abouve that had her agony stays outsize her sari chemise,
blancking her shifts for to keep up the fascion since the king of
all dronnings kissed her beeswixed hand, fang (pierce me, hunky,
I'm full of meunders!), her fize like a tubtail of mondayne
clothes, fed to the chaps with working medicals and her birthright
pang that would split an atam like the forty pins in her hood, was
to fader huncher a howdydowdy, to mountainy mots in her
amnest plein language, from his fain a wan, his hot and tot lass,
to pierce his ropeloop ear, how, Podushka be prayhasd, now the
sowns of his loins were awinking and waking and his dorter of
the hush lillabilla lullaby (lead us not into reformication with the
poors in your thingdom of gory, O moan!), once after males,
nonce at a time, with them Murphy's puffs she dursted with
gnockmeggs and the bramborry cake for dour dorty dompling
obayre Mattom Beetom and epsut the pfot and if he was whishtful
to licture her caudal with chesty chach from his dauberg den
and noviny news from Naul or toplots talks from morrienbaths


- 334 -

or a parrotsprate's cure for ensevelised lethurgies, spick's my
spoon and the veriblest spoon, 'twas her hour for the chamber's
ensallycopodium with love to melost Panny Kostello from
X.Y. Zid for to folly billybobbis gibits porzy punzy and she was
a wanton for De Marera to take her genial glow to bed.
    — This is time for my tubble, reflected Mr 'Gladstone
Browne' in the toll hut (it was choractoristic from that 'man of
Delgany'). Dip.
    — This is me vulcanite smoking, profused Mr 'Bonaparte
Nolan' under the natecup (one feels how one may hereby reekig-
nites the 'ground old mahonagyan'). Dip.
    — And this is defender of defeater of defaulter of deformer
of the funst man in Danelagh, willingtoned in with this glance
dowon his browen and that born appalled noodlum the panellite
pair's cummal delimitator, odding: Oliver White, he's as tiff as
she's tight. And thisens his speak quite hoarse. Dip.
    In reverence to her midgetsy the lady of the comeallyous as
madgestoo our own one's goff stature. Prosim, prosit, to the
krk n yr nck!
    O rum it is the chomicalest thing how it pickles up the punchey
and the jude. If you'll gimmy your thing to me I will gamey a sing
to thee. Stay where you're dummy! To get her to go ther. He
banged the scoop and she bagged the sugar while the whole
pub's pobbel done a stare. On the mizzatint wall. With its chromo
for all, crimm crimms. Showing holdmenag's asses sat by Allme-
neck's men, canins to ride with em, canins that lept at em, woollied
and flundered.
    So the katey's came and the katey's game. As so gangs sludge-
nose. And that henchwench what hopped it dunneth there duft
the. Duras.
    Yes, we've conned thon print in its gloss so gay how it came
from Finndlader's Yule to the day and it's Hey Tallaght Hoe on
the king's highway with his hounds on the home at a turning.
To Donnicoombe Fairing. Millikin's Pass. When visiting at
Izd-la-Chapelle taste the lipe of the waters from Carlowman's Cup.


- 335 -

    It tellyhows its story to their six of hearts, a twelve-eyed man;
for whom has madjestky who since is dyed drown reign before
the izba.
    Au! Au! Aue! Ha! Heish!
    As stage to set by ritual rote for the grimm grimm tale of the
four of hyacinths, the deafeeled carp and the bugler's dozen of
leagues-in-amour or how Holispolis went to Parkland with
mabby and sammy and sonny and sissy and mop's varlet de
shambles and all to find the right place for it by peep o'skirt or
pipe a skirl when the hundt called a halt on the chivvychace of
the ground sloper at that ligtning lovemaker's thender apeal till,
between wandering weather and stable wind, vastelend hosteil-
end, neuziel and oltrigger some, Bullyclubber burgherly shut
the rush in general.
    Let us propel us for the frey of the fray! Us, us, beraddy!
    Ko Niutirenis hauru leish! A lala! Ko Niutirenis haururu
laleish! Ala lala! The Wullingthund sturm is breaking. The
sound of maormaoring. The Wellingthund sturm waxes fuer-
cilier. The whackawhacks of the sturm. Katu te ihis ihis! Katu
te wana wana! The strength of the rawshorn generand is known
throughout the world. Let us say if we may what a weeny
wukeleen can do.
    Au! Au! Aue! Ha! Heish! A lala!
    — Paud the roosky, weren't they all of them then each in his
different way of saying calling on the one in the same time
hibernian knights underthaner that was having, half for the laugh
of the bliss it sint barbaras another doesend end once tale of a
tublin wished on to him with its olives ocolombs and its hills
owns ravings and Tutty his tour in his Nowhare's yarcht. It was
before when Aimee stood for Arthurduke for the figger in pro-
fane and fell from grace so madlley for fill the flatter fellows.
(They were saying). And it was the lang in the shirt in the green
of the wood, where obelisk rises when odalisks fall, major threft
on the make and jollyjacques spindthrift on the merry (O Mr
Mathurin, they were calling, what a topheavy hat you're in! And
there aramny maeud, then they were saying, these so piou-


