roall = royal





diddle daddle* - 'stuff and nonsense', 'fiddle-faddle'

cradler - one who or that which cradles (an infant, etc.); one who reaps with a cradle-scythe.

knitwear - knitted articles of clothing                                                                                                                                   never

addle - to make addle; to muddle; to confuse (the brain); to spoil                                                                                         added

uptie - to tie, bind, or fasten up

botham = bottom (obs.)


duck and drake* - a pastime consisting in throwing a flat stone or the like over the surface of water so as to cause it to rebound or skip as many times as possible before sinking; idle play, reckless squandering;            drill - a small draught (of liquid) (obs. rare.)

inlay - material inlaid or prepared for inlaying; inlaid work; to lay or embed (a thing) in the substance of something else so that its surface becomes even or continuous with that of the matrix.

liddle - representing a foreign or dialectal pronunciation of, or used hypocoristically for, little.

lining - the stuff with which garments are lined; any material occurring or placed next beneath the outside one; fig. Contents; that which is inside.

maught - strength, might, power, ability                                                                                                                             might

license - to give (a person) permission to (do something)

by the same token* - on the same ground; for the same reason; in the same way.

neither;                         sneith - smooth, polished.

whole length - Of a portrait, etc. representing the whole human figure, usually standing; gen. extending through the whole length.

shift - a body-garment of linen, cotton, or the like; in early use applied indifferently to men's and women's underclothing; subsequently, a woman's 'smock' or chemise; a straight loose dress.

benefice* - a good deed, kindness, favour


angle of lag - Electr. The fraction of a complete cycle, multiplied by 360° or 2p radians, by which a sinusoidal current lags behind the associated sinusoidal voltage.

let go* - to dismiss from one's thoughts; to abandon, give up;                flow - the action or fact of flowing; movement in a current or stream; an instance or mode of this. Orig. said of liquids, but extended in modern use to all fluids, as air, electricity, etc.

brabble - discordant babble; a paltry altercation, noisy quarrel

hastily* - quickly, speedily, expeditiously; soon, without delay

to come up with - to come so as to be abreast of, to overtake; to reach

cheek by jowl* - side by side; in the closest intimacy;                 joule - an electrical unit, being the amount of work done (or of heat generated) by a current of one ampère acting for one second against a resistance of one ohm.

butt - to strike, esp. with the head or horns

moyle - a drill pointed like a gad                                                                                                                                             my

beam - a large piece of squared timber, long in proportion to its breadth and thickness.

buttend - the thicker end of anything, esp. of a tool or weapon; a buttock

Reiter (d) - rider, horseman


deluge - a great flood or overflowing of water, a destructive inundation

sesame* - the word used as a charm to open and shut the door of the robbers' den in the tale of 'Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves'.


skipper* - the captain or master of ship, esp. of a small trading, merchant, or fishing vessel; a shipman, seaman.

to breeze in - to arrive or enter briskly

trip - to strike with the foot so as to cause stumbling

dripping - having liquid falling off in drops

three sheets in the wind* - very drunk

tights - tight-fitting breeches, worn by men in the 18th and early 19th centuries, and still forming part of court-dress.

truss - a close-fitting body-garment or jacket formerly worn by men and women.

rehearse* - to go through or practise (a play, scene, part, etc.) in private, in preparation for a more formal or public performance.

puffed* - swollen or distended in any way; stuffed or padded so as to swell out; gathered in so as to produce a soft swelling mass, as in costume.

skirt - the lower part of a man's gown or robe. Now chiefly Hist. or with reference to Eastern countries; the border, rim, outer portion, extremity, or tail-end of anything. 

overall* - an outer garment such as a cloak, ulster, or waterproof; a tunic, blouse, or the like worn over the other clothing as a protection against wet, dirt, etc.

appentice - a lean-to building, a penthouse                                                                                                                apprentices

mushroom - an umbrella

to take aback* - to surprise or discomfit by a sudden and unlooked-for check


marram - a local name for the Sea Reed, Psamma arenaria, the roots of which bind together and keep stable the sands of the sea-shore in Northern Europe;                    good morrow - A salutation used at meeting in the morning, equivalent to the later good morning.

freshwater* - unaccustomed to salt water, new to the sea

boaster* - one who extols his own deeds or excellences, a braggart, vaunter, arrogant person.

the whole caboodle* - the whole lot (of persons or things)

jill - Of a boat: to move about, to move around; to idle around

to windwards - to the windward side or direction

to make tracks for* - to make off, to make for; to go off quickly (orig. U.S.)

the rocky road to Dublin

hornpipe* - a dance of a lively and vigorous character, usually performed by a single person, orig. to the accompaniment of the wind instrument, and specially associated with the merrymaking of sailors;                hearing trumpet - an apparatus in the form of a straight or convoluted conoidal tube, used by persons somewhat deaf, to enable them to hear more distinctly.

lug - ear

lee - a sheltered position or condition; hence, calmness, peace, tranquillity

mouth organ - a musical instrument operated by the mouth, harmonica; Zool. One of the parts or appendages forming the mouth (of an insect, crustacean, etc.).


taut - tightly drawn, as by longitudinal tension; stiff, tense, not slack

tammy = Tam o' Shanter bonnet - a soft woollen bonnet with flat circular crown, the circumference of which is about twice that of the head, formerly worn by Scottish ploughmen, etc.;                      tummy - the stomach.

wagger - one who wags (his head)

tag - a small pendent piece or part hanging from, or attached more or less loosely to the main body of anything.

tuck up - a fold or plait of hair (obs.)

eastering - shifting eastward

westering - westward movement, declension westwards

hitch - fig. An accidental or temporary stoppage, such as is caused by something suddenly getting caught or entangled; an impediment, obstruction                                                                                                                                                     hell

fand - the action of trying; trial, proof, experience                                                                                                                 fine

sulker - one who sulks

mone - an old woman, a crone; a companion


straightways* - immediately, without delay




fordeed - a deed done on behalf of some one; a benefit, favour

take hold* - to get a person or thing into its (or one's) 'hold' or power; usually with of.

toff - an appellation, orig. given by the lower classes, to a person who is stylishly dressed or who has a smart appearance; a swell.



cable* - to transmit (a message, news, etc.), to telegraph


here today and gone tomorrow* - a catch-phrase indicating a constant change of events or someone (or something) remaining in a place for a short time.

ware - to spend, lay out (money, goods)                                                                                                                              wire

cobble - a water-worn rounded stone

posh - elegant, fashionable                                                                                                                                                   stop


came in

pneumatique* - the pneumatic dispatch system in Paris; a letter or message sent by this system.

raven - the figure of a raven on the flag of the Danish vikings

evermore - at any future time

shin - to 'use one's legs'; to move quickly; to run round


Frankish - the language of the Franks

kicker - fig. One who protests, objects, or rebels

through the medium of - through an intermediate agency, means, instrument or channel. 

Gallic - of or pertaining to, or characteristic of, the Gauls or Gaul