titled* - having or furnished with a title, esp. a title of rank

prowed - having a prow                                                                                                                                                 proved




aerian - of or belonging to the air or atmosphere

insulation - the action of surrounding by water or making into an island; the fact of being made insular. Also, an island.

board - the side of a ship; a ship                                                                                                                                        hearts

beach - to run or haul (a vessel) up on the beach                                                                                                                  beat

witness* - to bear witness to (a fact or statement); to testify to, attest

Tom, Dick and Harry;                 thane - one who in Anglo-Saxon times held lands of the king or other superior by military service; poet. A warrior, a brave man.

sum - to give the substance of in a few words or a brief statement; to summarize, epitomize.

kismet* - destiny, fate

bound - With inf.: Compelled, obliged; under necessity (esp. logical or moral); fated, certain.

landlord - Originally, a lord or owner of land; the master of an inn, an innkeeper.

nod - to make a quick inclination of the head, esp. in salutation                                                                                         nothing

moor - to secure one's ship (etc.) in a particular place; to anchor

mear - to mark out (land) by means of 'meres' or boundaries

proof - the standard of strength of distilled alcoholic liquors (or of vinegar); now, the strength  of a mixture of alcohol and water having a specific gravity of 0*91984, and containing 0*495 of its weight, or 0*5727 of its volume, of absolute alcohol. Also transf. Spirit of this strength.

over proof - that is 'above proof'; containing a larger proportion of alcohol than that contained  in proof-spirit: Also fig. and ellipt. as n. = over-proof spirit.

heft - the act of lifting; a lift

Eric - pecuniary compensation for violent crime

heave to* - to bring the ship to a standstill by setting the sails so as to counteract each other.

to splice the mainbrace* - to drink alcoholic drink esp. in a free and enjoyable manner.

to wet (erron. whet) one's whistle* - to take a drink

good mother - a mother-in-law; also, a step-mother

gossip - trifling or groundless rumour; tittle-tattle

bob - to move up or down with a bob or slight jerk; spec. curtsy

bowing - the action of inclining the body or head in salutation, etc.

skerry - a rugged insulated sea-rock or stretch of rocks, covered by the sea at high water or in stormy weather.

overlive - to live after or beyond (an event, etc.); to survive, outlive

cold blast* - a blast of cold air forced into a furnace

hibernate* - Of persons: To remain in a torpid or inactive state

fearsome - fear-inspiring; frightful, dreadful

dump - a fit of abstraction or musing, a reverie; a fit of melancholy or depression; to fall with sudden force, to plunge.

pixie* - in local folk-lore a name for a supposed supernatural being akin to a fairy.

pickle - to peck, nibble; to eat sparingly or delicately

at the bottom of one’s heart* - with one’s deepest thoughts or feelings


sess - a call to a dog when giving him food                                                                                                                         silly

soss - In many English dialects soss is used as a call to dogs and pigs at feeding-time                                                            soul

into the bargain* - in addition, also

Davy Jones's locker* - the ocean, the deep, esp. as the grave of those who perish at sea;                    jorum - a large drinking-bowl or vessel; also, the contents of this; esp. a bowl of punch.

a nice or pretty kettle of fish* - an awkward state of things, a 'muddle'

moya* - Used as an ironic interjection 

banshee* - a supernatural being supposed by the peasantry of Ireland and the Scottish Highlands to wail under the windows of a house where one of the inmates is about to die. 

to lay low - to keep quiet, remain in hiding; to bide one's time

gang - any band or company of persons who go about together or act in concert.

eerie - fear-inspiring; gloomy, strange, weird

mead - meadow

fireball - a ball of fire or flame; Mil. A ball filled with combustible or explosive materials, used as a projectile.

bum - of poor, wretched, or miserable quality

foe = few

...They were Democrats, and retorted upon violent Union men by calling them Niggerheads.

fitten - suitable, fit

God's truth* - the absolute truth

daze - a benumbed, deadened condition






vassal - a humble servant or subordinate

turbot - a large flat fish having a wide scaleless body covered with conical bony tubercles, with the eyes normally on the left side, found on the European coasts and much esteemed as food.

soused - steeped in pickle, pickled

methought - pa. tense of methinks

mackerel - a well-known sea-fish, Scomber scombrus, much used for food, that approaches the shore in shoals in summer-time for the purpose of spawning. 

hell's bells!* - an expression of anger or annoyance


open hand* - free in giving or communicating; liberal, generous, bounteous.

home folk - the people from or near one's home, i.e. one's friends, relatives, or neighbours;              hame = home (obs.)

booth - a temporary structure covered with canvas, or the like


gundy - Of the eyes: Full of 'gound' or matter, bleared;                    gundy gut - a fat paunch; pl. a gluttonous, voracious person.


captain;                    capon - Humorously applied to various fish; esp. a red-herring.

warry - belligerent, warlike

posthumous* - occurring, arising, or continuing after death

expletion - the action of filling, the state of being filled to the full; satisfaction                                                                expression

slob - a dull, slow, or untidy person; a careless or negligent workman; a lout, a fat person.