- 336 -

pious!). And it was cyclums cyclorums after he made design on
the corse and he want to mess on him (enterellbo add all taller
Danis), back, seater and sides, and he applied (I'm amazingly
sorracer!) the wholed bould shoulderedboy's width for fullness,
measures for messieurs, messer's massed, (they were saycalling
again and agone and all over agun, the louthly meathers, the
loudly meaders, the lously measlers, six to one, bar ones).
    And they pled him beheighten the firing. Dope.
    Maltomeetim, alltomatetam, when a tale tarries shome shunter
shove on. Fore auld they wauld to pree.
    Of this Mr A (tillalaric) and these wasch woman (dapple-
hued), fhronehflord and feeofeeds, who had insue keen and able
and a spindlesong aside, nothing more is told until now, his
awebrume hour, her sere Sahara of sad oakleaves. And then. Be
old. The next thing is. We are once amore as babes awondering
in a wold made fresh where with the hen in the storyaboot we
start from scratch.
    So the truce, the old truce and nattonbuff the truce, boys.
Drouth is stronger than faction. Slant. Shinshin. Shinshin.
    — It was of The Grant, old gartener, qua golden meddlist,
Publius Manlius, fuderal private, (his place is his poster, sure, they
said, and we're going to mark it, sore, they said, with a carbon
caustick manner) bequother the liberaloider at his petty corpore-
lezzo that hung caughtnapping from his baited breath, it was of
him, my wife and I thinks, to feel to every of the younging fruits,
tenderosed like an atalantic's breastswells or, on a second wreath-
ing, a bright tauth bight shimmeryshaking for the welt of his
plow. And where the peckadillies at his wristsends meetings be
loving so lightly dovessoild the candidacy, me wipin eye sinks,
of his softboiled bosom should be apparient even to our illicterate
of nullatinenties.
    All to which not a lot snapped The Nolan of the Calabashes
at his whilom eweheart photognomist who by this sum taken
was as much incensed by Saint Bruno as that what he had con-
summed was his own panegoric, and wot a lout about it if it was


- 337 -

only a pippappoff pigeon shoot that gracesold getrunner, the
man of centuries, was bowled out by judge, jury and umpire at
batman's biff like a witchbefooled legate. Dupe.
    His almonence being alaterelly in dispensation with his three
oldher patrons' aid, providencer's divine cow to milkfeeding
mleckman, bonafacies to solafides, what matter what all his
freudzay or who holds his hat to harm him, let hutch just keep
on under at being a vanished consinent and let annapal livibel
prettily prattle a lude all her own. And be that semeliminal
salmon solemonly angled, ingate and outgate. A truce to lovecalls,
dulled in warclothes, maleybags, things and bleakhusen. Leave
the letter that never begins to go find the latter that ever comes
to end, written in smoke and blurred by mist and signed of
solitude, sealed at night.
    Simply. As says the mug in the middle, nay brian nay noel,
ney billy ney boney. Imagine twee cweamy wosen. Suppwose
you get a beautiful thought and cull them sylvias sub silence.
Then inmaggin a stotterer. Suppoutre him to been one bigger-
master Omnibil. Then lustily (tutu the font and tritt on the boks-
woods like gay feeters's dance) immengine up to three longly
lurking lobstarts. Fair instents the Will Woolsley Wellaslayers.
Pet her, pink him, play pranks with them. She will nod ampro-
perly smile. He may seem to appraisiate it. They are as piractical
jukersmen sure to paltipsypote. Feel the wollies drippeling out
of your fingathumbs. Says to youssilves (floweers have ears,
heahear!) solowly: So these ease Budlim! How do, dainty dau-
limbs? So peached to pick on you in this way, prue and simple,
pritt and spry! Heyday too, Malster Faunagon, and hopes your
hahititahiti licks the mankey nuts! And oodlum hoodlum dood-
lum to yes, Donn, Teague and Hurleg, who the bullocks brought
you here and how the hillocks are ye?
    We want Bud. We want Bud Budderly. We want Bud Budderly
boddily. There he is in his Borrisalooner. The man that shunned
the rucks on Gereland. The man thut won the bettlle of the
bawll. Order, order, order, order! And tough. We call on Tan-
cred Artaxerxes Flavin to compeer with Barnabas Ulick Dunne.


