Atum or Tem, creator and also the finisher of the world, located in the centre of the labyrinth/pyramid/intersection of two circles. Time is no-time; time "started" when Atum created himself in the midst of vast, limitless, inert primordial waters of Nun. Atum is alone (Sinn Féin Amháin). "Atum is he who once came into being, who masturbated in Anu (Heliopolis). He took his phallus in his grasp that he might create orgasm by means of it, and so were born the twins Shu and Tefnut." (Up draught and wet them). Atum created the world for his own pleasure, not parenthood. His progeny are accidental and the whole issue revolves around his bi-sexual auto-erotic intent. The lengthening and becoming stiff of his penis also refers to the emergence of the primordial hill and the solidifying of the waters of chaos and the becoming of the risen land, i.e. the period of the "first time" + 'No concern of the Guinnesses?' - subtitle given to opening of I.2 when published in Transition Stories (1929) + "concerning the genesis" [030.02] [099.02-.03] 

Q: (L) Regarding the "Fall" in Eden and the loss of the Edenic state, how long ago did that happen? A: 309000 years ago approx. Q: (L) What was the situation... what happened... what was the state of mankind? A: Loss of faith caused knowledge and physical restrictions by outside forces. (Laura Knight's communication with Cassiopaeans).

balbutient - stammering, stuttering + FST (first-second-third) DRAFT: That the fright of his light in tribabutience tribalbalbutience bides aback in the doom of the balk of the deaf

aback - in a direction backwards, towards that which is behind

doom - fate, irrevocable destiny

balk - a hindrance, check, or defeat + Budge: The Book of the Dead.

the time of one’s life - a very enjoyable time

bird’s eye view - a view of a landscape from above, such as is presented to the eye of a bird; a perspective representation of such a view; also fig. a résumé of a subject.

standpoint - a mental point of view + Standpunkt (ger) - standpoint + Stamm (ger) - origin, stem + standpunt (Dutch) - point of view.

bearing - Nautic. The horizontal direction of a line of sight between two objects on the surface of the earth. Absolute bearing is bearing of an object in relation to north. Relative bearing is bearing relative to the direction of the ship: the clockwise angle between the ship's direction and an object

wade - to walk through water or any liquid or soft substance which impedes motion + FSTD: but that the height of his life from a bride's eye stammpunct is when a man that means a mountain in barring his distance weds wades a lymph that plat plays the lazy when winning she likes

lymph - pure water; water in general; a stream

bog - to sink, submerge, or entangle, in a bog. Also fig. + Rober Martin: 'Enniscorthy' (song): 'For the pride of balls and parties, and the glory of a wake'.

Enniscorthy (song): 'and the steam was like a rainbow round McCarthy' + 4-stage Viconian cycle (thunder, marriage, death, ricorso) [.02-.07]

rumba - an Afro-Cuban dance + "The rhythm of the rumba is a counterpoint of three beats against four, and hence a further reminder of Joyce's playing off three cycles against four within the overall design of Finnegans Wake. In fact, what Joyce is saying is that the scheme is like 'three against four' and that the rhombus of page 293 may be thought of as no more than a triangle accompanied by its own reflection. (It is no doubt significant that Joyce was born in 'Brighton Square', which is triangular.)" (Hart, Clive / Structure and motif in Finnegans wake).

allothesis (gr) - placed somewhere else + allotheism - the worship of other or strange gods + FSTD: yet that pride that bogs the party begs the glory of a wake while the scheme is like your rumba round me garden, allatheses,

Arabia Deserta (l) - Empty Arabia: one of the 3 ancient divisions of Arabia (the interior) + aether (l) - the bright upper air + Edri Deserta - an old term for Howth + H.P. Lovecraft: At the Mountains of Madness: 'R’lyeh, Ib in the land of Mnar, and the Nameless city of Arabia Deserta' + 19 Nov 1923: Joyce receives "Arabia Deserta" by Doughty but regrets can't read? "I do not know how long we shall be here [Paris hotel]. I hope not for Christmas."

William Shakespeare: King Lear III.4.174: (Edgar): 'Child Rowland to the dark tower came, / His word was still,—Fie, foh, and fum, / I smell the blood of a British man.'

fawner - someone who humbles himself as a sign of respect, one who behaves as if he had no self-respect

ruric - rustic + Rurik - 9th century Varangian ruler of Novgorod, semi-legendary founder of the Rurik dynasty of Kiev Rus (i.e. first king of the Russians), possibly father of Oleg, grandfather of Svyatoslav, ancestor of Boris, and chieftain of Askol.

cosmopolite - free from national limitations or attachments + FSTD: with perhaps perhelps perholps the prop of a prompt to them, was now or never with Finnfannfawners for much or moment indispute.

in dispute - that is disputed, debated, in controversy + indisputable - that cannot be disputed, unquestionable + {that man hides from thunder, but that marriage is the height of his life, yet that pride kills him, while the scheme is cyclical, was never much in dispute}

Hibernia (l) - (1) Spain; (2) Caucasian Georgia + Milesii (l) - descendants of Miles, legendary colonizer of Ireland from Spain + Milesians - last mythical colonisers of Ireland, came from Spain (Hiberia) + Hiberii-Milesii (l) - Spanish-Irish; Georgian-Miletians; any combination (O Hehir, Brendan; Dillon, John M. / A classical lexicon for Finnegans wake).

