lugger - a small vessel with four-cornered cut sails, set fore and aft, and [sic] may have two or three masts; one who lugs; spec. an oarsman who depends on mere strength. 

stolp - obs. forms of stoop (n.), stoup                                                                                                                                 stop



blowfish - a popular name for any of several fishes which inflate their bodies when stimulated by fear, etc.

schooling - the action of teaching, or the state or fact of being taught, in a school.

unlikelihood* - the state or fact of being unlikely, improbability

breakwater* - anything that breaks the force of the waves at a particular place, esp. a solid structure of rubble and masonry erected to form or protect a harbour, etc.

aweigh - Of an anchor: Just raised perpendicularly from the ground                                                                                     away

yanker - a big or 'thumping' lie

Sonne (d) - sun

brine* - the water of the sea; the sea

bottom - the ground or bed under the water of a lake, sea, or river

fathom* - the length covered by the outstretched arms; in pl. Depths. lit. and fig. Also in fig. expressions fathoms deep, fathoms down.

full - abundant, amply sufficient, copious 

fram = form

evenstar* = evening-star

rising sun

Rio de Janeiro


mareman = merman - an imaginary marine creature with a man's head and trunk, and a fish's or cetacean's tail instead of the lower limbs.

to veer and haul - to haul and slack alternately on a rope, as in warping, until the vessel or boat gets headway.

mar - to spoil, impair

holey - full of holes                                                                                                                                                             holy

raign - reign (obs.); to arraign


bass - to utter or proclaim with bass voice or sound

brother-in-law* - the brother of one's husband or wife; the husband of one's sister. 

a wee bit*  - 'a little', 'a (little) bit'

rigout - an outfit, a suit of clothes, a costume

mainstay* - Naut. The stay which extends from the main-top to the foot of the foremast.

lairdship - the condition or dignity of a laird (a landed proprietor. In ancient times limited to those who held immediately from the king).

hunch - to nudge (a person) so as to direct attention to someone; to thrust out or up, or bend, so as to form a 'hunch' or hump.

earpicker - an instrument for clearing the ear of wax, etc.; also fig.                                                                             Earwicker

old sport* - a good fellow, a lively, sociable person; freq. as a familiar term of address, more usually of men than women;
sporty - sportsmanlike, sportsmanly.

reigner - one who reigns, a ruler

crimp - Of doubtful meaning: used in reproach or derision (obs.)

cramp - an involuntary, violent and painful contraction of the muscles, usually the result of a slight strain, a sudden chill, etc.

plot - to form a plan, device, or plot (in modern use, always for some evil, reprehensible, or hostile end).

earl* - In late OE.: A Danish under-king (see jarl); In England, Scotland, and Ireland, the title  of a specific order of rank, corresponding to Count in the nobility of other European nations; Under the Norman kings the title of earl (count) implied the governorship or the feudal lordship of a county.

the Cape - some familiar headland; esp. the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.

tripartite* - divided into or composed of three parts or kinds; threefold, triple.

lorette* - a courtesan of a class which at one time had its headquarters in the vicinity of the Church of Notre Dame de Lorette in Paris.

seeming - the action or fact of appearing to be (to the mind or to bodily sense), appearance.

casket - a small box or chest for jewels, letters, or other things of value, itself often of valuable material and richly ornamented.

how - the way or manner (in which)

as fine as a fiddle* - as fit as a fiddle, in good 'form' or condition;                   niece - obs. form of nice.

mealtub - a tub for containing meal                                                                                                                               meantime


spurt* - a short space of time, a brief period; a brief and unsustained effort, a sudden outbreak or spell of activity or exertion.

recent - lately done or made; that has lately happened or taken place, etc.

occasional conformity - a phrase applied after 1700 to the practice of persons who, in order to qualify themselves for office, in accordance with the Corporation and Test Acts, received the Sacrament according to the rites of the Church of England, and afterwards during their office were present at any dissenting meeting for worship.

Muggletonian* - a member of the sect founded 1651 by Lodowicke Muggleton and John Reeve.

mucker - a fanatic or hypocrite; Euphemistically (chiefly in written work) = fucker.

all along - during the whole course of any proceeding, throughout, continuously.

petitionist - one who makes a practice of petitioning; a professional or professed petitioner.

blend = blended - mingled, intermixed

customer* - one who customarily purchases from a particular tradesman; a buyer, purchaser.

custom - a habitual or usual practice; trans. To pay duty or toll on, to pass through the custom-house.

spirit - pl. Strong alcoholic liquor for drinking, obtained from various substances by distillation.

ceilidh* - an evening visit, a friendly social call; a session of traditional music, storytelling, or dancing.

shanty* - a small, mean, roughly constructed dwelling; a cabin, a hut; showy, smart.

drunkard* - one addicted to drinking


rotary - a rotary machine or apparatus;                        notary - a person publicly authorized to draw up or attest contracts or similar documents, to protest bills of exchange, etc., and discharge other duties of a formal character.


christen* = a Christian

Orthodox* - The specific epithet of the Eastern Church, which recognizes the headship of the Patriarch of Constantinople, and of the various national churches of Russia, Serbia, Romania, etc.

boys will be boys* - an expression of resignation towards childish ways

low frequency - a frequency having a relatively small number of cycles in a second; applied esp. to an electric current or voltage, an electromagnetic wave, or a sound wave. Abbrev. L.F., esp. in radio and telecommunications, where it also refers specifically to electromagnetic waves of 30-300 kilohertz.

amplification - Electr. The action of amplifying (increasing of the strength of (an electrical current, signal, etc.).)

shed - a hut, cottage, poor dwelling

ad - Colloq. abbrev. of advertisement  

quorum - Orig., certain justices of the peace, usually of eminent learning or ability, whose presence was necessary to constitute a bench; latterly the term was loosely applied to all justices; a fixed number of members of any body, society, etc., whose presence is necessary for the proper or valid transaction of business                                                                                                 alcohol

lorimer - a maker of bits and metal mountings for horses' bridles

skinner - one whose work or business is concerned with the preparation of skins for  commercial purposes.

salter - a manufacturer of or dealer in salt

pewterer - a worker in pewter; one who makes pewter utensils

paperstainer - one who stains or colours paper. Humorously used for an author, esp. an inferior author.

parish clerk - an official appointed by the incumbent of a parish to assist in various duties connected with the church and its services.

fletcher - one who makes or deals in arrows; occasionally, one who makes bows and arrows;                 bowyer - one who makes, or trades in, bows.