- 338 -

Order, order, order! Milster Malster in the chair. We've heard it
sinse sung thousandtimes. How Burghley shuck the rackushant
Germanon. For Ehren, boys, gobrawl!
    A public plouse. Citizen soldiers.
    TAFF (a smart boy, of the peat freers, thirty two eleven, looking
through the roof towards a relevution of the karmalife order privious
to his hoisting of an emergency umberolum in byway of paraguastical
solation to the rhyttel in his hedd
). All was flashing and krashning
blurty moriartsky blutcherudd? What see, buttywalch? Tell ever
so often?
    BUTT (mottledged youth, clergical appealance, who, as his pied
friar, is supposing to motto the sorry dejester in tifftaff toffiness or
to be digarced from ever and a daye in his accounts
). But da. But
dada, mwilshsuni. Till even so aften. Sea vaast a pool!
    TAFF (porumptly helping himself out by the cesspull with a yellup
yurrup, puts up his furry furzed hare
). Butly bitly! Humme to our
mounthings. Conscribe him tillusk, unt, in his jubalant tubalence,
the groundsapper, with his soilday site out on his moulday side
in. The gubernier-gerenal in laut-lievtonant of Baltiskeeamore,
amaltheouse for leporty hole! Endues paramilintary langdwage.
The saillils of the yellavs nocadont palignol urdlesh. Shelltoss
and welltass and telltuss aghom! Sling Stranaslang, how Malo-
razzias spikes her, coining a speak a spake! Not the Setanik stuff
that slimed soft Siranouche! The goot old gunshop monowards
for manosymples. Tincurs tammit! They did oak hay doe fou
Chang-il-meng when that man d'airain was big top tom saw tip
side bum boss pageantfiller. Ajaculate! All lea light! Rassamble
the glowrings of Bruyant the Bref when the Mollies Makehal-
pence took his leg for his thumb. And may he be too an intrepida-
tion of our dreams which we foregot at wiking when the morn
hath razed out limpalove and the bleakfrost chilled our ravery!
Pook. Sing ching lew mang! Upgo, bobbycop! Lets hear in
remember the braise of Hold!
    BUTT (drawling forth from his blousom whereis meditabound of
his minkerstary, switches on his gorsecopper's fling weitoheito lang-
thorn, fed up the grain oils of Aerin, while his laugh neighs banck as