Anglo-Norman - of or pertaining to the Normans in England after the Norman Conquest, or to their descendants

donate - to present (a person, etc.) with something; to make a donation or gift of

ocean + otion (gr) - little ear, auricle + D.W. Griffith's film, Birth of a Nation, is famous for its racial stereotyping of African Americans and its idealization of the Ku Klux Klan, an organization who sought to purge the American south of its former slaves and return the nation to a state of racial purity.

breeder - that which breeds or produces offspring; the author, source, or cause + brother

Sweatoslaves - Mrs Christiani says, Sviatoslav I (d. 972), first Norse king of Kiev to bear a slav name + svet (Pan-Slavonic) - world

masterbuilder - one who is skilled in the art of building, an architect

first in the West

Ibdullin or Abdulhin - Mohammed's father

Himana or Aminah - Mohammed's mother + Joyce's note: 'Abdallah & Aminah' → Holland: The Story of Mohammed 30: (of Mohammed's parents) 'When he was twenty-four years of age Abdallah was married to Aminah, a maiden belonging to a distant branch of his own tribe, the Kuraysh'. 

tolv (Danish) - twelve + tubular - constructed with or consisting of a number of tubes + tube - radio valve.

high fidelity - in equipment used in the recording and reproduction of sound, the property of producing little distortion in the signal, so that the sound produced bears as close a resemblance as possible to the original.

dial - On a telephone, a circular plate marked with letters, numbers, etc., above which is a disc which can be rotated by means of finger-holes to establish connection with another telephone + dail (dal) (gael) - assembly + (advertisement for modern radio).

up to the minute - right up to the present time, in the latest fashion

ruadh (rue) (gael) - red

duchy - the territory ruled by a duke or duchess; In Great Britain, applied to the dukedoms of Cornwall and Lancaster (the two earliest in England) vested in the Royal Family, and having certain courts of their own, in which respect they differ from ordinary peerage dukedoms.

WOLIN (WOLLIN) - Island off North-West coast of Poland, formerly in Pomerania, Germany. The town of Wolin is near site of Viking fortress of Jomsborg [310.03]. The ancient Wendish trading town of Julin has been identified as Wolin + Duke of Wellington. 

scheme - to devise as a scheme; to effect by contrivance or intrigue + seemed

shielded - protected by a 'shield'

umbrella - a structure resembling in shape an outspread umbrella

Bellini and Tosi were pioneers in radio-telegraphy. Bellini and Tosi 1907 invented the Bellini-Tosi Gonimeter, but it took many years until production. A coil is rotated inside an electrical field fed from the N-S and E-W antenna signal components such finding the angle of maximum signal. The practical use of loop antennas for determining the direction of arrival of signal sources was employed as early as 1938 by English, American and German shipping lines for navigational purposes. 

coupling - joining in couples, pairing; linking

vital - endowed with, or possessed of, life; animate, living

speaker = loud speaker - any instrument for converting variations in an applied electric current or voltage (of appropriate magnitude and frequency) into corresponding sound waves that are able to be heard at a distance from the instrument.

buddy - brother; companion, friend + sky buds (i.e. stars) + sky bodies.

craft - a small vessel or boat; any sailing or floating vessel

emit - to give forth (sound)

vacuum cleaner - an electrical appliance for removing dust (from carpets and other flooring, soft furnishings, etc.) by suction + viaticum (l) - Eucharist.

due to - owing to, on account of, because of

Rigoletto: La donna è mobile (song): 'woman is fickle'

radio static

bawl - to shout at the top of one's voice, with a loud, full, protracted sound

whowle = howl (obs.) + whole + howl.

ham shack - amateur radio transmitting station

wobble - to move from side to side unsteadily or with uncertain direction

pound - a heavy beating blow; a thump; also, the sound caused by this, a thud + aluminium saucepan.

meleg (Hungarian) - warm, heat + mele (it) - apples + mulligatawny soup - a curry-flavoured soup of Anglo-Indian origin.

merry go round - a revolving machine carrying wooden horses or cars, on or in which persons ride round and round for amusement; a roundabout

electrically + eklektikos (gr) - capable of moral choice.