Sickerson + Pukkelsen (Norwegian Artificial) - Humpson, son of a hump + Norwegian pukkel, "hump" or "hunch". It is a name for the hunchbacked Norwegian Captain (Glasheen, Adaline / Third census of Finnegans wake) + O'Buachalla (o'bukheli) (gael) - descendant of Buachaill ("boy"); anglic. Buckley.

titled - having or furnished with a title, esp. a title of rank + tiltalt (Norwegian) - charged, accosted, addressed.

prowed - having a prow + FSTD: That if with all some our proud prowed invisors how his ulstravoliance led him infroraids, striking down and landing alow rudness widness Dane and Tysk and Hanry.

invision (obs) - want of vision + visor - the front part of a helmet, covering the face but provided with holes or openings to admit of seeing and breathing, and capable of being raised and lowered + 'her proud invader' → Thomas Moore: Let Erin Remember the Days of Old (song).

ultraviolet + Ulstra (l) - Ulster + ultra (l) - beyond, farther, more + volens (l) - willing, intending + violence.

infrared + let them in for raids.

aerian - of or belonging to the air or atmosphere

insulation - the action of surrounding by water or making into an island; the act of protecting something by surrounding it with material that reduces or prevents the transmission of sound or heat or electricity.

board - the side of a ship; a ship

beach - to run or haul (a vessel) up on the beach + two hearts that beat as one (*IJ*)

Ast (ger) - branch + as

witness - to bear witness to (a fact or statement); to testify to, attest

thane - one who in Anglo-Saxon times held lands of the king or other superior by military service; poet. A warrior, a brave man.

tysk (Norwegian) - German + Tom, Dick and Harry (*VYC*).

hanrei (Norwegian) - cuckold + henry - unit of inductance. It is named after Joseph Henry (1797–1878), the American scientist who discovered electromagnetic induction independently of and at about the same time as Michael Faraday (1791–1867) in England.

sum - to give the substance of in a few words or a brief statement; to summarize, epitomize + summe (Norwegian) - collect oneself + summe seg (Norwegian) - to compose one's mind.

kismet - destiny, fate + Kish lightship off Dublin.

bound - With inf.: Compelled, obliged; under necessity (esp. logical or moral); fated, certain.

landlord - Originally, a lord or owner of land; the master of an inn, an innkeeper.

nod - to make a quick inclination of the head, esp. in salutation + nothing

moor - to secure one's ship (etc.) in a particular place; to anchor + Thomas Moore [.02]

mear - to mark out (land) by means of 'meres' or boundaries + customer was customer.

proof - a measure of alcoholic strength expressed as an integer twice the percentage of alcohol present (by volume)

over proof - that is 'above proof'; containing a larger proportion of alcohol than that contained  in proof-spirit: Also fig. and ellipt. as n. = over-proof spirit.

heft - the act of lifting; a lift + Heft (ger) - notebook.

Eric - pecuniary compensation for violent crime; blood fine for murder of Irishman + FSTD: The patrickularly all, they summed. [Kish met. Bound to. And for a landlord, noting, nodding a coast to moor was cause to mear. Besides proof plenty, over proof.] While they either took a heft. Or the other swore his eric.

heave to (Nautical) - to bring the ship to a standstill by setting the sails so as to counteract each other

sluice (Slang) - to drink + splice - Nautic. To join lines (ropes, cables etc.) by unravelling their ends and intertwining them to form a continuous line. To form an eye or a knot by splicing.

mainbrace - Nautic. The rope used as support for the masts, running from the bow to the top of the mast and back to the deck + splice the mainbrace (Nautical Slang) - to serve out drinks, to drink alcoholic drink esp. in a free and enjoyable manner.

brewing baron (Ardilaun) + here's to you, Brian Boru (a toast).

wet (erron. whet) one's whistle - to take a drink + FSTD: Heirs to you, Brewinbaroon! Weth a whistle for your me thanks.

good mother - a mother-in-law; also, a step-mother

gossip - trifling or groundless rumour; tittle-tattle + Goose, Mother - wrote all the nursery rhymes + gossip (Irish) - friend + "Good mother Jossiph knows, she said." [213.29]

bob - to move up or down with a bob or slight jerk; spec. curtsy

bowing - the action of inclining the body or head in salutation, etc. + FSTD: — Good marrams and good merrymils mirrymills sayds sayd good mothers gossip, bobbing his bowing both ways to with the bents and skerries,

bent - an area of grassland unbounded by fences or hedges

skerry - a rugged insulated sea-rock or stretch of rocks, covered by the sea at high water or in stormy weather