- 339 -

that flashermind's rays and his lipponease longuewedge wambles).
Ullahbluh! Sehyoh narar, pokehole sann! Manhead very dirty by
am anoyato. Like old Dolldy Icon when he cooked up his iggs
in bicon. He gatovit and me gotafit and Oalgoak's Cheloven gut
a fudden. Povar old pitschobed! Molodeztious of metchennacht
belaburt that pentschmyaso! Bog carsse and dam neat, sar, gam
cant! Limbers affront of him, lumbers behund. While the bucks
bite his dos his hart bides the ros till the bounds of his bays bell
the warning. Sobaiter sobarkar. He was enmivallupped. Chro-
mean fastion. With all his cannoball wappents. In his raglanrock
and his malakoiffed bulbsbyg and his varnashed roscians and his
cardigans blousejagged and his scarlett manchokuffs and his tree-
coloured camiflag and his perikopendolous gaelstorms. Here
weeks hire pulchers! Obriania's beromst! From Karrs and
Polikoff's, the men's confessioners. Seval shimars pleasant
time payings. Mousoumeselles buckwoulds look. Tenter and
    TAFF (all Perssiasterssias shookatnaratatattar at his waggon-
horchers, his bulgeglarying stargapers razzledazzlingly full of eyes,
full of balls, full of holes, full of buttons, full of stains, full of medals,
full of blickblackblobs
). Grozarktic! Toadlebens! Some garment-
guy! Insects appalling, low hum clang sin! A cheap decoy! Too
deep destroy! Say mangraphique, may say nay por daguerre!
    BUTT (if that he hids foregodden has nate of glozery farused ameet
the florahs of the follest, his spent fish's livid smile giving allasundery
the bumfit of the doped
). Come alleyou jupes of Wymmingtown
that graze the calves of Man! A bear raigning in his heavenspawn
consomation robes. Rent, outraged, yewleaved, grained, bal-
looned, hindergored and voluant! Erminia's capecloaked hoo-
doodman! First he s s st steppes. Then he st stoo stoopt. Lookt.
    TAFF (strick struck strangling like aleal lusky Lubliner to merum-
ber by the cycl of the cruize who strungled Attahilloupa with what
empoisoned El Monte de Zuma and failing wilnaynilnay that he
was pallups barn in the minkst of the Krumlin befodt he was pop-
soused into the monkst of the vatercan, makes the holypolygon of
the emt on the greaseshaper, a little farther, a little soon, a lettera-


- 340 -

cettera, oukraydoubray). Scutterer of guld, he is retourious on
every roudery! The lyewdsky so so sewn of a fitchid! With his
walshbrushup. And his boney bogey braggs.
    BUTT (after his tongues in his cheeks, with pinkpoker pointing
out in rutene to impassible abjects beyond the mistomist towards
Lissnaluhy such as the Djublian Alps and the Hoofd Ribeiro as
where he and his trulock may ever make a game
). The field of
karhags and that bloasted tree. Forget not the felled! For the
lomondations of Oghrem! Warful doon's bothem. Here furry
glunn. Nye? Their feery pass. Tak! With guerillaman aspear
aspoor to prink the pranks of primkissies. And the buddies be-
hide in the byre. Allahblah!
    TAFF (a blackseer, he stroves to regulect all the straggles for wife
in the rut of the past through the widnows in effigies keening after the
blank sheets in their faminy to the relix of oll decency from over
). Oh day of rath! Ah, murther of mines! Eh, selo moy!
Uh, zulu luy! Bernesson Mac Mahahon from Osro bearing nose
easger for sweeth prolettas on his swooth prowl!
    BUTT (back to his peatrol and paump: swee Gee's wee rest: no
more applehooley: dodewodedook
). Bruinoboroff, the hooney-
moonger, and the grizzliest manmichal in Meideveide! Whose
annal livves the hoiest! For he devoused the lelias on the fined
and he conforted samp, tramp and marchint out of the drumbume
of a narse. Guards, serf Finnland, serve we all!
    TAFF (whatwidth the psychophannies at the front and whetwadth
the psuckofumbers beholden the fair, illcertain, between his bulchri-
chudes and the roshashanaral, where he sees Bishop Ribboncake plus
his pollex prized going forth on his visitations of mirrage or Miss
Horizon, justso all our fannacies daintied her, on the curve of the
camber, unsheathing a showlaced limbaloft to the great consternations
Divulge! Hyededye, kittyls, and howdeddoh, pan! Poshbott and
pulbuties. See that we soll or let dargman be luna as strait a way
as your ant's folly me line while ye post is goang from Piping
Pubwirth to Haunted Hillborough on his Mujiksy's Zaravence,
the Riss, the Ross, the sur of all Russers, as my farst is near to
hear and my sackend is meet to sedon while my whole's a peer's


