girdler - a maker of girdles

mercer - one who deals in textile fabrics, esp. a dealer in silks, velvets, and other costly materials. 

cordwainer - a worker in cordwain or cordovan leather; a shoemaker. Now obs. as the ordinary name, but often persisting as the name of the trade-guild or company of shoemakers, and sometimes used by modern trades unions to include all branches of the trade.

weaver - one who weaves textile fabrics; a workman or workwoman whose occupation is weaving.

innholder - innkeeper

upholder - a dealer in small wares or second-hand articles (of clothing, furniture, etc.)

say forth* = say on ('say what you wish to say') (obs.)

to go to it - to go ahead; to get to work; to do something with all one’s energy.

agitator - an agent, one who acts for others; one who keeps up a political agitation. After the Bolshevik Revolution freq. applied spec. to Communist agitators.

hoose = house

god have

mosey - to go away quickly, to decamp; downy, hairy                                                                                                      mercy

please God* - may it (so) please God

jacket - an outer garment with sleeves, reaching no lower than the waist, worn by boys and by men in certain occupations.

rectify* - to put or set (a person or thing) right, in various applications of the adj.; to bring or restore to a good or normal condition.

3 o’clock

saw - a story, tale, recital (obs.)



rider - one who rides a horse or other animal

pneumonia* - inflammation of the substance of the lungs

consistently - in accordance or consistency with, compatibly

so help me God* - the customary formula in a solemn oath

whereafter* - after which

behest - to vow, promise

suzerain - a feudal overlord; attrib. or adj., as suzerain lord, power, state.


Pilsener - a pale-coloured lager beer with a strong hop flavour

jarl - an old Norse or Danish chieftain or under-king

change - money of a lower denomination given in exchange for a larger coin, a bank-note, etc.; hence generally, coins of low denomination.

piece* - a piece of money, a coin; as penny piece

coyne - a quince                                                                                                                                                                 coin

a word in your ear* - a brief message for you in confidence

shipshape* - arranged properly, as things on board ship should be; trim, orderly

sotto voce* - in a subdued or low voice; fig. Quietly, privately


to do duty - to discharge a function;                                    to do the dirty* - to play a dirty trick.

duff - worthless, spurious, false, bad                                                                                                                                  deaf

dork - the penis

compos mentis* - having control of one's mind, in one's right mind

to the good - as a balance on the right side; e.g. as net profit, as excess of assets over liabilities, or the like.

ast - obs. or dial. pa. tense of ask

volt* - the practical unit of electromotive force

discharge - Electr. The emission or transference of electricity which takes place between two bodies positively and negatively charged, when placed in contact or sufficiently near each  other.

exempted* - to whom immunity (from punishment, burdens, or obligations) has been granted.

ballast - Electr. A device used in an electrical circuit to stabilize the current under changing conditions                                     rest

natural life* - Used chiefly (and now only) with reference to the duration of this;                     nurtural - of, belonging to, or due to nurture; usually designating characteristics, etc., which can be attributed to training, environment, or the like, and are not natural or inherited.

cast - calculation, reckoning; an act of calculation




tribune - an officer holding some position analogous to that of a Roman tribune; a judge.

tribute - something paid or contributed as by a subordinate to a superior; an offering or gift rendered as a duty, or as an acknowledgement of affection or esteem.

mimic - pertaining to, or of the nature of, mimicry or imitation

mien - to comport oneself (in a specified way)                                                                                                            meaning

meanly - in a way that shows a mean or base disposition, or a small mind; shabbily; sordidly, niggardly, stingily.

lewd - Of speech and the like: Rude, artless

brogue - a strongly-marked dialectal pronunciation or accent


copper* - copper money; a copper coin; a penny or halfpenny

token - a stamped piece of metal, often having the general appearance of a coin, issued as a medium of exchange by a private person or company, who engage to take it back at its nominal value, giving goods or legal currency for it.


juwel = jewel

nummer - obs. f. number 


frame - construction, structure; constitution, nature

hard metal* - any of various alloys valued for their hardness;                            mettle - ardent or spirited temperament.

mint - a piece of money, a coin; trans. To make (coin) by stamping metal.

bullyon - solid gold or silver (as opposed to mere showy imitations)

gauger - one who gauges (to 'take the measure' of); one who sells liquor (obs. rare.)

stow - to place in a receptacle to be stored or kept in reserve

stiver - Used (like penny) as a type of a coin of small value, or of a small amount of money.

in bulk (of fish, etc.) - lying loose in heaps, without package; (gen.) in large quantities.

in hold - in confinement, custody, imprisonment

finance* - a tax, taxation, the revenues of a sovereign or state (obs.); the management of money, esp. public money; the science which concerns itself with the levying and application of  revenue in a state, corporation, etc.

bravo* - capital! excellent! well done!

keen - acute, highly sensitive

kenning - mental cognition; knowledge, cognizance


misshape - a bad or deformed shape or figure, deformity; a mis-shapen body or person.

namely;                            namesake - a person or thing having the same name as another.

foully - abominably, disgracefully, shamefully; with revolting wickedness, cruelty, or treachery; impurely, obscenely.

descendant* - one who 'descends' or is descended from an ancestor;                    dissent - to think differently, disagree.

sue - to follow after a person or thing in motion; to follow as an attendant or adherent.

hodden - woollen cloth of a coarse quality such as used to be made by country weavers on their hand-looms                      hidden

pooka* - in Irish folk-lore, A hobgoblin, a malignant sprite

leaden - of a dull, cold, pale colour; dull grey

drownd - dial. and vulgar for drown (v.)