Ceann Cora (kyoun kure) (gael) - Weir Head; on Shannon River, residence of Brian Boru; anglic. Kincora + borg (Norwegian) - castle.

overlive - to live after or beyond (an event, etc.); to survive, outlive

mountebank - a flamboyant deceiver, one who attracts customers with tricks or jokes

cold blast - a blast of cold air forced into a furnace

Metropolites (gr) - citizen of a mother-city; citizen of Metropolis, capital of Arcadia.

deeds + their meed (reward).

houri - nymph of the Muslim paradise

hibernate - Of persons: To remain in a torpid or inactive state + Hibernia.

fearsome - fear-inspiring; frightful, dreadful

dump - a fit of melancholy or depression; a coarse term for defecation ("he took a shit")

Dammerung (ger) - twilight [Götterdämmerung (ger): twilight of the gods] + dommer (Norwegian) - judge.

tid (Norwegian) - time + FSTD: when they were all in the old walled [Hibernating Hiberniating] after seven oak ages of oaks fearsome where they were he had gone dump in the doomering [this tide] and shut the door thoor door after him.

pixie - in local folk-lore a name for a supposed supernatural being akin to a fairy + peixe (Portuguese) - fish.

pickle - to peck, nibble; to eat sparingly or delicately

down at the bottom of the sea

sess - a call to a dog when giving him food + sess (Norwegian) - seat + silly

soss - In many English dialects soss is used as a call to dogs and pigs at feeding-time + soul + his S.O.S.

bulgine (Nautical) - engine + bölge (Norwegian) - billow, wave + into the bargain - in addition, also.

jorum - a large drinking-bowl or vessel; also, the contents of this; esp. a bowl of punch + Ulysses.16.423: (of Murphy, the sailor) 'having diddled Davy Jones'.

liquor + loquor (l) - I speak + Davy Jones's locker - the ocean, the deep, esp. as the grave of those who perish at sea.

Ran - Norse goddess of the sea (notorious for her pastime of drowning sailors with her net)

a nice or pretty kettle of fish - an awkward state of things, a 'muddle'

moya - Used as an ironic interjection + moryah! (Irish) - indeed! + Morya Mortimor is an Irish expression of mild distress.

Mer Morte (fr) - Dead Sea + mór (Irish) - great + mor (Norwegian) - mother.

alla palla (it) - to the ball

banshee - a supernatural being supposed by the peasantry of Ireland and the Scottish Highlands to wail under the windows of a house where one of the inmates is about to die + Thomas Moore, song: How Oft Has the Benshee Cried [air: The Dear Black Maid]. 

lay low - to keep quiet, remain in hiding; to bide one's time

gang - any band or company of persons who go about together or act in concert + Gang (ger) - going, gait + gang (Norwegian) - occasion, time; corridor + holmgang (Norwegian) - single combat + (homecoming).

eerie - fear-inspiring; gloomy, strange, weird

mead - an alcoholic beverage, made from honey and water via fermentation with yeast

fireball - a ball of fire or flame; Mil. A ball filled with combustible or explosive materials, used as a projectile.



bum - of poor, wretched, or miserable quality + on his beam end - down on his luck + beam ends - The sides of a ship. "On her beam ends" may mean the vessel is literally on her side and possibly about to capsize; more often, the phrase means the vessel is listing 45 degrees or more.

foe = few + Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 8: 'fo' in the mawnin'' (i.e. four) + "Four things therefore, saith our herodotary Mammon Lujius in his grand old historiorum" [013.20]

niggerhead - an isolated coral head, or any knob-like solitary protrusion, often semisubmerged, that's a hazard to navigation (Slang) + Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 21: 'You borry'd store tobacker and paid back nigger-head' (both terms refer to chewing tobacco).

fitten - suitable, fit + Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 20: 'fitten for' (three times in Huckleberry Finn).

Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn 18: 'the big water' (the Mississippi river)

sign of the hammer (auctioneer)  ('†' not crayoned) [Joyce's note] + Vikings used to make the sign of the hammer of Thor over their drinking horns.

