balbutient* - stammering, stuttering

aback - in a direction backwards, to the rear, towards that which is behind; back.

doom - fate, lot, irrevocable destiny

Book of Dead;                         balk - a hindrance, check, or defeat.

the time of one’s life* - a very enjoyable time

bird’s eye view* - a view of a landscape from above, such as is presented to the eye of a bird;  a perspective representation of such a view; also fig. a résumé of a subject.

standpoint* - a mental point of view; the position (with respect to degree of information, direction of sympathies or prejudices, assumed fundamental principles, or the like) which a person occupies in relation to any object of mental contemplation.

wade - to walk through water or any liquid or soft substance which impedes motion.

lymph - pure water; water in general; a stream

bog - to sink, submerge, or entangle, in a bog. Also fig.

rumba - an Afro-Cuban dance

fawner - one who fawns (to court favour or notice by an abject demeanour), cringes (to behave obsequiously or with mean submissiveness, to show base or servile deference), or flatters.

ruric - rustic

cosmopolite* - free from national limitations or attachments

in dispute* - that is disputed, debated, in controversy;                indisputable - that cannot be disputed, unquestionable.

Anglo-Norman* - of or pertaining to the Normans in England after the Norman Conquest, or to their descendants.

donate - to present (a person, etc.) with something; to make a donation or gift of.


breeder - that which breeds or produces offspring; the author, source, or cause                                                               brother

masterbuilder* - one who is skilled in the art of building, an architect

tubular - constructed with or consisting of a number of tubes

high fidelity - in equipment used in the recording and reproduction of sound, the property of producing little distortion in the signal, so that the sound produced bears as close a resemblance as possible to the original.

dial* - On a telephone, a circular plate marked with letters, numbers, etc., above which is a  disc which can be rotated by means of finger-holes to establish connection with another telephone.

up to the minute - right up to the present time, in the latest fashion


duchy - the territory ruled by a duke or duchess; In Great Britain, applied to the dukedoms of Cornwall and Lancaster (the two earliest in England) vested in the Royal Family, and having certain courts of their own, in which respect they differ from ordinary peerage dukedoms.

scheme - to devise as a scheme; to effect by contrivance or intrigue                                                                                 seemed

shielded - protected by a 'shield'

umbrella - a structure resembling in shape an outspread umbrella

coupling - joining in couples, pairing; linking

vital - endowed with, or possessed of, life; animate, living

speaker = loud speaker - any instrument for converting variations in an applied electric current or voltage (of appropriate magnitude and frequency) into corresponding sound waves that are able to be heard at a distance from the instrument.

buddy - brother; companion, friend                                                                                                                                      bud

craft - a small vessel or boat; any sailing or floating vessel

emit* - to give forth (sound)

vacuum cleaner* - an electrical appliance for removing dust (from carpets and other flooring, soft furnishings, etc.) by suction.

due to - owing to

bawl - to shout at the top of one's voice, with a loud, full, protracted sound

whowle = howl (obs.)                                                                                                                                                        whole

wobble - to move from side to side unsteadily or with uncertain direction

pound - a heavy beating blow; a thump; also, the sound caused by this, a thud

merry go round* - a revolving machine carrying wooden horses or cars, on or in which persons ride round and round for amusement; a roundabout.