- 341 -

aureolies. We should say you dones the polecad. Bang on the
booche, gurg in the gorge, rap on the roof and your flup is unbu...
    BUTT (at the signal of his act which seems to sharpnel his
innermals menody, playing the spool of the little brown jog round the
wheel of her whang goes the millner
). Buckily buckily, blodestained
boyne! Bimbambombumb. His snapper was shot in the Rumjar
Journaral. Why the gigls he lubbed beeyed him.
    TAFF (obliges with a two stop yogacoga sumphoty on the bones for ivory girl and ebony boy). The balacleivka! Trovatarovitch! I trumble!
    BUTT (with the sickle of a scygthe but the humour of a hummer, O,
howorodies through his cholaroguled, fumfing to a fullfrength with
this wallowing olfact
). Mortar martar tartar wartar! May his
boules grow wider so his skittles gets worse! The aged monad
making a venture out of the murder of investment. I seen him
acting surgent what betwinks the scimitar star and the ashen
moon. By their lights shalthow throw him! Piff paff for puffpuff
and my pife for his cgar! The mlachy way for gambling.
    [Up to this curkscraw bind an admirable verbivocovisual pre-
    sentment of the worldrenownced Caerholme Event has been being
    given by
The Irish Race and World. The huddled and aliven stable-
    crashers have shared fleetfooted enthusiasm with the paddocks
    dare and ditches tare while the mews was combing ground. Hippo-
    hopparray helioscope flashed winsor places as the gates might see.
    Meusdeus! That was (with burning briar) Mr Twomass Noho-
    holan for their common contribe satisfunction in the purports of
    amusedment telling the Verily Roverend Father Epiphanes
    shrineshriver of Saint Dhorough's (in browne bomler) how
    (assuary as there's a bonum in your osstheology!) Backlegs
    shirked the racing kenneldar. The saintly scholarist's roastering
    guffalawd of nupersaturals holler at this metanoic excomologosis
    tells of the chestnut's (once again, Wittyngtom!) absolutionally
    romptyhompty successfulness. A lot of lasses and lads without
    damas or dads, but fresh and blued with collecting boxes. One
    aught spare ones triflets, to be shut: it is Coppingers for the
    children. Slippery Sam hard by them, physically present how


- 342 -

    somedever morally absent, was slooching about in his knavish
    diamonds asking Gmax, Knox and the Dmuggies (a pinnance for
    your toughts, turffers!) to deck the ace of duds. Tomtinker Tim,
    howbeit, his unremitting retainer, (the seers are the seers of
    Samael but the heers are the heers of Timoth) is in Boozer's
    Gloom, soalken steady in his sulken tents. Baldawl the curse,
    baledale the day! And the frocks of shick sheeples in their shum-
    mering insamples! You see: a chiefsmith, semperal scandal
    stinkmakers, a middinest from the Casabianca and, of course,
    Mr Fry. Barass! Pardon the inquisition, causas es quostas? It
    is Da Valorem's Dominical Brayers. Why coif that weird hood? 
    Because among nosoever circusdances is to be apprehended
    the dustungwashed poltronage of the lost Gabbarnaur-Jaggarnath.
    Pamjab! Gross Jumpiter, whud was thud? Luckluckluckluck
    luckluckluck! It is the Thousand to One Guinea-Gooseberry's
    Lipperfull Slipver Cup. Hold hard, ridesiddle titelittle Pitsy
    Riley! Gurragrunch, gurragrunch! They are at the turn of the
    fourth of the hurdles. By the hross of Xristos, Holophullopopu-
    lace is a shote of excramation! Bumchub! Emancipator, the
    Creman hunter (Major Hermyn C. Entwhistle) with dramatic
    effect reproducing the form of famous sires on the scene of the
    formers triumphs, is showing the eagle's way to Mr Whayte-
    hayte's three buy geldings Homo Made Ink, Bailey Beacon
    and Ratatuohy while Furstin II and The Other Girl (Mrs
    'Boss' Waters, Leavybrink) too early spring dabbles, are showing
    a clean pairofhids to Immensipater. Sinkathinks to oppen here!
    To this virgin's tuft, on this golden of evens! I never sought of
    sinkathink. Our lorkmakor he is proformly annuysed. He is
    shinkly thinkly shaking in his schayns. Sat will be off follteedee.
    This eeridreme has being effered you by Bett and Tipp. Tipp and
    Bett, our swapstick quackchancers
, in From Topphole to Bot-
    tom of The Irish Race and World.]