God's truth - the absolute truth + FSTD: He made the sign of the hammer. Cod's drought, he sayds sayd and after a few daze, how leif pauses,

daze - a benumbed, deadened condition + days.

Baile Atha Clíath (Irish) - Dublin + (years).

Leif Ericson (fl. 999-1000) - Scandinavian explorer, first European to reach "Vineland" in North America + life passes.

Hawkins, Sir John (1532-95) - English naval officer, navigator, merchant and slave trader [.29]; he was first to run the Transatlantic Triangular Trade slave route between West Africa, the American colonies and Britain; also said to have been the first to bring potato to Ireland + hawk. 

BRAZIL (BRASIL) - Hy Brasaille, Ir. "Enchanted Isle," the Irish Atlantis. St Brendan (d 578) of Clonfert (in Galway), one of St Patrick's 4 saints, was in legend the first to cross the Atlantic, and the discoverer of the "Promised Land of the Saints," or "Isle of the Blest," an island West of Ireland. From the 6th to as late as the 18th century, geographers accepted its existence; it was sometimes identified with Labrador, sometimes with Atlantis. St Brendan's Isle was in the middle ages confused with "brazil," a red dye-wood. It is for the latter that Brasil in South America was named + Brasíl (Portuguese) - Brazil (Brazil was a Portuguese colony).

brast (Norwegian) - burst + Brasil the Blest - Russian saint.

povo português (Portuguese) - Portuguese people

Portugal + port of call.

Hürde (ger) - hurdle + Town of the Ford of the Hurdles - Dublin.

slave trade

vassal - a humble servant or subordinate + vessel.

Ulysses.9.393: 'a drug in the market'

turbot - a large flat fish having a wide scaleless body covered with conical bony tubercles, with the eyes normally on the left side, found on the European coasts and much esteemed as food.

soused - steeped in pickle, pickled + FSTD: and there There here you are, and be turbot, lurch a stripe, as did were you fall soused me thought methought out of the mackerel.

methought - pa. tense of methinks

mackerel - a well-known sea-fish, Scomber scombrus, much used for food, that approaches the shore in shoals in summer-time for the purpose of spawning + "you understand, after soused mackerel, sniffling clambake to hering and impudent barney, braggart of blarney" [453.05] 

hell's bells! - an expression of anger or annoyance

kampavín (Icelandic) - champagne


open hand - free in giving or communicating; liberal, generous, bounteous + handleggr (Icelandic) - arm.

fylkir (Icelandic) - king (poetic) + fucker (Slang) - General term of abuse + Old Folks at Home (song).

home folk - the people from or near one's home, i.e. one's friends, relatives, or neighbours + hame = home (obs.) + heim (Icelandic, Pronunciation 'hame') - home + fólk (Icelandic) - folk.

booth - a temporary structure covered with canvas, or the like

tell + salmagundi - cooked meats and eggs and vegetables usually arranged in rows around the plate and dressed with a salad dressing.

gundy - Of the eyes: Full of 'gound' or matter, bleared + gundy gut - a fat paunch; pl. a gluttonous, voracious person.

capon - Humorously applied to various fish; esp. a red-herring + cappone (Italian Slang) - sexually impotent + Norwegian captain.

warry - belligerent, warlike + Ulysses.15.1808: 'he was a very posthumous child'.

posthumous - occurring, arising, or continuing after death + FSTD: Sell me gundy, sagds the now waging capon with a warry posthumour's expletion.

expletion - the action of filling, the state of being filled to the full; satisfaction + postuma expletio (l) - a final satisfying + posthumata expletio (l) - a satisfying after burial + very posthumous expression (was thought dead).

agus (ogus) (gael) - and + shall I shoot him.

slob - a dull, slow, or untidy person; a careless or negligent workman; a lout, a fat person + Thomas Moore, song: Where is the Slave: 'Oh, where's the slave so lowly' [air: Sios agus Sios Liom (literally 'down and down with me')] + (where's tailor/waiter?).

big + lit. bisschen (ger) - little.

Kissen (ger) - pillow + Käse (ger) - cheese + kiezen (Dutch) - molar-teeth.

til (Norwegian) - to + til dæmis (Icelandic) - for instance.

jantar (Portuguese) - dinner