finick - 'to execute work in a fastidious manner, wasting time over unnecessary details'.

scaffolding - the temporary framework of platforms and poles constructed to provide accommodation for workmen and their materials during the erection, repairing, or decoration of a building.

to draw a blank* - to fail to discover or find out about something after searching hard and  asking many questions.

in the devil's date = 'in the devil's name'

kiddy - a little child

boob - a foolish mistake or blunder

bump - a blow somewhat heavy, but rather dull in sound; a sudden collision, more or less violent.

how do you do

ape - to imitate, mimic                                                                                                                                                     asked

ramp - Of persons: To storm or rage with violent gestures; to act in a furious or threatening manner; Of beasts: To rear or stand on the hind legs, as if in the act of climbing; to raise the fore-paws in the air.

roe - a small species of deer inhabiting various parts of Europe and Asia

muddy - turbid or foul with mud; covered or bespattered with mud

scramble* - to raise oneself to an erect posture, to get through or into a place or position, by the struggling use of the hands and feet.

maidy - a little maid

forther* - - further

galore* - abundance or plenty (of something)

mortar - building, masonry                                                                                                                                                mortal

humpty dumpty* - short and fat. Also allusively referring to the Humpty-Dumpty of the nursery rime.

dusty - full of, abounding with, or strewn with dust


aboriginally* - from the very beginning

sartor - a tailor


sooner the better;                     badder - obs. comparative of bad.


to keep Hilary term* - to maintain hilarity, be cheerful or merry

rill* - a small stream; a brook, runnel, rivulet

gibbous - hunch-backed; having a hump                                                                                                                          give us

to bring grist to the (one's) mill* - to bring business to one's hands; to be a source of profit or advantage.

pushpull - characterized by, caused by, or being a forced reciprocating motion; responding to or exerting both pushes and pulls. 

quiescence - the state of being quiescent; quietness; an instance of this

intervolve* - to roll up (things) within each other; to wind or involve (something) within the coils of something else              interval

coupling - joining in couples, pairing; linking; sexual union




booth - a temporary structure covered with canvas, or the like; a tent

Bartholomew* - name of one of the twelve apostles, the festival in whose honour is held on the 24th of August.

a Dutch uncle* - a person who talks to someone severely and openly as if he were the person’s uncle.

mine host* - a man who keeps a public place of lodging and entertainment; the landlord of an inn.

dram - sad, melancholy                                                                                                                                                     damn

salve - fig. To heal, remedy, mend, make good

worldwise - wise in the things of the world, worldly-wise

pip - a short, high-pitched sound, esp. one produced electronically

footlose - free to move the feet; free to act as one pleases, not hampered by any ties.

Norse;             noise


Sohn (d) - son

Blitz (d) - lightning

to call the tune* - to hold the initiative, to have control of events

thonder = thunder (obs.)


thurd - obs. form of third                                                                                                                                                     thud

whad = what



sis - an ejaculation expressing disgust or disappointment

onetime - that was so at one time or formerly, 'sometime'

younker* - a young man generally, in early use esp. a gay or fashionable young man.


twilled - woven with a twill; having diagonal lines or ridges on the surface

alongside - in a position parallel to; side by side with


wetting - the action of moistening the throat with liquid

the apple of someone’s eye* - a person who is most dear to the person specified;                            lappel = lapel - that part of the front of a coat which is folded over towards either shoulder.

holy terror* - a child or a young person who causes a lot of trouble


slipper* - a light and usually heelless covering for the foot, capable of being easily slipped on, and chiefly employed for indoor wear.

peanut* - a small or unimportant person



tumble - to fall; esp. to fall in a helpless way, as from stumbling or violence; to have sexual intercourse with (slang.)