    TAFF (awary that the first sports report of Loudin Reginald
has now been afterthoughtfully colliberated by a saggind spurts
flash, takes the dipperend direction and, for tasing the tiomor of


- 343 -

malaise after the pognency of orangultonia, orients by way of Sagit-
tarius towards Draco on the Lour
). And you collier carsst on him,
the corsar, with Boyle, Burke and Campbell, I'll gogemble on
strangbones tomb. You had just been cerberating a camp camp
camp to Saint Sepulchre's march through the armeemonds re-
treat with the boys all marshalled, scattering giant's hail over the
curseway, fellowed along the rout by the stenchions of the
corpse. Tell the coldspell's terroth! If you please, commeylad!
Perfedes Albionias! Think some ingain think, as Teakortairer
sate over the Galwegian caftan forewhen Orops and Aasas were
chooldrengs and micramacrees! A forward movement, Miles na
Bogaleen, and despatch!
    BUTT (slinking his coatsleeves surdout over his squad mutton
shoulder so as to loop more life the jauntlyman as he scents the
anggreget yup behound their whole scoopchina's desperate noy's
totalage and explaining aposteriorly how awstooloo was valde-
sombre belowes hero and he was in a greak esthate phophiar an
erixtion on the soseptuple side of him made spoil apriori his popo-
). Yass, zotnyzor, I don't think I did not, pojr. Never
you brother me for I scout it, think you! Ichts nichts on nichts!
Greates Schtschuptar! Me fol the rawlawdy in the schpirrt of a
schkrepz. Of all the quirasses and all the qwehrmin in the tra-
gedoes of those antiants their grandoper, that soun of a gun-
nong, with his sabaothsopolettes, smooking his scandleloose at
botthends of him! Foinn duhans! I grandthinked after his obras
after another time about the itch in his egondoom he was legging
boldylugged from some pulversporochs and lyoking for a stool-
eazy for to nemesisplotsch allafranka and for to salubrate himself
with an ultradungs heavenly mass at his base by a suprime pomp-
ship chorams the perished popes, the reverend and allaverred
cromlecks, and when I heard his lewdbrogue reciping his cheap
cheateary gospeds to sintry and santry and sentry and suntry I
thought he was only haftara having afterhis brokeforths but be
the homely Churopodvas I no sooner seen aghist of his frighte-
ousness then I was bibbering with vear a few versets off fooling for
fjorg for my fifth foot. Of manifest 'tis obedience and the. Flute!


- 344 -

    TAFF (though the unglucksarsoon is giming for to git him, jotning
in, hoghly ligious, hapagodlap, like a soldierry sap, with a pique at
his cue and a tyr in his eye and a bond of his back and a croak in his
cry as did jolly well harm lean o'er him
) Is not athug who would.
Weepon, weeponder, song of sorrowmon! Which goatheye
and sheepskeer they damnty well know. Papaist! Gambanman!
Take the cawraidd's blow! Yia! Your partridge's last!
    BUTT (giving his scimmianised twinge in acknuckledownedgment
of this cumulikick, strafe from the firetrench, studenly drobs led, sa-
toniseels ouchyotchy, he changecors induniforms as he is lefting the
gat out of the big: his face glows green, his hair greys white, his
bleyes bcome broon to suite his cultic twalette
). But when I seeing
him in his oneship fetch along within hail that tourrible tall
with his nitshnykopfgoknob and attempting like a brandylogged
rudeman cathargic, lugging up and laiding down his livepelts
so cruschinly like Mebbuck at Messar and expousing his old
skinful self tailtottom by manurevring in open ordure to renew-
murature with the cowruads in their airish pleasantry I thanked
he was recovering breadth from some herdsquatters beyond the
carcasses and I couldn't erver nerver to tell a liard story not of I
knew the prize if from lead or alimoney. But when I got inoccu-
pation of a full new of his old basemiddelism, in ackshan, pagne
pogne, by the veereyed lights of the stormtrooping clouds and
in the sheenflare of the battleaxes of the heroim and mid the
shieldfails awail of the bitteraccents of the sorafim and caught the
pfierce tsmell of his aurals, orankastank, a suphead setrapped,
like Peder the Greste, altipaltar, my bill it forsooks allegiance
(gut bull it!) and, no lie is this, I was babbeing and yetaghain
bubbering, bibbelboy, me marrues me shkewers me gnaas me
fiet, tob tob tob beat it, solongopatom. Clummensy if ever mis-
used, must used you's now! But, meac Coolp, Arram of Eirze-
rum, as I love our Deer Dirouchy, I confesses withould pride-
jealice when I looked upon the Saur of all the Haurousians with
the weight of his arge fullin upon him from the travaillings of
his tommuck and rueckenased the fates of a bosser there was fear
on me the sons of Nuad for him and it was heavy he was for me